[New Product] Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet StrollerParents of small pets face different issues than those who have larger pets. Because of their size, small pets are more vulnerable to all sorts of threats the big world presents. Little paws get stuck in little crevices. Shorter legs have to work much harder than those with longer strides. Looking for a way to protect your petite pooch from dangers like these? Take your small pet along wherever you go in safety and comfort with the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller.

Special needs of small pets

For small pets, the world and everything in it can be intimidating. Some breeds, like Chihuahuas, seem ready to take on any battle as if they had no idea they were outsized by nearly everything. Others are more fearful, which can be a good thing if it helps them stay away from trouble. However, if it results in anxiety and constant barking, you may need to find solutions.

Small pet households require a little extra mindfulness than those homes with larger pets. The smaller a dog or cat is, the more likely he or she may be accidentally stepped on, sat on, or lost in the sofa cushions. If you have large pets and introduce a smaller pet into the home, some training may be required to ensure your large dog knows to go easy when playing with a new, smaller sibling.

Small dog problems and solutions

The following are some small pet problems and suggested solutions:

  • Lapdog laziness problems – If your small dog spends most of his or her time lying on your lap or at your feet, weight gain, separation anxiety, and anti-social behavior may become issues. Be sure to play with your pet daily and find other ways to increase engagement with other people and pets. Keep treats small, lean and few in number to help less active small pets avoid obesity.
  • Yappy pup problems – Small dogs are known for taking barking to the next level. This can result from separation anxiety, a lack of exercise and socialization, as well as the need for training and discipline. Because small dogs pose little threat of doing any significant damage, pet parents may be inconsistent with disciplinary measures and behavior training. Unfortunately, this results in “bratty” behavior from barking to biting. Use reward-based training to help your dog understand good behavior from bad and always be consistent. Punishment-based training will make small dogs aggressive, even more so than with large dogs.
  • Floating kneecap problems (luxating patella) – Many small dogs are prone to experiencing dislocated kneecaps from time to time. In some instances, the dislocation will occur only briefly, then the kneecap will slide back into place on its own. In other cases, surgery may be required. Keep your small dog’s joints healthy by giving him or her daily joint supplements, regular exercise to keep muscles strong, and provide a pet ramp or steps to keep jumping on and off furniture to a minimum.
  • Take me with you problems – Small dogs were bred to be constant companions (usually for royalty and the elite) so they may naturally feel entitled to go everywhere with you. While it’s easier to sneak your small dog into places larger dogs can’t get away with like stores and restaurants with outdoor seating, there are times when it can be awkward or dangerous for your little one. Of course, if your purse-sized pooch has bad manners, these outings can be stressful. This is another good example of why training small dogs is good for you both. When your dog is peaceful and well-behaved, it’s easier and more fun to bring your companion along on daily errands.

Small dog training

Many small dog problems can be solved with good training. The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers a dog training program that helps dogs learn how to remain calm and confident in social situations. The Canine Good Citizen Program covers 10 important social situations that all dogs should learn to react to appropriately. These include accepting a friendly stranger, walking through a crowd, and reacting to another dog, among others. The CGC training ends with a test and certificate acknowledging that your dog is, indeed, a Canine Good Citizen. Even if you do not opt to enroll your small dog in CGC training, reviewing the testing criteria is a good place to start when considering areas to work on to improve your dog’s behavior.

Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller for safe leash-free walks

Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet StrollerYou and your small pet can stroll the streets in style and comfort with the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller. Designed to accommodate small dogs or cats weighing up to 25 lbs, this sturdy, easy-to-maneuver stroller is lightweight yet loaded with features.

The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller is made to go wherever your travels take you with front wheel shock absorbers that provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The 38″ Smart-Reach handle offers greater kick space to suit any stride and the convertible front wheel can swivel for smooth surfaces or lock to handle rougher terrain. Rear wheel brakes lock for safety, while the built-in, zippered Smart-Basket compartment safely stores accessories and other belongings.

There are even more features to promise your pet a safe and cozy cruise. The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller has a unique Smart-Canopy that opens up and out of the way, with a built-in mesh window for added visibility. Two Smart-Zippers on either side make it easy to open and close for quick access to your pet. The interior adjustable tethers attach to your pet’s collar to keep him or her secure inside the stroller. There’s also a thick removable and washable pad to cushion your pet’s ride.

Measuring 38″ L x 17″ W x 38″ H and weighing only 11 lbs, it folds for easy storage in a closet, the car trunk or under a bed. The stroller requires no tools for assembly. It’s ideal for pets with mobility issues, very small pets who may be too tiny to safely walk on a leash, or those who need to retain their personal space for other reasons. Get a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller and take your small dog or house cat outside for fresh air and sunshine without the worries of leash walking.



Win a FREE Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller!

Do you and your pet need a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) The winner will be announced on Monday, June 19, 2017! Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Linda B! We’ve sent you an email with details about claiming your prize. 



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  1. This is amazing! It gets ridiculously hot outside where I live and I can take my dog out for a stroll when it’s too hot for his little paws!

  2. My friend totally needs one of these for his cat so he can take her out with him on the patio!

  3. This is so awesome! I would love to share this with my sister in law. She has a tiny dog who would love to go for rides.

  4. This would be perfect for my little rescue dog Amanda. I am in Pa and she came from a rescue called Tracy’s Dogs in TX

  5. What a fantastic product!! It would be awesome to win one for our little SR dogs that need a little help. They would love to come along on walks with some of our younger dogs.

  6. We need this. Our baby hurt his leg before we adopted him and the poor puppy has a hard time walking because his back legs cross. This would be a blessing!

  7. Awesome!!!! The stroller will definitely come in handy during 90 – 105 degree weather here in the south!!! My babies will be so greatful! 🙂

  8. Every little bit helps .Thank you PetMeds.

  9. bobbie doughertyJune 12, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Would be a blessing for my 3-legged shepherd.

  10. oh my pups would love this…they love to go on walks but my one is older and can’t walk as far as my younger one likes to so this would make it so Coco could go on all of our walks instead of waiting at home for her sister Josie to get back.

  11. We have a new French bulldog. He’s only 16 weeks and very fiesty. It’s to keep
    Him safe and secure.

  12. This would be nice to have for my sister’s dog and take to the park. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  13. Lilian HogenmillerJune 12, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Please pick us!

  14. My little Pomeranian, Sarah, has a lot of medical problems after her years as “breeding stock” in a puppy mill. I have to carry her everywhere and would love to be able to take a longer walk with her. This would be perfect.

  15. My sr. dog would love to be pushed on this going for walks!

  16. I already have one, but my friend is so jealous, I’d love to surprise her with one of her own. My Shih Tzu loves to “go for a buggy ride.”

  17. love this I have a chi with arthritis in his joint and with this i can take him for a walk

  18. This stroller would be perfect for our rescue kittty, Binx, he is the sweetest most adorable kitty we rescued from the middle of the highway after he was dropped out of a car but unfortunately he was permanently damaged and lives with a tube in his bladder so that his pee can be drained out of him but again a stroller like this would be awesome!

  19. Great idea for getting through crowds without your dog being stepped on.

  20. Would love to win this for my little doxy, whose little legs get so tired, especially in the hot weather.

  21. My little Boston woulid love this and I would love this I just had congested Heart Failure and can’t walk him as much I could if we had the stroller I could go further with him

  22. If I won this stroller, I’d gift it to my artist friend, Lisa, whose small dog is blind.

  23. bobbie doughertyJune 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Would be a blessing for my three legged shepherd.

  24. Little Girl would love this.

  25. Dorothy G. RobinsonJune 12, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    The stroller is Awesome, need one!!!!!!!!

  26. Looks like a fun way to take Thor for long walks

  27. This is a great idea! I would love this for my dog, who is having trouble walking now that she is a senior.

  28. Would love to win this for my little doxy for when her little legs get tired, especially in the hot weather.

  29. I have two small senior dogs and one of them is really having difficulty walking these days. My other dog has become anxious in her old age and this stroller would do wonders for them. I feel bad that I can’t take them out for walks like I use to when they were younger. I see them staring out the window and the front door quite a bit and they look so sad that I can’t take them out for walks. Also there are a few stairs that lead to our door of our home and I had to order a dog ramp so that they could go up and down when needed. This stroller would be perfect for them and would put a smile on their sweet little faces as well as make me very happy.

  30. I really want Husani, my cat to be able to go outside but I am far too cautious to just let him roam around the cul-de-sac. There are tiny animals-rabbits, possums and other critters, never mind the traffic and kids. I could get my exercise in and he could get a taste of the outdoors in safety!

  31. What a wonderful idea! Our Lucky would look adorable cruising around in high style. I need to see him in this

  32. Kathleen NevarezJune 12, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    I need this for my dog Isaiah. He has level 4 heart murmur and he is now showing signs of heart failure. Even though he is sick he still enjoys his time outside aND his walks. Thank you.

  33. I could really use one of these strollers for my Abby. She goes everywhere with me and this would be so comfortable for her!

  34. I know of a couple pet rescues that could really use one of these. These are a great idea to give the four legged members of the family some mobility that otherwise wouldn’t have it.

  35. That would be wonderful for my neighbor whose small pup had leg surgery and now walks with a limp.

  36. What a WONDERFUL needed product! <3

  37. Cookie would love a bs feel safe in this. We could easily get out all over the place and protect her from the 100 plus degrees weather in summer months

    I’d love it as we for Cookie

    Thank you

  38. This would be great having a Senior pup I saw this past weekend having a hard time keeping up on the trail we just pick her up and let her rest.

  39. I love the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller! It is a safer way to take my pet out to enjoy nature!

  40. Kathleen NevarezJune 12, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    I need this for my dog Isaiah. He has level 4 heart murmur and he is now showing signs of heart failure. Even though he is sick he still enjoys his time outside and his walks. This would be perfect for him. Thank you.

  41. This is a great stroller. My 10 yr old grandson just got a new kitten, that he named Valentine because she has a black heart marking on her side, for his birthday. This would be such an awesome way for him to take his kitten for a walk while getting exercise himself! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these awesome strollers!

  42. Really great! Thanks for the chance!

  43. This is just what my cats need!
    Love it.

  44. I would love to win this for my neighbor Nancy and her Josie. Josie does not usually go outside- long story- but she would like to get her used to it.

  45. My mom just moved to GA from PA, and is getting ready to adopt a fluff ball…I’d love to surprise her with one of these since she’s been eyeing them up 😊

  46. Taylor SommerfeldtJune 12, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    My small dog Riley would love this! He’s a senior now (just turned 10) and gets tired when going for walks but he loves to get out and check out what’s going on in the neighborhood!

  47. I know my Ella ( shih tzu chihuahua mix) would love this. Now I would have my fur baby to go on long walks with. She would be the talk of the neighborhood. 🙂

  48. My adult dog would love this product

  49. My adult dog would love this product

  50. My doxies would love this stroller! Their mom would too.

  51. How smart and practical! This would be enjoyed by my Sadie! She likes to ride!

  52. Catherine BradfordJune 12, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Gracie would love this, with her arthritis she cannot walk far and this way she can take walks with her much younger sister and I

  53. I have four chihuahuas and this would be AWESOME! They would love it, especially on longer walks 😀

  54. This would be wonderful to have!!

  55. Love your products! I have a lazy dog who chooses to lay down when he’s had enough walking. This stroller would really come in handy!

  56. We just got a new Shitzi puppy in January, we would love this!! 🙂

  57. This is so great !!! Thank you so mch for the chance my little baby girl would love this she is getting older and harder to get around

  58. I have my big baby Big Boi he is my buddy he is funny and my best bud playful dog he is my protecter he let’s me know when someone is at my front door

  59. This would be AMAZING for my Bella

  60. Our rescue would love one of these to take smaller adoptable animals to fundraisers.

  61. i would love to win this for my dog, we could go on long walks with this especially to the beach

  62. This stroller would be a wonderful addition to my seven indoor cats household! Hoping to win and make these kitties happy!

