[Giveaway] DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test

All dogs are special, but rescue dogs are one of a kind. Many rescue dogs of unknown origin are made up of three, four, or even more breeds, making it nearly impossible to identify their lineage by looking at them.

A DNA test can tell you a lot about your rescue dog. Not only can an at-home DNA test tell you about your dog’s breed makeup, it can also clue you in to what personality traits they may have inherited, what genetic conditions to look out for, and how you can optimize their diet to keep them healthy. Why not give 2021 a fresh start by setting goals tailored to your dog’s needs?

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is fast and easy. You just swab your dog’s cheek at home using the supplies in the kit and mail in the sample. In about two weeks, you’ll get a custom photo certificate that details their breed makeup.

The test results also go over what personality traits and genetic health concerns are associated with your dog’s breeds. While you may not be able to predict exactly what personality-related training hurdles your dog will have, or what health issues your dog will eventually develop, the results can help you prepare for challenges in your dog’s future.

DNA tests can be used with dogs of all ages. You can even use it to predict what your puppy will be like when they grow up.

Plus, it’s fun to guess what breeds your dog might be. While you’re waiting on the results, you can also have your friends and family members guess your dog’s results.

Enter For Your Chance To Win A DNA My Dog Breed ID Test

You’re invited to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free DNA My Dog Breed ID Test.  1-800-PetMeds® is giving away DNA My Dog Breed ID Test kits to 3 lucky winners. Winners will be drawn on Monday, 2/1/2021. The 1-800-PetMeds® DNA My Dog Giveaway runs from 12/28/2020 through 1/31/2021.

Win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test!
Find out what breeds make up your beloved pup’s genetic makeup!  Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test from 1800PetMeds! Three winners will be chosen at random Monday, February 1, 2021, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  


Congrats to the drawing winners: Tiffany Dobratz, Heather Zimmer and Robert Evans. Look for an email from us!


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  1. I rescued a pup 8 months ago from shelter he is a lab mix golden in color he has so many wrinkles that reminds me of a shar-pei he is rather chunky and hasn’t really gotten the height of a lab and is as strong as a pit bull. I would love so much to see exactly what he is No matter what he is I love him so much he has made my life more bearable with this covid virus going on. He makes staying home a happy time.

  2. Reggie was wandering in Mojave , California, and he was so ill and scared that I called animal control to help him get off the streets.

    I went back the next day to see about adopting a puppy, saw Reggie, and the rest is history .

    Reggie has found his person. He has doubled his weight and is one healthy and happy guy!!!He’s a terrier mix and I am curious what else . He’s got unique eyes

  3. My fur-baby was rescued from a larger dog home where she was bullied and locked away from everyone. She, now, is so healthy and SPOILED ROTTEN! Sometimes I wish I was a dog! LOL

  4. We got our Yogi when he was only 2lbs 10 yrs later hes a whopping 7lbs lol!! They said he was chihuahua/pug but no way is he part pug lol! Would love to know what he is!

  5. Would love this for our puppies. We’re not sure if they are cocker spaniel/chihuahua

  6. I’m curious what breeds my chihuahua is mixed with and would love to try this

  7. I’ve been told that my 11 year old rescue “Mr Cash” is a Boxer/German Shepherd mix but I bet he just might have a little Pit in him and I would like to find that out…thanks for offering this giveaway

  8. Paddington is 15 years old and I’ve already had to deal with many health issues, but I would really love to find out for sure what breeds he is before he dies.

  9. My Mia is just over a year old. When we rescued her, we were told she was a terrier mix and would be a medium size dog. She’s definitely not a medium size dog. Our vet thinks she’s mostly Altoinian German Shepard. She has a lot of Shepard traIts. I think it would be neat to find out her genetic make-up.

  10. My son and his girlfriend have a pup named “Gunner” . When they got him, they were told her was pit & husky. He’s a moose with the lapdog temperament. I’m pretty sure he’s Bull Mastive, Pit and Husky (fur only). I’m really curious what his genetic make-up is.

  11. My dog whom I have named Bella came to me in October 2015 during a bad storm where trees in my yard were uprooted and blown everywhere. During the storm she was at my front door scratching wanting to come in, she was soaking wet and scared to death. I didnt recognize the dog from our neighborhood. She wasn’t leaving so when the storm was calm I got one of my small dog houses and put on the porch for her. She had mange really bad and was so skinny. The next few days she stayed around the house so I fed her and got mange treatment and treated her. We asked around but no one knew who she belonged too. I took her to my vet to see if she had a chip which she didn’t. So I got her vaccinated and took her home. By now she had all her hair back and was healthy looking. She acts like she has always belonged here. Today Bella is still a big part of our family and is the sweetest, smartest little dog. We love her so much.

  12. My pup Willee is a Border/ Aussie , we know of 5 of his siblings one looks like his twin and the others all look similar, but different would really love to know it they truly Border/Aussies , best and smartest dogs ever !

