[Giveaway] Celebrate National Senior Pet Month

November marks the month-long observance of National Senior Pet Month, a time to raise awareness of adoptable senior pets in need of homes. To help spread the word, PetMeds® is giving away Special Senior Support Packages to 8 lucky winners.

November has most Americans thinking about family, making it a great time to celebrate National Senior Pet Month. Whether pet owners have a beloved senior cat or dog at home or are thinking of adding a grizzled addition to their family, PetMeds® is raising awareness and shining a light on misconceptions with a month-long giveaway.

Most people looking to adopt a pet tend to look for puppies and kittens, while senior pets in shelters get overlooked. Senior pets are often seen as set in their ways and less likely to adapt to their new family. The truth is, older cats and dogs have a lot of love to give, and there are many perks to adopting a senior.

Senior cats and dogs tend to sleep more than their younger counterparts, having long surpassed the wild puppy or kitten stage. Adopters of senior pets can look forward to quiet evenings on the couch with a snoozing dog or purring cat curled up in their lap.

Older pets also have a predictable personality. Shelters and humane societies often document the adoptee’s history with kids, other pets, and different environments to ensure the pet is a good match for the potential adopter.

The biggest concern pet parents may have about adopting a senior is the heartbreaking perception that they will fall in love with the animal, only to have to say goodbye to them after a few months. Fortunately, domestic animals are living longer as we see improvements in nutrition, veterinary medicine, and public knowledge about pet preventative care.

Cats and dogs are considered senior pets at around seven years of age, and for most, that’s when their life is just beginning. It’s not uncommon for pets to stay active and healthy for another seven years, or even longer.

In celebration of National Senior Pet Month, all cat and dog parents are invited to enter the PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway for a chance to win a Special Senior Support Package that will include Animal Eye Defense, Vetri-DMG, and Super Pure Omega 3. The Special Senior Support Packages will also include Feliway for cat parents, and Adaptil for dog parents. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a couch cover – for those quiet evenings on the couch with your special snoozing senior.

The PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway runs from Monday November 1, 2021, through Tuesday, November 30 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) November 1, 2021 to November 30 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win.

Win A FREE Special Senior Support Package!
Celebrate National Senior Pet Month! Let us know below how you support your special senior and you could win a FREE Special Senior Support Package from PetMeds®! Two winners will be chosen at random Each Friday in November starting 11/6/21, and a grand prize winner will be randomly chosen December 1st, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be nine (9) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

Congrats to our Week 1 Winners Carolyn Stelzer in Wisconsin, and Debbie Hoster in Arizona, our Week 2 Winners Terri Rellergert in Missouri and Billie Weber in Oregon, Week 3 Winners Jennifer Cartwright in California, and Sheryl Wolkstein in New Jersey, Week 4 Christine Duchmann in Mississippi and Ashley Attridge in Massacheusetts, and our Grand Prize Winner Barbara Castleman in New Mexico. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but the holiday season is just underway!

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  1. Hi, I’m a princess, I’m almost 17 years old, I’m a dachshund. I am happy and funny, I run, I sleep almost all day. This year I was diagnosed with cataracts and cushing’s disease, my little paws 🐾sometimes swell and I can’t walk until my skin breaks and I bleed, it hurts a lot and I cry when my mom heals me. The doctor does not know the reason for my problem, and he sends me many medicines.
    Tomorrow I have an appointment again for a cushing exam to see if the medicine is working.
    wish me luck!👍

  2. Baby, my pom-poo, is 10 years old. He has arthritis. I give him Dasuquin and Carprofen for his pain. I get these from PetMeds. They are helping.

  3. I give Baby, my 10 year old pom-poo, Dasuquin and Carpprofen for his arthritis. They are helping.

  4. Hello, My Senior Boy is Riddle. He is a half black-lab/half-chihuahua. I brought him home from the shelter 9 years ago. He has a funny personality and character! We love him so much. He has had many more needs recently, we’ve needed to give him pain chews before his walks, for his arthritis. We were lucky enough to find out about his thyroid condition causing him so much weight gain and stress on his joints. He is now being treated for that. We’ve dropped the beds in certain rooms so he can still cuddle. We’ve gotten him an anti allergy and a probiotic. Our biggest challenge now is figuring out how to stop his stress level from increasing, my daughter bought him some calming chews to try, but we don’t know if they will help yet. She started working from home and he just barks and barks when anyone goes outside even just to warm the car up!

