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Do you allow your pet on the furniture? For some pet parents, coming home to snuggle on the sofa with a beloved pet is the highlight of the day. Getting on and off of furniture is easy for us, but it takes a lot of effort for a dog or cat to jump so far. After all, few of us could ever jump on a surface that is as tall (or taller) than we are! Years of strenuous jumping can take a toll on your pet’s joints. The Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp makes getting on and off sofas, chairs, and beds easier on your pet’s joints to help ward off joint damage and arthritis.

Jumping is your pet’s superpower

Admittedly, jumping isn’t the only superpower your pet might have. Consider your pet’s amazing sense of smell that can root out the tiniest morsel of food that accidentally fell on the floor, or how some pets recognize the sound of the family car before it even pulls in the driveway. Still, the ability to jump higher and farther than any human ever could (proportionally speaking) is truly remarkable. In fact, healthy dogs can jump as far as one body length high while cats can jump between 5 to 6 body lengths!

Of course, this jumping superpower can be abused. Cats who can so easily reach counter tops and even the top of the refrigerator will likely do so with or without your consent. Dogs who can jump a yard fence may be quite proud to show you how it’s done. In cases like these, pet parents may need to train their pets to use their amazing jumping skills only where and when appropriate.

How to protect your pet’s joints

Arthritis in pets is much more common than many pet parents may think. In fact, over 90% of senior cats have arthritis, while 1 out of every 5 dogs over the age of 7 has arthritis. Daily jumping can result in joint damage, regardless of your pet’s size or age. This is why joint supplements are frequently recommended by veterinarians as part of a pet’s regular care regimen. Ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Perna Canaliculus are considered to be effective at protecting joint structures and function for improved mobility.

Pets with painful arthritis or osteoarthritis can benefit from joint pain medication, which is often prescribed by veterinarians to manage arthritis pain and inflammation.

If your pet often sleeps on a hard floor, you may wish to discourage this as it can be tough on elbows, knees, hips, and the spine. An orthopedic or memory foam pet bed is a great way to keep your pet warmer and more comfortable while taking stress off joints and pressure points.

Pets who are overweight may experience joint pain as a result. Establishing regular exercise and play time, as well as switching to pet food that’s formulated for weight loss, can help your pet get fit and relieve stress on joints.

You can also help protect your pet’s joints by supplying an easier way on and off furniture with pet steps or ramps. This will significantly reduce the number of times your pet has to jump in a day.

Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp saves stress on your pet’s joints

Buy the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp at 1800PetMedsHow many times does your pet jump on and off the furniture in a day? It’s possible that your pet could jump 10 times a day or more! Save little joints from all the wear and tear with the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp.

Easy to use and store, this streamlined yet stable pet ramp has ideal features to make it easy for your pet to safely reach his or her favorite resting spot without jumping. This is especially helpful for senior pets, dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, and those who have had recent surgical procedures.

The Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp is strong enough to support pets weighing up to 200 lbs. The no-slip carpet tread is soft on paw pads while still providing good traction for safe footing.

The jointed design allows the ramp to fold flat so you can slide it under the sofa or bed when not in use. There’s even a built-in rubber handle for easy carrying to move the ramp to another room or to store it in a closet.

When open, the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp measures 42″ long x 16″ wide x 1.5″ thick. When folded, it measures 21″ long x 16″ wide x 3″ thick. The neutral colors blend with any décor, and stashing it away when company comes is a breeze.

Make your pet’s life a little easier while protecting joint health and function with the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp.




Win a FREE Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp!

Do you and your pet need a Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) The winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 27, 2017! Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Christen G. Look for an email from us with details about claiming your prize! 



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  1. I would love to win a ramp! My 19-year-old cat recently stopped sleeping on the bed because it’s too high for him to jump easily.

  2. My baby girl desperately needs this! Imagine a chihuahua jumping into bed! Its very difficult for her so I end up lifting her to where she wants to be.

  3. Jennifer SouveroffJune 21, 2017 at 9:55 am

    My Dog Scampers started having some back issues lately and I have noticed she rarely jumps on the bed or sofa. This would be perfect for her (and would make me happy too)

  4. How sweet! Great for the car.

  5. We were actually looking at ramps the other night. Being an owner of small dogs, I often found it very challenging for the dogs to get on/off the bed. Makes me worried about their joints!

  6. My cats would love this.😊

  7. My old senior beagle would love this. The arthritis has set in on his back hips and we have to lift him into bed and keep a close eye that he doesn’t try to jump off the bed. Thank you for the chance!

  8. I always fall off the bed! This would be great to have!

  9. Having one of these would be amazing for my Mastiff who takes time getting on my bed or in the car.

  10. Little old gal Imogene is at that time she needs a ramp. This would be such a much needed thing to win!

  11. Little old gal Imogene is at a point that she needs a ramp. This would be such a wonderful thing to win!

  12. My Yorkshire terrier keep to the left Pensacola 84 E. jumped off the bed is entire life, but now that he’s gotten older and has arthritis, this is the perfect solution. I need one of these so that he can still come up and down from the bed like his brother the Chihuahua so he doesn’t feel left out.

  13. This would really help roscoe get in and out by himself

  14. It’d be so much easier for my pup to get on the bed with a ramp than for me to get a lower bed. This would rock to win one!

  15. That cool I never thought of that. And I could take it with me when I’m running a round. T
    How much does it cost. I’m going to get one.

  16. This would be perfect for my Corgi!

  17. As my pup gets older, this would be a great thing for him!

  18. My cat was adopted with poor back legs and he has nerve damage in them. Due to this, he stomps when he walks because he cannot tell how hard he is walking. He needs to lean on the wall in order to lay himself down comfortably. He takes joint health chews daily; however, he struggles to jump up on things like cats naturally are able to do. This ramp would be just THE perfect thing for him.

  19. Oh my goodness, YES!! This is perfect for my senior dogs (and cats), especially the arthritic puggie. We have a set of stairs for the couch, but even that has gotten to be too much for him. I think a ramp would do just the trick…..

  20. Excellent idea!

  21. This would be perfect for my geriatric pug!

  22. Lisa Mabry-WilliamsJune 21, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Frodo cannot jump up on the bed any longer – he would really appreciate this.

  23. My dog really needs this, I would love to win it for her!

  24. Pet Meds is easy to order. Saves time and money. My old golden would use this. Looks like good quality

  25. I have a tiny dog that is having an increasingly difficult time getting up on my bed,she’s not only small she’s just getting older and this would make her transition to a senior dog easier.

  26. Could have used this with our elderly dog last year.

  27. Catherine BradfordJune 21, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    My old gal Gracie could use this to get up in the bed with us! Thank you for the chance!

  28. I have. Little Maltese who would love this .She has a bad leg and we always have to pick her up.

  29. Christa A HauserJune 21, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Would be a God send for my mom’s elderly toy poodle who can not reach mom’s bed without help.

  30. I have a. Little Maltese who would love this .She has a bad leg and we always have to pick her up.

  31. Miss Lilly, my schnauzer needs this ramp so much! She hurt her lower back years ago and has always had a little trouble jumping on the couch. Now, at 9 years old, she’s gotten to where she just won’t do it anymore at all. She flashes those big brown eyes up at me and says “momma, please put me up on the sofa with you!” Thanks!!

  32. I love that this is so portable!

  33. Yes! Buddy, Bear and Ernie are small dogs and really could use a Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp! Thank you!!!

  34. Sidney AND Sidney’s mom need the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp so Mom doesn’t have to lift Sidney up on the bed and chairs to cuddle with Mom (Mom has a bad back).

  35. Zora will be in use of this soon!

  36. This would be great for my aging kitty!

  37. Small dog that is getting older. Can’t jump as well. Great addition to help her get on the bed to snuggle

  38. Our little Frenchie sure could use one of these to get up on the bed. Pretty HIGH to jump up, worse jumping down !

    She likes to take a nap there!

  39. This would be great for my grandma’s dog and mine this are a bit older she had to give her dog sugery it would help alot he needs the support

  40. Our little Frenchie sure could use one of these to get up on the bed. Pretty HIGH to jump up, worse jumping down !

  41. Linda St HilaireJune 21, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    My 13 year old cat can no longer jump on the bed at night, so he stays on the floor and cries until I get up and put him on the bed. We really could use (and need) the Gen7Pets Indoor carpet mini ramp!!

  42. My grandkids husky, Zoe, had to have a leg removed due to cancer, she’s also blind in one eye.This would be fantastic for her. The kids try to help her up, but she’s too big. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Money is too tight to buy this, so I’ll give it a shot.

  43. wow, our little fur baby needs this to get up and down

  44. bobbie doughertyJune 21, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    WOW this would be a God sent for a dog who can’t jump up no more.

  45. Would love to win the ramp for the cat rescue I volunteer for!!!

  46. This would helpmy dog alot she is a bit older

  47. This would be a miracle for my dog! He is a little Shih Tzu who had a back injury last year & cannot jump high enough to get on my bed. I bought the pet stairs, but he was afraid of them & refused to go up or down, even though I tried to be gentle & patient with him. (I gave them to my sister for her dog & she loves them.) I believe this ramp would be perfect for him!

  48. Kody is tired of jumping over the baby gate. He would love a ramp

  49. Victoria PellerinJune 21, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    I have two dachshunds that are always jumping off of the sofa. The mini ramp would be awesome for them, so they don’t hurt their backs.

  50. Our little Frenchie would Love ❤️ to have the RAMP to get up to the high bed for her nap !

  51. I have a St. Bernard and a Great Dane. They both are getting older and love sleeping in my bed. This would be great for them so they won’t hurt themselves jumping up and down. We could really use this ramp!

  52. Would be just the thing for the older buddy.

  53. MCavalier King Charles Spaniel is ten months old, loves to roughhouse with my other 5 year old Cavalier, but is afraid to jump. He is growing so fast that its hard for me to pick him up any more, so when his buddy jumps on the bed or on my lap, he cries. Both he and I would love this Mini Ramp!

  54. My big boy would love to have this ram to help him on the bed as he is getting older.

  55. Would love it. Cats just celebrated their 10th birthday. My husband made a makeshift one for the dog we use to have many years ago, and I know first-hand how great they can be. Thanks for your promotions. They are fun and informative.

  56. My sweet shug seems to be having a harder time trying to jump to the bed. She’s only 7 but not as likely to run and jump like before. Also when she try’s to jump in back seat of car and out seems difficult. I’ve been thinking of trying to get something to help her to get to bed up high and car.

  57. My Punky cat 19 yrs old has severe arthritis and cries if he can’t be near me on the bed at night.I adopted him from a shelter 19 years ago .He’s been a loving,faithful friend for all these years,and is happiest if he can always be right next to me.

  58. Stephanie HartsogJune 21, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    I would love this. My dog is getting older and not so easy for him to get on the bed anymore, and he doesn’t like to be picked up, to be put on the bed.

  59. Would love this for my Lola who is a basset hound mix. We worry about back & hip issues later in life.

  60. I have a 13-year-old senior Puggie so for about the last year I’ve been picking him up to put him on the bed as he’s having more trouble jumping up. And I hate it when he jumps off the bed. I’m sure Jeffie would appreciate this & it would ease my mind about his joints.

  61. I would need this for Max. He’s 10 1/2 years old and has been having some arthritis on his legs the last year or so. This ramp would be a big help to him.

  62. This would be perfect for Yoshi, my shih-tzu. He’s going to be 12 and has some problems with arthritis in his front legs, in addition to having been attacked last year, badly injuring his left front leg. Walking can often be painful for him, and while he doesn’t have a huge problem jumping UP to the bed or couch, jumping down causes a lot of stress and pain to the injured leg. A ramp would be quite helpful, if he would use it! I usually just lift him down.

