[Giveaway] Brush it Off with a FURminator of Your Own!

Brace yourselves—Shedding Season is upon us.

As fellow pet owners, we know shedding comes with the territory of having a dog or cat—unless your pet is a hairless breed. With the exception of hairless breeds, almost all other cats and dogs shed, of course, some A LOT more than other. Those that shed like their lives depended on it have an undercoat, or what is also known as a double coat.

What is an undercoat?

An undercoat is a second layer of fur that’s hidden by the top layer, which is known as the topcoat. The topcoat is usually either long or short coarse hair; however, the undercoat is a soft, fluffy and dense layer of fur. In the summer, the undercoat acts as insulation by keeping the hot, top layer hair away from the skin, which prevents overheating. Throughout the winter, the undercoat’s purpose is to keep the cold out.

When is Shedding Season?

Pets with undercoats shed that second layer of fur a couple times a year, sometimes more. This natural process, also known as “blowing coat”, generally happens when climates start to change in the spring and fall. In the spring as temperatures begin to rise, your pet’s body replaces the thick undercoat meant for warmth with a lighter undercoat. The opposite happens in the fall when the temperatures fall and your pet’s body pushes out the light undercoat for a heavier one to keep them warm.

How do I overcome Shedding Season?

Get to the root of the problem—brush your pet’s fur! Then, brush it some more.  Regularly brushing out your pet’s coat helps remove any loose hair that would otherwise rub off on furniture, clothes, you name it. Unfortunately, regular brushes aren’t much help since their bristles aren’t long enough to get past the topcoat. Undercoat combs, like the FURminator for Dogs or Cats, reach under the top layer and extract the dead hair underneath without damaging the skin.

What is the FURminator?

Up to 90% of shedding can be reduced in your dog or cat with the use of the FURminator. Not only is the FURminator a great tool for both cats and dogs of all sizes, it’s perfect for long-and short-haired coats!

The FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is available for small, medium and large dogs, and offers two different sized combs to tackle long- or short-haired dogs. For our feline friends, the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats is available for small and large cats, and also features two different sized combs for long- or short-haired cats.

With the FURminator, you can reduce the amount of hair floating around your home, help eliminate your cat’s hairballs, and minimize the amount of pet dander and allergens in your home! Sounds like a WIN-WIN! Brush off Shedding Season and tackle it head-on with the FURminator.



Win a FREE FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs or Cats!

Is your pet’s shedding getting out of hand? We’re giving away one FURminator a day for a week!. Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE FURminator deShedding Tool from 1800PetMeds!
One winner will be chosen at random daily from March 1-8th, 2018, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

3/1/18: April 
3/2/18: Sondra U
3/3/18: Hilary H
3/4/18: Tina C
3/5/18: Daniel T
3/6/18: Debra F
3/7/18: Crystal B
3/8/18: Cody T

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  1. my dog sheds so bad it looks like tumble weeds flying around the house definitely could use this

  2. Jennifer AddlemanMarch 1, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Noodle and Charlotte Amelia NEED this! They leave tumble weeds of hair everywhere!

  3. My 4 dogs shed so much , my clothes are always covered in dog hair Thanks for a chance to win

  4. We have had to start dusting our house 3 times weekly because of all of the shedding. With two new puppies, I was unprepared. Would love to be able to tackle this mess 🐕🐕

  5. This would’ve great for Himalayan cat! Even though I brush him daily there’s still hair everywhere.

  6. Yes I need this very bad I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and they shed very bad would love to win this!

  7. Yes I would love to win this I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and they shed very badly thank you

  8. I’d like to win a FURminator for my brother who owns a German shepherd.

  9. My cat sheds so much I have to vacuum the bed every single day just to get his fur off of my things.

  10. My cat sheds so much I have to vacuum the bed every single day just to get his fur off of my things.

  11. The joke around our home if during shedding season, our fur babies increase by the dozens everyday, due to all the hair that accumalates around and behind furniture. When we clean, sweep, mop, we say “Got another fur baby, what should we name this one”

  12. This FURminator looks great!!

  13. we have 2 cats and 4 dogs… all but one shed …. but alas it is part of the job of being a pet parent… this item is unique and may work, our furkins are a little temperamental and right now I just use a regular hair brush.. would love to give it a try…

  14. Would love to try this… looks great

  15. Just got a German Shepherd a year old and I’m having to sweep twice a day and mop every other day
    Plus I have 4 min pins
    This would help me out so much

  16. Would love to try this. i tell all my friends how I have a furry house, and have to have washable furniture.

  17. Would love one

  18. I LOVE my FURminator and could really use another one. It saves my vacuum cleaner from all the hair. I would highly recommend this and have.

  19. I’ve got German Shedders ;D and well I need it to keep the fur down, and to save my vacuum. I would love to have one.

  20. I would love to win this!! We were just talking about how badly we need to do something about Grizz’s hair as we have a new baby due any day now!! Thank you for the chance!!!

  21. I have allergies but love my dog so I need to make sure that he is brushed everyday. I would love to have one of these. HELP.

  22. 2 German Shepherds…seem to always be shedding 🐕💕🐕

  23. Java. my 11 year old black lab mix is 40 pounds and has been getting brushed twice a month with the same furminator deshedding tool for most of her life. Best tool ever and to this day I am still amazed at the amount of hair I get off of her after brushing,

  24. Oh i would love to try! Sounds like it could do some good with my dog. Especially this time of year!

  25. I would love this for my kitty and dog, during shedding season my couch and kitchen floors require much attention for the fur babies hair!

  26. I have two furry dogs and could really use this shedding brush!

  27. My dog sheds so much, I accidentally went over to a pile of fur in the middle of the night and started petting it thinking it was the dogs head. Smh. When I got up the next morning, you should of seen my face. Yep, I need one of these bad boys to avoid another embarrassment like that one.

  28. My dogs shed so bad it looks like tumble weeds flying around the house and you could make another dog from them

  29. I would love to try the furminstor. I have 3 dogs so I am always cleaning up dog hair. The old brushes do not work very well and are messy. I have seen this product before and wondered about getting one. I sue hope I can win one.

  30. My toby bear is a border collie lab mix and hes a series shedder. Toby and i would love to win a Furminator.ty 1-800-PetMeds.com for 5he opportunity

  31. This would be perfect for our cocker, Rosie!

  32. I would love to win this for my kitten, Pudge! She has done crazy long hair can can’t from herself because her tongue is too large for her mouth.

  33. My 8 month old Golden Retriever sheds like crazy! We would love to try a Furminator!

  34. I really could have used this when my elderly dog started shedding off & on all year. Her legs weren’t strong enough to take her to the groomer anymore.

  35. I really could have used this when my elderly dog started shedding off & on all year. Her legs weren’t strong enough to take her to the groomer anymore.

  36. I would love to win one for my shed-aholic cat!

  37. I would love a furminator for the granddoggers.

  38. I have a fluffy Australian Shepherd that would love to win the furminator!

  39. Need this

  40. My 6 cats could really use this.

  41. Michelle DefibaughMarch 1, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    This could be just what I’m looking for my dog is a husky/lab mix and sheds really bad. Everyday is a fight to get it cleaned up it flies up while cleaning and some will just fall back down to the floor. It’s definitely time consuming trying to get it all off the floors. I’ve brushed and brushed him and he still sheds and baths. I could use some help! PLEASE HELP!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. my furbabies leave so much of themselves behind, I feel I have four instead of two. A furminator would be a marvelous tool to help control the shedding and make my ‘kids’ feel better

  43. I have a 95 lb Silver & Black German Shepherd and he sheds terribly 12 months out of the year lol I’m sure this would be a HUGE help!!

  44. Our groomer is always telling us to brush more, maybe this could help!

  45. I have an 8 month old German Shepherd puppy. I had no idea he would shed so much because he’s not really long haired. I am constantly vacuuming the house and brushing him. I think this would help!

  46. I really need this!

  47. Our shedding situation is definitely out of control! We have three heavy shedders in our home!

  48. Furminate me please! Our house looks like a hair factory.

  49. Catherine BradfordMarch 1, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    That one looks awesome, I bought a knock off and it does ok but would love that for my ACD Jesse

  50. Kathy O'Leary LawhornMarch 1, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    My boy, Hap, could really make use of this. He is going through a shedding phase right now and his yellow/blonde hairs are absolutely everywhere.

  51. Jessica M TaylorMarch 1, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    My Boxer sheds mountains of fur. We brush and brush and brush and my clothes are still covered in dog fur. That’s how she shows she cares maybe. 🙂

  52. I could use one for our cat who is always shedding like crazy!

  53. My kittys really need this!

  54. I love Furminator! It works so well on both the dog and the cat.

  55. MyGrand papillion needs this

  56. Jack and I would love to have this!

  57. great for shedding horses too

  58. I have a Black german shepard who constantly shedding and making my floors look dirty all the time. This would help out on vacuuming.

  59. Cindy VercelloniMarch 1, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    We have some kitties with seriously long hair and undercoats. We brush them daily and it is still hard to keep up. Perhaps the FURminator would really help?? I would love to give it a try and see. Thank you!

  60. My adorable and loving Yellow Lab Rex sheds everyday! No matter if it is winter or summer – does not matter to him. This Fruminator would be wonderful!!!!

  61. I have a lab mix girl who leaves big balls of hair all over they did an undercoat brush at the groomers and it was great! Not only did she look great but she felt amazingly soft and none of our brushes work that well. We would love to have one these

  62. Should work for my grand dog . He needs it

  63. This would be awesome to win! We have two mini aussies and they shed like crazy. Dog glitter everywhere!

  64. There is so much dog hair in my house that I can’t tell if there is a dog coming or going. The Furminator would help greatly.