  63. My shih tzu and shichon would love this!

  64. our older beagle\pom rescue has mobility problems & vision problems..
    he could ride to where we walk,, get down a bit get back in.. perfect.

  65. My dachshund would love this stroller. I hope to win it soon!

  66. Johanna DelCastilloJune 12, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    This would be perfect for my neighbor’s little dog!

  67. We have been wanting to try one of these with our cat (who is more like a dog) now that he is getting older and is having trouble walking as far on his leash. Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  68. My little Yorkie would ❤️ this

  69. I use this for my dog all the time

  70. We love our older stroller, unfortunately it is on its last wheel. We use it for various reasons. We take our yorkies on vacation with us and even though it is very pet friendly, they have little legs and bodies so they tire easily, plus are very easy to step on. In the stroller they can enjoy being out with us and still safe.
    Additionally, two of my girls are on their way to passing their therapy dog certification. The stroller is a great tool for both of us when visiting hospitals or nursing homes. I have somewhere to easily store my stuff (purse, coat, keys, etc) plus the girls have an easy ride and are right at lap or bed level for petting. AND I always have a spot to store treats and water for the girls.

  71. My dogs would justvlove this

  72. Yes my new puppy would love this Thank You

  73. Our family would enjoy having a pet stroller for our precious Pebbles. Thank you for posting a chance for us.

  74. My oldest cat, Mr. Tip E. Toes, is always trying to get outside. I’ve been wanting to get one of these strollers for him, but just can’t afford it. I know he would really love it so much. Thanx for the chance!

  75. Loisanne NicholsJune 12, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    I would love this, and so would my small dog, Daisy.

  76. I’ve been wanting one of these for my pugs, fingers, toes and paws crossed!

  77. This stroller would be great for my dachshund! At 13 he’s still active but tires quicker than he used to on walks.

  78. We have a virtual zoo at our house – three dogs and three cats (all rescues). Something like this would get a tremendous amount of use!

  79. My Yorkie Patches just loves going everywhere with us, but sometimes I worry about her being so small, this stroller would eliminate the many grey hairs yet to come! lol thanks for the opportunity to win!


  81. My cat is 12 years old and was born with defects and was abused too. She can hardly walk so she doesn’t get much exercise. This stroller would be so great for her. She could get some fresh air and see the sights as she only goes to the vet. And that’s not a nice stroll.

  82. This would make my 6lb Yorkie (and us) so happy! Lately, his collapsing trachea has become much worse so we haven’t been able to include him as much in our family walks. We either don’t go or have to carry him which isn’t very comfortable for him at all. This would be perfect 😍

  83. I never thought I would want to own something like this until my senior dog wasn’t able to walk very well anymore. This would give her the pleasure of still “strolling” the neighborhood!

  84. I would love to have a pink one for my aging pug baby! These look sleek, dependable, and super comfy for any senior pups!

  85. This is so cool. My yorkie can’t walk as far as my cairn and I always have to carry him. This is a wonderful invention.

  86. Lindalee WeisslerJune 12, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Our aging lab would love to go on long walks again!

  87. Coco is starting to age and have some health issues…i know it would help make his life easier. Thank you!

  88. A pet stroller would be the best thing in the world for my 3 border collies. I also have a tom cat who loves to be held, he might even like it. But I doubt my pig could fit in it or I would take her strolling, too! Hope to win!!!

  89. My baby girl would love this!

  90. Coco is aging and having some health issues…certainly could use stroller to make his life easier…many thanks.

  91. Perri Morrison SmithJune 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    My Yorkie Cavalier would love this so much, as would his Boxer girlfriend – she wouldn’t have to ‘rassle’ him all of the way on a walk with this stroller 🙂

  92. Roberta ComercheroJune 12, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to let my cat see the world!

  93. My little Fred loves to ride so I’m sure that he would like to tour the neighborhood in his own “cool set of wheels”. What a great idea for a sweepstakes. Thanks.

  94. I would love to win this for my hairless Carm thanks for the opportunity

  95. My 3 legged older doxie life would be easier. Thanks

  96. Lilly is 84 in pet years and will soon be needing a stroller. Would like to take her on a stroll, then put on leash and walk until she is ready to be pushed home. This way we can keep up our regular routes without her missing out on “love pets” from the locals – aka her public!

  97. My daschund who has had back problems would love this!

  98. I would just love this for my tiny dog because we have a lot of places to explore like the beach and long walks that our little fur baby can’t handle and gets tired and this stroller would be awesome for that!

  99. Ebony Nicole BullockJune 12, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    My tabby cat Tabitha loves walks. I bet she’d love this stroller!

  100. My little Princess would love to travel in such high style! Thanks

  101. Our back will thank you because we have a shih tzu that weighs 13 pounds and its carrier bag also weighs and is uncomfortable for him and for us carrying it for a long time is difficult, koko is a service dog, we would love to have it. 😍😍😍😍😍😍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶THANKS

  102. I would love to take my pets for a stroll with this! I live at the beach, so this would help keep little paws from being burnt in the hot sand!

  103. Thia would make it much easier to get our Albus Dumbledore to the vet! He loves being outside.

  104. I would like this for my elderly cats- both are really too old to run free outside, so this sounds just perfect!

  105. My grandmas dog would love this

  106. You must be a mind reader. I just told my family that in the heat our little havertase poops out on our walks and due to a bad back I can’t carry him home so I need a stroller. This would be sooo helpful. I would even put my cat in it to give him fresh air as well. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  107. Elizabeth HarringtonJune 12, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    My 14 yr old Shih Tzu has a heart condition and can’t walk with me, this would sure be a blessing, we both miss walking together.

  108. My dog Zhang was born with hip dysplasia and he had surgery on the worst one the vet discovered this when he was 4 months old and now he has a messed up knee which he favors sometime so it is getting harder for him to get around.
    We have to give him pain meds off and on and this stroller would make his life more comfortable and long walks.

  109. thanks for the chance to win this!

  110. fun for the fashionable fur babies.

  111. Thelma Hill-FosterJune 12, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    My Nikko Lee is having some health challenges and he loves to go on walks, but unfortunately his legs are no longer strong enough to make the trip. This would be an awesome thing to have so he can still enjoy the outdoors.

  112. My senior chih-corgie mix would love riding in this! His little legs get so tired so quickly and he loves to walk with me.

  113. Awesome stroller…would be great for my yorkie. I love to go for walks but she is so small and gets tired very fast….this would be a great way for both of us to enjoy our walks. I hope I win!

  114. I have been wanting one of these for so long! I always want to go for longer walks but the shorty with tiny legs gets tired fast! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  115. My wife would love this! Very cool

  116. My Sara is thirteen, which is unusual for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She would love to be able to take a long ride.

  117. My 16 year old Bichon would love this stroller. We still go for 3 walks a day- he has no idea how old he is – but not as far as before. His spirit is willing but he tires out about half way. In a stroller he would be eye to eye with the big dogs that he loves!

  118. Both of my little boys would enjoy this! Our walk consists of a mile with small rises. They are good for a little over half and then need to be carried for the remainder of the walk. This stroller would enable them, and us, to complete our walk without carrying!

  119. My cat would love this

  120. Looks fun! Great for my dog

  121. Mindy would love being pushed around outside!

  122. This would be perfect for my old girl. She doesn’t get around that well anymore.

  123. My Jack would really appreciate this when we go for long walks .

  124. We have the sweetest little maltese who hurt her leg a while back. This would be perfect for her.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  125. My little Dude, a cheagle, went blinds due to SARDS at the age of 11. He really needs a stroller to go very far and keep up with his pack.

  126. I have an anxious doxie who excels at barking at other dogs. Having a Gen7Pets Regal Stroller would be the perfect way for us to get outside and walk the neighborhood, while keeping my dog protected from the sun and preserving my dog’s tender paw pads from the hot concrete.

  127. oh, this is so cute. great for an older dog too.

  128. Kimberly MatlockJune 12, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    I have to hold onto something when walking, due to osteoporosis arthritis. I also am knock kneed, and i where braces on my knees. This would be WONDERFUL to be able to hold onto for a walk. My dutchhound gets tired,easily. She says,thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Melody MontgomeryJune 12, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    My Furbabies would love to go for strolls in style and comfort in the GEN7PETS Regal Plus Pet Stroller

  130. I have two cats that would love this.

  131. Robert W StraussJune 12, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    sure be nice to have in the campgrounds

  132. What a cool prize

  133. Missy Lou is a 3.5 pound. Baby and I have a 5 pound mini poodle it would nice to be able to push them together then have them get tangled up ok on walks.

  134. ronala MakinsterJune 12, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    My Arabella would benefit immensely from this prize…..she has so much trouble getting around because of joint pain and age.

  135. Would be such a great help for my sweet old girl who is 17 years old. Such a generous giveaway, thank you petmeds.

  136. Yoshi would think a Gen7Pets stroller is his dream come true! He is an almost 12-year old shih-tzu and between arthritis and an injury he suffered in his left front arm and neck from a dog attack last year, getting around can be very uncomfortable for him at times. He so loves his walks…..but he’s just not able to go the distance like he once was. What a great giveaway ~ thanks for the chance!

  137. My little Pennie girl ( Chihuahua) loves our morning strolls but tires and requires being carried the rest of our way home. This would be wonderful for my Pennie girl.

  138. Super cute! Good luck everyone! 🍀

  139. I would love this for my cat Murphy who has a bad hip. He is diabetic so they can’t give him medicine to help with pain. This would be great to take him out for a walk

  140. Angel of Hope Animal Rescue has small dogs that we worry about at events. A stroller would keep them safe but still part of the action! We also have bottle fed kittens that have to travel with us that could snuggle in this napping between meals!

  141. I have smaller dogs and I would love to be able to push them around for strolls! Yes my pets and I need a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller! Thank you!!!

  142. My dogs are huge and would break the stroller (or at least try to) but I have a cat that thinks he’s one of the dogs. He would love to go on walks with the dogs without getting trampled, distracted, or tired out! Thank you for the opportunity.

  143. This would be awesome to win, not for my puppies, but for my kitty, when we take the dogs for a walk. I have two dogs, a Basset Hound mix, and a chiweenie! My husband walks the basset, and I walk the chiweenie. It would be great to take the cat for a stroll with us too! He would actually love it.

  144. This is what I need for Simba, especially when the walks last longer than we both anticipated.

  145. My small dog Cookie, a Havenese, and I would love this. We love to take walks together. With it we could take loner walks together and then go shopping in stores.

  146. My little Duley so needs this Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller he is 11 years old a can not walk far.

  147. Perfect for my “Doggy baby” !

  148. My little granddog Charlie suddenly was unable to ambulate 2 days ago. The vet diagnosed arthritis so this would allow him to keep up with his big uncles!

  149. My ageing / arthritic schnauzer would love this !

  150. My small dogs would love this!

  151. Expecting to get a puppy in the near future…this would be GREAT !

  152. I am planning to get a small dog and this would be great and it could carry my purse too

  153. This would be perfect for my kitties. They love to sneak outside when given the chance, so this would be a safe way for them to gt a taste of the fresh air.

  154. My sweet boy Duke would LOVE this he has a hard time walking, and we always have a lot of dog’s out in our neighborhood un attended. So he gets nervous and he would feel safe having me push him <3

  155. Our Robin is a tiny dog who could really use the stroller

  156. Cody & Marshmelliw would love a stroller. Cody is a senior! Also. We live on a narrow road that people go to fast on-this would be great for safer and more walking.