  63. This would be perfect for my puppy who is a Doxiepoo mix. Thank You for the chance!!

  64. My little guy has Lymphoma and doesn’t get around well anymore and the ramp would be so great to help him in and out of my bed as he still tries to jump out of the bed and I’m afraid he’s gonna get hurt.

  65. Roberta ComercheroJune 21, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    That would be so helpful to my cat. I can see her smiling now!

  66. This Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp would be great for my pup. She has a spinal disorder that prevents her from jumping & would make getting in and out of the car easier for both of us.

  67. My dog is tiny and would really benefit from these steps.

  68. Our Stripes avoids jumps because of bad right leg 🙂

  69. I have an older dog that could make good use of this, thanks for the chance

  70. Sure could use this. We have a new puppy French bulldog. He lives to get up on the bed with us lol.

  71. Must have for my four chihuahuas!!!!!!

  72. I would love this! It would help out so much in my house.

  73. Four cats and theee dogs we could sure use the ramp! This is perfect!

  74. My chubby beagle (Comet) has arthritis bad! We have to pick him up and put him on the couch, chair or bed several times a day. This would sure save our backs! This would be so nice for him and us!

  75. We have a 22 year old small dog, half Dachshund, half Chihuahua, by the name of Nacho. Can’t see well, can’t hear, but he can still run and moves pretty well. He can no longer jump up on the bed or sofa though. He’d love something like this. We tried stairs, but they’re hard for him to climb with those little short legs.

  76. My little Finn loves to jump however he’s still a puppy so getting him used to a ramp before old age sets in would be great. He’s a very energetic little guy who would love learning how to use a ramp.

  77. This would be great! We just bought a new mattress and bed spring and they’re much thicker than the old ones. The bed is now so high that our dog can no longer jump up into bed and we’re afraid he’ll hurt himself when he jumps out.

  78. Would love one of these ramps for my little Pug, Shoki! He’s definitely a cuddle bug! Right now, we use a foot stool, but we worry because it wouldn’t take much for it to topple over. He’s a solid little man, so a ramp would be perfect for him! Pick Shoki, pick Shoki!!!

  79. This just what my little guy needs! He had a stroke and even though he can walk, he can’t jump. He always wants to get up on the bed with his brother.

  80. I have a miniature Dachshund that just turned 6.
    She loves to sleep in the bed with me, but, doesn’t want to be picked up. The ramp would be a great way for her to have the best of both worlds – sleeping on the bed without being picked up (too high for her to jump up). It’s a struggle to keep her from jumping onto (or off) anything.

  81. Shula and leibchen two middle age toy poodles would love this help on their nightly trip to bed

  82. My little Shih Tzu, Candy would love this.

  83. We have a senior JRT she all ways want on the bed or in the chair this would come in handy

  84. My little Yorkie, Rocky spends time trying to jump on the bed but at times it’s just too much for him!

  85. My 12 year old part Rhodesian Eidgeback has spent her life jumping over fences, jumping up on beds, couches etc.
    but now due to her age, I think, is having great difficulty getting to higher places, even climbing stairs. You can
    see the sadness in her eyes as she knows what she wants to do, but has difficulty performing her former
    normal movements, This ramp would mean so much to her ability to feel that she could be back to her old self.
    Cindy Talley

  86. My 17 year old cat, Skipper could use this. Poor thing is arthritic.

  87. I would love one of these. My oldest dog can no longer sleep in the bed since she cannot jump up anymore and has a very difficult time with the couch.

  88. I need one of these! My older cat is having issues climbing on the bed to sleep with me. She seems to be having stiff joints just like an older person.

  89. This would be a safer way for Zoey to get on an off the couch. Sometimes she doesn’t quite make it and falls. This would allow her to stroll up and down with no worries!

  90. Would really help in the motorhome, not as much room for take off to jump onto the bed!

  91. My 4 legged baby needs this!

  92. This would be amazing to have!! We have a 14 year old Springer Spaniel who has really bad arthritis in her legs. My husband built a ramp for her to get off the deck, but she still has difficulty with the few steps into the house. Occasionally she will jump onto one of the chairs and then cannot get down. We also have a 15 year old cat who is having difficulty lately with jumping. Quite a few time she has not been able to get the height she needs and falls. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. Good luck everyone.

  93. My dogs are 15 and 17 and no longer able to jump on the furniture. They would love this!

  94. I have been looking for a ramp for a long time and have not been able to find one-this one looks great! I have a Toy Poodle who has a Luxaring Patella-grade 3 and this ramp would be so helpful in keeping him independent.

  95. I have a min pin that looks like a Chihuahua LOL I rescued him and is 14 years old. Rusty has arthritis and needs this to get in my very tall bed. I have to lift him all day long and I have a major back injury. Thanks for the chance to win such a needed prize.

  96. I’ve been looking at steps for my 10 year old overweight dog but sadly can’t afford them. I’m a senior myself on a fixed income. She could greatly benefit from this. Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. my 12 year old pom really needs this hope she gets it.

  98. I would love to have this ramp to give to my sister for her Cairn. She’s on a fixed income and cannot afford one. Her Cairn has arthritis.

  99. My 12 year old mini dachshund just injured his back jumping up too much on our sofa, stairs etc. He needs one of these!!!! Love that this folds & is carpeted! Great idea for my damaged wiener dog:o(

  100. Would love to win this for our dear old cat.

  101. This ramp is perfect for pugs there back legs give out when older less strain would be perfect in my home hope to win good luck everyone god bless

  102. Erin Billingsley-AdamsJune 21, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    My chihuahua, Link said he’d stop asking to be picked up every 2 minutes if he could get this ramp and make himself useful; that’s why I’m typing this, because Link told me to.

  103. Our Beagel is getting older,have to lift her on and off our bed,she cant jump any more,this would be so great to win,thank you.

  104. My kitty’s getting old and has some arthritis…sometimes it’s hard for him to jump up on the couch or chair. He would live this ramp!

  105. This would be a tremendous help for my little, older dog. Thank you!!

  106. this would be great for my small dogs.

  107. My Tyler could really use this. We have steps for him to use but his bad front leg gives him trouble sometimes,a d he’s getting to heavy for me to lift.

  108. This would save my yorkie’s joints and my back, from lifting her up onto the sofa all the time 🙂

  109. My cats love the doggy steps and use them to jump into the window all the time, but I have several windows and my 3 cats would love using this all the time too. This would get a great deal of use.

  110. This looks great! I would love to donate this to a local animal rescue near and dear to my heart, Canine Cupids!

  111. I would love it my dog is getting older has trouble getting on the bed

  112. This looks like an amazing idea for my Yorky who has bad knees and has stopped jumping on the bed. This would really help his joints

  113. I work with a rescue, and foster a lot of dogs. This would be awesome for the smaller babies, like dachshunds, because of hurting their backs if they jump to high.

  114. I would love this for my In-laws chihuahua. They got Penny from us 15 years ago and she can’t get in the bed unassisted anymore.

  115. This is great! I could really use this as my dog is getting older and needs help!

  116. My baby Wrigley is a12 yr old Shih Tzu. She used to love to jump up on the couch next to me and also jump up on the bed to cuddle. Now she has to be lifted up and down. The same goes for the car. She still has fun going to the dog park and running with the other dogs tho. She would love to be able to get up and down by herself. Please help Wrigley by picking her for the ramp!!!!!!!!!! Her full name is Wrigley, Field of Dreams. She helped the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. Now maybe she can win!!!!!!!!!!

  117. My Poor Gracie is 13 Years old and Has Arthritis in her legs. I rescued Gracie 13 years ago from a abuser.
    This would be best gift I could ever give her! she lost her two best friends one year ago 6 months apart and hasn’t been the same since. So now all she has is me!! And every time i get in bed she wants to be close to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I love Ms Gracie with all my Heart !!

  118. my 17 1/2 year old cat would love this ramp! getting up on the sofa or bed is starting to become a chore. her 14 year old partner in crime isn’t all that far behind.

  119. My dog 🐶 could use this!!

  120. Three of my bichons are over 10 years old and could find this helpful.

  121. I have 3 puggys who use stairs to get on our bed. I’d love to try the ramp. I would order extra for my sofa.

  122. Christine DonofrioJune 21, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    My cats need this! They are senior divas!

  123. My 11 year old collie would love to be able to climb up on the Guest Room bed to watch what’s going on outside. He enjoys watching people and wildlife. Most important we would be able to get him up into car when he needs to go to the vet for his shots and arthritis meds.

  124. Great idea!

  125. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this for my girl. She was diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia at the age of 6 months. She is now 7 years old and cannot jump/run and be active like a golden should. She used to love sleeping in bed with her mommy (me) and now that my bed is much higher, she cannot 🙁 This would be perfect for her.

  126. Yes yes please

  127. My Bella has a bad hip and she really could use this. Thanks for the chance to win it. This is a great idea and product!

  128. I have a 10-year-old GSP. She is ready for this very great aid!

  129. This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to buy steps but this foldable option is even better. My dog is much older now and tries to jump often but cannot.

  130. I have a similar one now for my old man, but it’s really raggedy. I’m sure my dog would love a new one!

  131. Karmann ChristnerJune 21, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    This would be great for my little dog Max. My bed is too high for him.

  132. I just found out my 9 year old pitty had arthritis in her knees. She loves to jump on and off the couch, bed, and in and out of the car. This would be a great product to preserve her joints!

  133. My Lab mixed is 16 yrs old now and its very hard for her to get up on the couch. This would be great for her to get up on it and be able to sit with us.

  134. This would be great for my pit bull Annie, who had injured her leg from jumping. She loves the couch!

  135. My 15 year old Shiba would love this thing! He misses sleeping on the bed 🙁

  136. With 4 dogs and 4 cats in the house this will be heavenly specially for the older ones.

  137. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this ramp. My Chihuahuas would love it because they can’t get on my bed without me picking them up & putting them on it. It is very hard for me because of Major back surgeries , 9 Lumbar & 2 Cervical. As bad as it is I have to do it because I Love them so much & it breaks my heart to hear them cry for me. Good Luck to everyone !

  138. Wow! Just what I need.

  139. My Cat would really benefit from this.

  140. My dog Molly loves to lay on the bed. Sometimes it’s hard for her to jump on the bed. She getting older. Sometimes I have to lift her up. Molly is 6 years old.

  141. My dog Molly loves to lay on the bed. Sometimes it’s hard for her to jump on the bed. She getting older. Sometimes I have to lift her up. Molly is 6 years old.

  142. Thanks for the chance to win, this would be perfect for my dog!

  143. My oldest boy has been having difficulty getting on to the bed. I’ve been looking at ramps & stairs for him. This one looks very helpful.

  144. This would be great for our aging kitty who still likes to get up high to sleep! Thanks for this chance to win. 🙂

  145. My daughter has two older dogs, they are always hurting themselves trying to get up on the bed! This would be a lifesaver!

  146. My bichon fries, annabela, could really use this, she has arthritis and is a little chunky too and has a hard time on the steps. this would be the answer to her prayers, to be able to get up on the couch or bed without getting a lift up. thanks for the chance from both of us.

  147. What an amazing idea. Our spot has arthritis in his hips and I have to pick him up all the time. This would help him so much thanks so much for the chance

  148. My mothers dog actually NEEDS this she has a back injury which left her paralyzed and no use of her back two legs this would be so amazing and a gift that my mother would deeply appreciate they took the chance and did a 5k surgery but with no success ! Thank you for he chance

  149. My Baby would love this instead of the mixture of items I have placed for her to get onto the bed..lol

  150. My 12 year old lab has arthritis and that would help so much

  151. My Maxie refuses to use the doggie steps we purchased for him – will only put 1 paw on the first step and go no further.
    This might be the answer!

  152. Mary Ludwig manzoJune 21, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    My Niko is a ten year old poodle. Having trouble with steps. I will be looking into this shortly for him. Have a cockapoo who is 10 but has no trouble.

