Share what you love about #BeingAPetMom for a chance to WIN a spa day!

Daisy shares the news about a fun giveaway

I have something very exciting to share today: a fun sweepstakes with awesome prizes. We all know that moms are some of the greatest people around, and just in time for Mother’s Day, this sweepstakes celebrates my personal favorite — pet moms!

Moms have good laps

I love my own mom because she has the comfiest lap, knows just how I like to be petted, and gives me lots of delicious treats. Now is the chance for all pet moms (and dads!) to share what being a pet mom means to you. Pet moms, share a new photo of you with your pet with the hashtag #BeingAPetMom for a chance to win these amazing prizes:

Grand Prize:
A $400 American Express gift card so mom and pet can have a spa day
A custom hand-painted pet portrait

3 Runners Up: 
A custom hand-painted pet portrait
A pet photo porcelain heart locket

Now enter your own photo
So get out your camera or phone and take a cool photo with your pet! You can enter through Instagram or Twitter by posting your photo tagged #BeingAPetMom. Or you can enter directly on the sweepstakes entry page, where you can also find all of the rules. But hurry, you can enter only until midnight May 9th. Good luck!

Congratulations to the contest winners!
Grand Prize:
Judy Swanson

Runner Up: 
Ali Celestino
Anne Trudeau
Raven Champagne

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  1. I love the snuggles and head butts that some of my 8 fur babies give me. An occasional kiss (lick) on the hand is special too.

  2. Snoopy my 15 year old black lab Dane mix is the sweetest most gentle dog to all people and other dogs. He’s the best dog. Has hip problems and keeps pushing no matter what. He makes my day and all he touches. My sweet boy

  3. I love being a pet parent. We have 5 furbabies. They give us unconditional love. Wagging their hearts out when we come home with 5 wet noses to greet us. If Im feeling bad there is no better cure than to sink my face into their soft fur. I love them so much.

  4. I LOVE #BeingAPetMom because they give unconditional love, always there when I need a hug, or a lick across the… My 4 legged animals are just as much my kids as my 2 legged animals are..they listen better then my 2 legged kids do too… lol

  5. I have two miniature dachshunds ages 6 and 8. They are so smart, so much fun, and bring me so much joy. They are really good therapy for me. Good watch dogs too. They warn me if someone is in my yard. I am really proud to be their petmom.

  6. I love being a pet Mom to my little girl Penny, Penny was a recused kitten I found living underneath my neighbors home at just 4 weeks of age. I took in this little feral kitten and we have this strong bond and connection. Penny is not a people kitty but she loves me unconditionally. She totally shows her affection for me on a daily. Almost a year later and I adore this sweet shy little girl.

  7. I love being a pet mom to my Izzy boy because he is so loving and such a character. He tells us exactly what he needs, whether it is fresh water from the tub (although he forgets to tell us he’s done and it’s time to shut it off) or treats. He greets us at the door when we come home. He sleeps with me or my son and he even loves my son’s pet chinchilla named Chilly. He comes along for our nightly dog walks and loves his dog too! The neighbors are all amazed to see me walking our yellow lab with Izzy the fluffy gray cat jingling along behind us with his light up collar on!

    He is truly one of the best parts of this family!

  8. Have the winners of this contest been posted somewhere?

  9. Hi Bethany. The winners were posted on the contest page, but since that’s no longer active, we’ve added them here, too.

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