  157. Gen7Pets makes high quality pet strollers! We’ve b en eyeing them for our handicap jack Russell for awhile!

  158. Would love this for my ZIVA she love to be outside but getting older & longer to walk!

  159. It would truly be a blessing for my 2 lil Chihuahua’s as well as myself. They do not get as much exercise as needed. They want to be carried & I am not able to do this due to numerous Cervical & Lumbar surgeries. It’s hard to carry them far with a cane. The stroller would be perfect for Chipper & Abi & I would have it to keep my balance. 🤞Thanks PetMeds for this great opportunity for someone. Good Luck to everyone !!!

  160. It would truly be a blessing for my 2 lil Chihuahua’s as well as myself. They do not get as much exercise as needed. They want to be carried & I am not able to do this due to numerous Cervical & Lumbar surgeries. It’s hard to carry them far with a cane. The stroller would be perfect for Chipper & Abi & I would have it to keep my balance. 🤞Thanks PetMeds for this great opportunity for someone. Good Luck to everyone !!!

  161. Would love this for my ZIVA she love to be outside but getting older & longer to walk!

  162. Would luv it for Cody my Parson Jack Russell he has arthritis.

  163. Would be perfect for my older dog.

  164. I want to win one

  165. We would love to win this! We’ve been in the market for a new stroller for Bruce Wayne. They are the best for long walks. Once BW has had enough, I just put him in his stroller and he enjoys the rest of the walk.

  166. Pyper will be having bilateral knee surgery in the next few weeks and she will not be able to go for her walks for a while. I have been looking at pet strollers,this would be perfect as she loves being outside,going for walks and greeting the neighbors. Pyper is a 10 pound Bichon Frise so it would be perfect!

  167. My little senior Rat Terrier would love this. We could go out for much longer this way and really enjoy the fresh air.

  168. What an awesome prize this would be for my 83 year old Mom to use to take her senior meows outside for a safe stroll! Thank you for the opportunity PetMeds!

  169. Aww. This would be super useful! THanks!

  170. My BooBoo would love this

  171. My senior daushands could real use this stroller!

  172. My Priscilla Pugsly would love to go in a stroller with this!

  173. My Priscilla Pugsly would love to go for a stroll in this!

  174. Carlos is getting older (70 in people years) and he doesn’t get around well anymore. He has arthritis and a heart murmur so we can’t take him walking any distance any more. He would love to get out and see the world and small the fresh air! He is a real sweetie!

  175. Of all the drawings for Pet Meds giveaway prizes, none of which I have won, this Stroller would be the one I really, really, wish I’d win. Ever since I read the book, Loveykins, by Quentin Blake, and the lady who walked the baby bird she rescued – in a doll stroller, I’ve wanted this for my kitty, who I named Loveykins. She would have soooooooo much fun, and could enjoy some fresh air, be admired, and be safe.

  176. This stroller is meant for Folly! The black dog in the stroller photo looks just like her and yes, she’s getting up in age! None more deserving than my little loving sweet girl… then again the other two may get jealous. lol

  177. Of all the PetMeds giveaway prizes I never won, this is the one I REALLY wish I could win for my kitty Loveykins. Ever since I read the book, Loveykins, by Quentin Blake, about the lady who walked the bird she rescued – in a doll stroller, I’ve wanted one for my kitty who I named Loveykins. She would have so much fun, get fresh air, be admired, and best of all, be safe.

  178. My little guys would absolutely love to go for walks outside of our house. As old as our kitty’s are it is so dangerous in the country for them to be out. I could take them to get fresh air and enjoy some outside time. 🙂

  179. I would love to win this. My dog Turk loves to go on walks and runs with me but we go far and he can’t make it all the way back. I end up carrying him back. This stroller would be so good to have for him.

  180. This stroller is meant for Folly as the black dog in the stroller photo looks exactly like her! She’s loving and big hearted and would love this as she’s getting up in age.

  181. This stroller is meant for Folly as the black dog in the stroller photo looks exactly like her! lol

  182. Precious was viciously attacked by a dog in our neighborhood;thank God she survived despite 2 surgeries,100 plus stitches, intensive care and more. The stroller would be perfect to take her for walks;since we no longer walk in the neighborhood & she can be safely transported to our designated safe walk area.

  183. My beagle loves to be outside buts it’s not safe for him to go on a walk to the park. This stroller would help him get out and play

  184. I would love this for my small dog and cat. They love the outdoors but being that we live in the desert it’s a dangerous place for them to be out walking once the sun starts to go down. All the dangerous wild life including coyotes come out and its scary to be walking with them. The stroller will help keep them safe.

  185. this is cool

  186. I don’t currently have a dog, but know people that do. I would love to give them this pet stroller if I won it. We have cats, but they are indoor only cats.

  187. I would love to win this for my elderly Shih Tzu. She has arthritis and it’s getting harder for her to walk with us and the younger pups to the park. having this stroller would help us include her <3 Thank you for the chance!

  188. I like the cover to the stroller and it looks sturdy. Our senior pug would be riding in style for sure!

  189. My dog loves to walk, but at 13 yrs of age, has difficulty sometimes. This stroller would be great for long walks.

  190. This would be perfect for my Yorkie Daisy. She loves to go for walks, but gets tired after a bit because she’s so small.

  191. Our Lola does a mile walk every day and then we put her in an old stroller so we can take her when we do our walk for exercise. So we all get exercise so our family stays healthy. We hope we win!!!

  192. Jennifer AllensworthJune 12, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    This looks like such a great product to have. Dexter would love to win!

  193. I Love the pink Stroller
    I have a 7 yr old Sphynx named Misty
    She Loves the heat of the Sun,but being
    a hairless cat Sun is a NoNo.She would enjoy being pushed around in the stroller feeling the heat but not having the sun on her delicate skin.

  194. What a surprise this would be for my four dogs!

  195. This is such a great idea for elderly dogs or cats!

  196. Our 14 year old teacup yorkie, Amos, still walks 2 miles a day, in the early morning. It would be helpful to be able to walk with him later in the day without taxing his system too much with the heat and humidity of Florida!

  197. I would love to win!!! My dog is an almost 12 year old chihuahua who has two luxating patellas, right knee worse than the left and she has arthritis in her spine. I get glances of her acting as a puppy, but quickly slows down. She is also a two time breast cancer fighter and possibly facing it again. Every dog deserves something to make their life easier and happier. Baby is my best friend and after all the tough times she has had, I want to continue to see her living her life to the fullest! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  198. My cotton would love a stroller. She cannot be anywhere we live without a leash, and this way she could see everything without having to be tethered on a leash. She is getting to the age where it would also help her. Her name is Crickiesue.

  199. my dog would this this transportation is way cool

  200. This would be perfect for Pucca, she tore her ACL and due to her age she cannot tolerate our long walks anymore. This would be beneficial for her, I looked into buying a used child stroller but it is way to heavy. I would love this for Pucca.

  201. Please please PLEEEZ! This is just what my little princess needs, especially now that she is getting older & tires more easily!

  202. What a fun option to take my little girl for a walk and when we go to festivals, this will be great for crowd control and making sure she doesn’t get stepped on,

  203. I have 4 small senior dogs, and going for walks is proving to be a challenge with each pet having different energy levels at different times. This stroller would be a great addition to our walks, allowing each of my dogs a little breather when they need it!

  204. Hello, i am a happy fur-Mom of two cats.

    They are very spoiled as far as toys views of big picture windows nature treats the best alternating dry and wet food so on and so forth but they absolutely love the outside!
    Growing up they had a huge house to run around in and a backyard to circle around which I felt very safe ( they have their claws are properly vetted yearly and have monthly flea control, don’t worry!) But since moving to the apartment I am very hesitant to even take my little girl out on her harness. It really depends on the Neighbors in the area (and their pets!)
    Car rides are no fun for them either.
    They are almost 7 year old active little cats who are more like kittens! And I would really love to enrich their lives further by being able to take them out on a stroller safe tour of the neighborhood and nature.
    I know they would absolutely plots over the adventure and also the feeling of safety.
    I have a brother and sister from the shelter one is a male Maine Coon mix and the other a femalebeautiful! orange and brown tabby.
    Thank you for your consideration and good luck to all those who have entered (and their fur-babies)!
    Kind regards,
    Sarah L Mankowski

  205. I actually want to win this stroller for a friend of mine since our cats don’t need it. Her kitty hates to wear his harness so this would be perfect because he does like going to the park and this would keep him from having to wear the harness.

  206. I would love a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller for my pets. My dog and cat both would love to go for stroller rides as I go for walks alone and with my family. Thanks for the chance! I think these are so cute!!

  207. I have a 17 year old Jack Russel that this would be perfect for him.
    When I take him on walks he’s lucky if he can last a block.
    I end up carrying him home but he loves his walks still.
    I get out the leash and he gets a burst of energy like he is a pup again.
    Thank you,

  208. I would love to win this. Everyone needs one of these…so cute.

  209. Great for the kids to want to take the dog outside

  210. Max has degenerate joint disease and can hardly walk.He would love a pet stroller so he can go on walks with me!!

  211. Kali is a rescued torty calico that has had IBS for about 10 years (she is going on 18) and goes in for steroid and antibiotics every couple months. She has always loved her walks on a leash, but has had to curtail her daily walks due to this condition. She would love to be able to go in the stroller with me as I go on my daily 5 mile walk.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Terry and Kali 😸

  212. My 2 little girls would love this on a hot or wet day.

  213. I would love to win this. Our 11 year old Daphini is a Chinese Crested. She is a hairless with a big heart. She is 7 lbs. She was used as a breeder before we received her at 2.5 years old. She has no teeth, catartacts, murmur heart, and bad legs. We love her to death and she likes her walks but is unable to walk for very long anymore. We have purchased a side pouch for her to be in which she loves but us being retired it gets pretty heavy after a while even with a 7lb fur baby.
    Thank you,

  214. This sounds like it would be perfect for my recently adopted senior papllion😄

  215. This would be perfect!

  216. This would be awesome for walking with a couple of my smaller Pomeranians andf because I have some balance issues it would be nice for me too.

  217. Yes I would love to get one f my Puppy she will love it thank u

  218. Pick me! My 2 cats and 7 ferrets would love this! 😀

  219. I would love to win this stroller for one of my kitties. My Sweetie was born with deformed front feet. When we take the boy kitties outside on harnesses, she wants to go. With this stroller Sweetie could go along on the walks.

  220. This would be great for my senior cat! She loves to go outside, and I could easily take her for a walk 🙂

  221. Mr. Darcy, Ms. Bennett and I would LOVE to have this stroller. Talk about arriving in style!

  222. My Snowy is getting older and begs me to carry her when I try to take her on the longer walk, she also drags me in the direction that she knows is shorter. So , I think she deserves a stroller to enjoy the outdoors!

  223. This stroller would be great for my Chijuajua Izzie who has arthritis and cannot walk long distances.

  224. This would be great for my kitty.

  225. For a blind dog, like my Jubilee, this would be great! Be outside yet safe!

  226. I like that it’s lightweight and folds for storage.

  227. This would be great for my son’s dog!!!

  228. I would LOVE to win a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller! My rescue kitty loves to go outside but she hates being on a leash and will just flop over and lay down. It isn’t safe to go outside without a leash or pet stroller. I’m walking daily to help me lose weight and would love for my kitty to go strolling with me! Thanks for the chance.

  229. I had a carriage for my dog CeeCee when she passed I gave the carriage to my friend who has older dogs. I really don’t need one now except for long hikes when my puppies get tired. Looks like other people needs the carriage.

  230. My goodness Ive waited forever for this wonderful convenience

  231. This stroller would be so great for our older Pomeranian who cannot walk as far as our other pups. We had one several years ago for our special Pomeranian sisters at that time, and they absolutely loved it. (So did we!)