  153. Our two senior cats, are 13 and 14 respectively and definitely starting to slow down. The older male in particular is having a harder time jumping up on the furniture to get affection from us. The pet ramp sounds like a terrific solution to enable animals to maintain their independence and continue interacting with their family even if they are starting to slow down due to age.

  154. Would love this. I have 2 senior dogs 14.5 and 15, both with arthritis. Would really be beneficial.

  155. I have a disabled dog that this would be awesome for him

  156. My shiba Kenji (who is 5 years old) would love this. I have a higher bed frame (those beds with drawers below) and this would be beneficial for my boy and his joints.

  157. My min pin will be 16 in 2 weeks. What a great idea for my old girl, as she is having trouble with steps.

  158. Yes, we needs this for our Pomeranians, they are allowed on the couch and the bed. This ramp would be great better than the footstool we now use.

  159. My sweet Maltipoo, Bella Rose, is 11 yrs. old now and beginning to have more difficulty jumping up to cuddle with me. This ramp looks like just the ticket. Great idea! I really like the way it folds up for easy portability too.

  160. I could definitely use these for my 2 senior cats. It would make it easier to climb up on bed fir them.

  161. My uncle’s Lab stays with us very often. She used to love sleeping on my bed, but now has hip and knee problems and can’t jump anymore. This would be absolutely perfect for her and we could enjoy cuddling the way we used to.

  162. Definitely can use this for my cats. One especially is a bit overweight and can see she is hesitant to jump anywhere

  163. This looks great for older pets who can no longer jump up on my bed.

  164. This would be for my little chihuahua pug Harley and such a brilliant way to make things so much easier for the both of us 🙂

  165. My 13-year-old cat, Luna, sleeps NEXT to her cat tree, because she can’t make it to the first level. I have carpeted pet steps so she can come up on the human furniture, but I could switch the steps to the cat furniture and use this ramp for our bed. (When I think back to how tough most cats had it in the 1950s and ’60s, you really have to hand it to the pet care industry today!)

  166. My little yorkies need this….they are getting up in age & have started having joint issues.

  167. Christine EcklesJune 21, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    My dog loves to snuggle up with me but she is getting older & it is harder for her to do so. This ramp would bridge us together with no difficulties!

  168. My gosh what a miracle doggie product My pet could certainly get used to this nice item

  169. My corgi mix had a slipped disc that has healed but she loves to jump on the bed and I am afraid she
    Will hurt her back again. This would be a great fix for the problem

  170. Kimberly MatlockJune 21, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    My dog,blew his ACL out last year. This year he blew out the other one. He’s gonna be 12 years old this year. Boy, this would help him out and I. I wouldn’t have to lift him no more,he’s heavy! He could easily get up on the furniture, in the bed, and even in my suv. Please let me win this!

  171. I have a dachshund Mix. Looking to get a ramp to prevent back issues. Would love one!

  172. Our miniature dachshund had to have neck surgery and has had several disc problems in his back. The little squirt could definitely use this.

  173. I recently got a new bed. Charlie (K9) could get up on the old bed, but this bed has the pillow top mattress. Charlie can no longer get up onto the bed with the extra four inches or so of more height. Plus he is getting older.

  174. This is fantastic for my older pooch

  175. my old man could use this

  176. My Gr.Dane/Lab mix is going on nine this year and I’m starting to see him stop and look at me before getting in the car now. I’m pretty sure the time is right to get him a Gen7Pets indoor/outdoor ramp. I hope we will win :*)

  177. I would love one of these ramps.My dog broke his acl jumping off the couch so I could use this product so that doesn’t happen again….sounds like the perfect addition to the stairs I bought from your company.

  178. Our Miniature Schnauzer, Sydney, looked at the photo of the ramp and told me it would greatly help her getting on and off our very high bed!

  179. My little rescue chihuahua is starting to age and he has no knee caps. Standing on his hind legs is obviously staining the ligament structure that he does have and is getting worse with age. Of course that doesn’t stop him from trying to stand on his back legs to reach the couch or bed, etc., but I do not want him to cripple himself because a leg bends too far the wrong way. The Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp would really help us help him live better.

  180. My dog Rudy would love this! He just got IVDD surgery and can’t jump on and off the couch by himself anymore! Would love to try this product out!

  181. I have a big dog with hip problems so this would really help my Sadie! Thank You!

  182. my little female pekengese could sure use a lift as she is 12 yrs old with hip displasure. i can’t lift her i have MS and am handicapped although we still manage.

  183. thank you for the opportunity.

  184. Hello I could sure use this for my babies Ebony and Reece.They are small dogs and they just love to jump up and down on everything. We can use this inside and out .With my two babies around I don’t have to bend and pick them up all the time.This will be very very useful for All of us.I would love to see my babies using this .I Cannot afford to buy it.Would love to win it Thank You very much. Ebony and Reece.🐕🐕

  185. I have 3 furry babies; a terrier, a pit/boxer mix, and last, but certainly not least, a chihuahua. The terrier & pit are rescues. The chihuahua has been part of the family since he was 7 weeks old. He was born 4/07/2007. He is a little obese & has knots on his hips from arthritis I have an outdoor ramp so he can get on & off the deck without having to use the steps. All 3 use the outdoor ramp. I have a homemade ramp at the end of the bed. It works but I’m afraid he will fall off of it. The terrier uses this ramp too. Her legs are too short for her to jump up on the bed. It would be great to have a nice, safe ramp for them to use. Thank you.

  186. Who wouldn’t want something as fabulous as this setup for our dogs!👍🏼😊
    I know that my little doggie would love it.Great exercise and intertainment!!!!Wow!❤️

  187. I have 2 small dogs, one of which is unable to jump on the bed or the sofa. I have a very bad back and would love not to have to pick him up or put him down. I also worry that our other dog is able to jump up but I sometimes notice that she hesitates to jump down. I tried several different sets of steps and both refused to use them. I think a ramp might be better. Help please!

  188. it would make little Lusha to having a more enjoyable life and allow her to share in our love.

  189. Hello I could sure use this for my babies Ebony and Reece.They are small dogs and they just love to jump up and down on everything. We can use this inside and out .With my two babies around I don’t have to bend and pick them up all the time.This will be very very useful for All of us.I would love to see my babies using this .I Cannot afford to buy it.Would love to win it Thank You very much. Ebony and Reece.🐕🐕

  190. i have 3 labs …my oldest lab is 13 1/2 years old…she takes 10 pills a day for her arthritis and would love to sleep in bed with us at night but is no longer able to jump up on the bed. this ramp would also help her get into the car and be able to get up on the patio when she has trouble.

  191. We have three older dachshunds and we are starting to have trouble lifting since we are in our late seventies ourselves. We made a ramp for a dog that made it to a ripe old age, but left it when we moved to a house with no steps. Now we have steps and too high furniture, so we certainly need one again!

  192. I could def use this for my beautiful 7 year old Boston Terrier. He still loves to jump but I worry about his bones and joints!!

  193. This would be great for our aging momma Shih-tzu! Thanks for the contest!

  194. Oh yeah, definitely need this for my little one. I’ve never seen one like this before, my dog will not use the steps but maybe she will go up this type.

  195. Kiki would love this wonderful invention 🙂

  196. We use stairs for our bed and couch. We often talked about a ramp because our dogs are getting older and a bit arthritic in the limbs. We would love to add this to our home!

  197. Man oh man does my senior Beagle Dudley need this!!! I will keep my fingers crossed

  198. This would really help my senior 🐈. He loves to cuddle on the couch can’t jump up anymore.

  199. I need this for my 20 year old Kitty!

  200. my fur babies are getting older and I’ve noticed my male NEWFIE mix having a harder and harder time getting on the bed at night. They both are on cbd oil and special meds to help them with the arthritis that comes from getting older. This would be a total blessing to have to help them get in bed or in the couch for snuggle time! The fact that it’s portable is a giant plus! Would love to have this!

  201. Would love to win this!

  202. I would love to win this ramp for my rat terrier dog that is 14 years old. I love him so very much. He makes every day for me worth living. I am elderly and serious health issues and my little boy keeps me going. MILO IS MY SWEET BOY.

  203. ronald MakinsterJune 21, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    I feed my older cat Arabella Joint Chewys but she still has trouble doing those higher jumps…..this ramp would help her emmensely…..

  204. My dog is 13 and has arthritis. This would be a great help to him.

  205. Oh I would love to have this for my little Pixie. She is getting up there and is having trouble getting up and down from the bed.

  206. This is fabulous! My Chihuahua, Kiwi, can never jump on our bed and hurts herself when she tries. She gets so jealous of our bigger dog, Loki, and whines until we pick her up to join us at night. I would love to sleep through the night knowing she can get up and down on her own. Thank you so much!!

  207. I could definitely use this for our rescue dog Brittney. She is the sweetest dog ever!
    And because she’s had such a rough life, she is ever so thankful for every little thing!

  208. My name is Leo and I love to sleep next to my mommy but getting in bed with her is quite difficult. I have a stool to jump on to get in bed, but I do not like it for jumping down so I defy my mommy and jump off from her tall bed. This is not good for my Pomeranian hips, but I do it anyway so I can sleep with my mommy! I love her so much!

  209. This would be wonderful for my older dog who jumps off the bed at night to use her pee pad. She can never jump back up to go back to sleep so I get woken up by her crying to have me pick her back up.

  210. This would be great for my older dog who has trouble jumping up on my bed.

  211. It’ll be awesome if our 2 senior dogs who both has severe arthrisis can have this lamp!! It’s been tough especially one of them who has it on both of his elbow.. :(.

  212. This would be great for our dog Romeo. He is 9 yrs old but is a small dog (Havanese) and has trouble sometimes jumping up on the bed. He wasn’t a big fan of the pet stairs, so this would be an awesome alternative!

  213. We Have an 80 Lb Lab (Ringeaux) that loves to sleep with us…this would certianly help to save his joints…Hope to WIN this for him<

  214. This would be great for my fur baby who would like to crawl into bed with us, He also has a sore on his paw that i am treating and wrapping up.

  215. My dog Annie is getting older and can’t jump up on the bed, which is her favorite place. This prize is perfect.

  216. My Zoe had back surgery when she was 6. She is 10 now and this would help her get on and off the furniture.

  217. This would be perfect for my little Hannah girl. She has trouble getting up on the couch.

  218. Wow I love this for my sis in laws’s cats. With this it would be so easy for them to jump on bed. how cool!Thanks for the chance!

  219. This would be great for my older dog. We bought a new bed and she is afraid to jump onto it because its high.

  220. This would be perfect for our new puppy!

  221. This would really save wear and tear on my Boston’s patellas.

  222. This would be so helpful for my 12 year old senior chihuahua who deals with arthritis in her spine, luxating patellas, and breast cancer. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  223. I love this! Thanks!

  224. O my my my that would be a Godsend for my baby girl……..she cant get up on the couch or bed anymore…….I want this for her in the worst kind of way……….o what a blessing that would be…..yes yes yes <3

  225. The indoor carpeted ramp would be great for our little leaper. We have a padded footstool near our bed to help Hank hop up onto our bed. The ramp would be a great help as he gets older.

  226. This would be great for my.. umm.. chubby boy to get on the bed at night!

  227. Would be great for my dachshunds.

  228. Michelle FletcherJune 21, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    This would be so great for my girl, shes 11 now, and her Hips are just getting worse (as age & time does its thing) We got her the stairs thinking that would help, but then her eyesight isn’t that great either so she (I think) thinks she’s going to miss them, because in day its fine, at night, not so much. So this would be great, no stairs to miss, just one slope up or down our bed!!

  229. This would be awesome for Levi. He is an 8 year old Dachshund. He jumps up and down from the furniture and I’m afraid he is going to hurt himself. He limps walking up hills like his hips hurfs so I need him to be gentle on himself.