  65. I borrowed a Furminator from a friend and now I need one! My cats sit still for a brushing with it where they did not stay long enough to get a good brushing with other brushes/combs.

  66. Fur eliminator with a furminator, what could be better! Will keep my fingers and paws crossed!

  67. My Plott Hound looses his fur faster than I can sweep it up!

  68. I need it absolutely. There is so much white fur from Patches its like we all have a fur coat 🙁

  69. These are fantastic and we need a new one!

  70. I would love to have a FURminator! We have four dogs and it would make life so much easier!

  71. My beautiful and loving Yellow Lab sheds 24/7! This would be great to have.

  72. could use this cat shed so much you could knit a sweater

  73. Have 8 large dogs in my home and most of them shed pretty badly. The worst shedder is my Husky mix. She has a very thick undercoat and shed out in big tufts of hair. If not combed out, when she goes out swimming in the cattle tank, she comes back smelling like a dirty gym sock, as the water stays down in her thick hair and does not dry well.

    I also volunteer with LARAS House Shelter. This is our 10 year anniversary.

  74. My dog ahead hair bad I would like to try one of them

  75. I have two German Shepherds here in Southwest Texas they are always shedding, all year round

  76. would love this for my granddogs

  77. Wow, this is something we could really use for our kittens/cats. Between the change in the season and loosing their baby fur, we have fur everywhere.

  78. As small as my dog is she does shed a lot. This would really help with all the loose hair that floats off from her.

  79. With 12 cats and 2 dogs, no one needs one worse!

  80. We would love to have one of these to help keep our babies and the house clean!

  81. MyDogs are definitely hair machines. The vacuum fills up daily and folks probably assume I wear hair shirts for something bad I did. Would love this.

  82. We have 2 cats and 1 dog that would love to brushed and dehaired.

  83. My Molly Bear his a Lab with a full coat. She needs brushing all the time,

  84. My three dogs and I are best friends. Always together. I don’t have any clothes that don’t have dog gair all over. This would help immensely!!

  85. this has really worked for my yorkie-pom

  86. We constantly have to vacuum pet hair

  87. My Molly Bear is a Lab with a beautiful coat that always needs Brushing.

  88. One of our inside cats is a long haired Ragdoll and she has been leaving fur puffs everywhere. No matter how many I pick up, she leaves behind twice as many so this would really help.

  89. Betty Kimble-BanksMarch 1, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Oh, this would be a god send. my Tyto (long hair) and Queenie (short hair) shed enough to make another dog. I would love to have one of these.

  90. Betty Kimble-BanksMarch 1, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    Oh, this would be a god send. my Tyto (long hair) and Queenie (short hair) shed enough to make another dog. I would love to have one of these.

  91. I have a dog and a cat, both of which shed like crazy. This brush will be great for both of them.

  92. I would love this for my two dogs and my cat! meow

  93. My dogs shedding does drive me nuts. I clean vacuum and sweep and it is right back the next day.

  94. My chocolate lab sheds so much it looks like we have carpet…..and we don’t. This product looks great!

  95. I run my vacuum everyday! I have a lab and I honestly don’t know how he isn’t bald with as much hair as I vacuum up everyday! LOL

  96. Furminator brushes are amazing! I have two dogs and a cat, so I would put this brush to good use!

  97. How I would love to get this for my husband to try with our 13 month old kittens/cats. They love so much to be brushed.

  98. In addition to our own lovable collie/shepherd dog, we are a foster home for golden retrievers through GRRoW. It would be great to win a FURminator and reduce those hair balls rolling throughout the house!

  99. Oh, this would be a god send. my Tyto (long hair) and Queenie (short hair) shed enough to make another dog. I would love to have one of these.

  100. like to try out seem like good comb

  101. All of the above apply! Sometimes it looks like we have carpet and we don’t. This product looks great!

  102. Desperately need one for our German Shepherd! LOL!

  103. With 4 dogs, it looks like a real bunny and not a dust bunny. HELP

  104. I would love to win this. I have 3 cats and 1 dog, they all shed and I have hard wood floors throughout my entire house. I am constantly sweeping up pet hair and it’s constantly flying around the air with them playing all the time. My furniture also collects their hair/fur. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  105. I would love to try this product for my doggies, especially with spring just around the corner!

  106. I have a two cats–one leaves hair everywhere & one doesn’t! i would love to have this product to try on our little shedder!

  107. My cats really benefit from regular combing. I bet this product would work even better! Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Victoria PellerinMarch 1, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    The FURminator would be awesome to remove all of the loose hair from my cat!

  109. My GSD is starting to blow her coat. I just looked at her and thought she needs a good brushing. Her hair is always everywhere.

  110. A must have for any pet!

  111. I have a wonderful white short haired dog that I think sheds more than a Pomeranian. It’s literally everywhere! I could really use this tool. Thanks

  112. I have some heavy shedders in my house. I need a product like this!

  113. I have a dog and a cat and they both shed like crazy! The brushes I have for them don’t really get that undercoat very well. I have to vacuum constantly and could definitely use one of these! Thank you for this opportunity!

  114. Four dogs and a cat – I could stuff a dog bed with all the hair in my house. Never can keep up. This would sure slow down the process. Plus they love the brushing.

  115. Have been using a regular comb, it seems to work but a furminator is probably better. Have 10 cats.

  116. With 2 double-coated dogs, this would be a sanity-saver!

  117. I have a seven yr old German female who sheds terribly. It’s all over , floor, furniture and clothes. Up brush her all the time and it just never ends. Help furminator we need you badly!!!

  118. Kristen PuddisterMarch 1, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    I love my bf and his dog is a sweetheart but she’s a 130lb Mastiff/St Bernard shedding beast. I’ve never seen so much fur in my life and it freaks me out. I could definitely use this in my life and use it on my little 18lb Jack Russell too!

  119. Mrs Vicki A OstendorfMarch 1, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    My dogs are so hairy. They leave big clumps of hair around the cage. Thanks for the chance.

  120. Maine Coon “Mewcus” sure could use one of these! Enough spare fur to stuff a matress 😸

  121. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  122. Our cat sheds so much! This would be a lifesaver, literally. It’s everywhere

  123. I have to wash my bedding almost daily because my dogs shed so much. I arrive at work with their hair all over me, help!

  124. I’ve heard so many good things about the furminator & have always wanted to try it since my dog does have an under coat! Now that the summer is coming soon he’ll be shedding heavily soon as well 😮

  125. I have three cats who would benefit from a Furminator!!! Would looooove to have one!!!

  126. I would love to have one to use on my two fur babies. They are cats.

  127. Hope this is the MIRACLE WORKER for the Rough collie coat and hair. Thanks SW

  128. This tool would be awesome for my three dogs. 1800 PetMeds is the best

  129. I have 4 cats 21years old 7y 6y and 2y you can imagine how much brushing I do every season if the brushenator dose the trick it will go viral on my LinkedIn account all I’m saying I give back

  130. I have 2 dogs (1 is a golden retriever) and a cat. This would be great!!!

  131. Gordon McFarlandMarch 1, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Sure could use this for our Miss Kitty She adopted us several years ago and we try to keep her groomed as she likes to be inside most of the time

  132. Buddy is a husky mix that leaves white and brown hair everywhere!

  133. Would love to win one- between my two cats and dog we have lots of shedding going on!

  134. We got a new rescue Rotty that likes to shed a lot. I bet the furninator would work great on him. Thank you for the chance

  135. This tool would be awesome for my three dogs

  136. I would definitely love to try this I have a lot of cats varying from long hair short, short hair, medium hair, and one hairless of course don’t have to worry about Stewart my hairless one, but Luna she is a long hair markings of a Siamese or a Himalayan and Maxwell a long hair orange tabby both don’t like being brushed at all and when they get mats have to pick them out by hand I really would like to win this and hope this brush would help them and myself thank you

  137. My daughter has 3 Golden Retrievers. She just bought a house and had to keep the Indies for nearly a month until her fence was completed. One dog would be a lot of hair but 3 were unbelievable. There was hair on counters, under furniture, along floor birds, etc. etc. I would truly live to win a furminator for her. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  138. My Zoe, mini Aussie and I would love to win this great product! We can really use it!

  139. I would love a FURminator for our three Pomeranians.

  140. I would love one of these, I sweep at least 3 times a day between the dog and cat. We have hardwood floors and it is around chairs, stools, furniture etc.

  141. I have 2 olde english bulldogs.. they shed pretty good.

  142. I have a golden retriever, enough said!

  143. This would be wonderful for Stella!

  144. I have 3 retired multi titled champions. They are elderly now and I am a disabled teacher. I am physically unable to groom the way I used to and cannot afford groomers. We would REALLY appreciate a new tool to try to make grooming easier on all of us. Thank you for consideration.

  145. My Borzoi service dog needs brushing daily to keep him from leaving his hair wherever we go. The Furminator may give me every other day off! That would be so great.

  146. This would work great for my tan furniture with a black cat.

  147. I have a yorki and 2 shih tzu fur babies. This would really help with my asthma control! Thanks!

  148. I so need the furminator! I have a cat named Juliet,she’s medium haired but it seems as though she’s in a constant state of shedding,no sooner do i pick hair off of a table cloth,blanket and or throw blanket,couch whatever she adopts to sleep on for the week,she has it haired up again, I keep washing what I can fit in the washer but it doesn’t stay clean for long.

  149. IF, my dog could teach my cats how not to shed we’d have the purr-fect household! BUT, since that is not going to happen I would love a FURminator for the 2 long hair cats I have!!