  232. What a fun idea, we’d be the hit of the neighborhood with this

  233. My 5 year old Yorkie is going to need a stroller come June 27, 2017. So is his mommy. We have found lumps/tumors on his neck and shoulders which will require surgery. While he is in surgery the vet suggested him to be neutered. Since he is my adventurous outdoor little man not being able to get out and do what he normally does the stroller will let me get him outside while he is having treatments.

  234. This would be super cool to win for our senior pup!

  235. I would love to win the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller! Our senior poodle was just diagnosed with tracheal collapse and is having a hard time breathing and getting around! This would allow him to go out and enjoy the day without over doing it! Thank you for offering this wonderful prize!

  236. I would love to donate this to a Wisconsin Humane Society fundraiser.

  237. Love it for my Zora

  238. Camden would love this to travel around our neighborhood in style. At 8 years old, she is not as spry as she once was, with arthritis setting in.

  239. love it for my dog Zora

  240. Crystal McKinleyJune 12, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    My girls would love to push our pets around in this. Bonus exercise for everyone.

  241. would love to win a Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller from 1800PETMEDS !! Thanks for hosting this giveaway !!

  242. It would be great, because a dog can get overheated walking too much outdoors, just like people. Sometimes my arms get tired of carrying my fur baby, even though I love her with all my heart. I would carry her all the time, if I could. The stroller is a wonderful option, to take her to enjoy more things with me…her mommy.

  243. Our Pixie is getting up there, this would come in very handy.

  244. Yvonne Michele NicklesJune 12, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    My pug has limited sight and has trouble walking! This would help him enjoy the outside!

  245. This would make going places easier.

  246. My little guy, Termite, goes everywhere with me and sometimes he has to be carried for safety. This would be a great way to take him everywhere safely. He’s small and would otherwise get stepped on. I’m loving the built-in, zippered Smart-Basket compartment. This would be really great for festivals that allow dogs.

  247. i LOVE this stroller! Thanks!

  248. I own a Shorkie and I would really love to have this stroller for him. He is getting up in age and this sure could help me get him around.

  249. FRANK ALBARRACINJune 12, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    Gracie gets overheated on our long walks. The stroller would allow us to give her occasional breaks

  250. I am on oxygen therapy and cannot carry my toy poodle around, and a stroller would be perfect. When we moved to Florida, my husband refused to take the stroller that we had with us.

  251. Dakota & Daisy would love to go for a ride. It’s too hard to walk them both, so this would make it so much easier and fun!

  252. KOKO would love to take a stroll in the GEN7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

  253. meghan RichardsonJune 12, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    My little guy could join the big dogs and I on walks in style!

  254. What a cute idea. Especially when roads are too hot on their pads. Love IT!!!

  255. I live in Florida and the pavement can get very hot! I would love to be able to take my dogs out for a walk, and pushing the stroller would help me to walk farther. Thank you!

  256. My benji would love this! He’s 8lbs and would keep him safe during our walks

  257. I would donate the stroller to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin.

  258. I would love one for my Little Princess. She loves
    People but afraid of big dogs, so when I take her for a walk if there is a big dog she gets anxiety and I have to pick her up. Having this stroller she can make feel protected and relaxed.

  259. I would LOVE to have one of these – Maggie AND Scoshi could both go on walks with me!

  260. Would love to have this to take my Lucy for longer walks around the neighborhood!

  261. I have a 12 yrs old yorkie and this will be great for him he is only 3 pounds and loves to be outside i bring him every where but lately is is been having seizures plus he Suffer from anxiety

  262. Holly Di LorenzoJune 12, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    I have health issues myself, it would make it much easier to take my babies out n about for a stroll !!!
    Thank you sooo very much for the chance being on a limited income!

  263. Holly Noel GarrigusJune 12, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    Would love to win, thanks for the opportunity !

  264. Einstein is starting to slow down(heart condition) and gets run over by the big dogs at the dog park. He is not afraid of big dogs and with a stroller could keep him in the middle of things and not have to worry.


  265. this would be perfect for my older, blind chihuahua/schnauzer girl! we miss taking her places…

  266. Oh I know people with cats who could use this.

  267. We have a great poodle named Benny who is getting older and is blind, but he loves going places. It would be great to take him on walks. I usually have to carry him to keep him from getting hurt.

  268. My little girl needs a stroller so she can relax and take in the sights!!!

  269. Briana SchleicherJune 12, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    My peekapoo Gia would love strolling around in this awesome stroller! She loves going on walks with me, but these Louisiana summers make the pavement so hot I don’t want to hurt her paws! 🐾

  270. My dog just text me this link…like he is not spoiled enough….but he rules the world….I just live in it.

  271. my dog Simba would be the talk of the neighborhood showing off in this awesome stroller…..thanks for the opportunity!

  272. I would love to have this stroller for my pup!

  273. I have taken over my moms poodle named Snowball. We had his parents, Daisy Mae and Toby, who past away approx. 3 years ago. Snowball has since slowly lost his eyesight and is now fully blind. It’s sad to watch him bump into things. I am constantly having to carry him to go out and to food and water bowl. Snowball has a hernia also but that doesn’t seem to bother him. Thanks for listening and good luck to all.

  274. Would be wonderful for one of the two of my blind rescue dogs.

  275. Would be great to have for my cats.

  276. How awesome! My 3 small dogs would love showing this off in the neighborhood and pet parades! Thank you for the opportunity!

  277. Thresha KilkennyJune 12, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    This would be so awesome for taking our little toy poodle Max on outings. He has become my shadow since the day he showed up in our lives, but it’s kinda hard to keep up and stay safe when you’re only 10″ tall and 5 lbs but insist on being everywhere mommy is. He rides around the yard in my wheelbarrow and garden cart so I know he’d really love this!

  278. I would love to win this for my Cali she is 10.5 years old and is having issues walking. Many days she does not want to go for a walk because of her back legs…she limps. It would be wonderful to take her to the park in this stroller so she can get some fresh air.

  279. Would be good for my Cali her little short legs can’t go far on walks and she gets over heated easily so we could explore more 😉

  280. Would love to use this for my foster puppies when they are not yet vaccinated enough to enjoy going on walks safely.

  281. this is very nice for my pug

  282. My friend has a special needs Pomeranian who could sure use this…

  283. My dog Charlie and I could use this stroller. I am suffering with back and leg pain and I need to walk. I live where there are wild animals and I am afraid of Charlie getting ticks so he could use the stroller while I walk. This would be great for both of us.

  284. I wouldn’t have to tote her when she gets tired of walking

  285. This would be so great for Wally since he is about to turn 13 and loves to be outside.

  286. Definitely need a stroller!

  287. I would love to win this stroller for my cocker spaniel (Lacey) who is 11 yrs. old. It would be great to take along this summer when we go camping.

  288. We have a Maltese who was attacked by our neighbors large dog and we had to use a baby stroller. He’s having trouble with his leg now and this would be great for pushing him on his walks.

  289. A pet stroller would be ever so grand for my rescue my mini shitzu Bianca Boo. We call her “Boo”. She is partially blind, has arthritis in her hind legs and has difficulty hearing. She gets so tired when walked I have to carry her home. Also I have another rescue Yorkie Molly who also has difficulty walking. I usually carry both home

  290. Ever see an 18 lb, 16 year old shih tzu walking? He needs a stroller so he can enjoy being outside! Thanks for sponsoring a giveaway!

  291. Shotzie and Trudy would love to be strolled around in this limo

  292. My small dog Cody would love this stroller I have 2 dogs and they love to go on walks but Cody cant walk for very long and I end up carrying him because of his joints hurting him so this would let us go on longer walk and also benefit my other dog Sammy from not having to cut our walk short.

  293. What a great idea. We would be the envy of all our canine-loving owners.

  294. My Shih Tzu is 14 and really needs this stroller. I sure would love to win it for him. Thanks!

  295. Please, let this be our lucky day!

  296. My Cosmo has hip issues and can’t walk far. This would really help.

  297. I would love to win! I’ve been wanting to get a pet stroller for my fosters. I currently have a 14 year old poodle mix who I’d like to take on walks with my own dogs and a stroller would be perfect

  298. Rickey S ColemanJune 12, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    This would be great for my 12 year old miniature Pom Pom !

  299. My dog would love this on days that I take a long walk around town.

  300. Natalie HartmannJune 12, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    My Frenchie has a bad back & would love to travel in this!

  301. I have a toy poodle (4.5 lbs) who will be 10 in August and has had a slipped disc in her neck, and a 6 year old toy poodle (6 lbs) with a floating kneecap. This stroller would be great to allow them to go outdoors with their 1 year old Malshi sister!

  302. This stroller would be a great solution to a health problem with our Yorkie( ( Gigi ). Gigi has grass allergies. For in our own yard we came up with a grass that she doesn’t have issues with. But when we take our 2 other dogs for a walk, Gigi gets so excited because she wants to go with her “sisters” But we can’t take a chance with her possibly walking on someone else’s lawn,because it starts intense itching along with very red tummy. She does take allergy pills that have been prescribed by our vet. This stroller would solve most of her itchy woes.

  303. This stroller would let my little dog come along on a walk instead of being left behind. That would be great for everyone!

  304. Patricia HernandezJune 12, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    My pug Ramón has low tolerance in the heat of Miami. We moved from Jersey and he is still trying to adjust to the change in temperature. I would absolutely love this stroller to
    Put him there after walking.

  305. My Gracie would love this, I use a walker and a put a box on it for her to sit in, we go for walks down the street. This would be great for both of us. God bless you

  306. I have a little teacup Yorkie that this would be perfect for! Between getting bit by a bigger dog several summers ago, and having some back leg issues, she really doesn’t want to go for a walk anymore. This would be a great way for her to get some outside air and perhaps getting used to being outside again. It would be wonderful to win something that we can’t afford otherwise. Looks like a wonderful product!

  307. Perfect for walking my little terrier mix

  308. This would be great for my dog!

  309. I have two Yorkies with luxating patellas & this would be perfect!!

  310. my fur baby Willow would love to take rides in this beautiful stroller.

  311. Priscilla PursellJune 12, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    I have a 10-year-old Shih Tzu with disc problems. The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller would be perfect for my little Cujo.

  312. 7 years ago we had a 14yr old pug, Violet, who couldn’t walk anymore. I converted a baby stroller to lay flat so I could keep her with me all the time. We now have 2 pugs who are seniors. So someday I know we be needing a stroller like this.

  313. Spuggles would surely appreciate taking a load off his paws sometimes. I am sure he would give his paw of approval!

  314. we love our pug, and you know pugs love strollers.We love to take long strolls, pugs love to watch.

  315. What a cool giveaway! We wonder how Gracie and Zoe would like to take a “stroll?” 🙂

  316. My Lady has cushions disease and its hard for her to walk plus she is now blind. I rescued her in 2014 she is an 18lb min pin.

  317. This would be perfect for my Chihuahuas!

  318. Bailey has issues with rain, even a light drizzle. I don’t. I take long walks regardless, while she stays behind and cries. This stroller would resolve this problem that worsens now that the FL summer rainy season is approaches.

  319. My sweet furbaby Toast would love riding around in this!

  320. I have a 20lbs yorkie who is getting there in age and doenst have the stamina to take long walk anymore 🙁 we would love to have one of these!

  321. My 2 year kitties ,(Bell and PJ). Love to smell the fresH air and the best way for them to get some is by going outside in a stroller

  322. Super cute

  323. My dog would love this!!

  324. Kristen puddisterJune 12, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    My pup was born with a fluxating patella. At her last checkup they told me I need to start carrying her up and down stairs because she’s starting to have issues with them. She loves being with her momma & exploring so this would be perfect for her.

