[Contest] Vote now to help less-adoptable shelter pets this DOGust!

[Contest] Vote now to help less-adoptable shelter pets this DOGust!


Your pets are members of your family so of course you want to celebrate their birthdays. Many adopted pets have unknown birth dates though, leaving pet parents guessing or picking random days to celebrate. That’s why “DOGust the 1st” was introduced in 2008 by North Shore Animal League America to serve as the universal shelter dog (or shelter pet) birthday. Since then, DOGust has been a day to recognize and celebrate shelter pets everywhere!

This is the 3rd annual DOGust Birthday Contest hosted by 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ and we need your help.

The 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ DOGust Birthday Contest will provide a total of $3,500 in grants in honor of adoption fees to three winning animal rescue groups to help often-overlooked pets find homes. By voting up to once per hour, you can help these pets find the homes they’ve been waiting for.

Why sponsored adoption fees?

Sponsored adoption fees can bring attention to pets that are often overlooked due to age, appearance or overall health. The waived fees can help less-adopted pets find homes faster than they would otherwise, simultaneously freeing up space for the shelter or rescue to save another pet. It’s a win-win for the rescue group and the pets!

Who entered?

The contest was open to nonprofit groups that adopt out cats and/or dogs in the U.S. Shelters and animal rescue groups from across the country entered. Visit the contest page to see all the entries and vote for one!

What are the prizes?

  • First place: A grant of $2,000 to put towards adoption fees for less-adoptable pets at the first-place shelter or rescue.
  • Second place: A grant of $1,000 to put towards adoption fees for less-adoptable pets at the second-place shelter or rescue.
  • Third place: A grant of $500 to put towards adoption fees for less-adoptable pets at the third-place shelter or rescue.

How do we vote?

Vote by visiting the contest page here, selecting an entry and clicking the “vote” button at the bottom of the entry page. U.S. residents 18 and older (or age of majority in their state) can vote once every hour from now through August 14, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Vote now in the DOGust Birthday Contest!

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  1. Barkello, my furrbaby is a beautiful pitbull.Her name is eva khan i sometimes call her eva diva she likes alot of attention. So when she’s in her diva stage it would not be cool to see her dragging her but across the floor, nor the ground. If she could speak she would say”PLEASE LET ME SAMPLE THE PUMPKIN SOFT CHEWS” Barkeby for now. From: eva & her human.

  2. Submitted my entry in the wrong category. Should have been placed in the pumpkin chews area, but im up for anything that helps all the precious furrbabies. Thank you.

  3. Just a thought — it might be helpful if you included the State they’re in along with the name of the city. Thanks.

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