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Do you allow your pet on the furniture? For some pet parents, coming home to snuggle on the sofa with a beloved pet is the highlight of the day. Getting on and off of furniture is easy for us, but it takes a lot of effort for a dog or cat to jump so far. After all, few of us could ever jump on a surface that is as tall (or taller) than we are! Years of strenuous jumping can take a toll on your pet’s joints. The Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp makes getting on and off sofas, chairs, and beds easier on your pet’s joints to help ward off joint damage and arthritis.

Jumping is your pet’s superpower

Admittedly, jumping isn’t the only superpower your pet might have. Consider your pet’s amazing sense of smell that can root out the tiniest morsel of food that accidentally fell on the floor, or how some pets recognize the sound of the family car before it even pulls in the driveway. Still, the ability to jump higher and farther than any human ever could (proportionally speaking) is truly remarkable. In fact, healthy dogs can jump as far as one body length high while cats can jump between 5 to 6 body lengths!

Of course, this jumping superpower can be abused. Cats who can so easily reach counter tops and even the top of the refrigerator will likely do so with or without your consent. Dogs who can jump a yard fence may be quite proud to show you how it’s done. In cases like these, pet parents may need to train their pets to use their amazing jumping skills only where and when appropriate.

How to protect your pet’s joints

Arthritis in pets is much more common than many pet parents may think. In fact, over 90% of senior cats have arthritis, while 1 out of every 5 dogs over the age of 7 has arthritis. Daily jumping can result in joint damage, regardless of your pet’s size or age. This is why joint supplements are frequently recommended by veterinarians as part of a pet’s regular care regimen. Ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Perna Canaliculus are considered to be effective at protecting joint structures and function for improved mobility.

Pets with painful arthritis or osteoarthritis can benefit from joint pain medication, which is often prescribed by veterinarians to manage arthritis pain and inflammation.

If your pet often sleeps on a hard floor, you may wish to discourage this as it can be tough on elbows, knees, hips, and the spine. An orthopedic or memory foam pet bed is a great way to keep your pet warmer and more comfortable while taking stress off joints and pressure points.

Pets who are overweight may experience joint pain as a result. Establishing regular exercise and play time, as well as switching to pet food that’s formulated for weight loss, can help your pet get fit and relieve stress on joints.

You can also help protect your pet’s joints by supplying an easier way on and off furniture with pet steps or ramps. This will significantly reduce the number of times your pet has to jump in a day.

Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp saves stress on your pet’s joints

Buy the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp at 1800PetMedsHow many times does your pet jump on and off the furniture in a day? It’s possible that your pet could jump 10 times a day or more! Save little joints from all the wear and tear with the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp.

Easy to use and store, this streamlined yet stable pet ramp has ideal features to make it easy for your pet to safely reach his or her favorite resting spot without jumping. This is especially helpful for senior pets, dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, and those who have had recent surgical procedures.

The Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp is strong enough to support pets weighing up to 200 lbs. The no-slip carpet tread is soft on paw pads while still providing good traction for safe footing.

The jointed design allows the ramp to fold flat so you can slide it under the sofa or bed when not in use. There’s even a built-in rubber handle for easy carrying to move the ramp to another room or to store it in a closet.

When open, the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp measures 42″ long x 16″ wide x 1.5″ thick. When folded, it measures 21″ long x 16″ wide x 3″ thick. The neutral colors blend with any décor, and stashing it away when company comes is a breeze.

Make your pet’s life a little easier while protecting joint health and function with the Gen7Pets Indoor-Carpet Mini Ramp.




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  1. Yes our Bella needs one of these.

  2. Rebekah JosephusJune 26, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    I have a.dog with hip dysplasia and knee arthritis that needs this

  3. This would be awesome to have

  4. This would help our old boy so much!!!

  5. We need one of these for our senior pet. He is having trouble jumping onto the furniture.

  6. Would love to win this for my pug Lily 🙂

  7. My 10 y/o dog needs this!

  8. My daughter has a small older dog, and really high bed. I’d love to give this to her for Lily.

  9. This would be perfect for my senior fur friend.

  10. My 8 year Old Boston Terrier has serious back leg issues This looks like EXACTLY what I need to help her be able to get on my bed without having to stand there until I see her and have to pick her up and put her on the bed!

  11. We do need this! This would help our boys out!

  12. This would be so perfect for my Dachshund Frank! He has such a hard time getting on the bed!

  13. My 13 year old dog needs help getting up into my RV lately. She’s too heavy for me to pick up

  14. This would be great for my 11 year old miniature Schnauzer. She likes to snuggle at night but has a difficult time jumping up in the bed.

  15. I would love this so I don’t have to keep getting out of bed to put my Lhasa apso in and out of bed with us!

  16. Awesome! My Ty would love this for his birthday on July 24th. He will be 18 years old. Sure can use a little help getting up on the bed for bedtime. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. My 6 year old Shepherd/chow mix hates stairs! He would like this ramp. I honestly think he is afraid of a flight of stairs, and I cannot get him over it. This would be good training for him to only us the furniture that has the ramp attached.

  18. My husband’s dog has got such horrible arthritis he can’t get up on the bed without help and if he wants to get down he has to wake us. I feel so guilty that we just all climb in and he is standing there at the foot, head resting in the bed waiting for help

  19. I have a little mixed breed dog. She weighs about 7 pounds and she use to love sleeping on our bed and
    sofa. She got real sick and now she can’t jump up on anything, She is 13years old and this would be great for her when she wants to lay on the sofa. Thanks

  20. Would love this for my 13 yr old dog! I know Hercules would love it too.

  21. My dog just made 10yrs. old and is slowing down. I think she needs this ramp so she won’t have to jump off of the bed.

  22. My 12 yr old Tibetan Spaniel often does not like to use the steps I have for her to get into my high bed. This carpeted ramp would be easier for her to use,,especially with the traction of the carpeted surface.

  23. This would really be great for the older guys when they need it.

  24. This blogs really make my day today thanks for sharing your great post.


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