  325. My Silvester and I would love this stroller

  326. Good luck everyone!

  327. I would use this for my cat because he is a lazy baby.

  328. What a great idea for those of us who have elderly or disabled pets. I’m a pet parent to two elderly Japanese Chins who have heart problems and arthritis and can’t get around like they used to. This would be a wonderful way for furkids who are in the same situation to be able to get out in the fresh air, see the sights, and smell the smells. Thanks for featuring this product and for having this contest!

  329. Our rescue bunnies are super social and would adore a pet stroller to get out of the house

  330. Would love love to win this doggie stroller!! What a great idea for our senior furry companions.

  331. I have 6 cats that really, really want to spend time out. I don’t want them running the streets so this would really come in handy!

  332. have 2 chihuahuas and 2 chi-weenies could definitely use this

  333. My 7 little ones would love this I have one that love to go places but it’s hard this would help out a lot

  334. This would be great for my mom’s small dog! Thanks for the chance!

  335. Great contest. This would be good for my two small older dogs…

  336. Our 11 year old 5 pound Toy Pomeranian would look so cute in this. Go, go Gizmo!

  337. Shaila BlackerbyJune 13, 2017 at 1:35 am

    I would love this for my little dog.

  338. Would absolutly love the stroller for my two Bostons.

  339. This would be great! I hardly ever take my little yorkie on walks with me because I’m too scared of her getting attacked by other dogs. Plus, my Chloe has a very bad, “protection mode” towards anyone or anything that comes near me. This would help me relax about her possibly hurting someone, especially a child. Children run up to her, cuz she’s a “cute little puppy”

  340. This company has the most interesting products. I would get a lot of use out of one of these!

  341. Would really love to win this for my Chichuahuas . They don’t get out much due to the fact that I have four of them and it’s hard to handle that many at one time. It would be great when I have to take them to the doctor .

  342. A stroller would make airline travel much easier and much less stressful when trying to get to the gate .

  343. This would be wonderful for my chihuahua. he has bad anxiety in public.

  344. Looks like an awesome product for the little fur babies 😊

  345. I sure do need to win this stroller for my 15 year old Lhasa, as his back legs are giving out on him rapidly. He might not be around much longer and I would love to be able to take him outside for a walk again, even thought he won’t be able to walk very far anymore, I would be able to take him in this and let him enjoy the park again. Please, seriously consider my sweet little man.

  346. DEBORAH L. STAMPSJune 13, 2017 at 2:33 am

    my 9lb service dog poodle Bella has severe fears if i go to another room. i guess it is because she is with me everywhere i go, even to my chemotherapy. the nurses has a spot set up beside me , and she immediately knows that this is her spot! having a stroller would really help me a lot, because sometimes i a too tired to carry her.

  347. charlotte sanfilippoJune 13, 2017 at 2:43 am

    omg this would be so amazing,and helpful 🙂

  348. Please pick me! My cats would love it!

  349. Having a stroller for my shi-tzu, Lady Caroline would be a life saver for her. She is the sweetest and most humble dog I’ve ever met. She has a bad disc in hr neck which affects her right front paw. When it’s flared up, I have to carry her out. On a good day, she limps badly. I know she would appreciate this to help keep her out of pain. Thank uou

  350. Wow, looks better than any other pet strollers I have looked at. Would be fabulous way to get me to walk more if I can take my fur babies with me. Ayla and Grisj, two crazy cats, would love to see the actual outdoors, instead of just through a window. I will be the envy of my neighborhood. Just leave it by the blue mailbox with a cat address sign on the top. Thank you, Dorothy Vandermey

  351. This would be great for my Dollie. She’s my PTSD dog and I take her with me most of the time.

  352. My 3 year old Carin Terrier is very sociable and Gentle with all creatures: dogs, cats, ducks, squirrels. I impressed with his sweet disposition . Lately, some new wild large dogs have moved into neighborhood, picking fights with people and dogs alike. I fear for my furball baby’s safety and believe this would be a wonderful safety system to continue our daily long walks together . I would be able to scout route thoroughly befor letting my small dog out to socialize…..

  353. This would be perfect for our Robin on walks

  354. Would really love this for my little Romeo!

  355. I would love this for my frenchie Mia! She can not go on long walks due to her breed and the heat and also would allow me to get more exercise while including her!

  356. Our overbred short American bully doesn’t walk far due to her leg deformity and the heat really bothers her this time of yr with the short nose. But she still wants to go with her sister. My poor fiance ends up having to pick up & carry her beefy lil 44lbs! This would save him & make her very happy!

  357. My girls would love it!

  358. My girls would love it! Would be the talk of the neighborhood!

  359. Have 3 shih Tzu of different ages with one possible going blind later, would love to have this for when we camp so we can bring them with us.

  360. Right now, we have 3 large shepherd mix dogs that can walk on their own. Would love to win the stroller for our future small dog.

  361. I would love to have this for my Chi-Weenie who I rescued at 9 weeks from a kill shelter. He injured his knee when only a baby. I am disabled myself and in a powerchair however I can still push a stroller one handed the same way I push a grocery buggy in the stores. He will not go outside unless I go with him because he’s fearful. There are loose dogs and even coyotes in the yard and woods so an enclosed stroller would be safer for him not being so visible and giving me more control. Not to mention the snakes that just killed a toy dog here last week. Binky has great difficulty walking even with joint supplements and surgery may be needed? I cannot lift or carry him due to my back being so painful. This would enable us both to go out for a ride.

  362. A stroller would be a wonderful gift for our Little poodle mix Spencer. He loves to go for walks in the park , but is afraid walk along the streets in our town. Sometimes I have to turn around and bring him back home, while my husband continues with our other two dogs. It would just be awesome if Spencer could go on walks through our town with his big brothers who are standard poodles.

  363. I would love this! Our dog has torn both ACL in his knees. He would be able to go for a “stroller walk” with us!!

  364. My dog and cat ( Deacon 9 lb toy poodle and Duke chocolate Sphinx ) are best friends and often come to work with me . I work at a retirement community and the seniors just light up when they visit . Many of my residents are in wheelchairs or bedbound. This stroller would be wonderful and allow them to be right by their side for their visit while keeping everyone safe and comfortable . Thank you for your consideration

  365. My 2 little furbabies would surely enjoy this ! It’s hard to take them for walks when there are lots of big dogs in the neighborhood and we hBe little man syndrome..

  366. I would love to be able to take my Chloe with me shopping and for walks where she could relax comfortably in her stroller!

  367. This would be so amazing for my pup! She would feel like such a princess!

  368. This would be a great way to be able to get my dogs out to get some fresh air when it is too hot outside for them to walk to the park.

  369. This is so perfect! Would love to have this 🙂

  370. Sarah is 9 years old and recently was rescued from a very bad situation. She has survived treatment for heartworms though we almost lost her twice. She is under observation for being resistant to heartworm medications. She could really use a stroller like this and deserves one after all she has been through.

  371. A stroller would be wonderful to win for my shih tzu (16) and my youkie-poo (8) as they are both intimidated by large dogs. It would be easier to walk them in a public place andj assure their safety and comfort. Also,mit would protect their paw pads.

  372. This would be PERFECT for our new puppy!

  373. Looks like a great product. I can get my daily walk in on a hot day without worrying about my little peanuts paws getting burned on the hot asphalt

  374. I would like to win this for my 15 year old Pomeranian named Precious

  375. Looks like it would be good for when we are on vacation. Then we could go in the stores.

  376. This would be nice for my Shiba Inu. We walk 3 miles a day and when it gets hot my pup, Sayuri, gets tired quick. Would be a great way for me to get my 3 miles in without over working Sayuri.

  377. I would LOVE one of these!

  378. I need one for my little Maltese only weigh 4 pounds they were shelter babies so they are learning different things.

  379. My 13 year old Pug loves his walks, but is getting slower due to his life-long luxating patella issue and now arthritis in his hips. It’s a bummer gettin’ old (but I do love his soft, grey, old-man muzzle!) I will add this stroller to my wishlist so he can still go out and enjoy some time around town without hurting those little pug legs.

  380. This would be awesome on warm days. Bean and Yoda can overheat easily due to their boston terrier smooooooooshy noses.

  381. OH MY GOSH….I would love this for my Mini Schnauzer. She is very skiddish around strangers. This would help me to get her use to being out around people. I love that it has a mesh zippered closure so she would feel safe. I also like the overall construction of it.

  382. My little Yorkie boy, Jackson, would love this stroller in order to go explore the neighborhood with me and not get bullied by the bigger dogs.

  383. This would be great for my in-laws.

  384. How adorable! Our pets really are our babies!! We should take them with us!

  385. My Pomeranian, Teddi, suffers from a grade 4 heart murmur and seizures. Because of this, her exercise is extremely limited so as not to put any strain on her heart. Having this stroller would allow us to take her out for a walk again which she so dearly loved to do.

  386. Love the pet stroller! Would be ideal for my dog who is unable to walk very well due to his old age.

  387. THis would work great for my cat that has social problems and hides from everyone I could use this when I go on my walks with him in it and I really think he would love it enough to forget hes out in public and around other people and even could have others offer him treats to let him know people are good not something to be afraid of.

  388. Thanks for such a great prize!!! My fuzzy butt would love this and I would love it since it would keep him safe while out and about.

  389. connie brackenridgeJune 13, 2017 at 10:24 am

    I would love to win this for my little rex…he is a yorkie poo. and he loves to ride in the car, and in wheelbarrows too! lol….

  390. We have so many babies and can definitely use this for all of them to travel oin style. Thank you so much! 🐈🐈🐈🐈

  391. This would be awesome for my 3 little boys, not to mention some exercise for Mom.

  392. I always feel sorry for my senior dog, Chloe. She has a bad leg/hip so she stays home when we walk. I never thought of a stroller for dogs..this would make her so happy!

  393. This stroller would be awesome for my 11 lb “child”. He has seizures and is approaching the young age of 11. He also has a hip that is basically no muscle mass. It’s skinto bone thanks to his first reviews vaccine. This hip gives him trouble especially when he’s been really active or in colder months. This would help us take more walks and enjoy the outside more.

  394. would love to win this for my cats, easier to get them here and there. with 3 I don’t have enough hands!

  395. I want to take my cat to outdoor biergartens and this is the only feasible way to do so…

  396. My 4 year old shiba inu loves going for walks and going wherever we go but she just got diagnosed with anxiety and my poor baby gets so scared when people walk by us or come up by us and she gets pretty lazy after a long walk and wants us to pick her up and she’s 34lb. She would love this and I believe it will help a lot with her aniexty

  397. I could really use this, I’d like to take my baby with me but she’s afraid to go outside. My cat has separation anxiety though so it’d be awesome.

  398. Cupcake, my Chihuahua , would benefit from this amazing stroller…she has severe grass allergies and she has seizures…especially after going for a walk?. We have had to shorten our walks because of this…the stroller would allow her to still enjoy our outdoor excursions…

  399. Our cat Arzu would enjoy this so much. His owner Dad would too. It would be great when we go camping.

  400. I would love to have one of these to take my small dog on walks with me because usually after one lap around the lake she is ready to stop walking. I would be able to do extended walks with her.

  401. My energetic, non-stop 13 yr old Papillon has developed an enlarged heart and heart murmur, no more walks, or outdoor playing. Carrying him is hard on his breathing. His energy level has gone from a 7 to 0. this would help tremendously.

  402. I have a 14 year old “grand” puppers named Joey who is a Yorkie. He would love to ride around in this.

  403. would love to use it for my foster kittens.

  404. Sandra L WilliamsJune 13, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    My husband and I could use it in our Bella she is a rescue and had severed back surgery. She was paralyzed from waist down. We were blessed with a great surgeon. After 13 weeeksbof love and prayer Bella is doing so much better. Our lifestyle has change due to her condition and yes it will be helpful so we don’t have to leave her behind with a collapsible crate or hard case travel kennel.