  150. their shedding is terrible and the brushes/combs we’ve tried all are lacking in something

  151. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I love my furbabies and when I found out I am allergic to them the doctor told me I needed to find homes for them. Well that wasn’t an option for me so I get shots twice a month and a Furminator would help me greatly in grooming them and helping my allergies. Thanks for this opportunity.

  152. This furminator would help my puppy and hopefully will help with the amount of floor cleaning I’m required to do to keep the shedding under control..

  153. Due to my dogs shedding, an Australian Sheppard mix, probably with a black lab. Myself, and every other thing in the house, AND car are covered in dog hair. He was 8 y/o when I adopted him, and his fur drug on the floor. He’d been to 5 different shelters, in 3 different states before he came home with me. He’d spent 18 months bouncing around the shelters, and at no point had he been brushed. We’ve now been together 2 years, but we will have lifelong problems with his “coat” and skin due to going so long without getting brushed. We have actually looked at the FURminator at PetSmart, but can’t afford one. Between both our health problems, there just not the money to take care of the shedding issue. Thank you for your time!!!!

  154. My dog likes to shed. I think it’s his hobby to shed his fur in the house and watch me clean it up or he thinks it’s funny.

  155. MICHAEL CHEVILLOTMarch 1, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    This would be such a blessing. What a great and wonderful product. Thanks for giving back and the chance to win one.

  156. A Furminator would be awesome! We have 2 cats. Our flame point sheds so much. He is indoor only, so there is always fur on the furniture. Thank you for the chance!

  157. This sounds like I definitely need the Furminator!! I have 3 long hair cats and a dog with hair everywhere.

  158. I sure could use one. He likes to shed and watch me clean it up.

  159. I would love this for my dogs. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with syringemylia who is 11 yrs old and sheds a lot. We thought that she was nearing the end of her life and recently adopted a border collie puppy who also sheds. The spaniel has caught her second wind and is doing good now which I am very thankful for. But now we have two shedding pupps!

  160. My dog totally needs this!! Horrible shedding! Haha.

  161. I would love this Furminator for my 2 dogs. My daughter took in 5 cats so I know she will want one too!
    I heard they work great!

  162. My 2 Shepherd mixes have thick coats, and I would love to try this out with them.

  163. I would love a Furminator I have 2 Siberian Huskies and they shed a lot.

  164. Phyllis SkoglundMarch 1, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I was amazed by how many fur bearing animals go through this hair shedding.

  165. This would be great for my pup!!

  166. I need one of these!

  167. Fantastic product for all climates!

  168. FRANK ALBARRACINMarch 1, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    My Gracie and I would love a Furminator!

  169. Stephanie HartsogMarch 1, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    I would so love to win this. I have a goberian, and he sheds uncontrollably. I have a new baby at the house, and this would be a super help.

  170. Meeko and Lollipop do not shed much but it’s spring in Florida! Everything sheds in the spring in Florida. This would be great!

  171. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who sheds a lot. She has syringemylia and is 11 yrs old. We thought she was nearing the end of her life and recently adopted a border collie puppy. The Cavalier is now doing better but we now have two dogs that shed and hair all over the house. The Cavalier has to be brushed daily or get hair gets matted. I love both my dogs and want the best for them.

  172. nice!

  173. I really need one for my German Shepherd (and other 3 dogs!)

  174. Great giveaway–my grandson’s dog Oreo needs this brush badly!

  175. This sounds like a perfect solution to a hairy problem!

  176. I think u could brush my dog’s all day an come back later and brush out the same amount, send mine today.

  177. I’ve always had pugs so you guys already know they shed all year round. This could be a great tool to have!

  178. It’s spring in Florida and everything sheds! Meeko and Lollipop will love this.

  179. With four cats and Spring coming up? Yep, we need theFURminator!!

  180. I need this horribly. My Jigga is only 10 lbs but I think he sheds about 5 lbs of fur a week. My bf hates the hair on everything. Pillows, comforters, clothes. I hate limiting where he can be. This would help keep the peace in our house lol

  181. You’ll be amazed at how much your dog sheds… the furminator keeps pulling more out…

  182. I told my Wheaten dog to teach the cats not to shed!! But since she’s not a very good teacher…we need this bad for the 2 long hair cats we have!!

  183. I own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and we all know (unless you are not at all familiar with the breed) that they are descendants from the spitz breeds. They have a tremendous amount of undercoat. I have to pay my groomer (who uses a Furminator) extra to relieve this shedding problem. This is why I should be chosen as your winner of the Furminator to help cut down on my grooming costs! Thanks for allowing me to enter your giveaway!

  184. Hayley NicholsonMarch 1, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Would love to win one to take care of my little one. She sheds and it’s tough to take care of her if she isn’t trimmed up. So this would make those in between grooming days easier.

  185. My dog Max could definitely use this. His breed is half German Shepherd and Border Collie. So his shedding is non-stop all year long.

  186. I have a terminator for my cat and would love one for my dog. My vet says he grows more hair than all of her client dogs. His hair is all over our house!

  187. My pets shed bad in the summer and this would be perfect for all five of them.

  188. My cats shed like crazy, so this would come in very handy!

  189. I rescue cats so it would come in handy for all my critters

  190. Oh, yes, I know all about those little tufts of undercoat Jasper leaves all over our house. A FURminator would be wonderful to have.

  191. Roger CampanozziMarch 1, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    The Furminator would really help with our bundle coated pit bull mix Bailey. I try and comb her once a week, but it doesn’t get it all. We would love to have a free one!
    Thanks 800 PetMeds!
    Bailey and the Campanozzi Family

  192. We Have Two Cats the Older Male Does Not Shed as Much as The Younger Female and She gets a Knoted Hair
    In Spots and Has Blck Hair. Brush He Twice a Day to Keep Some of the Hair From Gettin On Things . Help.

  193. Debra Lynn WohlhuterMarch 1, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    WISH WISH!! 3 long haired kitties (Pockets, Mushy, Hodor) and a corgi/shepherd mix (Gaia) and 8 other sweet furries who sheeeeeeeeed!!!! (Charlie,Howler,Hedwiggles,Bitsy,Capo,Guardian,Simbakoo and Babycakes!!! Mwah!

  194. All I can say is I have a Siberian Husky and I have tried many brushes and have gotten many types but none seem to do the job. I never knew the complete definition of shedding until I got a husky, but I would not have it any other way love her shedding hair and all 🙂

  195. A FURminator would reallu keep the “fur from flying” between my husband and me about the cat hair on the love seat! Thanks

  196. Whoa. Game changer. Zues has so much hair and shedding and I swear I eat dog hair at every meal.

  197. Between our dog and cat, we are always fighting the fur battle. This would be great!

  198. David MendelsohnMarch 1, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    I have a Sheltie and a Collie. Chase (the Sheltie) loves to be groomed but Ginger (the Collie) HATES it! I’m hoping that a Furminator will make grooming fun for both of them.

  199. Hello Pet Meds, I would be very happy to win a FURminator and so would Tex. He sheds enough to make another dog, about every other day.

  200. I would love a FURminator for my three dachshunds. They shed so much hair and I find it everywhere. It’s always a “fun” surprise when you go to eat and find some dog hair in your food.

  201. My husky is a shedding machine. He sheds so much fur in a day that you could build another husky. Definitely need any help we can get over here. 😅😅😅😅

  202. Milo sheds alot and this would be great.

  203. I have short haired dogs and would love to have a furminator to use on them

  204. Maggie

    Help I need a Furminator the cat hair is everywhere and I can’t keep it vaccuumed up !

  205. My short-haired pugs shed often. Yet, they love to have the fur brushed. The Furminator would be perfect for them.

  206. Roberta ComercheroMarch 1, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    How does one cat shed that much? I could make three new cats a day with all that fur flying!

  207. My cat demands two brushings per day. One upon waking and one from the first person to get home in the afternoon. I bet she would love the FURminator. I bet I would love it more because even with two brushings a day, she still sheds everywhere!

  208. I have 2 Siamese cats they shed alot my big cat gets hairballs to fast hes 16pounds our house is too dry so they get bad dandruff

  209. Help the cat hair is everywhere I can’t keep it vacuumed up !

  210. A FURminator would be awesome for my two labs. I love my furbabes but oh do they shed!! Not sure how they have fur still!!!

  211. I could make blankets from the amount of fur that my dogs shed.

  212. This would be a godsend for my Maine Coon. My stars does that cat have thick, full coat and his fur is everywhere!

  213. My cats get bad dandruff house is too dry my cat gets hairballs too much hes 16 pounds theres hair everything on my bed

  214. My cats get bad dandruff house is too dry my cat gets hairballs too much hes 16 pounds theres hair everything on my bed

  215. Would love to win this for my son’s 120 lb dog. It would be very useful

  216. A FURminator would be amazing! It just might help my dogs from shedding so much!

  217. Phylicia PhillipsMarch 1, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Our first winter with Zoe and our house and family is hating the black lab hair everywhere! Thanks for the chance

  218. I have a pomeranian mix whose coat get matted rather often even though i brush him out. I think he needs help getting the shedding hair out and most brushes have a difficult time doing just that. I need a FURminator to regulate his chaotic but beautiful hair.

  219. Lyric never stops shedding!! There isn’t a season for him because it is non stop. We need a furminator of some sort for the rest of the house too lol.

  220. I have three cats and one dog. The dog isn’t bad but the cats are horrible, hair is everywhere.

  221. My pug sheds so much. I have an off brand of a furminator, but what PetSmart can do with the real thing is amazing. I would love to win this. Also I didn’t know there was a cat version now. I would love to win my Maine Coone/Russian Blue mix a nice brush.

