[Giveaway] DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

All dogs are special, but rescue dogs are one of a kind. Many rescue dogs of unknown origin are made up of three, four, or even more breeds, making it nearly impossible to identify their lineage by looking at them.

A DNA test can tell you a lot about your rescue dog. Not only can an at-home DNA test tell you about your dog’s breed makeup, it can also clue you in to what personality traits they may have inherited, what genetic conditions to look out for, and how you can optimize their diet to keep them healthy. Why not give 2021 a fresh start by setting goals tailored to your dog’s needs?

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is fast and easy. You just swab your dog’s cheek at home using the supplies in the kit and mail in the sample. In about two weeks, you’ll get a custom photo certificate that details their breed makeup.

The test results also go over what personality traits and genetic health concerns are associated with your dog’s breeds. While you may not be able to predict exactly what personality-related training hurdles your dog will have, or what health issues your dog will eventually develop, the results can help you prepare for challenges in your dog’s future.

DNA tests can be used with dogs of all ages. You can even use it to predict what your puppy will be like when they grow up.

Plus, it’s fun to guess what breeds your dog might be. While you’re waiting on the results, you can also have your friends and family members guess your dog’s results.

Enter For Your Chance To Win A DNA My Dog Breed ID Test

You’re invited to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free DNA My Dog Breed ID Test.  1-800-PetMeds® is giving away DNA My Dog Breed ID Test kits to 3 lucky winners. Winners will be drawn on Monday, 2/1/2021. The 1-800-PetMeds® DNA My Dog Giveaway runs from 12/28/2020 through 1/31/2021.

Win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test!
Find out what breeds make up your beloved pup’s genetic makeup!  Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test from 1800PetMeds! Three winners will be chosen at random Monday, February 1, 2021, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  


Congrats to the drawing winners: Tiffany Dobratz, Heather Zimmer and Robert Evans. Look for an email from us!


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  1. I love my dogs I wish I knew what breed she was though hope I win!!!!

  2. We have Golden Retrievers and puppies. While I know they are purebreds, it would be nice to confirm that they are 100%. We had a beautiful rescue dog that was an Airdale mix. We would have loved to know what was in her DNA!

  3. I have two long hair sheps and everyone keeps asking me what they are mixed with.they came from a farm so anything is possible.it would be nice to know.

  4. Anne-Marie McGivneyJanuary 21, 2021 at 5:36 am

    Hi. Thanks for the offer to win this great prize. Would love to know the DNA make up for my mini Goldendoodle. Good luck to all.

  5. I’ve got 3 dogs. 2 are the same litter. One already had a dna test. waiting on Wisdom Panel to get results back on one. Look for specials on these tests and you can save $$.

  6. Love my girl GSD. Was told when adopted she is purebred, but never got any papers. Would be cool to see if she really is.

  7. I have a dog we got from the humane society that was abandoned. I know it is, at least, part akita but what else if anything is my question.

  8. I would love to win the DNA giveaway I found my dog at 2 months thought I was going to name her baby but changed it to Peanut cause I thought she was going to be small only to find that everyone who sees her thinks she’s a Belgian Malinois I have no idea but I would love to find out

  9. Robert Lee Turner JrJanuary 21, 2021 at 10:25 am

    My dog Sadie is mixed. Sadie is mixed with Pomeranian and Pekegnese. Her mom Ginger was born with Glaucoma and all of Gingers siblings were born with medical issues also. I was told by my vet’s that they were mixed breed with their siblings or with their parent’s.

  10. This would be great never new what breed one of our chi..s were would love to know the genetics if her..

  11. Just saved 2 resuce puppies within the last 5 months..still trying to figure them out. I do know they are in the retriever family. Australia Shepherd…and a Ridgeback…?

  12. I have a Sato dog which seems to be a German Shepherd and greyhound mix. She’s a beautiful girl and would like to know what she really is.

  13. With two rescues, both mixed and unknown, full of personality, it would be nice to know their breeds, to understand their behavior better. Cute and wild!

  14. I’d love to know my rescue dog’s mix!

  15. We have a beautiful big dog that my son and daughter-in-law found as a puppy in China, and they brought him home with them. He looks to me like he has a lot of collie in him, but I would love to know the truth about Panhu’s heritage!

  16. We were told about 12 years ago we were getting a pure breed labradoodle but the place was a cover for a puppy mill and she is “off”. We love her dearly but have no idea what she is. We have had many guess by vets but it would be wonderful to know as she ages.

  17. I would love to do this with my rescue dog!!!

  18. I love my 2 terrier mix rescue doggies😍

  19. I have super lovable, anxious pup who we rescued and have no idea what breeds make up this special little 70 pound weirdo. I suspect maybe Rottweiler and maybe some kind of spaniel. Little head, long body, short legs, long curly ears and tail. When my vet first saw him, she though he was having some sort of allergic reaction. NOPE! That’s his regular face. <3

  20. I’d love to know my Aspens genetic background. In 2020 I took a DNA test and found a brother and a sister.

  21. I know of someone with a little dog that would love to find out his DNA!

  22. My pup is a mix. We got her from a Shelter. We have had pure breeds in the past and this is our first mix. We love her but would like to know why she has the quirks she has.

  23. Our dog was bred in a breeding group trying to develop a new breed. Would love to identify what’s actually in there!

  24. We adopted a dog which was really messed up. Since we have no children we decided to get him. He’s so loving and funny. We don’t know his breed or how old he is. Would love to know what breeds he is because he is already showing joint problems. His name was Kevin at the rescue league and we kept the name because we figured he has gone through enough in his life without having to learn a new name also.

  25. I adopted a dog I found and turned into animal control. 9 lbs of sassiness that we can’t quite nail down. Terrier mix is what we say when asked. It would be great to find out what she actually is.

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