  230. Omggg my puggy would love this. She’s 10 now and much slower than before. I started giving her salmon oil and glucosamine. She can’t jump on the bed anymore. I always pick her up but she’s not light. 😁

    We’d love to post a review about it too on our IG/twitter/fb acct to help other aging dogs!

    Paws crossed.

  231. I love 1-800-PetMeds and this is an awesome pet prize they are awarded. I am keeping mine and my pets paws crossed 🙂 –

  232. Great give away. This would be good for my senior dogs. I’ve got 7 total and they are all getting to that age. Will be helpful on the joints.

  233. Fido would really enjoy that

  234. We have a 15 yr old Yorkie, our Candycane, and it is getting difficult for her to get up on “her” chair lately so this would be wonderful.
    I have MS and know what it is like to not be able to do simple things like I used to without even thinking about it.

  235. Kali is going on 18 and has arthritis. She used to sleep up on the bed, but can’t jump up any longer…and I’m afraid to put her up because if she jumps down she might really hurt herself. This ramp would really solve that problem. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before.

  236. This would be really great in my household. It would be very helpful and make Maggie a happy girl!

  237. Both of my dogs have had knee surgery on both back legs. This would help them alot.

  238. This would be super for my girl,she’s 14yrs old and can’t get on the bed with us anymore,super prize thanks for the chance to enter

  239. My older pugs could really benefit from this to get up on their chair and the bed. It is getting to the point that I have to lift them up each time. My littlest one sometimes will attempt to jump up and end up falling backwards flat on his back because he didnt make it if I dont watch him closely.

  240. This would be awesome for my dog to help him get on my bed to cuddle!

  241. This would be awesome for my little yorkie . He loves to cuddles but it takes him 4 times jumping to get on sofa or bed .

  242. I would love to have this for my little dog!

  243. Would be great for my little guy. He just had expensive surgery on his knee and is not to run, jump or climb stairs for a long time 8-12 weeks plus.

  244. My little rescue is 13 I have had her for 4 years and she has developed hipdisplasia so getting up and down from anything is painful and difficult this item seems the answer since it doesn’t have steps which she can’t manage at all. I would love her to have this tool.

  245. I have a 7 year old pug. Her name is Josie and she is the light of my life. She always makes us laugh but now that she’s getting older he’s having trouble with her little legs getting her body around even for our nightly walks. So now we have to pick her up to put her on the couch to lay down with us and there’s no way she can jump up on the bed with us so this product would be a godsend for us and for Josie and it would make her more mobile and feel more like the vibrant dog she wants to be!

  246. My mom for sure needs this. She has a little dog with shot legs and he can not jump up into her bed. This would be PERFECT. ThAnk you for this chance.
    Good luck all

  247. My beagles hips arent like they used to be! This would help make sure she comes to bed and cuddles! <3

  248. My dogs are aging so this would really come in handy.

  249. My dog, Betsey, has trouble getting up on the bed. She could definitely use this!

  250. This would be wonderful for my Schnauzer!

  251. As a momma to two basset hounds, this would be fantastic! They love to sleep in our bed at night, but at times, it is hard for them to get up and down.

  252. If it prevents another acl surgery we are in…

  253. My pup would love this!

  254. My little miniature schnauzer would love this. She tries to get up on our bed and jumps and jumps but can never make it all by her self

  255. Thank you for this opportunity for my dog. He could really use this to get on and off my sofa. He’s only hetting older and it has become harder for him to jump on the sofa.

  256. Perfect for my dash hounds with those little legs.

  257. My 8 year old maltese/bichon has a really hard time getting up on our bed. She has stairs that she uses currently, but they are starting to get old and worn and she doesn’t trust them. This would be perfect for her!

  258. I would desperately love to win this. My poor westie is 9 years old and has problems with her legs so this would be incredible

  259. My cats would have a great time chasing each other up and down this ramp.

  260. My cats would have a great time time chasing each other up and down this ramp

  261. I tried steps, but u couldn’t get my chi’s to try it. This would be perfect for them!

  262. Reagan K. HartmanJune 21, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Our long haired dachshund mix would LOVE this. He enjoys moving between the bed and the floor at night and wakes me to help him back up!

  263. My daughters Yorki would so be able to use this. He is old and can’t jump up on the couch anymore.

  264. Leaving my comment…ramp

  265. My aging dogs would love this!

  266. My miniature Dachshund has trouble with the steps to get on the couch because her legs are so short. This would be so much easier for her and prevent back injuries.

  267. Certainly a lot nicer than the steps I use..

  268. Our 15 year old toy poodle (Raven) is still jumping up on our RV’s sofa, however to help eliminate stress on her legs and joints; we set up a step stool to help her get up and down. This ramp would truly help our little Raven as she ages. (We live full time in our motor-coach and this Gen7Pets Indoor Carpet Mini Ramp would definitely be easy to store when not in use. )

  269. My 12 year old Cavalier Gracie has to be carried up and down stairs now for her own safety. She has cataracts and sore joints. She can climb halfway up but stops there and I fear she will hurt herself trying to continue up or going back down. I love her so very much and would love to give her some independence back with this ramp. Beside, her favorite spot is on my bed which is higher than normal and has lots of pillows which she loves. It reminds me of the Princess and the Pea story! xo

  270. This would help our young lab get up and down after her surgery coming up.

  271. Omg I sure could use that I am always having to pick my westie up to put her in our bed she can’t jump that high, and she is so heavy for me to pick up, I would be one happy camper if I won that!!

  272. This would be great for our Scooter

  273. My old kitty could definitely use this!

  274. Carolyn S DarnellJune 21, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    We have a 14 year old Shih Tzu with authiritis. She no longer can get up and down by her self. What a huge difference this would make!

  275. I have 3 older chihuahuas that desperately need this to get up and down off our bed ty for the chance 👍🏽

  276. My grandkids other grandma had a terrible fall, broke her back, this ramp would be wonderful for her and her little dog
    she can no longer lift.

  277. My puppy Buster always is looking over the edge of our bed just wishing he could get down. He would love this!

  278. I have 3 older Siberian Huskies that can no longer get in bed with me because of hip problems, I sure could use this a lot

  279. I have a 15 year old silky who has to now sleep on the floor because she can no longer jump up on the bed. This would be great for her.

  280. My dog and my rabbit could use it! Would be so helpful!

  281. Carolynn VillanuevaJune 21, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Would love it for my parents dog, they have a high bed.

  282. That’s Great! My friends dog would love it.

  283. This would be great!

  284. I have 3 dogs. Two of them can get on our bed but 1 can’t. She is too short and pudgy. She tries so hard. This would be perfect for her!!

  285. My Bichon Rocky sure could use one of these. He is 11 yrs. old and likes to sleep in our bed and he can’t get on it.

  286. REALLY need one of these!

  287. My Bichon Rocky sure could use one of these. He likes to sleep in the bed with us but can’t get on it.

  288. I need one so, so bad! My pug suddenly became paralyzed in his hind legs last summer. I did therapy on him everyday to learn to walk and pee on his own and try getting his legs to work again. After much therapy he can walk again but still has problems with his one hind leg as it still remains paralyzed. He has such a hard time jumping on the couch, bed etc and often gets stuck. It would be a blessing to win this for him!

  289. This would be perfect for my tripod and also for my younger dog, who suffers from arthritis!

  290. My Bichon Rocky could use this. He likes to sleep with us but can’t get on the bed.

  291. Mary Ellen HebertJune 21, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Myv2 gal and old guy sure could use one of these

  292. My cat, Sonne, had his back leg amputated a month ago. A ramp would help him during his recovery and transition. I’m not sure what else to say. We are all adjusting.

  293. Mary Ellen HebertJune 21, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    My 2 gals and old guy sure could use one of these for there aches


  295. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats I would love to see them use this to get up on the bed

  296. My cats would love this, they would battle on it, I am sure. They love play fighting on everything else so why not a ramp too.

  297. I need one of these were always taking in animals with disabilities ty for the opportunity

  298. Definitely could use one of these!

  299. Have a 12 yr old german shepherd that would use this getting into our vehicle. Have her on adequan, dasquin, capofren all for her joints. She tore both of her ACL’s didn’t have surgery we did it by restricting her movement for 8 weeks she healed fine.

  300. My little Mary will become a teenager in August. She has just recently has trouble jumping on beds or furniture. She still makes an effort but to no avail. Would love for her to be able to have that freedom again. Her mother (me) is no longer able to lift her , and I haven’t been a teenager for a long, long time. I hope you would consider us for that ramp.Thanks, Dora Garnier

  301. I have a 13 year old, 3-legged cat. Although he’s holding up very well for his age, I always want to make sure his front joint is as protected as possible. This ramp would ease the stress on his remaining arm.

  302. linda rzeznikiewiczJune 21, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Thank you for a chance to win!!

  303. With a dog and 3 cats I could use this! My cat Annie is now 18 and this would be wonderful for her! She has 2 spots in the house where she would live having this 💛

  304. This would be perfect for my Sadie. She’s had MMP surgery on both of her back legs.

  305. I have an 80 lb Goldendoodle who is probably the only dog who does not know how to jump! Not on the couch, not in the car, nowhere even though I can teach him almost anything else. Lifting this boy into the car is a challenge and he loves to go more than anything. I sure would love to win this ramp.

  306. I have an older Lab named Roxy She’s almost 12 and has a little Arthritis in her shoulders She doesn’t jump as much now when it’s achy I had a dog who was 16 and had hip dysphasia Used to have a cheap version of this ramp and it helped greatly

  307. this would go great in my new apartment. I have a high bed so the dog needs a leg up =)

  308. My senior dog would greatly benifit from using this

  309. Kathleen KuykendallJune 21, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    We have 5 cats including a tripod kitten. Not much slows him down but he needs a little help getting up on higher furniture. This would also be great for when we travel with him.

  310. Allyson Odell HunterJune 21, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    I would love one for my 11 rescue kitties to use! Most are up there in years, and it’s becoming unsafe for some of them to jump onto my bed. They all want to sleep with me, but I cringe every time one of them falls while trying to jump up on the mattress. This would be a huge blessing for keeping them safe. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  311. My daughter’s (and our family’s) Cairn terrier, Lily, loves to get uo on our daughter’s bed with her, but she has to be picked up and placed onto the bed, as her legs are too short to jump that high. She can jump onto our couch and my easy chair, but not onto our daughter’s bed. This ramp would be perfect to let her get up there, on her own!

  312. we have 4 dogs 2 of which are 11 and 14

  313. My 7 year old beagle would love this. She sleeps on my bed but she has a hard time getting up there.we put a footstool by the beda and she doesnt like it so I pick her up. This would just make it so much easier.

  314. We have 3 senior cats and a senior dog, all rescues! Our fur babies would certainly benefit from having one of these! What a great way yo help our pets be independent!

  315. i have a 9 year old long hair dashound that is going blind in one i and this ramp would make him feel safer to get up in my bed.

  316. I would love to win this as we have many senior dogs and it would be so nice for them to have the freedom to get up and down on the furniture on their own.

  317. Shana HendricksonJune 21, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    My poor old girl can’t get anywhere without a ramp anymore. She can’t even use the stairs. Unfortunately, we live in a two-story that is just not laid out well for someone with mobility issues. We could use this ramp inside so we can keep the one we use on the deck outside as it might be portable but it’s a real hassle for a small person to be moving it so frequently.

  318. This would be perfect for my little Frenchy!

  319. Margarett HigdonJune 21, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    My 13 year old dog has gotten where she can’t jump on the bed. I have to pick her up and put her on my bed. This would be a perfect solution.

  320. As much as I could use this for my 12 yr. old Sheltie, I would definitely be happy for this ramp to go to someone who has a dear pet that is in peril in their later years or due to an ailment.