  222. Not only does she shed a lot, she loves to give kisses and get right up in your face. Sweet, cute, and lovable. Can’t get better. Love the cat, If only the hair didn’t stay in your face. lol

  223. What an awesome device. The Furminator would be perfect for my fur-babies. No matter how much I brush & brush, they’re always shedding.

  224. Angela HendricksMarch 1, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    I have two dogs, one of which sheds badly. I have to vacuum every 1 to 2 days otherwise I see little blond hairs all over the floor. Thanks for the chance!

  225. I foster and have dogs and cats (my children) and have a hard time keeping up with all the hair. I think this tool would be an amazing way to keep the house clean from all the hair. I would love to win one! Thanks for the chance! 😁

  226. This would be great to have to use on my Maine Coone cat. She loves to be brushed and I think this would work really well on her.

  227. I have an older version of the Furminator. Unfortunately, a young puppy chewed up the handle, so it is not as easy to use. I would love to have a new one!!

  228. would love to try it out on my dog always looking for new ways to brush and make him enjoy it

  229. My Buster Douglas needs this so bad! He’s a sloughi mix and I absolutely adore him!!

  230. I have a Persian kitty so there is fur every where. My poor Gizmo gets mats that need to be combed or cut all the time.

  231. I love my doggy, but not his fur, it shows up everywhere, some places are baffling! I would be very excited to win a Furminator!

  232. I just swiffered the floor because my 3 cats and my dog are shedding so bad. I told my hubby that I was cleaning up our new pet. lol

  233. BB the cat has recently been loosing the softest fur on the carpet where he “wrestles” with GB the cat. I’m thinking this stuff could be woven into a scarf if I can get enough and can find someone to do that. Good luck to everyone.

  234. Christina naugleMarch 1, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    My fur babies shed so much I just pet down her back and boy there is lots of hair

  235. with four dogs the shedding never ends, would love to try one.

  236. With 14 rescue cats and 2 longhair Chihuahuas theres a lot of hair and brushing going on here.

  237. What a nifty tool to combat shedding! My Gracie girl sheds mounds of black hair which means I brush her constantly! The Furminator would be the perfect tool to combat shedding by reaching the undercoat better than a conventional brush could. That way my girl could spend less time brushing and more time playing!

  238. I have one cat whose shedding really comes in waves, lol. I find his dark gray hair every where when its that time. He loves to curl up on blankets that are left around the house for him and those blankets can get pretty covered if I don’t “de-fur” them regularly. Luckily he doesn’t cough up too many hairballs but he still needs a good, regular brushing. I would love to try the FURminator for his undercoat 🙂

  239. My collie hates to be brushed so she gets so matted hoping this would help.

  240. We rescued a lab in September and she really sheds!!! We could really use the furminator!

  241. I sure could use a FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs . I am constantly vacuuming and picking up pet hair on a daily basis. I love my Benji boy but he is a hairy beast.

  242. I have three dogs that would all benefit from a furminator!

  243. I have a dog that looked like a red husky when I saw her at the shelter at 4 weeks old. 3 weeks later when the gentleman who was fostering her brought her to me 3 weeks later to complete the adoption, she now turned brown & beige and only had a widow’s peak of brown on her forehead and what I call the “Shephard Saddle” of dark brown fur on her back. This makes me think that her mom (she was found running the streets of Jersey City, NJ at 4 wks old following her Husky mom) was a Husky and I think that her dad was probably a German Shephard. She turned 7 years old this past October and I have been putting up with excessive shedding all year round. I don’t only have a the Husky shedding but I also have the German Shephard shedding as well. I really would love this Furminator as it would make my life so much easier. Whenever I get guest come over my house I make sure that they like dogs as when my dog jumps on the blanket on the couch she usually leaves part of her behind in the form of tufts of fur that gravitate toward anyone who sits on the couch.

  244. Would love to win the FURminator for my dog!

  245. Tumbling furballs are everywhere from our rescue cats. It would surely help.

  246. Our kitties could sure use this!

  247. Robert (Bob) WINFREYMarch 1, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    I have two dogs I adopted to save them. They have medium long hair. I brush them on a regular basis but the hair still comes off of them. It is everywhere. I sweep and vacuum every day and there is still hair. I would love to win one of these brushes it would save me alot of time and make my wife very happy and you know a happy wife makes a happy home. Thanks and please help me out.

  248. My kitties would love a good brushing!

  249. My poor Alexandra needs this. She sheds 2 white cats every other day!

  250. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats shedding is a huge problem around here would love to have this needless to say

  251. I would love to win this we have 5 cats and a dog and a rabbit and they all shed

  252. I have 2 Shiba Inu dogs. If anyone has one they know how much they shed. You can brush and brush all day long and still cannot get all the fur. Constant battle every spring and fall.

  253. Furballs everywhere from our rescue cats. This would surely help.

  254. This would be great for my fur baby !!

  255. Cockers don’t have an undercoat, but I think one of mine does, so he must be a mix.

  256. My wire haired daschund could really use this. She sheds so much and this would really help out.

  257. Debra MontgomeryMarch 1, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Would be great not to have my Pomeranian’s and spanials fur everywhere!!!

  258. My cats would definitely benefit from the FURminator!

  259. Amy SchlesselmanMarch 1, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Would love to win one for either my cat or my dog…tumbleweed season is coming!

  260. My cat is a Norwegian Forest cat with long hair. If I don’t brush her all the time I have to cut away mangled tufts of hair and she hates that. This brush might help keep her untangled.
    Thanks for your help.

  261. Holy Cow! Look how many people need a Furminator! Well, Baby G could use one and if it helps her, it helps me. She is a long hair domestic cat so she has one of those undercoats. Trust me if we don’t start brushing her before spring comes in, we be up the creek with a tufted hairy cat!

  262. Wow, how cool is that? I think my cat would love that even more than me.

  263. Luckily we have a killer vacuum because I have had to break it out every day this shedding season so far! My lab mix luckily loves being brushed but I have yet to find anything the even puts a dent in helping her shedding process.

  264. Out 3 furry family members she’d like crazy. It would be a blessing to win a furminator for them. The oldest is a Chow mix and the youngest 2 are labs.

  265. I totally need one of these!! We have a yellow lab Pheonix and our black pants are starting to have yellow spec’s!! Could really use this for him!

  266. Lisa HendricksonMarch 1, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    My. Cats and dogs shed terribly…i would love this product and so would they!!!

  267. Talk about shedding! We have two lab mix, a Sheltie, and a wire hair. My grandson vacuums every day and the canister is full enough to build another medium dog. Better shedding than no dogs.

  268. My sheltie has a very dense undercoat and since I have hand problems it is very difficult to brush him adequately. This tool would really help me keep him well groomed.

  269. I am the Shelter Manager, we use these on dogs with thick fur, and my Wife is a groomer and uses hers all the time! We love them!

  270. my do is a chihuahua and he sheds A Lot, i always wantto cuddle with her but can’t because ofher constant shedding and leaving my clothes furry. I am also allergic to her hair but if i could prevent so much shedding i would probably cuddle her more.

  271. Christina GisewhiteMarch 1, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Would love to lessen the shedding on my American bulldog and cats. Thanks for the opportunity!

  272. My two fur babies shed so bad I have to vacuum almost daily…. the floors, the couch, the chair…..

  273. My black cat loves to be brushed so I would love to have one!

  274. Abby is a first generation Labradoodle who sheds like a lab 365 days a year! While I don’t mind sporting her ” glitter” I do carry a lint roller in her therapy dog kit as not all are into “glitter. A terminator just might work better than the stripping knife we currently use. I would love to try one!

  275. Absolutely would love this for my Mom’s cat, she has 2-3 different brushes that are used daily, & then she has to go to a groomer ever 3 weeks, because she has such a coat of fur!! My sister finally figured out the every 3 week schedule was best, any longer & the poor cat was coughing up hairballs. Seems like it took a couple of YEARS of trying diet changes, & whatever before they finally figured this regimen out. It works, cat doesn’t like the groomer experience at all & one of the brushes she’ll only tolerate for a very short amount of time!! Just a regular ginger tabby, that’s what she appeared to be, but wow! The amount of cat hair removed with 2-3 different brushes daily, every day & then a groomer, too! Amazing!

  276. I have an old English bulldog, and have been trying everything to get his shutting under control. I am using shed X products, and it seems to work a little but not enough.

  277. I have a long hair golden retriever, a long hair black cat and my son got a short hair domestic. I never thought the short hair would shed more than the other two. But each time we pet her there’s a handful of her fur left. Silly kitties

  278. I rescue stray cats, so I always have a houseful. I also have quite a few of my own, and they love to sleep with me. A FURminator would certainly help!!

  279. Would love to have one of these for my pup, Coby! He’s always leaving his white hairs on my bed and clothes. Would really be a convenience!

  280. I could use a large dog furminator for my foster dog Shadow. He has an extremely thick undercoat as he is a Chow mix. His previous family neglected his coat and he need some serious brushing!

  281. Thanks for the chance to win. With four dogs 🐶 there are always balls of fluff, EVERYWHERE!

  282. With 2 large outdoor dogs,
    2 outdoor cats,
    3 indoor cats,
    and an indoor dog, the FURminator will never be bored and have plenty of work.

  283. Furminators are great! One other thing that has helped my two dogs is putting a little salmon oil on their food at each meal. My dog that has never needed a haircut before due to her shedding now has a thick and fluffy coat. My other with skin issues has greatly improved.