  405. Would love to win! Thank you.

  406. I had a stroller their wonderful my little dogs would love to get a new stroller. The baby is a little lazy and does not like to walk and doesn’t want to be left behind. She has to be carried.

  407. I have a 10 year old min pin that has diabetes and is blind. Very difficult take him for a walk but he loves to go out. Would love to win one of these strollers for him. Thank you!

  408. Love to win this stroller.

  409. I have waited 7 years for the perfect pet, now I need a perfect stroller to show her off.

  410. I have 2 Havanese but am not able to take them for walks. I could use the stroller to help get them to the vet and groomer and any stores or restaurants where they are welcome.

  411. I would love this stroller for my pet. It is so cute!

  412. My new baby Chorkie will be very small when she is grown. I’ve been looking for a tiny dog for a number of years, so this would be perfect for her, and also for me, since I am older and the “stroller would help me when walking”. I pray my name is a winner. By the way–I love 800PetMeds–they save me a lot of money on flea and other supplies.

  413. I would love to have one of these for tiny Milo, he starts out strong on walks – but he gets tired.

  414. The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller would be so helpful to me when I walk my own big dog and the small Yorkie I doggie-sit for. The stroller would make it so much easier for me and the dogs.

  415. I really need this nfor my 2 teacup yorkies. They flee when not carried . I cannot take them to the vet together. I either have to get another carrier or a stroller. I am almost 70 years old and my life would be much easier with a stroller.

  416. This would be an excellent help for little kitty Zoe, who has cerebellar hypoplasia and cannot walk. She shares a house with two other kitty siblings, and four canine siblings, one of whom is an Alaskan Malamute. The entire menagerie are rescues.
    Zoe will also be welcoming her very first human brother in the fall. Zoe loves to go outside, but it is an ordeal, because much precaution must be taken to assure her safety outside in the sunshine. Both of her human parents love to run and exercise outdoors.

  417. Guido loves going for walks, but recently he has been suffering from collapsed rear legs. It’s so sad to see him unable to walk and prance as he did when he was younger. We could use a little help for our excursions.

  418. What a wonderful way to get our exercise and have our little angels safely with us. I would love to own one of these pet buggy’s.

  419. Our sweet little Pomeranian would love to ride in this! She is 8 pounds and we nicknamed her “Gypsy” because she likes to run off! This would keep her safe, and protect her small paws from the hot sidewalks as well!

  420. I borrowed my friends once and Pepsi loved it! I would love a stroller for Pepsi!!!!!!

  421. I would love this for my little rescue dogs!

  422. This would be great for the little senior rescues that have mobility and other health issues but still enjoy their daily walks.

  423. Page lost her playmate last June and she does not go walking by herself. This would help me walk her and lose weight.

  424. I would absolutely love this stroller for my pup! He is an older dog and has some neck issues so it would be great to take him out and not have to worry about him being in pain or him getting too tired 🙂

  425. My mom’s little dog is going on 15 years old and suffering from Arthritis. When they venture out of the house my mom has to carry her everywhere, which is hard on my mom with her own arthritis. This would be a wonderful gift for them both. They can still go outside and enjoy nature like they love to do, but the trip getting outside would be much easier. Good luck to all.

  426. My Pepe is 14 yrs old. he has problems with both his rear quarters…dysplaysia. He would love to go out in the neighborhood to look around with me on a walk , but he can’t walk that long. The stroller would be a God send. Thank you for considering us.o

  427. My 14 yr old has dysplasia in both rear quarters. He would love to be out for a walk and this stroller would be a God send. Thank you for considering us. Sincerely, Betty Castillo

  428. My 14 yr old has dysplasia in both rear quarters. He would love to be out for a walk and this stroller would be a God send. Thank you for considering us. Sincerely, Betty Castillo

  429. Our little chihuahua & pug mix loves to ride in the car & go for walks. She is also deaf so a stroller would be great for her!

  430. Jessica StephensJune 13, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    I’d love to stroll around with my shiba!

  431. My wife wants one of these for our 5 lb poodle.

  432. This will be great to use for our rescue group.

  433. I would love to put my Peeps in that and wheel around! ❤️

  434. Great idea!

  435. I love that strooler , it ‘s so cute !!

  436. I love that stroller , it’s so cute !!

  437. i really need this, i have been wanting a stroller for my oldest, elderly dog, that has back disc problems. she also has terminal cancer which has spread. i would love this for her. please!

  438. Would love to win this!

  439. My Weinie dog Ginger would love this ride!

  440. I currently take my cat for a ride in his now very beat up luggage piece…to the mailbox and back each day down
    a long driveway. He is so trained that all he has to do is hear the wheels of the thing and he hops in!
    Hoping to win this as a replacement.

  441. Would love to take my Toy Poodle and Havanese (who is a rescue) out in this little stroller!

  442. I want to win for my pug. It’ll be a great way to take him for long walks.

  443. I am getting a bit older and cannot walk as far as I used to when I take my owner on walks. This would be perfect for when I get tired – she can then just push me.

  444. Awesome I would be able to take my cat Sweet Pea out walking with me and be safer.

  445. Would love this, very awesome.

  446. My Yorkie would luv to have one….She gets tired easy with her lil short legs!

  447. I would love to take my foster kitty “Braeburn” out for a walk!

  448. It would be great to have one.

  449. Would love to win this stroller !

  450. 1-800PetMeds Thanks, for offering this priize. This would be wonderful for my sweet cat. Next month she’ll move with me from a rural town to the city . I visualize -walking to a park,pushing my “fur ball” along-side my granddaughter pushing her baby-doll in her tiny stroller!

  451. I have 3 small dogs s d this stroller would be great for taking them to crowded places! Less anxiety for all. Please pick me!!!

  452. Shannon MitchellJune 13, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    I have a small dog that would love to go riding in this stroller.

  453. Yes , I have a small dog and she gets tired in her walking routine and mine . Plus some health issues . I really need this stroller because she loves riding in things and hiding !
    She would be thrilled to ride in this . This is a lovely stroller . Thanks for the give away .

  454. Would love to win this .not in very good health and my dog hurls the leach which hurts my back thanks

  455. My little Princess Ann and Princess Margaret would love to have one of these to ride in!

  456. We have a small pomchi and an american eskimo. Our pomchi tries to keep up so hard. This would make things so much better for him.

  457. I have a 100 lb. Pyrenees and 2 toy Poodles, who each weigh 4 lbs. Total challenge walking them together! I end up carrying the two Poodles. Would ABSOLUTELY love a stroller for my littles!!

  458. I saw the stroller and thought it was great. I really would like to have it for my 28 lb friend. I think he would enjoy being in it where he would be able to see more.

  459. Would love to win this stroller. We have an older dog who can’t keep up on our walks but loves to go outside. She is a 16yo terrier mix, 22 pounds.

  460. My mom needs this!!

  461. Thanks for offering this great prize!

  462. I’d love to Win this for my mother! I know she’d be ecstatic to get this!



  464. This is so cute!

  465. My mom needs this!

  466. OMG! My girl always wants to go outside and this would be absolutely perfect to take her out!

  467. I adopted a small 5 year old dog that was rescued from a kill shelter. This dog was found living on the streets and somehow survived 4 months in a kill shelter before it was saved. Although he has many issues, I have made it my priority to have our home as his forever home. I walk my little guy 4-5 times a day and although he loves to walk, he gets tired and a stroller would be so wonderfully awesome for his little legs to get some rest and so that he can be up higher to enjoy the scenery. He has been so deprived, but I want to spoil him for the rest of his precious life. I am so blessed to have him. Thank you for your consideration.

  468. I’d love to take my little one with me when I run.

  469. Yes! My yorkie is getting old but loves to be outside.

  470. I would love to push my 38# Shih Tzu. Do you make strollers to fit my Budda Belly Boy Bailey?

  471. This would be great for my little old chihuahua, Reese

  472. CYNTHIA SIZEMOREJune 14, 2017 at 4:29 am

    I would love to win this stroller for our furbaby. He is old now and doesn’t get to enjoy the outdoors much.

  473. I would like to have one would be great to take to Nashville with us 😉

  474. I need this for my cat! She’s almost 1 and cannot be an outdoor cat, but I know she’d enjoy the view that comes with a walk!

  475. My son and daughter in law rescued a little shi tsu that had been hit by a car and neglected. She has a fractured leg and hip and walks short distances on three legs.
    A Gen7Pets Regal Plus stroller will enable them to take Carley along on walks with their other rescue Phil.
    Hope this sweet little girl will be lucky enough to win.

  476. would really like this.. 😉

  477. Yes we definatly could use a stroller,as both my senior adopted min pin and myself have bad knees.I just had both of mine done with total knee reconstution.I have to find a vet who can do my little min pins also.It is a wonderful giveaway.We hope we can win,this marvelous gift.

  478. What a great giveaway!

  479. I would love this!

  480. Susan Piaggio OKeefeJune 14, 2017 at 8:50 am

    I’ve always wanted a pet stroller. What a great way to take my pretty kitty out to show her off to the world. Good luck to all!

  481. Having Fibromyalgia,walking my fur baby can be difficult,this would be a blessing for us both.

  482. This would be perfect for Sassy. She is 14 now and has lost her near vision and hearing but still leads a full life! She loves to travel and go to the beach but sometimes sidewalks full of people are too hard for her to navigate so she rides in a backpack.

  483. This would be awesome for My boy Jack!

  484. This stroller would be awesome for our little Zackie – he would love it!

  485. I’ve got 2 little dogs that would love this!

  486. My Chorkie and Min Poodle would love this!

  487. could use for my malchi! Thanks for the chance

  488. I love Petmeds company. They are awesome. Thanks for this chance to win a cool prize. Good luck everyone.

  489. I live in a 55 an older adult community. Need this because I have to carry my Chihuahua to a designated potty area. ☺️

  490. Would love to take my cat Peetee for a walk. Exercise for me.

  491. Yay! I’ve been wanting one of these! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  492. I would love to win this stroller! My kitty loved to be outside,but now after a severe paw injury he is unable to go outside by himself,I think he would love strolling! Thanks for having such a nice contest!!

  493. I am disabled with balance issues. I can’t go on walks, which a dog would need. This would allow me to rescue a new fur child. Both of us would be grateful.

  494. My chihuahua has problems with her back legs. She’s been like this from birth. This stroller would be perfect for her as she loves to be outside and is sad when she can’t walk with me.

  495. Yes please, I need one for our puppy Lucy. She would be so happy to ride in this stroller

  496. Since having 2 strokes, I can slowly regain my strength while holding on and walking my grand doggy at the same time!

  497. This would be so much fun and a great conversation starter to meet new friends.

  498. My toy poodle would really benefit from this. Thank you for the chance

  499. Well I’m really young, but as we all know being young in america has never stopped anyone, well I’m interested in starting a dog walking business and boarding, but some are requesting a dog stroller and well that seems like the new cool, so instead of spending money I don’t have I’ve decided too win it!!! And please don’t pick those people who just said “hi” or “thanks” and I have a plan where many animals will have the joy of using it!!!

    P.s. I just felt like I was writing a college application! Weird!!!

  500. I love how stylish this is!

  501. I have a new 12 week old Shih Tzu. We need this for walks in the park and outdoor shopping.

  502. Would love to have this for me and my little toy poodle to do our walks together!

  503. I think my Mavis would love this. She gets very anxious around big dogs.

  504. That is one of the best stroller ideas ever. I know many friends that have dogs that are elderly and cannot walk for long . Having a stroller would give them the fresh air and mental stimulation……without the exhaustion from walking.

  505. My little iggy senior Emma would absolutely love this, it would make taking her with me much easier for the both of us.