  5. My Senior Dog is Newbie. He is 12 1/2 years “young at heart”. He has arthritis and nasal sarcoma in his left nostril. He has been on Deramaxx for almost a year and has done well from the Deramaxx. I love that he is enjoying life with us!🙏🤗

  6. My senior German Shepard Bolt, recently lost his brother, we all are devastated without Phelps. Bolt off and on accepts the loss but at times like we, memories are triggered. All our pets have all been found /Rescued, and or saved from Death Row, we don’t exclude any animal of any kind for care. We are poor and a Veteran home a Vietnam Vet, Pets allow him PTSD relief.
    We get homes for those we cannot keep, we Spay and Neuter with the help of a no-cost-low-cost Trap and Spay/Neuter. At one time had three dogs 13 cats. Cannot always afford pet foods so we cook for them, we even care for Rats, that are homeless/Wild and Opossums, have had at least three families, and the theory they relocate every three days is a misnomer if they love their environment and they do. They eat Ticks, which protect our pets. They eat snails so that protects our garden, they eat rats as do the cats so the population is controlled, they don’t get into our home. To bad new neighbor brought them, but we don’t kill God Creatures, We even save Spiders that come indoors. We cannot save Black Widows, nor Ants when invade. we cannot live alongside them. We save snakes, the birds, and we even had a Turtle once, quick response and ID allowed us to know water needing Turtle must have escaped his owner, but now resides in a Turtle Sanctuary. So with that all in mind, we could really use the win for Bolt, named after Hussain Bolt the Olympic Runner, because both really Bolt and Run fast. Love hearing the stories of all you pet lovers, All deserving of a win. Thank you PetMerds for this chance

  7. My Dad’s senior German Shepard Bolt, lost his brother, Phelps. Bolt accepts the loss but at times memories are triggered. our pets have all been Rescued, poor, and Veteran home Vietnam Vet, Pets allow him PTSD relief.
    pet foods often cooked from scratch, All God Creatures, are welcome here . We could really use the win for Bolt, named after Hussain Bolt an Olympian. all you pet lovers, are deserving of a win. We really could use this prize, Thank you PetMeds

  8. In celebration of National Senior Pet Month, I nominate my cats, Sweetpea, Sparkles, Halo, Cozy, and Tom, and my dog Bolt to be entered in the PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway. All but one, a Cat Sparkles is a Senior, all the others are really getting up there,
    Animal Eye Defense, Vetri-DMG, and Super Pure Omega 3. Talong with Feliway and Adaptil will really help us. We are a below poverty family, with my husband being a Vietnam Vet fighting for his benefits. Would really like to be the lucky grand prize winner of the couch cover pets really shed, even during Winter My special snoozing seniors. deserve the entry as do all those whose stories I have read, good luck and thanks

  9. My grams pet Bolt could really use this win, both are elderly gramps is a Vietnam Vet and Bolt helps him with his PTSD, We had two, his brother Phelps, who recently passed, so now besides Gramps, Bolt has PTSD from the loss, who knew. A win would be nice, all are deserving thanks for the chance.

  10. Senior dogs are the best! We adopted our new senior girl, Adelaide in April. She is sweet, adorable and fit right in with our family. Addie is healthy, but has a sensitive tummy. Purina Forti Flora probiotics which we purchase from your company really help keep her digestion running smoothly. As Addie demonstrates every day, love is ageless!

  11. Our Yoshi is a 12 yr old red-nosed pit bull. She has alergies and takes benadryl twice daily. She also has liver problems from an accident several years back. She is on a hepatic diet. She now is showing signs of arthritis but she still loves to play fetch. She will sometimes sleep all day as long as someone will lay down with her.

  12. Brody is 12 and a half years old and you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. He is getting more demanding and “tells” us when it is playtime- which is many times during the day! Brody is having some issues with his joints so we give him the supplement chews from 100 pet meds. He loves them and thinks they are his special treat before bed. Brody also gets carried upstairs at the end of the night. It’s the least I can do and he seems to appreciate it.

  13. I support my beagle mix Daisy, age 14 with Carprieve and shorter walks. Old girl still has some spring in her step!

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