  284. I need this so badly!

  285. My Jack Russell mix looks like tumble weed & cat sheds invisible until the floor gets swept.
    Furminator would be great


  286. My flattie Bruschi is such a bad shedder, he is worse than the cats for having hair balls from licking himself. I brush him twice a week, but being 15 yrs old, his warts, and fatty tumors I worry about irritation and infections.

  287. I have 4 cats and now that the wether is starting to warm up.they are all shedding alot more.

  288. my Jack Russell mix looks like tumble weed & cat hair is invisible untill swept up

  289. I have 3 cats and four dogs and the hair is so out of control, no ordinary brush does the job right

  290. My girls, Misha and Abbey Normal, both have short black hair!!! I have all my furniture covered with various throws and beach towels. My beds are all covered with white cotton hospital blankets. So you can’t enjoy the beauty that is my home! I truly believe the Furminator would let me show off my home as well as my shiny well-groomed girls!!

  291. My cat’s fur shed alot and she likes to be brushed. Furminater will be great for her.

  292. I never win anything….please pick me for my fur baby Rosebud🌹

  293. Would love to win this!

  294. would love to win this

  295. I could knit a sweater every weekend the way my Sandy sheds!!

  296. Frank and Betty do shed alot

  297. I could use a FREE FURminator deShedding Tool! My two pups shed like crazy.

  298. Shedding season is terrible at our house between the 3 dogs, 7 cats AND 4 horses, a Furminator would be a God send here!!!

  299. Our collie, Sassie, could certainly use this with our help!

  300. This would be great for my

  301. This would be great for my dog

  302. Two Siberian Huskies means a lot of hair 🙂

  303. Christine JourdanMarch 1, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    Would make life much easier with Kiki and Kosmo….Keesond bonding with time

  304. Hi!! I have 3 beautiful rescues, Carly Eileen, Sofia Maria and Bobby Tommy…..my very own “Furminator” would be most useful in our lovely family. thanks

  305. Christine JourdanMarch 1, 2018 at 4:20 pm


  306. Marelyn WestfallMarch 1, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    We have used a Furmionator before on a little dog, loved what it did for our little one, However, we now have two large, very furry, shedding dogs that shed a tremendous amount in the heat here, so we would love to have a large one to help with our allergies more importantly, their health and well being, especially in the severe heat of the summer.

  307. My husky sheds a lot, so I’d love to win this.

  308. Oh, boy! I’d love to have a FURminator! We could create little puppies with all of the fur that’s left behind by our dog! 🙂

  309. I would LOVE to have one of these Furminators. With 2 dogs and 7 cats (all were strays at one time.) , This would b WONDERFUL. At times you could make a sweater or another dog or cat with all the hair that accumulates I my house. PLEASE find it in your heart to send me one. The animals and myself would greatly appreciate it. Thank you And God bless.

  310. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN. I suffer with severe RA and this tool would be a God send. Thanks 1-800-PetMeds.

  311. So much fur!

  312. This is a genius invention! I need it.

  313. I need to shave my dog, even when I shave her, she still sheds constantly

  314. This would be wonderful, just in time for my new husky/lab puppy that i’m getting!

  315. I have two huskies. Needless to say, the Furminator is essential.

  316. I have 8 dogs and this would be a lifesaver! I mean I love my “frenchie glitter” but just not all the time

  317. My house is 90% dog hair, regardless of whether its shedding season or not, so I think this would be a useful tool to have for my floofers!

  318. Bonnie WhisenhuntMarch 1, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Toby could really use this his hair is so thick

  319. Eli, Sampson and my vacuum cleaner would love to win this tool! Thanks!

  320. This would be awesome to win. My fur baby, Reagan sheds like crazy. As much as he sheds you would think he would be bald. I have a soft bustle brush I’ve been using but it’s not getting the job done. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  321. Would love to win one my dog needs this.

  322. This would be amazing! I used my neighbors before and was impressed! Thanks for the chance!!

  323. So much fur!!

  324. I have one and bought one for my step daughter and they are great! They live up to the advertising. I can always use another to pack for travel.

  325. Would cut down on all the tumble weeds we have, I have a pekingese!

  326. I have 6 cats, all long hair and this would really help with the shedding which is right now starting, boy its a real mess every year.

  327. What a great idea! I should get one of these for my cats!

  328. We love the dog one and could use a cat one as well

  329. Please! My dog (german shepard) sheds sooooo bad!!!! I need this! Help!!

  330. This is so pawsome! All my dogs have thick coats so a furminator would be so helpful and appreciated!

  331. Our cat and our daughters dog really needs this tool

  332. With 10 cats and one large dog-we could sure use a Furminator!

  333. Our German Shepherd is terrible about shedding! I sure could use this Furminator.
    I have been buying her med’s from 1-800-PEDMEDS. Very please with the service.

  334. My beautiful Golden Retriever dispenses puppy sized hairballs on a regular basis. I need one of these desperately!! My wife will love ❤️ this too!!

  335. With 8 cats, this sure would be handy.

  336. I have heard raves about this product! I have one dog, and one cat, and between the two of them, I feel like I could build a new pet everyday from all the hair I sweep off the floor! LOL!! 🙂

  337. My mother’s dog has short hair which sheds constantly leaving hair everywhere. Sam, her dog, needs help with removing loose hairs from his coat before shedding.

  338. Would love to win this for my Masweiler, Rogue!

  339. We’ve got 11 cats and it sounds like this would be a huge help in dealing with the stray fur!

  340. My poor Scotty (Brittney Spaniel) sheds a lot and this will help me immensely.

  341. I need this badly!!! I have 1 rescue dog, and 5 rescue cats, who shed like crazy! I’ve tried so many types of brushes, but none work that great. I’d LOVE to try a FURminator!!!!

  342. I have 3 cocker spaniels and they all shed. One of them has terrible allergies and her hair grows really fast which only complicates the problem. A furminator would help to solve some of the itching and scratching problems for Fannie Mae.

  343. would love to try it on my dog

  344. would love to try it

  345. Everyday I sweep up another dog. Then vacuum up more. It’s everywhere.

  346. Would be great to win the furminator. My dog and cat shed a lot. Would make for less hair to deal with. The pets would be happy and I would be happy too.🙏🏻

  347. I need this in my life with a rottie and 2 Labs who shed like crazy. I cannot keep up with all the brushing

  348. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs that shed sooooo bad. There is hair everywhere. I would love to win.

  349. my golden needs this. He is so hairy every time I brush him I end up with enough fur to make another dog!

  350. Would love to win one for my 4 cats!

  351. Could use one. We look like we sat on a dog before we walk out of the house.

  352. I watch dogs for several of my friends and would love to brush the pups and send them home sleek and shiny!

  353. i foster dogs and they are shedding like crazy

  354. I would love to give this tool a try.I have two cats and two dogs.

    I will need order my Iverheart soon.I hope it is stock.

  355. whenever we comb our schnauzers hairs are left everywhere all over our clothes, not sure if this furminator would help but couldn’t hurt to get one try it out! Thanks for having this giveaway for a chance to win one!

  356. My groomer says my yorkie has the thickest hair she has seen. If she is not brushed everyday her hair is matted.

  357. My long haired cat leaves fur everywhere. Plus, no matter how much I brush her, she still gets snarls that I have to try to carefully cut off. I’d love to try this. Thanks for the chance!

  358. Could definitely use one of these for my dogs!

  359. Having a Sheltie who sheds like crazy this would be awesome to have, her birthday is coming up the big 11 years old and Lola still loves to look her best❤️❤️🎉

  360. Have been struggling with fur fur-ever! Please help my pup be the best she can be! Thanks!

  361. My little Sheltie leaves tumbleweeds all over our house. I don’t think she got the memo about the twice a year shedding – she sheds more like twice a day! LOL.

  362. I have 10 rescue cats, and one of them is a Turkish Angora. They all shed like crazy. I have to vacuum several times a day, including my bed. This awesome brush would help out a lot!

  363. I have two dogs, one, Jack, a Border Collie cross and the other, Reny, an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Jack has a very thick double coat and sheds like crazy all year long. I could certainly use a FURminator. We are swimming in dog hair.

  364. I have 2 German Shepherds and they shed a ton!

  365. my cat has dander, this will help remove lower hair

  366. my big cat has dander, this will work great to help him

  367. After pulling the carpet and sweeping hardwood floors, I can make a coat out of the hair I sweep up on a daily basis. This product could perhaps cut down on some of the fur.

  368. Fluffy husky. The End. 🙂 (thank you).

  369. Will help when you have 5 that like to leave there fur everywhere in the house

  370. I have 3 dogs and they shed alot. I could really use a furminator.

  371. The Furminator would be great to have for our golden retriever and would beat lugging around the vacuum on a daily basis.

  372. Oh, there’s a shedding season! I think my 2 girls missed that memo. Lol Sage brush sized hair balls here!

  373. Oh, there’s a shedding season? I think my 2 girls missed that memo! Lol Sage brush sized hair balls here, All year round!

  374. I would not know how to act not to have pet hair in my home. 3 dogs, 2 cats, I woukd be THRILLED!!!!!

  375. Two severely arthritic hands, one big brown dog. ‘Nuff said? Pick me! Pick me!

  376. This would be a great tool for my furbabies, i could knit a blanket from the shedding my dogs do LOL, would love to win this and tey it out, tired of sweeping every day 😁

  377. Brush in a.m. and in p.m. I got a rough coat Collie, don’t need to say more!

  378. we find our pups’ hair floating all over the place

  379. Katie sheds a ton hope we win so we can stop buying so many lint brushes!

  380. These brushes are amazing!!!! Great for cats too!

  381. With seven cats the fur is always here, there and everywhere. We love them, that’s why we gave these former strays a good home but it can be fur-ocious and a Furminator would be purr-fect.