  321. My 9 year old dog recently became blind (SARDS). She will not use her steps any more to get on the couch. A ramp might be easier for her.

  322. your product looks to be just what my 12 yr old lab needs to get up in our bed

  323. I can see the smiles on my dogs faces already, hope they win this. Good Luck Everyone

  324. My old “pup” could certainly use one of these.

  325. We have a waterbed and a little poodle. I lift her onto the bed, but worry she will get excited and try to jump off by herself and it’s a LONG way down!

  326. I have 2 rescue dogs who are 13 & 12 and the 13 year old has a lot of joint pain. This would really be helpful for him.

  327. Very helpful

  328. my dog lucy has troubles with all four legs she is 17 seventeen yrs old this would getting in bed and out side easy.

  329. This ramp seems like a great idea for my dog. My dog is 8 years old and he has a problem getting up on the bed. I have spent money on pet stairs and it did not work for him. This looks like a better option for him.

  330. This would be amazing for some of our smaller foster dogs to allow them access to snuggle in bed and get up and down safely!

  331. Would be perfect for my 13 year old mixed breed dog I got from the humane society.

  332. Peanut (my Chihuahua) is too little to jump up on my bed by herself. This would make it so much easier for her to get up and down!

  333. My 8 year-old Camden would love it. At times she struggles coming up the two steps into our house from the garage. Sounds like this would do the trick and make her feel like her “youthful” self once again!

  334. Shaila BlackerbyJune 21, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    My senior Bichon would just love this. 🙂

  335. This would be great for my 95 pound black lab!

  336. My sweet little maltese hurt her leg a while back so this would help immensely. Thanks for the opportunity
    to win.

  337. My dog is quite old and this would be a lifesaver for him.

  338. I think my cat could use this

  339. Our 10 year old girl can’t get on the bed anymore.

  340. We made a homemade carpet ramp, but this is much nicer looking!

  341. Our bed is pretty high off the floor, our pets always have a hard time getting up there-we usually just pick them up❣️

  342. What a fantastic idea and what a generous giveaway!! I have a wonderful Chihuahua/pug mix who is more like my child than a pet. He’s slept with me almost every night since he came into my life when he was 8 weeks old, and now I can’t sleep without him! Unfortunately we are both getting older and its getting hard for him to get into bed and its really tough for me to bend down and life him up. This would be magnificent and so helpful!! Truly a wonderful, generous give!!

  343. My mini dachshund, Max (age 12) just had back surgery last week. He is currently crate confined for 6 weeks during his recovery period. This mini ramp would sure come in handy.

  344. This would be perfect for my pup to climb up on my high bed.

  345. My boy is almost 9yrs old and was born with hip dysplasia. Something like this would really help him!

  346. Just love the ramp. My little guys will be able to jump for joy now.

  347. this would be wonderful for my beagle.

  348. I have a lab that is like our child. He is almost 9 years old he used to love to go for car rides but can’t jump in anymore due to acute fusing of his elbows. There’s nothing we can do to fix this issue and want him to have a good of late life as possible. Thiscramp would make his life and ours so much better.

  349. My cocker spaniel, Mason would love to win this ramp. He’s only 9 yrs old, but he doesn’t see well, he has glaucoma in one of his eyes and his other eye is borderline glaucoma. He loves to get up on the bed to sleep with us, but he’s too afraid to jump up and down by himself since he doesn’t see well. I think this ramp would help him tremendously, as he could get up and down by himself again!

  350. I have a really high bed and it’s difficult for my guy to get up so he can snuggle. This would come in really handy.

  351. This would be great for my 14yr old.

  352. A clever way for my Daughters 2 small dogs to get up on her bed.

  353. My rescue Am Staff needs one of these so bad! And Gen7 products are great quality we love it!

  354. This is so cool. I never seen anything like it. We have a small puppy who cannot jump up on the couch or our beds. He has to be lifted so this would be ideal for him.

  355. Our beagle is getting older and having trouble getting in and out of the car, which he enjoys going for rides, the dog park and walks. So, this would be very helpful for him to use to get in and out of the car. Thanks for the chance to win.

  356. Our little rascal hanna is coming to the age where she can not jump on or off our bed anymore. This would be great for her!

  357. my sweet Jade is 7 and is getting arthritis in one front joint. After an active day she doesn’t want to come up to bed and I think this would really make a difference for her. Thank You!

  358. My dog would love this! She’s a 1 year old lab mix.

  359. We have a Shepard-Lab mix (Molly) who desperately needs a ramp like this. Molly had both hips done when she was about a year old, then had a cruciate ligament repair a year ago. This poor girl also suffered a rattlesnake bite on her right rear leg a year ago (before her ligament surgery)-so she has had a rough go of it in her young life! Hoping to win for Mollyso she doesn’t have so much trouble getting to elevated areas.

  360. Our little dog Pita is just starting to show her age & our bed & couch are getting to be a struggle- this would be GREAT!!

  361. I would hope that the most worthy dog receives this wonderful gift. Thanks to 1-800-PETmeds for this giveaway. I would love to have this for my 10 year old Dreamer who is starting to have difficulty due to age. Thanks for these wonderful gifts.

    June 21, 2017 at 6: 24 pm- Reply
    I think this is one of the best items they have made for our furry little friends and little puppies / even adults have trouble getting into beds that are higher. I have been hunting for some kind of item for my cat to climb up on, but he keeps falling backwards. I have been searching for something so he doesn’t get hurt lunging and fallen back off. I tried a foot stool didn’t work. God bless these inventors. Need to save a little money to get this item. This will be worth it for him.

  363. I would hope that the most worthy dog receives this wonderful gift. Thanks to 1-800-PETmeds for this giveaway. I would love to have this for my 10 year old Dreamer who is starting to have difficulty due to age. Thanks for these wonderful gifts. This is not a duplicate.

  364. we have multiple dachshunds – they are prone to back trouble and this would be terrific for them!

  365. Will be happy to win!

  366. Perfect for our short pups

  367. Sounds great for my furbabies.

  368. This would be perfect for a pup I take care of daily. She is 12 and is a very little dog who could easily injure her back if jumping off the bed or couch.

  369. I would love one for Lizzie! She can’t get on my bed and we only have one set of stairs for the couch.

  370. I would love this for my Stubby!

  371. This would be great for our dogs.

  372. Yes our sweet little yorkie Jasmine, could really use one of these. She will soon be 14 and even though we have a bench at the foot of our bed she is having a hard time getting up and down. She loves being next to us at night..

  373. Have a 15 year old Lab that has had both knees redone, loves to sleep on the bed but can’t make the jump any more. She would love this ramp! 💕🐕💕

  374. My sweet Daucshund and puggy miniature pincher really could use this. More importantly their mama has severe back problems which makes it difficult for her to put us in bed.

  375. Perfect 4 my 10 year old German Shepherd, Shadow

  376. Would love to win this for my Teddy, hes getting arthritis in his back legs & this would work better, he, we we have to help him up 3 steps out back to go to rhe bathroom..well hope to win it

  377. This would be great for our Kittles joints.

  378. It’s tough watching my 11 yr old rescue elkhound age. He no longer wants to come up on the bed & this ramp would help him go up to the bed…one of his favorite spots.

  379. Perfect for my 3 rat terrier mixes. Their tinny guys that need help getting up and down.
    Pepper Korn, buddy blue, Ollie hopnoodle. Lol

  380. This would be great for out dogs! We have 5 dogs and 2 of them are getting up in age and also 2 Chihuahua’s this ramp would be great for as well!!! It sure wouldn’t be wasted in my house!!! <3 <3 <3

  381. oh goodness this is so perfect for our Gizmo he is little, and loves to jump unto things all the time, and he misses some times

  382. My dog, Grayson, has had surgery on both back legs, so he is unable to get on the bed any longer. He is too big for me to pick up, and sometimes I miss him sleeping with me. I have tried to teach him to use stairs and he will not, he would use s ramp.

  383. Heather HollandsJune 21, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    I would love to win this for my jack chi Burton. He likes to jump on and off our tall bed, and I worry about his joints. Thanks for the chance!

  384. My cats getting old, she would love this, make me feel better too

  385. This would be perfect for my first furry born!! She just turned 12 but doesn’t act her age 🙂

  386. The Gen7Pets Indoor Carpet Mini Ramp would be perfect for our little puppy!

  387. I would love this for my little princess! She can’t jump up onto my bed it’s too high for her, so for now she jumps up on the soft chair that I have and then onto the bed. This would make it much easier!

  388. Sigh .. lately, our aging dear rescue dog is having difficulty jumping on the bed or couch. Last year, she broke her leg in a freak accident. Fully recovered, but I fear it might be a problem later on. So, this ramp sounds fab. for her. Thanks for the chance.

  389. With three 11-year-old fur-babies, this would get a lot of us. Appreciate this, regardless of who wins.

  390. Our Abby would love it so would I…When she’s have a bad time and can’t get up on the bed I usually sleep with her on the floor

  391. Our baby misses the bed every time and face plants when she jumps off 🙁

  392. My German Shephard is 9 1/2 years old and we noticed he is having trouble getting up on the couch and bed This would be perfect because it would help him from jumping up He would be able to get up more easily by just walking up the ramp.

  393. Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp would be perfect for my Grandpup Skid. He is such a great dog, but he has to deal with joint/mobility problems. This looks like a great ramp!

  394. Sparkie would really like this so he could get on the bed by himself since ours is way too high for him to be able to jump up on it or even jump down off of it.

  395. My corgi needs one of these.

  396. Susan LoudermilkJune 21, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    My 15 year old Burmese needs this….she’s been having trouble getting on the sofa lately!

  397. The weinies would really love this! Our old girl just had surgery.

  398. My sweet Daisy really needs one of these! Since we got our new bed she can’t get up on it.

  399. Roberta L DickinsonJune 21, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    My female pug, Onyx is now 11 years old and can’t jump up on the bed, couch, or recliner anymore. I am disabled with a bad back, knees, and hips, and the ramp looks like it would help us both. If love to win this for her and me, and Bear, my male pug that is now 9 yrs old.

  400. My Morgan could really use this since he is 13 years old and is finding it difficult to get up in my car!

  401. Perfect for my 11 years old Chihuahua, he is having problems to climb into bed/sofa. This would make him a happy camper. Thanks for the opportunity.

  402. Valerie DossantosJune 21, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    That would be great for my order dog he has a hard time getting up on the bed.

  403. This is a great idea for all pets but especially little ones. Have a friend whose Boston Terrier keeps knocking her hip joint out because she has always jumped off a high bed.

  404. It would be great as my Angel is going to be 12 years old and my boys will need it in the future to

  405. My old man Wally would love this!!!

  406. My dogs have always been afraid of pet steps. Maybe they would be more comfortable with a ramp.

  407. Would be great for my little Chihuahua Chip and I wouldn’t have to worry when he jumps off the bed.

  408. Not needed yet for our yellow Lab who, yes! Leaps on the people bed! But, I imagine in a few years, and this product looks sensational!

  409. This would be perfect for my older dog who has some hip problems.

  410. Absolutely perfect for an old dog with arthritis I miss having him jump on the bed at night
    We have to help him up and down. He’s afraid to jump off on his own.
    And it’s great it’s easy to fold up and store under the bed or couch for easy access. Great idea!!!

  411. My dog would love this!

  412. Our new rescue would appreciate this

  413. My 2 terriers could use one of these to get on/off my bed.

  414. This would be awesome for our Bulldog!

  415. this would be great for my pet Sugar she can not get into the bed anymore where as Little Bit jumps anywhere she goes

  416. This is an amazing offer for those of us with older dogs who struggle with aging hips and legs. Thank you for the opportunity to win a ramp like this!

  417. My Daisy is getting a little slower and I’ve noticed its getting harder for her to keep up with her brother Chopper. She could really use this to get on the bed!

