Bella Honors Dads on Father’s Day

This coming Sunday, June 16th, Fathers will get another day all of their own.  About a year ago I was inspired to create an album on my Facebook page honoring all the Dads who love their Poms, inviting my furrends to send me pictures of themselves with their Dads.  I have pictures of Poms riding on Harleys, on horseback, in big rigs, belly packs and in bicycle baskets. Mommy found […]

Bella Goes Fishing For The Secret To A Shiny Coat, Healthy Skin and Good Health

Hello everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella Pomeranian.  All of us pets are interested in looking the very best we can,  and as we grow older we get a little more critical as the age difference increases between ourselves and those cute younger pups. We spend a lot on clothes, potions and lotions.  We look in the mirror at our behinds and wonder if our designer harnesses make us look fat.  […]

Bella Goes Green: Composting Dog Poop

Everything I had ever heard about recycling dog poop was always met with funny scrunched up faces and sounds of ick, eeyew, and claims that it can’t be done.  I wondered why, since people pay big money for sacks of cow manure and buy the zoo’s surplus elephant dung by the truckload.  Why not dog poop?  Then my Auntie Karen, who is a very smart lady, sent me something she […]

Bella Talks About Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

Mommy always tells me–usually when she is trying to comb a knot out of my coat  or give me a bath–that there is a price to be paid for being so beautiful.  There are a lot of perks too, and one of them is that I can usually fall asleep almost anytime, and anywhere I want to.  Sometimes I even fall asleep when I don’t want to and I try […]

Bella Wishes A Happy Foster’s Day to All Foster Mothers and Fathers

This coming Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day.  It is a day set aside so that we can  recognize and honor all pawrents for the role they have in giving life and nurturing the young, as the cycle of birth – growth – death has repeated for generations since time began. We always think of it in the context of our own pawrents, own children and our own relatives; however, […]

Bella Celebrates Cinco de Mayo in her China Poblana

The holiday known as Cinco de Mayo — or  Fifth of May — celebrates  the victory in 1862 of the Mexican people over France.  Many people confuse it with Mexican Independence Day which had actually happened fifty years earlier.  Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage more in the US than in Mexico, but whatever the reason, let’s have a pawty and and wish our […]

Bella Reaches A Milestone: 600 Bella Blankies And Still Sewing…

It was in July of 2010 that we started down this path, never knowing that the 20 fleece blankies that  Mommy made and donated to Southern California Pomeranian Rescue would continue on as one of the best and most loved fundraisers for SCPR.  Fast forward to now, and Mommy has actually made over 600 of them and they are still as popular as ever.  My furrends really love that I  […]