[Giveaway] DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

All dogs are special, but rescue dogs are one of a kind. Many rescue dogs of unknown origin are made up of three, four, or even more breeds, making it nearly impossible to identify their lineage by looking at them.

A DNA test can tell you a lot about your rescue dog. Not only can an at-home DNA test tell you about your dog’s breed makeup, it can also clue you in to what personality traits they may have inherited, what genetic conditions to look out for, and how you can optimize their diet to keep them healthy. Why not give 2021 a fresh start by setting goals tailored to your dog’s needs?

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is fast and easy. You just swab your dog’s cheek at home using the supplies in the kit and mail in the sample. In about two weeks, you’ll get a custom photo certificate that details their breed makeup.

The test results also go over what personality traits and genetic health concerns are associated with your dog’s breeds. While you may not be able to predict exactly what personality-related training hurdles your dog will have, or what health issues your dog will eventually develop, the results can help you prepare for challenges in your dog’s future.

DNA tests can be used with dogs of all ages. You can even use it to predict what your puppy will be like when they grow up.

Plus, it’s fun to guess what breeds your dog might be. While you’re waiting on the results, you can also have your friends and family members guess your dog’s results.

Enter For Your Chance To Win A DNA My Dog Breed ID Test

You’re invited to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free DNA My Dog Breed ID Test.  1-800-PetMeds® is giving away DNA My Dog Breed ID Test kits to 3 lucky winners. Winners will be drawn on Monday, 2/1/2021. The 1-800-PetMeds® DNA My Dog Giveaway runs from 12/28/2020 through 1/31/2021.

Win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test!
Find out what breeds make up your beloved pup’s genetic makeup!  Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test from 1800PetMeds! Three winners will be chosen at random Monday, February 1, 2021, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  

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  1. I got my rescue at the age of 4 weeks and we had no idea what he was. I bottle fed him and hevis now 8 years old. He is perfect and the best dog I have ever had. Would absolutely love to know what he is. He looks like an overgrown yorkie. He weight 19 lbs and is my heart.

  2. My rescue needs to be breed identified as I see so many breeds in him.

  3. Yay! I love this! I would love to be entered for this free dna test!

  4. What a wonderful gift of knowing!

  5. Can’t wait to test my newly adopted pup!

  6. Yes! We have a rescue that was found on the streets and have no idea what breeds she contains. Would love to know!

  7. My newest dog is a refugee/rescue from Puerto Rico; got her last year right after an earthquake thanks to Island Dog Rescue organization. She is quite a mix of breeds and she must have gotten the best attributes of those breeds! Such a sweet girl.

  8. My son picked up a puppy on a cold rainy December night on the road by the city dump. He brought him to me and said he would find him a good home. Well, “Puppy” is still with me a year later. When I took him to the vet for shots I was asked what breed he was. I said I don’t know, you’re the vet you tell me. We still have no clue about his breed and it would be great to know.
    Thanks for the opportunity to find out.

  9. I have adopted 2 rescues and was told that they are a combo of a poodle and yorkie. One was found running the streets and very matted. He has aggressive issues and has a tendency to attack at the slightest time. I have been working with him and have gotten him a lot better with that problem.

  10. My rescue dog loves me but not other dogs. Wonder if there is a breed in her that is aggressive!! I would love to know.

  11. My sweet rescue Sofia is a mystery breed! We’d love to know what breeds she is

  12. My rescue dog of 10 years and has a lot of Yorkie but curious to what else. I will love him no matter what. He is going on 13.

  13. My pup’s litter had multiple fathers so I would love to actually know what he is mixed with as he is an amazing beautiful hound.

  14. Would love to find out the background for my sweet little rescue dog Neala!

  15. I would absolutely love this for my girl. So hard to tell now adays with so many people breeding all breeds together. My girl could be possibly banned where we live so I’d love to know she’s not going to be taken away from me. 😥

  16. Wouldove to know breeds in my special furry rescue baby.

  17. So fun! I’d love to know what exactly my B sweet Sunny boy is!

  18. I was just talking about this with a friend at work today. I would love to get my sweet Nola’s DNA tested!

  19. All my dogs are some no one wanted & I love them to death. They make the best dogs for sure , Shame on people that
    treat their puppies bad, they wouldn’t want to be treated that way . I have 4 but if needed there would be more

  20. We would love to win a DNA test for our 9 month old puppy. She is turning out so differently than we expected!! She’s crazy, but we love her <3

  21. This is an amazing way of finally identifying my rescue dog’s breed. It would be interesting to know what her mix is.

  22. What a fun giveaway! Would love to know if any of us have guessed Butterfinger’s breed make-up— gloating rights forever to whoever of us does guess, but probably we’ll all be surprised!

  23. I have always wanted to know all about my fur baby’s breed. She has so many traits and she keeps us guessing all the time .

  24. What an awesome giveaway. We would love to know what breeds are in our sweet Maggie. No matter what breed make up she is, we think she’s just the perfect mix.

  25. I need this for my dog, Cubby! He was supposed to be a chihuahua when I got him as a puppy but he’s an adult now and is larger than a chihuahua and he looks like some type of terrier. I love him regardless of his DNA but I would love to know his true breed or mixture of breeds.

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