  418. Really useful for our aging “baby”

  419. This would be perfect for my little ones. Especially my Maltese with degenerative disk disease.

  420. Joyce Pavlicek-JohnsonJune 21, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    My aging pets would so greatly appreciate a ramp. They look easy to use and such a relief on the hips. My cats will even use It!

  421. Mary Louise DorrJune 21, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    Boo, my cat, is starting to show her years on this planet and could use some help to be close to me. It could be when I’m sitting and reading or even when I go to bed at night. She always wants to be near me and I love her for that. This would certainly help us two senior citizens to be together.

  422. I have 4 dogs three of which are small and could use the help to get in bed or in the tub. I could definitely use it.

  423. My Hannah could really use this, she sleeps with me and my bed is really high. Hannah is getting older and has quite a bit of arthritis. She is such a proud little girl that she fights me when I try to help her and she uses a foot stool, We would love to have one of these.

  424. My elderly little man would love this!

  425. Love this!! Our little 🐕 would love this too!

  426. Oh my!!! This would be PUR fect for……
    Fredrick, our cat with neurological issues.
    Frazier, our Min Pin.
    Puppy, our 12 year old Shih Tzu and
    Dollar our mix breed who can not jump.

    Our entire zoo can use it!!! 😂😂😂👍

  427. Rescued an older chihuahua that was wandering. Has joint,heart issues, is deaf and has cataracts. Sometimes he has trouble climbing steps. This ramp would help him! At least to get up and off my bed. Or the couch. If I could carry him around 24/7 I would! It breaks my heart to see pets dumped because they are no longer wanted.

  428. hello, my golden dog could definitely use the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp!, as she is having a harder time getting up & down. thanks

  429. I would love that for my baby boy.

  430. I would live to win this for my collie, Kai hoping!

  431. My “baby” Shelby, 9 year old Chocolate lab is having trouble with her back hips, getting up and down, would love this for her ❤️

  432. My senior Dachsand, Serenity, really could use this!

  433. My two rescues — one a dachshund and one a dachshund-pitbull mix are getting older and one has an enlarged heart, could really use this. It’s hard to get everything needed to care for them when only income is Soc. Sec. I love them so much and it’s hard to see them suffer, after they really rescued me..

  434. We recently got a new mattress that sit a lot higher and our little bichon tried to jump onto the bed. He apparently pulled something in his rear leg and after that would not go up any steps or try to jump on anything. We have been trying to help him up when he wants to snuggle with us and this would be such a great help to him to be more independent again.

  435. my senior dog could use this to get up

  436. my overweight dog needs this

  437. My Fritz has already had back surgery when he lost the use of his back legs. We do not let him jump anymore. He sure would love one of these ramps.

  438. I have two dogs that would benefit greatly from this

  439. Red my 7 year old Lab was hit by a four wheeler, now it’s hard for him to pull up with his front legs. He loves to lay in my recliner and at the foot of my bed, also loves to ride in my truck and in my Ranger. Red has been a member of 1-800Petmeds for many years..

  440. Great idea!

  441. My moms little dog, Sugar, could sure use this. She is getting very old and cannot jump up on the bed anymore and it is getting harder for mom to pick her up and put her on the bed.

  442. Oscar, our 8+ year old Scottie, has such short legs and loves to get on our bed each night to be close and cuddle. He has arthritis in his hips and sometimes struggles to get up. He is so gentle and never complains. A true example of a Best Friend! 🐾

  443. Honey and Penny would love this!

  444. As my dogs reach their golden years- they have more difficulty jumping on my bed and the furniture. I’m always worried when they jump. This ramp would solve these problems for sure.

  445. our 14 yr old JRT just can’t jump anymore. she could sure use one of these to get in & out of her (human’s) bed.

  446. My toy poodle Bailey had a spine injury a few years ago and can’t jump up or down onto our bed or other furniture . He’s 9 years old now and having this wonderful ramp would really be a blessing for him and our family. Thank you 😊 it is a wonderful 🎁.

  447. My lil one had an inflamed disk in her spine a year ago. Vet said it was because of jumping so I trained her to ask for permission before jumping off of any surface and I always put her down myself which can be a bit taxing but I’d do it all for my sweet pup!, This would definitely come in handy.

  448. What a great idea and my basset booda could really use the help these days

  449. My 12 year old Millie really needs this. When she jumps off the couch she starts limping and I rub her legs to help with her walking. I really feel bad for her. I checked out steps but can’t afford the good ones. Please let Millie win this ramp. God Bleds

  450. Our little girl Poppy could really use this.

  451. This would be perfect for my senior chihuahua. He needs help to get on all of the furniture.

  452. This would be perfect for my Chihuahua, Chloe.

  453. I have two senior dogs, both with arthritis and it kills me to see them struggle so much. a ramp would help them to at least join me in bed where we can all snuggle together.

  454. Angela L Brown(Shannon)June 21, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    I have a Rat Terrier that is 16 yrs old and a Jack Russell that is 13 with major hip problems and I have to pick them up to get on the couch or in bed so this would be a big help for them and for me since I’m disabled and have problems lifting them! Thank you for a chance on a wonderful giveaway and goodluck to everyone!

  455. Our 10 yr. old Dauschund , Rascal, sometimes has trouble getting up on the couch and the bed. He will try over and over to keep up with our little 4 yr. old Chihuahua, Suzie.

  456. My dog’s back legs hardly work at all anymore and he sure cannot jump at all. I would love to see how well this would work for him. He will be 16 years old in September. (fingers crossed and prayers said)

  457. This would be quite useful to Lilly as she has gone blind in both eyes due to glaucoma.

  458. Cami-Lou would benefit so much from a ramp. She has been diagnosed with intervertebral disk disease and is no longer allowed to jump on and off of furniture. Most mornings I wake up and she is cuddled up in her bed at the foot of my bed because she knows she shouldn’t jump up or down, but sometimes you need a midnight snack. She starts on the bed but ends up on the floor and it breaks my heart. Cami is a four year old chihuahua that has a lot of life left in her and it would make it so much easier on her and make mama happy if she got to cuddle at night again

  459. Dixie Anne is my rescue dog and my service dog. She will be seven years old this summer. She can jump on my bed now. I worry about the day when she can’t and I won’t be able to lift her. This seems like the perfect solution for the both of us. Dixie truly rescued me, and I like to make her feel safe and secure.

  460. i could really use this ramp for my oldest dogs. she cant walk up steps anymore and this would be wonderful. she is almost 16 yrs old, and has a bad back.

  461. Maxwell is an eight year old boxer. He has just started to have stiffness when he gets up and a little trouble jumping up.on the bed.

  462. My 15 year old papillion rescue is having more trouble getting up from standing position. He wants to get up on sofa, bed, and into van front seat. He tries so hard but can not force his little body to jump. This ramp would enrich his life by allowing him to be part of our daily activities. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this item which we cannot afford. Thanks.

  463. Unfortunately, we’re at the point were my Charlie Girl really needs to use a ramp. This would be great for her.

  464. Oh yes, my Sadie and I need this. I’ve thought about asking my dad to make something similar. She’s getting arthritic as time goes on and it’s hard for me to pick her up. Great giveaway!

  465. My Yorkie and Chihuahua would love to be able to get up and down on the bed so easily.

  466. I am very short and have difficulty jumping up on the bed to keep my owner company. This would be ideal.

  467. I could use this, my pug loves to jump and I don’t want him getting bad hips or hurting his back, thanks!

  468. Always can use a ramp. My babies are getting old.

  469. I’m a new customer I’ve ordered several times. Medication mustly. My dog is getting older almost 13yrs old. ACL SURGERY BOTH KNEES AND HIPS WEARING OUT . I would love TO WIN!! She is unable to jump up to our bed. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER The Giveawy.

  470. Rebecca Jones-GroomsJune 22, 2017 at 12:56 am

    In the past few months we have purchased 6 alpacas and two Anatolian Shepherds who are our livestock guard dogs. These dogs can weigh 100-175lbs when full grown. We are using glucosamine supplements in their food, but I know we have to be careful of the dogs jumping in and out of the car. I think this ramp would be very useful when loading the dogs into my SUV !

  471. This would be really awesome for my baby Zackie – he cries now when he goes down or up. I pick him up if possible because I am afraid it is hurting his back due to him being slightly long. I am always careful with his back because I am afraid it will only get worse. Thank you for the chance!!

  472. My 80 lb boxer Jackson is 15 years old. I’m a 2x breast cancer survivor and can no longer lift him into SUV to go get his hair done (shampoo/groomed). This would help us both immensely.

  473. Shannon ChadwellJune 22, 2017 at 1:25 am

    Hello, I have an older Siamese cat who loves my bed. I’ve tried with beds on the floor but he acts like I’m punishing him and I even made homemade steps from the bed but he didn’t trust it, lol. The strain he puts on his long body and long legs with jumping concerns me. I can tell it’s starting to hurt his joints. The mini ramp would be perfect for him.

  474. This isn’t AMAXING! Pax jumps on our bed and the couch and we were just talking about getting something like this– it’s perfect!

  475. I love this!

  476. My dog is getting older and once hurt her hip from jumping down off of a chair. She loves to sit in those front room chairs by the windows and look outside, so this would be a nice aid to her.

  477. I have a chihuahua and she has short legs, our bed is tall, she really needs this!

  478. My Teddy has arthritis and having a ramp like that would be most beneficial for him. He uses a footstool to get on the bed now, but the Ramo would definitely be better for him.

  479. Michelle CastanonJune 22, 2017 at 3:10 am

    My Jake used to jump on the bed. He suffered from a herniated disc and needed neurosurgery. He is afraid of stairs, so at bedtime, he gets carried to bed. He uses a ramp at the vet’s office ( the office is being remodeled, and a ramp is in place).

  480. wow that be great for my mom and her dog getting harder for both them this would be a lot easier for them,

  481. Bear, our pit bull is starting to have trouble getting up into our bed, he’s WAY too heavy for me to lift, and I miss cuddling my doggie! This would be wonderful!

  482. My 12 year old Lab has competed in dock diving for 7 years but it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to get in/out of the car or on my bed. This ramp would enhance her quality of life now that she is getting older and battling arthritis.

  483. My Holly would love this ramp. It would help her into the car.

  484. Pamela OldnettleJune 22, 2017 at 5:43 am

    I have 2 dogs. Lily is a toy poodle who broke her foot previously. Emma is a maltese who is lazy. I have health issues and cannot lift them constantly. I have the steps but they will not use. Appear to be afraid of them.

  485. Love this I have a 16 year old Boston Terrior mix she is losing body mass in her hips but she still thinks she’s young at times and likes to jump off furniture and I’m so affraid she’s going to hurt herself. I bought the pet steps for her but she tends to tumble down them at times. Good Luck everyone 🙂

  486. My dog Buddy would love this for his favorite sleeping spot, the couch. Stairs are a little hard on hm these days. We actually a wheelchair ramp going outside for my mom and Buddy loves using it.

  487. Gloria PellegrinoJune 22, 2017 at 6:27 am

    My dog jumps up to my bed every night. She does not seem to have any problem. However, she circles around a few times like when a dog is about to poop before attempting to jump. Maybe she is having problem jumping!! So the step may be helpful to prevent health problems in the future.

  488. What a nice ramp. I’ve really been thinking I need to get one for my little Dachshund Icarus. The breed is prone to back problems.

  489. kimberly a grongJune 22, 2017 at 6:27 am

    This is exactly what I need for Bubba. I tried to make my own, but it didn’t turn out so good.
    Thanks for the chance to win this.


  491. Jacquelyn BirtelJune 22, 2017 at 6:42 am

    I have a dog who does not know how to jumo! He loves to sleep on the couch /bed so I’m constantly picking him up. This would be great!

  492. My Sam ho is a therapy dog could really use this ramp he is almost 9 and has bad arthritis he would benifit so greatly if he won.