  382. Even my pit bull with short hair sheds! Must have!

  383. Love furminator products!

  384. Wow, could we ever use a Furminator!! We have seven cats in our house, all shedding at the same time. So you can imagine all the hair that’s around our house! Thank you for this opportunity!

  385. melissa gabehartMarch 1, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    My golden sheds so much right now I brush and brush. He sees me with his brush he lays down and rolls over on his side waiting to get brushed.

  386. I just rescued Tater from the humane society. He is mixed Pomeranian.He needs brushed daily.This would help a lot with shedding.Would love to win this!

  387. We have two indoor cats and they are shedding like crazy. Everywhere I look there is fur.. ugh!

  388. My dog Bobo, is a black lab and sheds a great deal where my carpet looks awful because of all his hair. I could use a shedding tool really bad. I work five days a week and vacuuming is not my favorite pastime. I love him so much and I would love to have a tool to make him look his best.

  389. My rescue dog Brewster is hound mix and he sheds like crazy. Your brush would be such an asset to me. Thank you for considering me.

  390. My pup loves getting her coat brushed!, this would definitely come in handy!!!

  391. This is exactly what I need for my two cats!

  392. This is a very timely giveaway prize for me. My dogs are starting to shed their winter coats and I need a Furminator!

  393. Our furry baby just loves to share her hair throughout the entire house much to her mom’s chagrin and allergies. Four paws down, we would really appreciate a Furminator!

    Thank you.

  394. I just got a German Shepherd puppy and could definitely use one of these.

  395. Irene AntonaccioMarch 1, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    This looks like a great product. I could really use this for my dog who seems to constantly shed.

  396. What a wonderful tool, I have 2 little girls ( Min Pins ) and they shed so much I am constantly using baby wipes on the sofa so they don’t cause more breathing problems for me. Would love to have to have this item, the girls sleep in the bed also and the hairs are like I had 2 giant dogs, and I run the vacuum every other day. I have been placing orders for years for my pets and wow have I had lots The advantage for fleas is great for dogs and cats.

  397. With 8 kitties I am always brushing hair off my clothes. With summer coming it would help with the shedding.

  398. Yes PLEASE!!

  399. I just welcomed my 3rd cat into my family, along with 2 dogs. I seriously need this.

  400. Meow! Bow Wow! That’s cat and dog for “Yup, I shed!”

  401. With 5 kitties we have our fair share of fur flying about. This would definitely help to keep it in line.

  402. That looks like an awesome tool and could really do wonders on my 2 girls that shed all over the sofa and the comforter on the bed these girls are in charge LOL

  403. I wonder if the handle is good for a left to use. I would like to use the Furminator to get to the area under my cat’s chin.


  405. With 2 min pins shedding all over the sofa and comforter on my bed and vacuum every other day, This tool could answer all my hair problems from the girls.

  406. Sure could use this product to help out with the endless shedding my border collie goes through

  407. Oscar (feline) sheds quite a bit. He’s orange and white. I am always finding the white hair in inappropriate places. I’m sure the orange hair there too, but for some reason I just don’t notice it.

  408. The Furminator will give my vacuum cleaner a much needed break.

  409. Fur, fur everywhere! SAVE ME!

  410. Claudia BravermanMarch 1, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    Every morning, I have to take 3 damp sponges to rub off all the Border Collie hair from the couch cover…help !!!!

  411. My cats leave hair everywhere and this would make cleaning it up much easier

  412. Louise RynkewiczMarch 1, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    5 dogs = lotsa love but also lotsa fur. A Furminator would help get the shedding under control.

  413. I could definitely use one. Two husky boys , one year olds, starting their first true shredding already.

  414. That’s 100% yes! Our bichion terrier sheds so much and I love black clothing so I’m always using our lint brush. This would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance!

  415. We have a Chocolate Lab & Catahoola mix, which we love a lot. But she sheds a lot. This product would make my life easier with much less vacuuming.

  416. Yes! Shedding undercoats has started in our house already for spring and I can sure use a good brush for our Pugs!

  417. There is so much undercoat shedding happening right now at my house. I could use a great brush for my Pugs!

  418. This would be an amazing win! My Rottie shreads a lot….

  419. I would like to get my new puppy used to this type of grooming. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  420. Hello, I would like to win a FURminator please :o)

  421. Oh em gee! My Swissy sheds all year long, losing entire coats twice a year! This would be amazing!

  422. Really could use a Furminator for my Dog Jake, a heavy shedder.

  423. Would love to have one !

  424. I would donate one to our local Southern Wisconsin Humane Society.

  425. I inherited a very hairy cat. Need one of these!

  426. German Shedders….Fur everywhere.

  427. Have heard so much about this product would love to give it a try, my rescue is having a blow now and could sure use it.

  428. My dog sheds a ridiculous amount every single day!

  429. Winning this would be great.

  430. This would be such a help with all my tumbleweed rolling around. Everywhere I turn there is a ball of fur rolling about. Thanks for the chance!!

  431. I really need something to get rid of the fur balls!!!!

  432. I certainly could use a new furminater for my 6 rescue dogs and 4 cats. I have been using the same one for 10 years now!

  433. Would love to try the on my cat. His undercoat gets matted every winter.

  434. Sometimes I think my carpet has more fur than my border collie 😉

  435. I would love to win this for my dog! She is currently shedding once again. Thanks for the chance.

  436. I would love to win this to see if it helps. We adopted a Labradoodle last year, and HO BOY! He’s got that flyaway kinda fur that a regular brush or one of the brush gloves doesn’t even do a bit of good.

  437. I have had 2 Siberian Huskies – They do shed ! I now have a Black Lab – thought they didn’t shed as bad . Well they don’t- but nearly as baad ! This FURminater looks like it might really help & I do need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  438. This would be great for Scarlett! She is constantly shedding everywhere. It then blows under our furniture and makes hair bunnies. 😑😑😑

  439. Was recommended to try FURminator out as our terrier has a double coat.

  440. Would like to try FURminator out as our terrier has a double coat.

  441. Love ❤️ the name, Furminater!

  442. I have 2 Chichauhaus and lots and lots of hair!

  443. Would like to try FURminator out as our terrier has a double coat!

  444. Two dogs and too much hair everywhere else but on the dogs.

  445. Between 2 cats and 2 grown dogs – this sounds like it would solve many of my problems with shedding!!

  446. Between two cats and two dogs – this sounds like to would solve many of my shedding problems!

  447. My daughter has one similiar to this and now I need my own, 2 dogs and they both shed. I would LOVE this tool.

  448. I have two cats and they leave alot of hair to clean up, would love to win this.

  449. I have a husky/malamute mix and she sheds all year! I haven’t yet tried the furminator but would love to so I can hopefully better maintain her coat and reduce the shedding.

  450. My sweet Albus Dumbledore is the first cat I have ever had that loves to be brushed! He runs to me whenever I ask him if he’s ready to be groomed.

  451. Shana HendricksonMarch 1, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    My furrbutts have double coats, we live in a huge hair ball with walls.

  452. My dog has a thick coat and I have tried other brushes that haven’t been much help so I would like to try the furminator and see if I get better results for her shedding and keeping it nicely groomed.

  453. SueEllen WilliamsMarch 1, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    I need this for my grand-puppy that visits often!

  454. I would love to win one for my golden retriever!

  455. our rescue critters could really use one

  456. My cat Waffle has Hypo-Thyroid and is super thin since she has lost a lot of weight. She has many knots of fur all over her that she won’t let me get out. I wonder if this would work on her fur knots? It would be a blessing to her if it did! Thank you.

  457. This is awesome!!

  458. My two fur babies 😻😻 constantly shed so this would help keep all of that loose hair under control!

  459. My dog goes everywhere with me! To work and back everyday, so he’s in my car a lot and loves to leave his white hairs behind. So on the rare occasion that I get dressed up to go somewhere guess where those hairs end up? I could definitely use a furminator for the sake of my poor car!

  460. I have animal hair everywhere! I would especially love to try it on my cat Kai though because he often gets mats. Thanks for the chance to win.

  461. My older long hair kitty could really use something to help with her thick undercoat and shedding!

  462. My dog Sugar sheds so much I am amazed that she has hair. She is white & my hubby complains about her shedding I appreciate this opportunity to win

  463. Lots of cats mean lots of hair. Enough said. 🙂

  464. my dogs shed so much! this would be great!

  465. I have a pomapoo Koda Bear and an American Eskimo Momo and they blow their whole coat twice a year and this would be a great help so we arent covered in hair! Thx for the chance!

  466. Both of my dogs shed so much! This would be great!

  467. With six cats, two of whom are long-hair, this would be put to good use in our house!

  468. My two dogs, Roxy and Ghost, shed severely. Every time I try to get one of these, they’re always sold out. I would love to have one of these and I appreciate the chance to win one!

  469. The Furminator looks like a wonderful product. We have 6 rescue critters so we deal with lots of hair.

  470. I have five rescue dogs and three cats. They all shed like crazy. This would be so amazing to get. I’m tired of hair on me , my furniture and my carpet. I think getting excess hair off of them would make them feel so much better. My kitten gets so many hair tangles from her long hair I’m always trying to brush or cut them out and i feel so bad doing that. Thanks for the chance to win. You guys are all amazing and really show your love for pets. You are my go to pet supply site.

