Blue Buffalo Bones Dog Treats: Macy-Approved

Most of us here at PetMeds are pet parents, too.  Watch as we try out a variety of products on our own pets and provide feedback that may help you decide if something is right for your own dog or cat.  First up, our CFO Bruce lets his dog Macy sample our new Blue Buffalo Bones dog treats: Macy just loves Blue Bones, they’re her favorite treat.  After an evening […]

My New Cat Window Perch!

Look what Harley and I got! This is my new Cat Window Perch.  It is perfect for lounging around and enjoying the view.  And I am a kitty who enjoys lounging! I weigh about 7 pounds, so I have lots of space to roll around. Since my Mommeh installed it, I had to check everything for safety.  Luckily, it was easy to install because my Mommeh is not very handy.  […]

Advantage flea control pet medication

Advantage flea control pet medication

Are you curious about Advantage flea medicine? Read a few of our customer reviews to see how well it has worked on their pets. “I have used Advantage for years on all my dogs and now on my cats and it gets rid of the fleas almost at once. I wouldn’t be without it. My pets never had an allergy problem with it. Just try it once and you’ll be […]