  493. When our fur babies got older it became harder for them to jump on the bed. It broke our heart but we recently had to let our 15 yr old boy Doka cross the Rainbow Bridge due to hip pain & stage 1 kidney failure. Our 13 yr old girl Chey is starting to show signs of slowing down so this ramp would help her onto our bed where she loves to sleep in the morning sunshine.

  494. My little rescue dog, Benihana, is getting older and this would help him get up on his favorite perch on the window seat in our bedroom.

  495. Yes I would love one f my pet to support her legs she would love it

  496. My Pomeranian would love this!

  497. Have 2 dogs ,one medium size 35 Lbs ,the other 15 Lbs .They are constantly up and down off the sofa .Even worse yet is when they get off the bed which is Much Higher and have been concerned about them coming off the bed .The bigger one decide’s to get off the bed and is so fast I do not have the chance of stopping him ,the smaller female I do at times get to stop her and grab her and let her down. I feel this new product may help in preventing any future joint problems in these fine companion’s .

  498. Carolyn GriffithJune 22, 2017 at 7:47 am

    My lab, Chuck, recently had ACL surgery and could use a ramp!

  499. Nancy BarneycastleJune 22, 2017 at 8:08 am

    This would be great!

  500. sure can use for fat frankie btw fat frankie is not fat

  501. My dog has had a hard time jumping onto the bed for 2 years now! I was just speaking to my fiance about how we need to get him something like this! Really hope I win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  502. This would have been a life-extender for our girl, Holly. We had stairs to get her to our bed, but she fell off and severely injured her spleen when she smacked against the metal step supports. That wouldn’t have happened with a ramp. Holly lived several more years but was never quite the same dog. Now we have an aging mini-Lab, who may soon have trouble getting into his favorite chair. Thanks for having this contest.

  503. What a fantastic looking ramp which would be such a help to those of us with older dogs. Having had surgery myself, I can’t lift.

  504. This would be perfect for our dog. He loves to get up on our bed but sometimes hesitates. I know this would make him and me feel better.

  505. My tiny pomeranian would greatly benefit from the well designed ramp. The bed is too high for her to jump up and if I don’t wake up, she will jump down on her own. This is not good on her joints plus she is not getting any younger. It would provide a safe way for her to exit and enter the bed.

  506. Thunder & Lightening would love to have this because they love to get on the bed and couch. They like to lunge on cushy places!

  507. This would be perfect for getting my fur baby into the SUV for rides. He lives to ride but has trouble getting in and out of our vehicle. He is to heavy for me to lift. Not only would I love this, so would Boss!!

  508. Mary Beth GreatheadJune 22, 2017 at 8:57 am

    I really need this for my poor 11 year old girl with bad hips!!!

  509. My bichon just suffered her second ACL rupture. She could benefit from this ramp.

  510. My 10 year old struggled with arthritis back legs..takes truprofen

  511. My dog hasn’t wanted to do even stairs now! I am thinking the bed will be next. He is overweight so this would help him from jumping off my bed.

  512. I have two older dogs that would benefit greatly from this. They used to be able to jump on the bed but now they need assistance. And this would also help protect their joints so they wouldn’t jump off the bed.

  513. my baby girl is now about 11 years old and has trouble getting on the furniture. we have pet steps at each of our beds and couches, this would be nice for her as we travel a lot and stay at pet friendly motels and can not get up on the bed by herself.

  514. Hi, I have 2 older boxer’s. Both have tumors from cancer, can’t jump like they used to. The ramp would be most helpful. They like laying on the bed. Little too heavy to pick-up.

  515. this would be great for my girl when we travel to pet friendly motels

  516. My sweet Chiweenie, Tati has trouble jumping on my bed at night. I love how this one folds up when not needed. Would love to have one!

  517. I have a 14 year old black lab-boxer mix that still sleeps in my bed. I have to carry him up the stairs at night to put him on the bed. In the morning, I get him off the bed and carry him down the stairs. I am getting old myself, I could really use the pet ramp, form my dog, Buddy, and my back and knees.

  518. Silvia GutiérrezJune 22, 2017 at 9:30 am

    Nemo is my small 12 yr old Maltese who used to jump on/off furniture with no problem. Now Nemo just puts his front paws on the couch & looks at his younger brothers sitting on the couch. 😔 That’s when I help him him out.

  519. Would love to give this to our grandkids other grandma, who broke her back in a bad fall and can no longer lift her little dog.

  520. This would be great for my two Doxies Flora and Fauna! They are 11 years old and I’m worried when they jump off the couch. I don’t have enough room for steps in our bedroom for them but this would work great! Good luck everyone!

  521. My English Mastiff loves to snuggle in the morning. Her arthritis is pretty bad. This would still allow her to have what she loves.

  522. My Poochie is sick with CHF, he is only 9 yrs old. He is the sweetest guy. He loves to be on the bed, I purchased doggy stairs but he will not use them, recently he has become hesitant to go up and down the stairs in our home. I want to do all that i can for him to make him as comfortable.

  523. With 3 cats and 3 dogs this ramp would definitely be used. Our pets range in ages 2 months to 12 years. The two 12 year olds would benefit using a ramp now as their joints are showing signs of aging.
    We’ve been looking into such products.

  524. Shetland Sheep Dogs are known for their agility but for some reason mine can’t jump on the bed and I always have to left him up, this would be great for him and my back

  525. Have 4 dogs with two of them unable to jump up one the bed. This would be perfect for them.

  526. This would come in very handy for 3 of our 8 dogs. They are the oldest ones and love to get on the bed with us but has to have a boost on and off the ed.

  527. We have a 10 year old husky/border collie mix with bad knees. This ramp would help her getting into and out of the van for trips to the dog park and vet!

  528. I have 2 older dogs who love to get up on my bed for a little bit of loving before they go to bed at night. Would be nice if they could get up there by themselves instead of me having to pic them up and put them up there as well as get them down they could come and go at their choice not mine!

  529. My little dog is not able to jump on the sofa or the bed. This would be great for giving him a little more independence!

  530. I have an older Dachshund and we live on a boat. He has difficulty with the steps leading from the main Cabin into the bedroom where his bed is. We have to carry him. It would be so nice to have a ramp so that if he wanted to get into his cubby for a nap he could.

  531. Diana W Charlie boyJune 22, 2017 at 10:10 am

    My old boy could definitely use this . He loves to jump to greet me good morning each day but i could tell its getting harder on his joints and some days he wont jump due to the pain. This would help him regain his confidence and my butterfly kisses each day…lol jk about the kisses

  532. I have an 11 year old lab named Gunner that has a terrible time going up the three steps in my house😧 This would improve his life and that would be wonderful because he is a truely sweet soul.

  533. I would love to have this for my dog, Precious. She’s 11 years old, and she’s been having a little trouble getting up onto beds and the couch. I’ve been wanting to get her something so she wouldn’t have to jump anymore. This would be great for her to help protect her joints!

  534. Seems like a nice addition for canine companions.

  535. I have a chiweenie and shes 9 yrs old she has a problem with her back leg she hobbles i know its arthritis i have a set of pet steps for my bed but would love to have a ramp for my car cause she cant hardly jump in my van this would be ideal for her if i dont win i might look into purchasing one thank you for my entry.

  536. My dog suffers from back leg joint pain and would find this the perfect gift!

  537. I would love to have this for my dog! I’ve been wanting to help make her life easier because she’s 11 years old and is suffering with arthritis and has trouble getting around the house. It’s hard to watch and something like this would be a blessing for us.

  538. Our little sparkey would certainly benefit from this. He is having trouble with his back leg and still jumps on and off our king size bed. We would love to have this.

  539. My miniature dachshund thinks she’s a cat! She always climbs to the tops of any object around. INCLUDING TREES! It worries me as they are so prone to back problems. A ramp would at least save her back and joints from jumping on and off of the bed.

  540. I have given our pooch Angel eyes over the years with pretty good results…thanks

  541. I have a 14 year old Golden mix with back and some leg problems this ramp would be great for her to get in and out of our vehicles. thank you

  542. This would be wonderful for my dog Buster! He is getting up in age–we rescued him in 2010 so we estimate him to be about 10-11 years old. It is getting a bit harder for him to climb up on the furniture and jump on the beds so this would be wonderful for him!

  543. My standard Doxie is almost 11 years old and weighs 23 lbs. My husband and I are both retired in our 70’s. This would save our backs as well as our beloved pet .

  544. Catherine DzwonarJune 22, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Ellie could really use a ramp.

  545. We have three sweet dogs… two are rescues and one is unable to jump while the other is still quite agile . This ramp would enable him to “join the fun” and jump on the bed at night instead of being left on the floor. ( he’s 80 lbs. !)

  546. My dog has had 2 “doggie acl” surgeries and has arthritis. This almost 14 year old guy could use a ramp to help his joints. The cat wouldn’t mind using it, either – he’s 12 years old.

  547. I have 5 cats and 2 small dogs. This would be a great help for my small dogs to get in to bed with me.

  548. What a great item. I can see my 2 small dogs walking up to the sofa now.

  549. I have a 10yr old dog it looks like it would be great for her

  550. I have a 10yr old dog it looks like it would be great for hero have steps but ramp looks much better

  551. That ramp looks great

  552. Would love that for my dog

  553. Perfect for aging dogs and cats!

  554. I don’t own a dog at this moment but am always looking for items to donate to an animal shelter

  555. I have a wiener dog who needs this for my bed!!!

  556. I have 3 small dogs, one with hip issues that definitely need this.

  557. It would be great for my little pom, who is beginning to have a little difficulty jumping up.

  558. I am actually looking at ramps and/or steps for my Yorkie, she is not able to jump on the sofa and if we pick her up and put her on it we can’t leave her for fear of her trying to get down by herself and hurting herself.

  559. I have a 5lb Chihuahua, Audrey. She has trouble getting on our bed so she backs up and runs really fast to get a good momentum going and usually makes it, but sometimes smacks right into the side of the bed. This would be so helpful!

  560. My dog Ellie is 9 years old and has Cushing’s disease and severe arthritis. She loves to go on car rides with us, but has a hard time jumping into the back of our Escape. We have tried picking her up to put her in, but at 77 lbs. it’s taken a toll on my back. This ramp would definitely make it possible to enjoy her rides.

  561. This would be so helpful for my 17 year old cat Boo. He sleeps on a queen bed with me. I have an ottoman so he can get up there, but still has to jump up on that and then jump up on the bed. I know it hurts on his little legs and to just be able to walk up the ramp would be wonderful. What a great idea!!

  562. Would be great with my minutiae chichuhua’s

  563. I would like to have this for when I dog sit my son’s little Yorkie, Joey.

  564. Maggie (German Shepard) and Roxy are going to be 13 yrs old in Sept & Nov. They both have joint, hip, leg and knees issues. This would be a tremendous help to both my girls as they can no longer sleep with me cuz they can no longer get on the bed.

    I give them Cosequin daily to help with the pain and discomfort.

    Please allow my babies to sleep with their mom again! Thank you. 🙂

  565. That would be great for getting Blackie into the car!

  566. Oh my goodness my old girl could sure use something like this. i never knew there was a ramp for indoor? only thought there was one for outdoor to get into cars, trucks and things. what a wonderful product! tu for holding this great giveway gen7pets and 800petmeds. it’s so generous of you both! 🙂

  567. We have four adopted dogs, three of which are seniors. This ramp would be fantastic as we want them on the furniture, snuggling with us!

  568. With a 90 pound chocolate lab with joint issues and a 17 year old mutt, this ramp would be will used in our home. It would also save our backs because we lift and do not allow them to jump either up or down without assistance. Jumping is just too hard on them! thanks for the opportunity to win this much needed ramp!

