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For most of us, our pets are important members of the family who are loved and cherished as much as any of the two-legged family members. Even though it’s likely we will have more than one pet in our lifetimes, each and every one leaves a special paw print in our hearts through their companionship and unconditional love. Honor your furry family member with a Pawprints Keepsake Frame that features your favorite photo of your pet and an impression of their own pawprint!

How do we know our pets love us back?

Your pet knows how much you love them, not because you tell them or because of the entire social media account dedicated to them, but through your feedings, generous pets, endless playing, and long cuddling sessions. On the other hand, even though they can’t talk, your pet is constantly communicating their love for you too.

Dogs are generally happy, loveable creatures that show their love and affection in many ways. Kisses and tail wagging are a just a couple ways your precious pup demonstrate their love. Dogs will also lean or lay with you, follow you wherever you go (like the bathroom), sleep next to you, smile at you, hang out with you when you’re sick or sad, bring you their favorite toys, and even sniff your business.

Cats sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to showing love and affection, but in reality, cats are generally very sweet and cuddly towards their favorite people. In their own way, cats show love through kneading in your lap, softly head-butting your forehead, bringing you presents, purring, rubbing against you, following you, and most of all, revealing their belly.

Treasure your adorable pet with the Pawprints Keepsake Frame.

Brighten up your living room with a smiling photo of your furry family member along with a custom impression of their little paw. The Pawprints Keepsake Frame is a classically styled mahogany wood frame that would perfectly complement your home.

The frame is available in two styles: a hinged, double-sided desktop frame (11.5” x 7.5”) or a wall frame (12” x 9.5”). Both frames hold a 4×6 photo on one side and your pet’s custom molded pawprint on the other side. Each kit contains everything needed to create a special keepsake for your pet. In addition to the mahogany frame and glass, the kit comes with an acid-free mat, air-dry impression material, rolling pin, shaping ruler, spacer, double-sided adhesive tape, and instructions.

The Pawprints Keepsake Frame is simple, quick and fun to put together! The 100% pet-safe impression material doesn’t require heat or baking and allows for re-dos in case you don’t like the first one. Simply knead the impression material until soft and roll it out with the rolling pin and press your pet’s paw to make the impression. Once you’re happy with the impression, shape with the shaping tool and let the impression dry. After the impression dries, use the adhesive tape to attach it to the backing board of the frame. Insert your favorite photo of your pet, and Voilà! You now have the perfect memento for your furry loved one!


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Win a FREE Pawprints Keepsake Frame for your cat or dog!

Show off your precious pet with a special keepsake dedicated just for them!  Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE Pawprints Keepsake Frame from 1800PetMeds!
One cat winner and one dog winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, April 19, 2018, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winners, Casey B and Kathrine K. We’ll send an email about claiming your prize. 

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  1. This is fantastic

  2. This would be perfect for my kitty who just passed

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  4. My two fur boys love the biscuits you include in your orders! They say “thanks ” and greatly appreciate the bonus!

  5. I have been using PetMeds for over 10 years. The prices are reasonable and shipping is free! My dogs know the box when I get the mail and come running for the free milk bone.I have two Cairn Terriers, one with terrible skin and I purchase everything from Flea Medication, Shampoos, Fish Oil and of course Heartworm protection. They have saved me thousands of dollars over the years. Once my Vet, was trying to say that the medicines sold were not safe. I immediately called Petmeds and was reassured they are the same medication that the Vets charge at twice the price for. I would love this frame for my dog, Bojangles, he is a therapy dog and brings joy and happiness where ever he goes.

  6. Why PetMed ? Friendly representatives, reasonable prices and fast delivery. Along with that, the most important, it saves time, by avoiding the drive to the store, find parking and hope they have the item. Yes, more time for me to spend with my silky terrier, thanks PetMed !

  7. Would be very happy to win this frame.

  8. Would love to win!

  9. Would love this for my furry daughter Angie!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. Love the frame! Can’t wait to put me and my fur baby in it

  11. This would make a great addition to the family photo wall, what a great idea!

  12. J J is my min pin we love your company appreciate your coupons he is a life savor to me since my health is failing keeps me company since i live alone we go everywhere together

  13. JJ and I are best Buddies he foes with me where ever i go we work carnivals together I am in heart failure he knows when I feel bad he gives me hugs to cheer me up. He is a life saver to e i suffer from depression and he helps me through the struggle every day, he is a min pin with the heat of a stallion. the attitude of a rottweiler and the love of a child. Everyone who sees him falls in love with him and always remembers him he has one of those personalities that you never for get.https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/16797813_1242638469105550_7842364763165311238_o.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=c3c057263320f7c8adc83836c766ae01&oe=5B6E7A92here is a picture of us together it was taken on the anniversary of my husbands death who J J was named after now J J being JJ he has no ideal what is going on but look how heis trying to love and comfort me on this sad day in my life now that is the love of a true friend

  14. I just love this!Definitely an adorable keepsake that I would love for my pup Sierra!

  15. I love Pet meds! My yellow lab needs several medications and my vet charges a lot for them. Some of the medications were double!! Saves me a lot of money every year. I have always wanted a cast of my dog’s paw. To win would be a great bonus.

  16. We have had many pets over the years. Cats and dogs. I appreciate this opportunity to receive this keepsake frame.

  17. My daughter adopted a mix puppy recovered from a pet hoarder home. This would be a nice way of making her a part of our family.

  18. Doesn’t everyone think their pet is the cutest ? Mine is <3

  19. would be so cute for our pets

  20. our pets would love this

  21. My baby turned 17 this year & still doing great. This would be an amazing keepsake!

  22. Would absolutely love this for my senior girl.

  23. Would love to win the frame. This is such a cute idea!!

  24. I don’t know what to say……. Riley… is such a very friendly Shiloh Shepherd who believes that no matter who they are, guests..delivery men….propane driver.. well, they HAD to be friends and so they were. We have had many dogs over our forty years of wedded bliss, but Riley is one of a kind. Wish all could meet him so I’ve added a photo… he is about six to eight months old (he has not changed, just a bit bigger…..
    His favourite toy is the DUCKWORTH toy. I’ve sewn so many arms and necks back together, but he gets so sad when one gets hurt.
    I thought with his paw and picture gift, that Riley will be very proud of his memories.

    Thank you all at Pet-Meds. And, for Duckworth!!!

    Cathey Delahunt

  25. This would be awesome for pictures of my cat I recently had pass away!

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