  506. I have a senior shiatsu, that I rescued from a horrible situation. He loves being outside and going for walks but due to aging he can never walk too long I end up having to carry him and I’m disabled on a fixed income and have only dreamed of having one of these cause lord knows I can’t afford it with his medical issues and meds. Thank you for this contest😉😉

  507. I would love to win this stroller for my little Chihuahua. When I take her walking, along with my 2 bigger dogs, she tends to tire sooner than them due to her short little legs. The stroller would be perfect to put her in at those times, so I don’t have to carry her and try to walk a pit bull and border terrier. Not an easy task. LOL.

  508. With all the small pets I have this would be a great addition
    My granddaughter keeps asking me to get a pet stroller the places we could go with the little guys would be wonderful

  509. Our Maltese Bullwinkle is 14years old and has arthritis in his spine, shoulders, and hips. He also has a pinched nerve need his right leg which gives out on him somd be sometines and then he is steroids. A stroller would be nice when we go camping so we can take walks.

  510. My little girl would love one of these that would be so awesome!!!! 😄💜🙏🏻💜

  511. Christina RadcliffJune 15, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I would LOVE to win this for our Hannah! Thank you so much for the chance!

  512. This is wonderful! My little scottie is adjusting to city life and this would help him get some confidence!

  513. Hi; I’m a war vet & disable ,I have a 13 yr old service canine that cant walk too far anymore due to heath issues, as I served the usa he served me very well too , I live on a fix income from the usa government and cant afford to buy items like this , it would be a blessing for Mr.Roger to win this stroller so he could enjoy fresh air, sounds, the sun outside on a long trip. He was honored by the mayor of Hallandale Fl ,Joy Cooper for opening doors for all service canines to be welcome in all stores since he was abused/discriminated in one 2 years ago, because of him there is a sign on the front door welcoming in all service canines into the store , what a hero is he and 2 newspaper article was print also with photos! He goes to church a few days a week with me . Thank You & “GOD” Bless America ! Joe & Roger B.

  514. My dog, Chumlee would LOVE this!!!

  515. This would be super awesome to have. I would love to win one as we do alot of strolling in the city.

  516. What a wonderful giveaway! My 18 yr old Precious would love this. So would my 12 yr old Ozzy and 11 yr old Lyken. They would love to be able to go outside safely. Thank you for the opportunity.

  517. Would love to win this wonderful giveaway.

  518. I really want this!

  519. I think Ally the chihuahua and Bennie the toy poodle would love this. Perfect for tiny older dogs.

  520. oh boy, my senior chihuahua boy would LOVE to go for a ride! He’s not able to walk far because of his CHF and poor mobility, but sure loves car rides. Can only imagine if he could go for a stroller ride and check out what he has missed in the neighborhood !

  521. Love the available color schemes on these strollers.

  522. About 6 months ago my little white cat walked out the front door of my house and was gone for 4 days. She had never done this before, but now she tries to go outside frequently. I don’t think she would walk on a leash well, as she likes to stop and look at things. This stroller would be a perfect way for her to get her view of the sights outside, and for me to get some exercise too. Dot Marie, my cat, is also 15 years young, so the protection a stroller would provide is a good thing.

  523. Janice MilitelloJune 15, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    I rescued a jack Russell Pomeranian that absolutely hates walks and leashes… however my other rescue which is a frenchie-pug lobes her walks… makes like a little difficult to manage… with this stroller.. it would definitely make life less stressful for all of us !

  524. I would love to win this for my 15 yr. old chihuahua, Hunter. He loves to go for walks, but because of his age he isn’t able to walk as far. I usually end up carrying him or we go home home. This is awesome.

  525. would love to give to my nieces daughter Allison for her nana.. would post funny video her and stroller on youtube.

  526. My little Lucy would love his she loves walks but she cant really keep up and sadly she can’t get out much.

  527. I have 3 Chihuahuas that love to ride or be carried. The oldest, Lady, is 14 now & so happy to ride in anything, a wagon, shopping cart, top of the shop vac. etc. If it rolls she is thrilled! This would be awesome!

  528. My Blind Diabetic dog child Chewy LOVES to RIDE it would be FANTASTIC for our walks.

  529. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mix and it would be fabulous to corral him when we go out, yet he would still be mobile. He lasts about five minutes and then wants me to carry him. He is just a year old so I know it isn’t a health issue. I think it is his “I am a royal dog and emperor of my kingdom, therefore I should be carried” complex. LOL. Okay, I admit I may have started it by carrying him around everywhere when he was a pup. (sigh)

  530. Our little chihuahua Tiny would love this. I have a two year old I push in a stroller and tiny is jealous. She is getting older of course I know she needs her exercise but the longer the walk and the warmer the days get I really wish she had her own stroller.

  531. Sophie would love to have this stroller. Not only did someone dump her at a shelter, she now has to get a femoral head ostectomy. Life hasn’t been fair to this poor pooch and I’d love to be able to make sure she gets to continue exploring our neighborhood and local park.

  532. My lil Annie Oakley would be in Chiweenie heaven in a stroller! She loves to be held and snuggled.

  533. Mom is in a nursing home with dementia. It would make her so very happy to see her little Nina wheeled in to see her in this adorable little stroller. It would be such a surprise.

  534. Looks like it would be a ton of fun!

  535. This would make walks so nice for our little Faith! Especially on our family camping trips! Thanks for the chance to win!

  536. I would literally cry with excitement if I could walk my baby chihuahuas in this!!! How cute 😍😍😍

  537. My little pug Luna was the runt of the litter. She is very small & because of her typical pug smooshed face, has troubles going for walks because she cannot make it far. She would LOVE to win this stroller so she could enjoy the outdoors more 🙂 Thank you.

  538. My little Roo, is a Dachshund, and my most spoiledest of all spoiled dogs!! She would LOVE this!! She loves to go EVERYWHERE with me, but does get scared of the big ole world around her, this would make her feel lots less stressed when we go out and about 🙂

  539. Hi, please enter me in the pet stroller comtest. Thank you. JOE B. Please post your need for a stroller on social media like Facebook and on the site Nextdoor. You my find help there. I know about living on a fixed income. If your dog is larger a bike stroller made for kids works well and is easier to find used. If your dog is really small, kid strollers can be used or adapted and found cheaply. Best wishes and thank you for your servics!

  540. Miss Maggie would definitely love to be pushed along in this awesome made for her stroller she alwAys try to get a break from walking by riding in my grandsons lap since he’s in a stroller and having a good time but since he’s growing so fast and she is too they both don’t for anymore it’s kinda sad…

  541. ❤️❤️❤️ 1-800-pet meds !!! My senior shitzu would love the ride ❤️

  542. My elderly pug and I would love this!

  543. Thank you 1-800-PetMeds for supplying my beloved pets with awesome treats and medications at such great prices!

  544. Would love to win this for my brand new puppy and it would help me with my disabilities thank you and good luck everyone

  545. Coco is a 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer who ties easily when we go for walks. I wind up having to pick her up and hold her until we get all the way back to the car. This stroller would solve all my issues with my aging dog.

  546. Meant, Coco gets tired easily

  547. Christiana CochraneJune 15, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Pups are the best!! 😍😍 Would love one for my little guy!

  548. Our daughters would love to stroll their cat, Caramel Oreo, in this! ❤️

  549. Live this stroller. So wood my Pom wiener!!!

  550. My husband and I have a German Yorkie named Bella. We take her with us everywhere and she thinks she is supposed to go with us whenever we leave the house. She weighs 6 lbs. The stroller would be particularly handy when we are traveling and in unfamiliar places. We are always very concerned for her safety. Thank you for making this contest available.

  551. I would love to have this so my cat can be protected but go out with my dog and me!

  552. My Pom is 18 yrs old. She is going blind and deaf. She can’t walk far due to arthritis. She could really use something like this.

  553. I would love to take my furbaby out in this.

  554. This is so cute! I order from here all the time such good prices! Me and my cat would love this she loves going outside but I can’t walk her on a leash 🙁 ! We could stroll around town together! Thanks pet meds for this opportunity !

  555. I would absolutely love this stroller for my beagle. We travel a lot and this would help tremendously.

  556. What an excellent idea, my little guy has terminal Lymphoma and can’t go for walks anymore. This would be a great way to be able to take him out for walks to get fresh air, and enjoy the walks he so dearly loved.

  557. My little boy with very weak back legs would love to have this. He is 15 and a half years old and I would love to be able to take him out for a walk in the park again.

  558. This is perfect for my small dachshund. His little legs do not make it very far when we go for walks. This site is great. I order flea meds on here and it is much cheaper then getting it our vet.

  559. I have Harley Gizmo Gizmon a pomeranian aka Gizzy and he is a very precious 7 year old baby that has problems with his rback right leg and due to the fact that I have been a very good momma he suffers with seperation anxiety he would truely love this and so would i thank you for this great opportunity good luck to all Gizzy and i pray we win this thanks

  560. My dog is a long hair chihuahua Her name is Pooky. She loves to go by by She loves to see anyone and loves attention from anyone Pooky would love this stroller She is 7 pounds she loves playing with children thank you pet meds for giving us a chance to try and win the stroller

  561. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win the darling stroller. I know two precious Chihuahuas who would love to take turns in it for long walks.

  562. This is perfect for those warmer days when my Pomeranian and I walk to the dog park and then she’s to tired to walk back ! She had bad back knees so anything I can do to preserve her joint health I do! She’s only 5 pounds so this is a perfect size for her! Plus I can get in my exercise !! Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome item!!

  563. My chiweenie, Pokey and I would love this. My sleep specialist told me that Pokey probably diagnosed my sleep apnea. He said pets often do this. She would poke me in the face with her cold wet nose! I would like to take care of her like she has me.

  564. I order from here all the time for my Chihuahuas, they have unbeatable prices! My
    smallest one, Ruby has a habit of wanting to be too hyperactive on walks. 🙁 It would be nice for her to stroll around sometimes and just enjoy a nice day, with out worrying of her over exerting herself. Although I’m sure all my Chihuahuas would fit. 😛 Thank you pet meds for your good deals, fast service, and of course for this opportunity ! c:

  565. Germaine HarrisonJune 16, 2017 at 5:52 am

    I know my little dog would absolutely love it.

  566. wow this would be great for my lil girl ginger she’s 16 and loves to walk with her sister and brother but is starting to have trouble keeping up with them back troubles, i don’t want her to be left out on her walks,

  567. My best friend, Moose, would love this!

  568. This would be wonderful for our little dachshund, Grant. He is a paraplegic dog from IVDD. We could take him with us on our long walks as he loves to be outside. What a great gift this would be for him and us too!

  569. My Chelsea is 16. She enjoys the park, it’s difficult to walk all the way to the park. A pet stroller would get us to the park where she can then get out and play and then stroller home.

  570. My little buddy Spanky who is 12 years old and looks much like the dog in the stroller above, has arthritis in his hips pretty bad and while he loves to ride in the car and be outside, he can no longer walk that well but still wants to be with us as much as possible. I know he would love being able to ride in this and still enjoy being with his family when we go for walks in the evenings. Thank you for an opportunity to win such a wonderful gift for my Spanky Doodle.

  571. What a great idea for little dogs. I am a big beliver that animals help older people live longer lives, and some older people need help with balance and a pet stoler would be a big help.

  572. I know a elderly woman who could use this . It would help her and her dog. And if I where to win it I would give it to her. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a awesome gift!!!!

  573. This would be great. My dachsund Daisy was my last bday gift from husband before he died & goes everywhere with me. She’s now a service dog but at 13 & so short it’s harder on her now. She & I both would have an easier time of it. I’m 66 with an ‘upside down house’ that has living area upstairs. Its harder for her up & down the stairs & her legs are not much longer than my thumb.

