Pet Parenting Tip #5: Got a Chewer?

Tip #5: Have a dog or new puppy that likes to chew everything? To keep him from chewing your furniture, shoes or other items that are off-limits, try spraying with bitter apple spray! Bitter apple spray is harmless to your dog, but leaves a bitter, unpleasant taste which discourages chewing. If your dog chews on hot spots, injuries or sores on the skin, the irritated area can become worse.  You […]

Pet Parenting Tip #4: Pets and Your New Baby

Tip #4: Preparing for the arrival of a new baby?  Try temporarily replacing the door of the baby’s room with a screen door.  This keeps inquisitive dogs and cats out, but still allows you and your pet to hear the baby and see into the baby’s room. Adding a new baby to the family can be stressful to your cat or dog, and your pet will be naturally curious about […]

Pet Parenting Tip #3: Compounded Medications

Tip #3: Have a pet on a long-term medication that refuses to take a pill? Some of our medications can be compounded into a transdermal (applied to the skin) form, or a tasty liquid. A few examples of medications we can compound include: Enalapril, Methimazole, Atenolol and Metronidazole. To see if your pet’s medication is available in another form or to order, call our Customer Care department at 1-800-738-6337.

Pet Parenting Tip #2: Exercise and Your Pet

Tip #2: Regular exercise will keep your pet’s mind and body active, and help prevent boredom which can lead to destructive behavior. Exercise is crucial to your pet’s physical health and mental well-being. Lack of exercise leads to obesity in pets, as well as boredom.  A bored pet is more likely to engage in destructive behavior such as digging, chewing, scratching, barking and other unwanted behavior.  Regular exercise is just […]

Meet the Newest PetMeds Team Member!

Today we’re welcoming a new addition to the PetMeds team:  Meet our Art Director’s new Shih Tzu puppy.   The new pup reported for work for the very first day yesterday! Julie is still thinking about the perfect name for the new puppy.  Her first thought was the name Chloe, but the new puppy made it clear that was not her true name!  Currently, her name is tentatively “Daisy.” Here is […]

PetMeds® Charlie’s Indifference

My kids adore our cat. Greta, who loves attention, begs for attention, needs attention, is usually passed over if the cat, who desires no attention, swats at attention, hates attention, is anywhere nearby. Is it because Charlie is indifferent and, therefore, a challenge? Is it because little boys need to get scratched and clawed to feel like they have met their bruise quota for the day? Both boys whine when […]

PetMeds® Puppy Love

I finally get the term “puppy love”. I always thought it was all about sweet, cute love. But now that I have raised a puppy I fully understand what “puppy love” encompasses, because it is much more than warm and cuddly. Puppy love is overlooking flaws. I overlook the sum of clothing, furniture, toys, and shoes Greta has rendered untouchable and Greta overlooks the number of times I forget to […]