  13. I would like to know what exactly our dogs makeup is, we adopted her and never knew what she is. He has a very different look and someone said she looks like a otter and she does, it took me awhile to get used to her look. But now I don’t see it but others do. So I’m curious to what is her make up.

  14. Our daughter’s host parents gave her 4-week old Bauer while she was in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. 27 months later at the end of her tour, she had him brought to the US and now, at age 11, he is still a very healthy boy. He is most likely a lab/shepherd/something else mix but we have never had him checked for his DNA. Would be interesting to see what breeds are included.

  15. We rescued a dog from the local SPCA approximately 1 year ago. We were told that she’s a lot mix. Would love to find out what she’s mixed with.

  16. We rescued Prince last year right before the pandemic hit the US. He is a 7 year old Sato from Peurto Rico and the sweetest animal I have ever met. He is all black with a little salt and pepper beard (just like my hunni) and has Chihuahua ears, but he is close to 20lbs and not at all vocal. We would be so thrilled to learn his lineage in order to start preventive care for some of his predisposed conditions.

  17. We rescued a dog from the local SPCA approximately 1 year ago. We were told that she’s a pit mix. Would love to find out what she’s mixed with.

  18. We just rescued an 11 week old puppy from a bad situation. He’s thin and under the treatment of our veterinarian for a bad parasite infestation. We were told he was a Lab Boxer cross but we don’t think that is true. Regardless of what is in his background, he now has a forever, kind and loving home. We are just curious about his breeding. Thank you for this opportunity.

  19. My pup Nollie was rescued from a puppy mill when we was being sold as a 5 week old puppy. When we first saw him he was in a dirty outdoor pen covered in mud and feces. We just knew that he was meant for us, and we were meant for him. He was very frightened of people and it took several months to socialize him and show him that humans can be kind.
    Fast forward to today, he is a loveable, 9 year old bundle of joy. He has several health problems including seizures and arthritis, and was born with a deformed shoulder joint. We do everything we can to keep him happy and comfortable, and would love to know more about his genetic make up so that we can get to know him even better. & perhaps be able to discover where some of these health issues came from.

  20. Rottweiler breeder by trade, but have raised many other breeds. Currently I am the proud property of my Blue Tick hound who always keeps his nose to the ground. His resume is a rabbit chasing, squirrel treeing, lizard stalking, turtle boxing, snake whipping, deer running, opossum killing, mouse catching fool. The hunter blood that runs deep in his veins is true to his calling (breed)! He is one heck of a dog, unlike others I’ve owned in the past. I don’t know what this test would produce I highly doubt that his bloodline is even registered. Just a wait and see thing.

  21. We rescued two 7 week old puppies 2 years ago from our local Humane Society. Their Mom, a stray Blue Heeler mix, delivered her litter at the shelter. 4 puppies looked like Border Collie Mixes, and 1 little guy was a snow white puff ball. Obviously, there were 2 different dads. So we took the white puff little boy and a girl from the other 4. They look so different but are busy, active herding mixes. I would love to learn about their DNA! Hopefully, you will draw my name!

  22. My pooch spent over a year in a foster home before we “found” each other on an adoption site this summer. With only one eye and several internal health issues, he was a little harder to place, but we connected immediately and he is a splendid family member. He’s cute as a button but I’m not sure what exactly is his make-up, and I’d love to know what combination of breeds gave him his loving personality and charm. Thanks for a chance to find out!

  23. I adopted a mama and one of her 6 puppies. Mama is a chiweenie and ½ her babies were yellow and look like labs and the other ½ had Rottweiler markings (black/brown) with white chests and long hair so I’m extremely curious what my little girl is made of.
    Would love to get a DNA test on her!

  24. Gracie was in a kill shelter in Louisiana when her foster mom rescued her. She was limping at the time of pickup and immediately checked out at the veterinarian. Gracie had a badly broken humerus on her front left leg. After surgery she had three pins placed in her leg and later three pins surgically removed. Foster mom did a wonderful job rehabilitating Gracie for about 7 months. Looking for a special dog after our last two passed away, I saw Miss Grace on Pet Finders, and I immediately knew she was the one for us. Call it love at first sight. Five weeks later she was in our home in Florida and I and my husband were totally in love with her. Supposedly Gracie is a tricolor basenji and border collie mix. We’d truly love to know her heritage!

  25. Our shepherd mix rescued us when he was about 3 or 4, and he’s such a unique looking pup that we always are getting questions from people about his breed. Over the decade since he joined our family, we have just guessed based on his coloring, size, body type, tail, markings and temperament that he’s possibly a mix of GSD, Border Collie, Husky, and maybe some Norwegian Elkhound. But it would be interesting to see if we were correct on any of that, or if we were way off in our assumptions.

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