[Giveaway] Celebrate National Senior Pet Month

November marks the month-long observance of National Senior Pet Month, a time to raise awareness of adoptable senior pets in need of homes. To help spread the word, PetMeds® is giving away Special Senior Support Packages to 8 lucky winners.

November has most Americans thinking about family, making it a great time to celebrate National Senior Pet Month. Whether pet owners have a beloved senior cat or dog at home or are thinking of adding a grizzled addition to their family, PetMeds® is raising awareness and shining a light on misconceptions with a month-long giveaway.

Most people looking to adopt a pet tend to look for puppies and kittens, while senior pets in shelters get overlooked. Senior pets are often seen as set in their ways and less likely to adapt to their new family. The truth is, older cats and dogs have a lot of love to give, and there are many perks to adopting a senior.

Senior cats and dogs tend to sleep more than their younger counterparts, having long surpassed the wild puppy or kitten stage. Adopters of senior pets can look forward to quiet evenings on the couch with a snoozing dog or purring cat curled up in their lap.

Older pets also have a predictable personality. Shelters and humane societies often document the adoptee’s history with kids, other pets, and different environments to ensure the pet is a good match for the potential adopter.

The biggest concern pet parents may have about adopting a senior is the heartbreaking perception that they will fall in love with the animal, only to have to say goodbye to them after a few months. Fortunately, domestic animals are living longer as we see improvements in nutrition, veterinary medicine, and public knowledge about pet preventative care.

Cats and dogs are considered senior pets at around seven years of age, and for most, that’s when their life is just beginning. It’s not uncommon for pets to stay active and healthy for another seven years, or even longer.

In celebration of National Senior Pet Month, all cat and dog parents are invited to enter the PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway for a chance to win a Special Senior Support Package that will include Animal Eye Defense, Vetri-DMG, and Super Pure Omega 3. The Special Senior Support Packages will also include Feliway for cat parents, and Adaptil for dog parents. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a couch cover – for those quiet evenings on the couch with your special snoozing senior.

The PetMeds® Senior Pet Month Giveaway runs from Monday November 1, 2021, through Tuesday, November 30 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) November 1, 2021 to November 30 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win.

Win A FREE Special Senior Support Package!
Celebrate National Senior Pet Month! Let us know below how you support your special senior and you could win a FREE Special Senior Support Package from PetMeds®! Two winners will be chosen at random Each Friday in November starting 11/6/21, and a grand prize winner will be randomly chosen December 1st, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be nine (9) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

Congrats to our Week 1 Winners Carolyn Stelzer in Wisconsin, and Debbie Hoster in Arizona, our Week 2 Winners Terri Rellergert in Missouri and Billie Weber in Oregon, Week 3 Winners Jennifer Cartwright in California, and Sheryl Wolkstein in New Jersey, Week 4 Christine Duchmann in Mississippi and Ashley Attridge in Massacheusetts, and our Grand Prize Winner Barbara Castleman in New Mexico. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but the holiday season is just underway!

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  1. ortho beds! joint supplements! and i built them a ramp, so it is easy on their legs and hips…

  2. Movoflex and CBD oil for joint support, daily walks for exercise

  3. Joint medication, comfy sleeping area and lots of love.

  4. Jennifer CartwrightNovember 19, 2021 at 1:31 am

    My kitty Crouton is 16 and I try and make him as comfortable as possible. I give him CBD, play time and as much love and kisses as possible.

  5. I have 3 senior dogs – a 13 year old male German Shepherd Chow mix, an 11 year old female full German Shepherd and a 9 year old male full German Shepherd. It’s hard having 3 senior big babes but I give them liquid joint supplements in their dinner every night. Both males have joint issues that I give them prescribed pain and inflammation medication, I make sure there are at least 2 orthopedic beds in every room my husband and I hang out in (leading to at least 6 beds floating around the house and probably in need of updated cushioning). I try to keep them active but not jump due to back leg joints. Often times I lay on the floor so they can have affection on their level and make sure that everyday they feel loved because I can never guarantee how long I will have the honor to have them in my life

  6. My 11 year old fur baby gets lots of love. We practice Doga, he gets a massage, I hold him and pray over him. He loves his tasty treats and gets his excited when he is expecting one! I also help him in and out of the car when he doesn’t want to jump. We go for walks and when I feel he is tired, I call home for a ride.