  471. My golden retriever sheds more than any dog in the world.

  472. Would love to try this! Small dog but big sheds! Lol

  473. Spook & Max need a FURminator real bad , would love to win one 🙂

  474. This was informative! I have to vacuum daily and I have a short hair dog!! Would love to try this!

  475. WOW! I’d love to #Win a FREE FURminator deShedding Tool from 1800PetMeds and keep my furniture looking great this Summer!!!

  476. Max & Spook really need a FURminator , would love to win one for them 🙂

  477. Madalena HutchesonMarch 1, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    I sure could use one of these for my girls.

  478. Need to have this for Max & Spook ,would love to win one 🙂

  479. This would be amazing to have. We have four foster digs and three cats shedding everywhere.

  480. I have a short hair, smooth Dachshund. He doesn’t shed a great deal, but when he does, it can be bothersome. I always wanted to try the FURminator and this may be my chance.

  481. With all my Pomeranians and long hair with undercoats, this would be a very well used and appreciated prize to win! Thank you for the chance Pet Meds!

  482. My pug could make a new blanket with all his shedding!.

  483. My dogs are hounds and have short fur. However, they still do get an undercoat and I haven’t been able to find the perfect brush for getting rid of that. I did try something similar and while it worked, it was cheaply made and just not what I want and need. The Furminator sounds perfect for us!

  484. Would love this for my 3 fur-babies. Their dust bunnies are everywhere and I could really use this.

  485. My long haired cat gets so many knots. These brushes are great!

  486. I’d love to have one of these for my 2 dogs!

  487. 🐈🐾🐾🐾 multi -colored would love the feel of the brush but ***most important is that she won’t be injesting all that fur. She has respiratory issues so it would be a blessing to win this so she wouldn’t be choking as much! Thanks so very much!!🙏🙏🙏❤🐈🐾❤🐈🐾

  488. Steel has grown in her “Old Dog” fluffy thick winter coat this year. It’s just starting to come out and man is there a lot of it!
    Thanks for the opportunity! Good Luck everyone!

  489. We have 3 pups that are shedding something awful! I have to sweep and vacuum daily!

  490. My cat sheds so bad we get fur balls floating around the house. I try brushing him every day and giving him a bath. Nothing seems to help.

  491. I have a Shiba Inu who sheds a lot, could definitely use this!

  492. I just got a new pup and we are in the market for the right tools. This looks like it would be a great fit for her furriness!

  493. I have a year old black German Shepard and she’s in the midst of shedding her winter coat and I could honestly make a new dog with all of her shed hair. HELP!

  494. The shedding here is crazy!

  495. My Aussie takes forever to shed out her undercoat. If this works, I’m all for it!

  496. My Aussie takes forever to shed her winter undercoat. If this actually works, I’m all for it!

  497. Finally! A real solution to my cat Sassy’s shedding! I love her so much but I hate when I have cat hair all over the furniture and my clothes! This furminater would be awesome to win! Thank you for the chance to win 1800PetMeds!

  498. Leela’s undercoat can be a challenge so I think this could be pawesome!

  499. Would love this for our 2 doggos

  500. Have tried other brushes & wasn’t satisfied with them. So many people have told me to buy the Furmator! They say that it is a wonderful grooming tool & very relaxing for the dog!!! Would love to get Free Furmanator!!,

  501. It’s purrfect for long and short-haired coats.

  502. I have really wanted to try one of these. I have an older dog who is tough to brush so something that can do the job quicker and easier would be good for both of us!

  503. This would be puuurfect for my 2 yr old cat Jeepie, and my 6 month old twin brother & sister kittens Pudgie & Sweetpea. They all are shedding so bad and I’m constantly brushing hair off me and cleaning up several times a day. Would love to win this for them.

  504. I could use this for my long hair dog and cat

  505. My daughter has 5 shedding dogs. She would put this to good use.

  506. I’ve got 2 giant dogs that never stop shedding. This would be a life saver

  507. My Jack needs this in the worst way. Pic mee 2 winn!

  508. Got a double coat dog – this would be great! Thanks for the opportunity and consideration.

  509. With a couple of cats, our furniture looks like it has fur throw across it. LOL.

  510. Thanks for the wonderful op!

  511. I would love to win this for my Marley!

  512. I would love to win this for my Marley!

  513. I have long haired cats and short haired. On my third sweeper! I rescue cats and find cat hair everywhere. Would love to try this!

  514. We sure could use a new brush. Molimo’s best friend is a golden and that’s A LOT of fur!

  515. Our Belgium Shephard(Penny) get brushed nightly but seems not to be working very well. I can run my fingers through her hair & it feels thick near the skin. Plus I carry a lint roller to work as hair is falling out all over. Would love to have a FURminator & give it a try. Need help for Penny & I.

  516. my baby hates being brushed with the old type desheding brushes we have, but if we don’t she gets many snarls.

  517. Thanks for the chance. Great product!

  518. my dog sheds like crazy, come summertime it’s a pain

  519. This is just what we need to work on our 2 cats and dog

  520. We could so use this! When our German Shepard she’s her coat twice a year it looks as though we nurdered a pack of bunnies. She needs all the help de-shedding she can get

  521. I have 5 dogs in the house. Sometimes I can sweep enough dog hair that I could make a wig for a doll. This would be a very useful tool. Thank you for the chance at such an awesome prize!

  522. Need this for my fur baby. Get rid of some excess hair.

  523. I have a German Shepherd that is just turning one. His undercoat is so fine and fluffy, it floats all over the house. This would be a great help!

  524. I have four indoor cats, need I say more?? LOL!!!

  525. My black lab Sammy could sure use this! I’ve heard it’s the best.

  526. I got two large dogs and the fur keeps flying..this would help them and me so much!!!

  527. My cat loves being groomed. I’d love to try this on her.

  528. I’m a chef and wear black outfit to work. Every day I’m covered in dog. And have to brush it of before starting work. How I would love to get my hand on this brush.

  529. Oh my, could I use one of these. We tease that we aren’t fully dressed with the accessory of cat AND dog hair. In fact, I’ll need more than one!

  530. I have a boxer/collie mix dog, she sheds everyday non stop. Can the furminator help with everyday shedding? If so, I am in diar need for one! I have sheets on everything in the house because of her fur problem.

  531. I need de furrbing

  532. Fur fur go away let my cats come out to play

  533. My Brady has enoyed his own for a couple of years, now and I have lent his brush to my daughter a few times a year! I pet sit for my grand doggy and she’s a chocolate lab, that has itchy skin, and she would love to have her own brush – she gets so excited when I bring it out and can’t stop herself from begging for more! EVERYONE THAT SEES THE RESULTS ARE AMAZED when they see these happy doggies! Thanks again!

  534. i would love to win a furminator hugs princess

  535. This will be perfect for our household.. we have 4 shedder doggies of our own all rescues and we also foster for FOPAC Friends of Pocahontas Animal Control here in Pocahontas AR. Please help me help these doggies, our carpet, our clothes, most of all the dogs.. Thank you ..


  537. Nichole LecuivreMarch 2, 2018 at 7:55 am

    I would love to win this! I have a pug/mix and she sheds a lot! Lol I would love to try this product on her! Bye bye fur! Lol

  538. I have 2 dogs that shed constantly & leave hair everywhere!! Winning the Furminator would definitely be a life saver! Fingers crossed to win! 🍀🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐕🐶🐶🐕

  539. My 2 dogs; Jackpot and Summer would love to be groomed using the Furminator to help rid the excess hair🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  540. This would be great for our blue heeler, Bow. He leaves hair all over the house.

  541. Punkin, my 10 year old orange tabby sheds so much, it would be great to have one of the Furminator’s to help stop some of the shedding. I brush him, and he loves it, but I think this might even be better. Thank you for your consideration.

  542. My two dogs would love this and so would I! 😃

  543. I need this for my crew

  544. This appears that it will really stop the hair from flying, my 2 red min pins the hair shows on the black leather sofa bad and this tool could be very helpful.

  545. Wonderful tool and I could really use for the two red min pins that shed all over the black sofa and the comforter on the bed .

  546. I need one for my Ragdoll cat!

  547. My little Murphy sheds a lot . I go through so many of the masking tape rollers it’s ridiculous. And I vacuum almost daily because if not my carpets look blanketed with white hairs. With all the hair he sheds, it’s a wonder he has any left . Help me.

  548. Gracie Ann and Peppy need one. Who knew Labs and Chihuahuas shed so much.. Not me.. Lab has tumbleweeds everywhere..

  549. I could really use a furminator for my husky/chow mix furry child. The fur flies throughout the house. We have a “loaner” cat that has adopted us and visits 3 times a day.

  550. Boy do I need this! I have a long haired border collie that is prone to skin infections. If her coat gets matted at all, she gets an infection and a trip to the vet. I spent countless hours combing her and trying to eliminate the shedding hair.

  551. Elizabeth ArsenaultMarch 2, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Love to win one of these! Pet hair is taking over my house!!!

  552. Rosalie LavertueMarch 2, 2018 at 9:33 am

    My long haired cat Asia would surly benefit from this product Good luck to all the pets out there

  553. This would be perfect for my two Pugs, that shed copiously!

  554. This would really help with my cat and two dogs.

  555. I have 4 cats and two dogs. The four cats have thick undercoats that leaves clumps of hair everywhere when it is shedding season. The worst part is that my boyfriend is allergic to cats so I believe this would help my family tremendously.

  556. This would be a great help with my dogs. During the day they lay on the furniture and with shedding season I end up with hair everywhere.

  557. My golden puppy will certainly need one of these

  558. My 3 cats are losing their winter fur now and it is everywhere. The FURminator is just what I need to get all that loose fur before it flies in the air.