  569. My little maltese Khloee is 12 years old. She had hip surgery regarding a birth defect. She has a lot of problems with her left leg because of that. She has developed severe arthiritis because of that . She sleeps on our bed and it would sure help her
    to be able get down by herself if she had a ramp. We do not allow her to jump down from anything. We are trying to save her from pain. Thank you for considering us .

  570. I have a senior Boston Terrier who has a bad hip. She will be 13 on Halloween. I also have a Miniature Dachshund and I hear they need to use ramps for their back. I would be thrilled to win this to help my dogs.

  571. This pet ramp would help my two smaller dogs getting
    on and off my queen size bed as well as the sofa. They are
    getting older now and can’t jump up and get down as
    easy as they used to. This ramp would be great !

  572. My cat Nova was hit by a car before she was rescued and still has issues with her hips – this would be a great help for her getting onto the bed every day!

  573. My 13 year old tibetan spaniel can no longer jump up on our bed to cuddle. She gets jealous and sad when our younger dog jumps up 😞. I didnt even know they made such a great product. This would also help her go down the fews steps she has to navigate to go out to potty.

  574. My 14 yr old baby would love to have one of these. And so would I! That’s a lot more cuddles for me!

  575. What a smart idea! We have 2 Maltese “kids” that love to snuggle wherever we are, I have created what we call a “Jumping bed” which consists of 2 comforters wrapped in a blanket and pinned with safety pins, It works ok, but it’s Big, Bulky and you have to get it in the right spot or they will jump over it……lol……your invention would be so much nicer!!!!!!

  576. I love that this folds easily and is portable! Would love to own one and snuggle with my babies with less worries of them falling and getting hurt.

  577. I order flea control from you!!!
    my toy poodle is 13yrs old and has had knee surgury and her spleen out-tumors out-
    doing fine now but overweight from it. has hard time. our bed and chairs are too high for little her and could
    really use something like this. we pick her up now and she has to wait for us to put her down.
    she could get some independance with ramp!
    have a great day

  578. Looks great. My 10 yoa pug Hampton would love it.

  579. My dog Hunter is over 14 years of age. He is a mixed breed dog part Beagle and American Bull Dog. He is overweight and weighs over 50 pounds. He likes to sleep on our bed but we have to pick him and place him on the bed because he is arthritic. I weigh about 115 pounds myself so he gets to be pretty heavy. We could certainly use this ramp!!

  580. This would be great for my Shizhu be can hardly get up steps anymore. I have steps for my Maltese but he can’t navigate them!! That ramp would be wonderful!!! Thank you!!

  581. Yes, we need one! I have a 10 year old, over weight, Beagle and he never gets to sleep on the bed with us. He also always rely on a lift from us in order to enjoy the sofa. This would be so helpful for him to enjoy the things that our other dogs get to do.

  582. This ramp would be great for my aging dogs. I hate seeing them have trouble getting onto the couch and bed.

  583. teneya birkenholzJune 22, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Our chihuahua has arthritis and we would love to have this.

  584. My 9 year old and 14 year old would love this. One has hip dysplasia and the other is just really old with arthritis!

  585. Arthritis can be a real problem for labs and the fact that this little ramp can support my dog’s weight is wonderful! This would be a great help for him!

  586. This is great! We have 3 big dog so they tend to get arthritis quickly. This would help them get on the bed because they love sleeping with us.

  587. Omg! This would be great for my car. I keep steps in my house but they are to bulky to but in the car. Looking forward to this product😃

  588. My little mini Aussie would love this! Great idea!

  589. wow the GEN7 indoor ramp would be great for my 14 year old chow / Shepard..
    shes had bad knees for years and i have her on novax for it. she use to sleep in bed all the time but cant get up on it now this would be a huge help

  590. This ramp would be perfect for my senior Chihuahuas. E

  591. I agree this would be the perfect thing to have in the car. Our golden is getting a little old to jump up into the truck, but loves to go for rides.

  592. Having 3 reasons to win one of these….guys running up and down all over the place.Jumping stretching tagging one anothet playfully and the carpet part is the best! Not only would they pamper themselves with kneading their toes and paws ….but rolling back and forth sliding up and all around.SEVENTH HEAVEN. Keeping All 48 toes and paws crossed to Win this Baby !!###

  593. We have 3 reasons why we need the New Gen7Indoor ramp…whle we roll around run up and down all over the house and each other. From 3 years old to 15 years old climbing can be tough! Running is enough just playing Tag your It…..but having a great rug to Rub yourself on and to knead your pads and toes Even Better…keeping all 48 toes crossed to Win It!##

  594. My Shih Tzu Rosie would love this!

  595. I have a high bed and this would be perfect for my 2 senior Min Pin’s whom I am constantly lifting up and down onto the bed for snuggle time. My 2 boys would love it if we were to win this great product. Thanks for the offer!

  596. My Chihuahua would love this, than he will be able to get up on the bed himself also make it easy for him to get into our truck!
    in the middle of night he will jump off bed for a drink of water and cant get back up on bed so he will wine till he wakes me up
    to pick him back up on the bed. Plez help me sleep at night
    Thank you
    Frances .

  597. We have a small house so a ramp is much better than stairs for us, which we have been considering.

  598. Victoria D. CousinsJune 22, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    This would be a great gift for my mom’s dog!

  599. This would be great for my Mini Dachshund!!

  600. Great idea!

  601. My Marley would so benifit from this! She has a luxating petela on her back right leg. So I would use this on the bed so I wouldn’t have to pick her up and down on my bed since she sleeps with me!

  602. Looks really useful. My 16 1/2 year-old has to be carried into and out of our camper on trips, and can’t get to his favorite place on the bed any more. This would really help. I’d like to see a version made for lighter dogs – my heaviest weighs 28 pounds, and one that will support 200 pounds is heavier than I really need – and most manufacturers of dog steps and ramps do the same thing – making only models for larger dogs.

  603. Our bed has drawers underneath and it so pretty tall, at least our Lucy thinks so. She is beginning to hesitate before she jumps up and I’ve been thinking about getting her a step stool but this ramp would be better for her.

  604. I have two 15 yr old cats. One is very fat and she doesn’t move like she used to. she can maneuver the couch, but our bed is way to high. Right now I’m using a set of pet stairs and then a bench. In a weird way a kitty Ninja Warrior course. It would be nice to not have that much against the bed .

  605. we have 3 rescue seniors, Rosie is a 3 time breast cancer survivor !! They sure could use a little help getting on mommies bed 🙂

  606. Yes my dogs are too small to jump on the bed they would love this

  607. I have 2 chihuahuas, one 6 pounds and one 7 pounds. They are just to little to get up on my bed. I have stairs for them, but they will not go down the stairs, so they jump and have hurt themselves. I think with this ramp they would go down it because it looks wider and easier for them. And it would be easier for me also and less worry!

  608. Would love to have such a convenient ramp for Middie to use. She loves to snuggle. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  609. This ramp would be perfect for my French Bulldog puppy! She broke her elbow jumping from my bed a few months ago and had to have surgery. She is fearless and still tries to jump off of the bed but she just needs to snuggle! Having a ramp would greatly reduce my anxieties every time she is on the bed and protect her from breaking any more bones!

  610. The ramp would be very convenient for Middie.

  611. My little guy would love this ramp. He is all of 8 pounds, and we let him sleep in bed with us. I know your thinking lucky dog. Well he’s even luckier, we have a water bed. Yes I know very 70’s. But it is the best to sleep on. Well we have drawers under our bed as well so it makes it very hard for him to get up on. He would rather jump then have us pick him up. Sometimes he yelps from pulling a muscle. Ollie is a chihuahua, pug mix. Looks like a chihuahua with the chest of a pug, adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  612. I would love to have one of these for my fur babies. I have a 12 year old lab mix who is having a tough time getting into the car for her favorite rides to the park or beach. Soon, my German Shepherd will be needing it, too.

  613. Would be perfect for our little Chihuahua who thins he’s way bigger then he really is!

  614. What a handy thing to have, would be great for both puppies and older dogs. Would be great for our pups

  615. John,

    We have 3 wiener dogs and they all have hip and back trouble. This ramp would be what we have needed for a long time.

  616. I have a maltipoo that is getting older and harder for her to jump up. Right now, I use their doggie car seat at the foot of the bed to help her.

  617. I have adopted a senior min pin and she has difficulty going up and down due to arthritis,It would be wonderfulif I could win this wonderful giveaway for her.Thank you for this opertunity to win.

  618. Jackie HendricksJune 22, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    We have a tall king size bed that my German Shepherd can’t jump onto, so this would be a perfect way for her to get up on the bed.

  619. Bobbi Duncan Ciliberto SpeegleJune 22, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I have a small 7 lb pup that has a back leg that comes out of joint I would love to have a ramp for her to use.

  620. What an amazing invention. I would of course like to be the one chosen to win such a device, but even so, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase one of these for my 14-year-old dog, Matty.

  621. Our pets are getting older and this would be very nice for them!

  622. My dog has arthritis in her hips and hind legs so I have to carry her or help her onto things all the time, but she’s a bit too heavy for me to always be doing that so this would be a life saver for us!

  623. Great product idea and not just for older puppies

  624. I just love it. And my pup will be your best friend if why are lucky enough to have won it.

  625. My 70lb lab loves to jump off our high bed, we really need this! This is such a great idea, I really worry he is going to hurt himself with all the jumping.

  626. This ramp would be perfect for my Saint who has arthritis in the shoulders and hind legs. It also would be great in preventing any injuries from jumping up and getting down from the bed

  627. This is just what my fur baby needs. She is a cat with arthritis and is 24 years old. She can’t sleep with us anymore because she can’t jump on and off the bed (we even bought stairs but she won’t do those either) and I can’t wake up all the time to help her. But she does sleep right under me at the head of the bed.

  628. Would love this for my older rescue kitty who has health issues and trouble getting up on the bed.

  629. My 15 year old Yorkie would love this. We have pet stairs by both bed & couch but he is less steady on his feet all the time. He has “fallen” off the steps several times. This ramp would be perfect for him. Much easier for him to manage.

  630. My two furbabies could really use this. Coco, the bigger daschund/hound mix, has been having trouble with the current ramp, her paws not getting a good grip and kind of just clatters down amd occassionally hurting her back paw. A carpet ramp would help a lot!!

  631. My Dakota would love this. We have one for her to get in to the truck but need this for the house

  632. Pick us pick us please!!! Our little one, Coco, has low back disc problems and would love a little ramp like this! Thank you!

  633. be so nice, I have homemade stairs for mine to get on the bed like this and how it folds up when not in use

  634. we have stairs by the bed that are cumbersome this is nice a one shot walk up, I have a pekingese and she has to use stairs or a ramp with her short legs a must to prevent back issues in that breed.

  635. My dog Zack could really use this. Our bed is really high for him and he has trouble jumping up at night. As he gets older it will be harder for him to jump. Thanks so much for the chance and giving me the awareness of this great product

  636. my 5 cats are now seniors and starting to experience reduced mobility. they know the claws will help them get up but it is wreaking havoc on my furniture. this ramp would be a blessing for my furbuddies to get on the sofa with me.

  637. This pet ramp would be FABULOUS for our 16 yr old Chihuahua (who thinks he is a Pit Bull..lol) named Buddy.
    My husband and I are both disabled.
    We are looking for a larger, more spacious home, however, we live in a very tiny studio apt which truly has no place for Buddy to run or even walk around much.
    We always worry Buddy may sprain his back or hurt his hips or legs jumping off the bed when he hears a noise!
    Buddy is too small to get back up onto our bed himself, therefore, one of us has to get off the bed to lift him up!
    Being disabled and having to do this many times a day causes us hip and back pain.
    Winning the Pet Ramp would be a BIG HELP, not only to us physically but it would help give back to our tiny, sweet, energetic, loving and loyal Friend, Buddy… some of the ability and independence he once had.