  7. Octavia Dawn is 2 and has started joint supplements.

  8. Octavia Dawn is 2 years old and has now started joint supplements.

  9. karen dietschweilerNovember 20, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    I home cook my 3 senior Bassets meals.

  10. I am a senior citizen and have had my 2 little service dogs for 12 yrs. Now all of us seniors are a happy family. I support them with love, professional grooming, toys that have music (we all dance together to the songs), chenille sweaters, a big kennel condo, and another big bed with a ton of blankets I make up silly little songs for them as they wag their tales (blame my dad for this as he always sang to our little dogs). We all meet in the meeting room (the bathroom as they follow me there) and we talk. My one dog has to bring a toy in and if he forgets he runs back out to get it, lol. They always have plenty of good treats and I mix up their dinner special every night. I could go on and on as I love these two little guys..

  11. We gave our beloved pet glucosamine for his joints and multivitamin. We cooks his food and my nephew build a beautiful ramp for him. We take him out on walks to keep him active and strong. We take him on car rides and give him all our loves as he does for us.

  12. I have 3 seniors, a 12 year old Gordon Setter, a 10 year old terrier mix and 11 year old Border Collie mix. They all (and me) take joint supplements and enjoy walks. We spend a lot of time together as time is precious. They like watching the news, barking at squirrels and pizza tonight.

  13. I love to bake for Octavia@

  14. I love to bake homemade snacks for Octavia!

  15. I love to bake homemade snacks for Muffin!

  16. My 11 year old Pugapoo has been having a rough year! She was previously on two meds for joint pain/arthritis/ inflammation, which she can no longer take the steroid. Poor girl was diagnosed with diabetes and Cushings this year. We need to hand feed her most days to get her to eat, which she is very picky now- never was before.

  17. My cat is going on 14 years old and takes naps where ever he wants. I always gives him flea medication Cheristin. He was a stray cat when I took him in and so glad to be able to take care of him.

  18. I absolutely love my senior pets, the last two dogs we’ve adopted have been 10 and 15. My heart dog is now almost 16 and has been dealing with dementia and severe arthritis. To keep him comfortable and happy we give him joint support food, supplements and medications, he sees a rehabilitation specialist twice a month and does hydrotherapy twice a month. We’ve also recently started him on traditional Chinese herbal therapies that have helped as well. We take him for short walks at his own pace and he gets lots of treats and massages. Would love to win some prizes for this sweet old man to help him be happy and comfortable 😊

  19. My Buddy is ten years old & is a Chihuahua mix who looks like a Jack Russell We go for daily walks, I put mouth fresh in his water for his teeth, & I just started Cosequin for his joints. He sleeps in his little bed beside me. He’s a great pal, and good friend who I would do anything for. He just was groomed & looked very handsome. I get all my kisses from him & he’s a very attentive companion (even leads me to the bathroom). I just turned 75 & if I ever forget where the BR is I know I have a good little guide dog who will help me get there. I’m not lonely because he always like to curl up with me in my den chair & never leaves my side. It must be LOVE! Thanks for considering my Buddy for a prize & Happy Thanksgiving! Carolyn

  20. We have an 18 year old Australian Shepherd that has arthritis and a sensitive stomach. I give her pain meds and careful what she eats. She gets tender treats and moist food that is chopped in smaller pieces. Her bed is memory foam with a blanket cover that can be washed, and extra blankets as a backup. We use a pet stroller to get her to a grassy area quickly, and let her walk afterwards. I always wear a waist belted pack that holds dog bags, keys, etc., to prepare for a fast outdoor trip.

  21. I purchased steps for my senior Charlie, 9 years old so he could get up in each of the 3 beds

  22. Boo Boo loves his chew toys!

  23. I have 5 seniors from the same litter who will be 15 in January. While I do the conventional things, like more vet visits and making sure they get the right nutrition, I try never to go past any of them without giving them a pet or kiss or some gesture to show that I love them. I want them to always know they’re just as loved now as when they were puppies.

  24. Ellie Mae Bulldog is 13 years old–and English Bulldogs don’t usually make it to that age. But she doesn’t know it. She just keeps moving on. She has a little tumor in her anus and bleeds every time she poops. Her vet warns not to mess with it. But it seems her mom who is 85 years old has the same problem!. So the two of us just jog along with lots of fish oil, yogurt, Vitamins and arthritis meds. We are happy and keep healthy with all the necessary preventatives.

  25. Stretch loves his ortho bed.

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