  559. I have a cocker spaniel and two cats and we would love to win a FURminator! My cocker spaniels fur grows very quickly and this would help tremendously in between his grooming appointments. One of my cats is a 16lb cat, and he is always shedding…I constantly have to clean where he sleeps because its covered in black cat hair. Lol. Please pick us to win! 🙂

  560. Hunter says: Meow, looking forward to the pampering!

  561. My grand-dog could seriously use one of these!

  562. I have 2 shedders, this would be so nice to use.

  563. ‘Tis the season for shedding! I could build a new dog with what is left behind from my labradoodle. I vacuum a couple times a day. Previously had the furminator slicker brush which broke and have not found a suitable replacement. She can’t be shaved yet as it’s still cold and snowy.

  564. Help!

  565. This would be a big help for my heavy shedding part Chow.

  566. Nileleen TokarcikMarch 2, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Sounds like a great product! Would be so much more convenient ,then getting your home sweeper out every time you need to clean after our furry friend!

  567. my dogs sheds enough for three dogs :0

  568. A FURmanator would give me two hours of my life back each day. With a Briard and a Scottish Terrier we see a lot of undercoat try to stay undercover. It’s a chore to keep them well groomed. I can see how the FURminator would make all of us happy!

  569. I’m using the vacuum cleaner to de-shed my dog. This would be a great tool to use.

  570. Both of my cats as well as my dog are shedding. Cat hair is left on blankets.

  571. My house definitely needs to be de-furred!

  572. I could really use this with our 2 dogs and 2 cats. The shedding is awful! My old pup (about 19) sheds really bad and would love getting this used on him

  573. heard this is an amazing too, need for cats and my Caribbean rescue dog!


  575. Need this for the short hair dog , Heartfila!

  576. My dog sheds so much that I have to vacuum all the time so I really need this comb!

  577. We have two huskys that shed so much every year. My husband would so appreciate a FURminator..

  578. With 4 disabled rescues, this sure would come in handy,

  579. I have an 8 year old Great Pyrenees/ German Shepard mix. His hair is a constant battle but wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  580. we have major fur issues. i would love this.

  581. My dog is a lab/chow mix. He sheds in clumps constantly no mattevhow much I brush him, shave him, or wash him. This would be awesome to have.

  582. With 6 cats and 4 dogs these are always handy to have around for brushing.

  583. My cat sheds very badly and gets all over our kids bedding. Annoying! We are sick of buying lint rollers! This might be the solution!

  584. I have 3 cats, my newest addition are 2 Ragdolls with long fur. I am constantly picking up fur. This is the tool I need. Would love the chance to win.

  585. This would be great for my dog!

  586. I own a rough collie with a shorter undercoat and then long coat on top of that talk about tangles and mats and he dislikes me grooming him because it can be painful at times would love to try the FURminator on him thanks for the opportunity to win one

  587. This would be amazing for our golden and aussie!!

  588. Corgis never stop….

  589. My dog Abel is the never ending shedder of all times. He sure could use a FURminator. He is a golden and lab mix. Best dog ever!

  590. This would be SO useful! I have 2 longhairs that shed all over the place and leave “tumbleweeds” throughout the house!!

  591. This would be a great tool and so much better than what I’m using now on my 2 cats!

  592. I would love this for my Marley’s poodle hair!

  593. I would love to try this. My Papillion doesn’t like to be groomed at all, maybe he’ll like the furminator!

  594. My dog sheds so much I’m surprised she’s not bald! Black fuzzballs EVERYWHERE!

  595. There is so much fur around the house I could build another dog! Help!

  596. I have a husky and beagle and they need this!

  597. I have six (6) dogs, from short to long hair,due to my job I have to wear black clothes. I am always vacuuming, washing and trying to keep the dogs clean , but once I am dressed and walk out the door,it looks like I was in a fur fight ! I would love to
    have an opportunity to once look clean 🙂

  598. He sheds so much that for a moment I thought he was going bald.

  599. Robert Charles RollinsMarch 2, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    I have 4 cats, 1 of them is long haired.
    And i have 1 doggie (Pitbull)
    But all 5 of my babies Shedd Sooooo Darn Bad.
    I am constantly cleaning up hair around the house. And i carry a lint roller on me daily because I always have hair on my clothes l.
    I would really benefit from owing this!!

  600. HEY Look I could use it on my Finley he’s a great family member who is a little hairy, Should we tell him he’s a dog? Lol
    I’m not sure what to try this could be the ticket to making him happier as well as us.

  601. I would absolutely love to win. I am always dealing with dog & cat hair! I have 2 dogs & 5 cats and all of them Shedd their butts off!!.

  602. I work for a grooming shop and we could reallllllly use this….I would be eternally grateful for this win…

  603. My cat sheds so bad I am constantly sweeping and vacuuming the floors and furniture.

  604. I have 2 black dogs and my friend has 2 white dogs. The hair is unbelievable I could use 2.

  605. i so need this for my yorkie-pom whose hair is always tangled in bunches all over his body

  606. come summer the granddogs visit daily and they get brushed daily!

  607. Thanks for the chance of not having to vacuum everyday ! 3 rescue dogs will do that

  608. We have a Shih Poo, and she leaves a good amount of hair behind….so yea, this would be great lol. Maybe it can help her from knotting up so quickly too.

  609. My Belgium Malinois/German Shepherd mix leaves a snow storm with every move she makes! Our whole family would appreciate some help with keeping up with this hairball of a dog!! 🙂

  610. I’ve got a Siberian Husky. Enough said?!

  611. Our home is one giant fur ball…. we have 3 senior black dogs with long hair….and I am allergic to dogs !!

  612. My beagle and shih tzu she’d like crazy!

  613. Our house is one giant fur ball…we have 3 long haired black senior dogs…oh ! I am allergic to them … <3

  614. This would definitely help with my Goldendoodle Renly

  615. My dog actually shed quite a bit and i would love to not have to borrow my mom’s furminator to brush her

  616. I have a sheltie collie and a border collie – the amount of fur that they shed is crazy! I wonder how they are not naked at this point! I vacuum every day sometimes twice a day – I would love a furminator brush to lessen even if only a little the amount of shedding 😊

  617. Too many fur babies and too much fur! Help!

  618. I have 3 that leave a trail of fur everywhere they go!

  619. Oh I would absolutely LOVE to win a FURminator! Our 90 lb lab leaves little “puffs” of hair in every corner – it’s almost a full time job cleaning up after him but we love him oh so much 🙂

  620. My kitty could sure use this with spring coming soon!

  621. yay! A way to get control of the never ending cat hair! 🙂

  622. When my cat sheds it is a lot of work to control it . There is cat fur all over the house.

  623. Two words: Alaskan Malamute. 😁

  624. Found out that my adopted pup is 1/2 Norwegian Elkhound mixed with a Shitzu, so he has an undercoat AND a shaggy overcoat. Your device would be a godsend for dealing with his fur coats! He is a fuzzy teddy bear, but he certainly could use some special grooming from us! This would be fantastic!

  625. My black lab sheds so much it comes out in clunks, sometimes I scream cause I think its big black bugs laying everywhere, lol.. I brush him daily but it just doesn’t help, thank goodness right now he is not shedding AS MUCH as the weather is getting alittle warmer, but it will start soon….I have to wash his bedding 2 times a week just to get the hair off and back to the natural color…Its a full time job but he is so worth it, he will be 12 this oct…Him and I both would love to win a Furminator…

  626. Stephanie Grizzel-MoodyMarch 2, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    I have two dogs and a cat!!! This would be great for controlling all that hair!!!!

  627. My Tinkerbell and lady could benefit from this they shed

  628. This would be great for our dog.

  629. my 2 dogs could benefit from this they shed alot

  630. I could really use this. I have two dogs and four cats. I have fur everywhere.

  631. Would love a new product to try on my dogs.

  632. It’s a furry, furry, furry world (at least in MY house)! Please save me!

  633. Jake always shed like crazy but it seems since we moved to Florida it is a lot worse. He turned 12 yrsterday and I pray he has many many more years. of shedding hair ahead of him!!!! 🐶💙🐶💙🐶

  634. I have an old male kitty 19 yrs and a new kitten, she has long fur. I have heard that the furminator works really well and I would love to see it for myself and then be the one to brag to everyone to validate those claims. I have had to make sure my furniture is always vacuumed before company comes. Thank you for this opportunity.

  635. One of our dogs does shed really bad and he has partly white hair so you can see it very well

  636. There’s enough white hair from my Ivy floating around to build a Frankendog.

  637. I have a Labrador who sheds a lot. I could really use this!!!!

  638. Janice PittengerMarch 2, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    I have two cats that I can’t seem to get all the shedding hair off of them. This sure would be wonderful to have.

  639. This would be great at my house!

  640. I would love to have one of these!

  641. need it bad with my poms

  642. Jazzy is an 11 year old Jack Russell/Beagle mix I adopted last year and she sheds so much I tell people she reminds me of Peanuts’ Pig Pen! She had to get used to being touched so I’ve been using a grooming glove but she could really use a Firminator at this point.

  643. This would be great for my dog/hair machine!

  644. Rachael ForsytheMarch 2, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    My cat suffers from having kind and nappy hair
    Thanks for the chance to win these

  645. Need this badly, the dog hair is taking over

  646. would be great to have a shedding season is about to begin

  647. This would be great to have at this time of the year. Shedding has already begun!

  648. Awww this would be great for my little RICO.

  649. Aww this would be great for my Rico!

  650. My cat could use one

  651. A Furminator would be perfect for my pack.

  652. dawn