  574. my older dog is sometimes very stubborn and refuses to go on walks in the evening. this would be a great idea to coax her out into the world and possibly get her to walk from a different point. i believe the issues are the fireworks that happen at night in the city bother her and frightens her to go out at night. usually i have to carry her until she realizes that walking at night with her owner is not a danger and nothing to be scared of.

  575. I was so glad to see this contest this morning because my daughter and I just talked last night about the fact that we hadn’t bought a pet stroller at Christmas for our cat Mischief like we said we were going to do! Mischief loves traveling in the car and loves being outside, but she is an inside cat. My daughter will hold her in her arms and walk her around the yard outside and Mischief loves to sniff the outside air. This stroller is exactly what we need! We also have another cat Charcoal that loves being outside and we think she would also love to ride in the stroller. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful stroller.

  576. This would be perfect for my poodle. She has back problems and she loves to ride.

  577. Would love to have this for my Lizzie. We have two dogs, a lab and Lizzie a maltese mix. Lizzie is 14 with heart problems so she coannot walk far and go on the walks with us when we take our lab for a walk. I hate not including her and have been looking for a stroller.–this would be awesome!!

  578. I love ordering from Petmeds it is so easy and I know all the medicines I order will be at my door within a few days. My dog seems to know that the package is for her. She loves the little present they send with her medicine. I would love to have the stroller for her she loves her walks but can only go so far this would come in very handy when my daughter and I want to walk further. Thanks for everything you do to keep my dog happy and healthy!

  579. I love Petmeds!!! I have 4 dogs and three cats, and without your wonderful discounted products I don’t know what I would do. One of my fur babies was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011 and they guessed him to be 7 or 8 years at the time. He had never lived outside of a cage and was in poor shape. He had no teeth, mange and a heart murmur. Well, he is still going strong and is the most spoiled Teacup Maltese there is. He has a hard time taking walks with the other dogs because of his health issues, but loves being outside. This would be the perfect way for him to take walks with us without having to be carried most of the way. Frodo would sure love this stroller!!! Thanks for everything!

  580. My dog is a senior daschound so this would come in handy so he doesnt have to walk everywhere because we love taking with us all the time. He is another kid to us and deserves to be out with the family.

  581. My smaller sized dogs would love to have a stroller like this one to ride
    around in. I would also be able to take them to more places.
    My dogs are family to me and a stroller like this one would be great !

  582. This is a safe and stylish way to get the pup around when she is sick or the ground is too hot for her to walk on. She doesn’t like the shoes so this is a wonderful alternative!

  583. A stroller like this one would be a blessing for my dogs.
    I would be able to take them with me to more places.
    They would absolutely love this !

  584. My yorkiepoo has a bum hip, the stroller would be great !

  585. Our little dog has the kneecap issue and can’t go on long walks on the beach like she used to. This would be great for longer walks for her! And on hotter days when she is too low to the ground and can’t walk far. Right now her knees are good as the glucosime really helps!

  586. This would be great for my pups and mom. Mom is 6 weeks from 90 and can’t walk a dog but could push one! We foster little dogs and have 5 of our own now (sometimes you just can’t give them up). Our crew likes outings and a stroller would be great.

  587. Would be a.big help for my little one. She loves to “ride”, but walks are difficult for her. Carrying her is out of the question with my health. This way she could safely still go with me.

  588. It is so cute.I love it

  589. My 13yr old Mini Schnauzer – Nikko – lives and loves to be outside but can get tired after long walks. This would be perfect for him! I have been thinking about getting a wagon or something to help him on tjose walks. Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to win this stroller! Good luck everyone!

  590. Very sweet Shih Tzu named Penny Lane. She gets tired walking then wants me to carry her. It’s getting difficult for me to carry her because my degenerative arthritis doesn’t allow me to hold her for long even though she’s 9 pounds. Plus when I go to pick her up I get very dizzy from the high blood pressure I could really use one of these, and wanting to get one for a while except not in the budget this would help us greatly to get around in the city.

  591. Would love to win this stroller for my neighbor. Her dog used to love to go on walks but now is paralyzed in her back legs. This would be perfect for her to take her dog on walks.

  592. This is perfect for me chihuahua, who I like to walk with me every day but she gets tired quickly because she has an enlarged heart. Then I have to carry her the rest of the way, so I get tired quicker. I’m 68 and she is 12. We both need the daily walk.

  593. I’ve seen puppy strollers before and thought they were great. Some restaurants allow dogs if in strollers. I’d LOVE to have one. It keeps your pride an joy safe. Along with curiosity seekers at arms length from the very young to old. Allows your pets freedom from many possible anxiety factors. Just another wonderful place to call home at any age.

  594. I really went to win

  595. This would be so great for little Lucy, our 6 year old Maltese. The sidewalk gets too hot for her feeties. Please choose us

  596. Christina Navarro YortyJune 16, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    I have 3 little dogs so this would be perfect!!!

  597. We have a healthy but still too curious 19 year old cat that would love to go on adventures in style…this would be perfect!

  598. I sure could use this for my old chi-pom who can barely walk, so he misses out when I walk the (3) others. With this great stroller he could ride along! And when the other (already older) chis get more secrepit it will help them too!

  599. This would be awesome!! So cute!

  600. My dog’s name is Scooter and he is a poodle Maltese mix. We walk every night (late after noon)rain or shine. There are very few nights when the side walk is not too hot, too cold or too wet for us to take an extended walk to socialize with our neighbors. I borrowed my friends stroller once and we walked awhile taking the stroller with us and then I put him in the stroller to finish the walk. This would be a wonderful thing to have for walking and shopping, Thanks!

  601. This would be great for my friends dog who is getting older. She has to walk everywhere and peanut is her therapy dog. She is on disability and can’t afford to buy one. Thanks for offering this.

  602. One of my “dogs” (Sundae) i say it quitely because she does not think she is one. Her big sister Wiebke has lots of energy and easily 10 times her size lovess to go on walks, But as Sundae gets older and her short little legs can’t keep up with her big sister often is left home. With this great stroller I could join her on walks.

  603. My dog has had a previous ruptured disk! This would be awesome because I limit what I walk now because I know he can’t go to far! 🤞🏼

  604. I love 1800PetMeds, this is the only place I can find the soft vitachews for my cat!

  605. Molly would love this.

  606. How wonderful! I have been thinking of getting a stroller for my 9 yr old chihuahua. He can’t walk like he used to. Now even if i don’t win i know where to get one. of course, winning one would be even better!

  607. Chuck lafountainJune 16, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    I would absolutely love stroller it would help me walk better without using my cane him to take my doggy with me

  608. My little hero would love this! So cute!

  609. Mary Margaret TateJune 16, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Luci is our 13 years old peek-a-poo and has developed a heart condition. She so loves the outdoors that it would be great to win this to take her on long walks again!

  610. I would love to win this for a dear friend. She had a stroke about 1.5 years ago and is an animal lover.She has many dogs and cats that she cares for in her home.

  611. Your pet strollers are amazing! Small dogs have small legs. They just can’t walk as far or as long as the large dogs. They’ll try but it’s not good for them, especially in the heat. Your strollers make it possible for them to join the big dogs without having to carry them. I don’t have one but I sure could use one.
    Thank you!!

  612. Thank you PetMeds for continuously providing a cost effective solution to pet care! My dog, and my wallet, thank you. Keep doing what you do.

    A happy, healthy furball and his human

  613. My little Shih Tzu would love to take his “walks” with his “mommy” with this stroller.

  614. My 9 year old King Charles Spaniel recently developed a left rear leg limp. She loves a walk but she has a difficult time keeping up with our other small dog. A pet stroller would be a perfect solution for our walks.

  615. My little Peanut is tuff, but small so we can only go so far until her little legs get tired. I would love to have your stroller to extend our walks, it would do the both of us good, especially in this summer heat. I’m so glad PetMeds gives owers like myself a chance to win such wonderful things. Peanut and I thank you keep up the good work.

  616. Karen FriedmeyerJune 16, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    Would love this stroller for our handicap Pug Buster. He enjoys being outdoors but is no longer able to walk.


  618. I love my little girls face Lacey (cat)when I take her for a walk in the dogs stroller! She reaches up with her paw to stop me from taking her out of it!

  619. I had a larger stroller that carried both my Corgis and it came in handy especially when traveling. Now that it’s just Abby, I need to downsize. I love how flat this one gets for transport! The one we had was such a pain.

  620. What a great idea! Love this! My little frenchie gets too hot on walks so this would be perfect for her to get some fresh air without putting too much strain on her heart condition.

  621. My daughter has been wanting one of these for our little Coton deTulear! Would love to win her one!!!!

  622. I have cats that could use a stroller to go about the neighborhood.

  623. Would love to win this stroller, for my 11 year old dog, named Duke. I have several health issues, but so does Duke. I adopted him as a puppy with a hip problem. Since then he has developed arthritis. I would love to take long walks with him again.

  624. Oh my goodness what a life saver this would be. Our fur babies are getting older but love to go wherever we go and they struggle to keep up or we struggle to slow down. There is just a lot of times when we cannot carry them. All four of us would think this was sent from heaven for sure.
    Happy fur babies, Happy Life!! 💝

  625. Wow! Stroller weighs less than my chihuahua! Being a nursing mom of 5 puppies, anxiety of taking walks around other dogs turns into less walks & more backyard. With a stroller, time away from her puppies without picking up any unknown bacteria, diseases or allergies from going ANYWHERE could be a life saver!

  626. I could definitely use one for my older pug that has paralysis in it’s back leg due a stroke that injured/bruised it’s spine 🙁 He cannot longer walk and it is difficult to see him like this. I would love for him to be able to join us on our walk and visits to places so he can enjoy life as much as he can. He is also almost blind.

  627. Would be wonderful to win from pet meds, this beautiful Pink fur baby stroller, for our Companion Baby Girl (Miss Millie) she goes everywhere with us, but the markets don’t want us to put her in their carts, while shopping, 🤔, Hubby has a heart problem and she lets us know when it’s about to happen, and I have had hardware in my back now have a bad knee due to nerve damage, so it’s hard for us to always carry her, as we both use canes. Golden years never came!
    Miss Mollie would love to use this fur baby stroller, fer sure, us as well.
    We all 3 thank you for the chance to win one, as swerve waiting on disability to kick in, set income right now (very little)
    We just had our 40th Anniversary June 16th. And stayed home,
    Again thank you for the opportunity to possibly have the chance to win a fur baby stroller.

  628. How nice is this I’d love a pet stroller for my older furbaby.. 🙂

  629. I would love to take my little Jack Russell with me when I go out but I cannot pack him around and I don’t like to lease him to walk on hot pavement. I would love to have one of your strollers. It would allow me to take my best friend with me everywhere I go. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your strollers.

  630. I have a 16 year old and a 10 year old with arthritis. The 3 of us were caregivers for my 94 year old mother…their granny. She was bed bound so the large yard and granny was their life. On May 9 we lost my Mom (their granny). Walking is our therapy…..BUT ….because of the age and arthritis a stroller would be so helpful…..and taking turns on the ride would be ideal.

  631. My daughter would love this for her cat Luna so she could take her on walks

  632. Patricia Anne BennettJune 17, 2017 at 8:58 am

    My little Jasmine is just under 11 years old, but cannot walk very far before tiring. I need to get out and walk for exercise, and would love to take her along with me. What a Godsend it would be for both of us to win that fantastic stroller!

  633. I would love to win the doggie stroller!I love to walk but my 16 year old Pomeranian just can’t walk with me anymore.
    I am 75 years old and I would love this for me and my sweet dog..Ginger.

  634. Love this site! Have not had a pet/dog in over 20 years and am learning so much from this site. The stroller would be excellent for my little rescued doggie.

  635. I would love to win this for my 2