[New Product] Doglucent Light Up adds sparkle to your dog’s playtime

Doglucent Light-Up

Is your dog getting tired of boring rubber balls and easy-to-mangle stuffed animals? Most dog toys rely on the same old squeaker to add an extra level of interest and interactivity, but even that gets dull after a while. With the Doglucent Light Up Dog Toy, you can WOW your little bow-wow with an unexpected light show with every bounce!

The benefits of playing with your pooch

Regular playtime is important to dogs on many levels. In the natural habitat, dogs run, stalk, chase and explore daily. This helps keep their senses sharp and their bodies lean and healthy. However, living in comfortable homes with cozy sofas to nap on may cause your pet to lose a little of that innate curiosity. Playing with your pet on a regular basis is a great form of exercise to keep off extra pounds, and also helps boost vision, attention span and reaction time to keep your dog feeling fit. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for bonding time between pet parent and pet. Finding the right toy that captures your dog’s imagination is the key to keeping the game fun for you both.

Doglucent Light-Up Sparks Your Dog’s Fancy

Buy the Doglucent Light-Up

The Doglucent Light-Up dog toy adds a whole new dimension of fun to your dog’s playtime! Flashing lights twinkle and captivate with every bounce.

Bright internal LED lights blink in red and blue, to create a fun and fascinating experience for your dog. The Doglucent Light-Up is actually two balls in one; an outer ball-shaped ring with textured bumps and cutouts has a design that makes it easy for your dog to grasp and carry, while an internal clear plastic ball flashes and flickers due to the motion-activated lights inside. The lights shut off automatically after a few seconds, so your dog will always be thrilled each time the lights come back on.

If you’ve been looking for the next level of fetching fun, look no further than the Doglucent Light-Up dog toy from Multipet, the makers of the Loofa Launcher and many other beloved pet toys and accessories.




Win a FREE Doglucent Light-Up!

Would a Doglucent Light-Up help make playtime more exciting for your dog? Tell us about your playtime plans and you could win a Doglucent Light-Up from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet would enjoy a Doglucent Light-Up.

Three winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, May 4, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!


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  1. My dogs love playing outside and looove chasing balls. This would be very fun for them!

  2. My dog loves to chase things and play — he would really enjoy this.

  3. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd and she loves to play with balls and to retrieve them and bring them back, this would make her so happy!

  4. My St Bernard would love these , He loves his toys 🙂

  5. Mary Jo LavenhagenApril 29, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    My 10 year old blind dog might be able to see a light up toy!

  6. My Dachshund Tucker would love to win a Doglucent Light Up Toy because we play outside a lot in the evenings because of the intense Arizona heat and it would be easier for him to play with because the toy lights up.

  7. My pet would go absolutely crazy over this! She loves light and chases lights around the house as the sun moves throughout the day!

  8. I have a six year old Blue Pit. She had surgery to fix a torn ACL about three months ago. I think she would truly be thankful for a toy to help her get back to her normal self. She loves any kind of toy and the Doglucent light up toy would be perfect.

  9. My dog, Bailey, would love this toy! He loves things that light up!

  10. I am sure this light up toy will keep my energetic dog real excited for a long time !

  11. This would be great for the evenings when we play outside with our dog. Sometimes toys get lost in the woods. We have joined the walking challenge that starts tomorrow and we will being going to the dog park too.

  12. My fur baby would go crazy over the doglucent toy! This would be great for the evenings and nights that we play outside!! We need this!! : >

  13. My fur baby would go crazy over the doglucent toy! This would be great for the evenings and nights that we play outside!! We need this!! : > thanks in advance

  14. Looks like a fun toy!

  15. My 3 labs would love to play around with this in the yard this summer and I would have the benefit of seeing where they are. Looks like a lot of fun!

  16. Oh, I know my gang would love this when we are out on camping trips this summer! This might actually be a toy they don’t lose! I think I might have just as much fun playing with it as they would. 😉

  17. My kids would love this as much as my dog! My dog would enjoy playing with it and I would knowing where he is at in the dark. He is dark brown and very hard to spot in the dark.

  18. Molly McAuliffeMay 2, 2016 at 7:35 am

    My dog is obsessed with anything that lights up, so she would have a BALL with the Doglucent Light-up dog toy. It would bring “playing fetch” to a whole new level!

  19. My Lola needs to be more active and I think this toy would be interesting enough to motivate her.
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  20. Our precious Derby is now eleven years old. He was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. He use to run and chase balls but now due to his age, he does not see as well as he use to. This ball would absolutely thrill him since he would be able to see it. Please pick him as the winner!

  21. The Doglucent Light-Up looks like lots of fun! =)

  22. My dogs would love this because they very much like to play togeather and are always interested in new and unusual things!

  23. This would give my 2 golden doodles more time at their favorite dog park in the evenings. They would love these.

  24. I have 2 Teddy Bear dogs. as I needed a therapy dog due to many medical problems. My little guys are quite the pair and have helped so much with my depression. They love to play with toys! Unfortunately most of them are wore out. They could really use some new and different toys.

    I love watching them play and hearing the funny sounds they make as they terrorize my house, lol. They have about 40 toys and their own toy box. They both know each toy and dig through the box when I ask them to get it. Most of of the toys are animals that come with animal sounds. I mimic the sound and My boys are inside the Rubbermaid container sorting through and throwing out the toys to get to the correct one. I keep trying to get their picture but they are too fast, lol.

    So far they haven;t caught on to picking them up and putting them away, lol. Just like 2 little boys the toys are scattered everywhere each night, How cute is that?

    Since they came into my life I no longer cry, I laugh. I have an extended family! and I couldn’t live without them!

  25. my lab loves to play ball, this would be so fun!

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