[New Product] Doglucent Light Up adds sparkle to your dog’s playtime

Doglucent Light-Up

Is your dog getting tired of boring rubber balls and easy-to-mangle stuffed animals? Most dog toys rely on the same old squeaker to add an extra level of interest and interactivity, but even that gets dull after a while. With the Doglucent Light Up Dog Toy, you can WOW your little bow-wow with an unexpected light show with every bounce!

The benefits of playing with your pooch

Regular playtime is important to dogs on many levels. In the natural habitat, dogs run, stalk, chase and explore daily. This helps keep their senses sharp and their bodies lean and healthy. However, living in comfortable homes with cozy sofas to nap on may cause your pet to lose a little of that innate curiosity. Playing with your pet on a regular basis is a great form of exercise to keep off extra pounds, and also helps boost vision, attention span and reaction time to keep your dog feeling fit. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for bonding time between pet parent and pet. Finding the right toy that captures your dog’s imagination is the key to keeping the game fun for you both.

Doglucent Light-Up Sparks Your Dog’s Fancy

Buy the Doglucent Light-Up

The Doglucent Light-Up dog toy adds a whole new dimension of fun to your dog’s playtime! Flashing lights twinkle and captivate with every bounce.

Bright internal LED lights blink in red and blue, to create a fun and fascinating experience for your dog. The Doglucent Light-Up is actually two balls in one; an outer ball-shaped ring with textured bumps and cutouts has a design that makes it easy for your dog to grasp and carry, while an internal clear plastic ball flashes and flickers due to the motion-activated lights inside. The lights shut off automatically after a few seconds, so your dog will always be thrilled each time the lights come back on.

If you’ve been looking for the next level of fetching fun, look no further than the Doglucent Light-Up dog toy from Multipet, the makers of the Loofa Launcher and many other beloved pet toys and accessories.




Win a FREE Doglucent Light-Up!

Would a Doglucent Light-Up help make playtime more exciting for your dog? Tell us about your playtime plans and you could win a Doglucent Light-Up from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet would enjoy a Doglucent Light-Up.

Three winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!


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  1. My dog loves to play with balls during the day and he would have so much fun if he could chase them in the dark too. He’s so funny to watch!

  2. My dogs would love to play with one of these together. I have a mastiff/rottweiler mix named Bear and a american pit named Tron. They like toys that light up or make sounds, plus it is so cute watching them share a toy together. I am also always looking for a toy that will hold up to these rambuctious two.

  3. I have Miniature Poodle Puppies that would have a blast with these.

  4. My mixed breed dog Baby loves to play outside at night. Indeed it is sometimes hard to convince her she has important business to take care of on these trips. I know she would love this light up toy on the exciting adventures into the back yard. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I have 3 pups and the newest one Edgar is almost 1 He is a rescue so we picked his birthday to be the same as my daughter’s May28 I inow a new ball to celebrate turning 1 would be extra special
    He is a mixture of shepherd and pitbull we think so he has a ton of energy
    He lives to catch and chase after balls.

  6. I have a dalmatian who has loads of energy! These light-up balls would add a new element of fun and might even wear him out!

  7. My playful pup Holly would love this. She’s a cocker that loves new toys!

  8. My two poodles would love to chase this!!!!!

  9. Lacey would love this for some night time play in the backyard!!

  10. Coco, my faithful rescue dog loves to play and chew. She loves to chase the dot of a laser pointer and light from a flashlight. I know she would love the combination in one toy. She is so proud of the toys I bring home to her. She will carry in her mouth where ever she goes and sometimes sleeps with it. You can even see it in her walk. I enjoy watching her throw her toy up in the air with her mouth and catching it in her mouth when it comes down. The most beautiful thing to watch is when she lays on her back holding her toy up in the air with her front paws playing. I almost tear up. I’m very attached to my Coco lab mix.
    It’s almost been one year since I picked her up from the shelter. What a very wonderful day that was. I still have that same feeling every day when I come home to her and she greets me. I very close bond!

  11. I have two dogs that would both love a Light Up ball. Oscar enjoys chewing for his teeth, age 10. As well as Ruby who loves toys that light up, especially when we go out at night, fast Wippet , age 4.

  12. Our dog, Baby, is a part papillion and part chihuahua and when gets hold of a stuffed toy or a toy with a squeaker she has ihe gutted and stuffing all over place or the squeaker removed and flattened in half an hour or less. The Doglucent Light Up ball will keep her occupied for a long time and will be something she can’t tear apart. It will make her playtime more enjoyable.

  13. Our new lab puppy Tucker would love to have this to play outside in the back yard we are so excited to start teaching him and playing with him, he has so much to learn.

  14. These would be great to spoil my granddog!

  15. My pup loves to play, this would give him something to play with other than my shoes.

  16. My dog Scarlett would go nuts for this ball!

  17. My dog Reagan is going to be 9 this year and he is starting to show his age. I am always looking for new ways to interact with and play with him. this ball would work great!

  18. I have four dogs and we play ball everyday. They would love a light up ball.

  19. This would be a great play activity in the evening.

  20. Our 6-year-old Shih Tzu appears to be bored with his regular dog toys. Light up might spike his interest so he will leave the kids’ stuffed toys alone. Buried at the bottom of the garbage can is one chewed up, de-eared, stuffed bunny in a tutu. Heavy sigh.

  21. Dixie is my dachshund terrier mix that I rescued almost three years ago. She has broughtn so much joy into my life that I would like to give her a special reward. I am disabled and would love to play with her with these light up balls. She loves botnh lights and balls and this would be a great toy for Dixie. Thank you forb your attention.

  22. Sage certainly might like it better than squeaky toys!

  23. My 6 year old Boxer/Shepherd rescue is a BIG fan of toys. This would be fantastic to have for evening play.

  24. My dog and I are both night owls. It would be fun to play in the dark at night

  25. I have a 2 year old cat, her name is Click. She is not interested in playing with cat toys. I tried just about everything to get her to play with them, This new dog toy might be the answer to get her playing more.

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