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Find the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar at 1800PetMeds

Do your dog’s daily walks turn into a tug-of-war? Dogs of all sizes and breeds may have a tendency to take over the leadership role when it comes to outdoor walks. This behavior is not only uncomfortable for you, but can even be dangerous for you both.

With knowledge, patience and the right collar, you can train your dog to walk calmly at your side instead of erratically pulling you around the neighborhood.

The dangers of letting your dog take the lead

Consider this, if your dog pulls on the leash when you aren’t prepared for it, you could fall and suffer cuts, scrapes or even broken bones. Worse yet, if your dog pulls you towards another dog or into the path of an oncoming car, a tragedy could result. That’s why it’s so important to train your dog to be your obedient companion.

Become the Pack Leader – Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar

Find the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar at 1800PetMeds

Take your place at the head of the pack with the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar. This innovative, easy-to-use collar is specifically designed to help train your dog to walk closely at your side and respond to your guidance appropriately.

Rather than the common steel “choke chain” dog training collar that can pinch and damage your pet’s skin, the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar is made of soft, flexible nylon and neoprene.

A simple control cord mechanism is positioned close to the top of your dog’s neck to prevent damage to the trachea. Just attach a short leash to the O-ring of the control cord and with a quick, firm tug you will send your dog the message that you are leading the pack.

Unlike similar collars that you would have to slide over your dog’s head, the Pack Leader Collar opens completely and is fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

There is also a built-in padded throat guard to protect the most delicate areas of your dog’s neck and throat.

With the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar, you can take back control and make walks with your best friend as fun and relaxing as they should be.

Win a FREE Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar!

Would a Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar help you become the pack leader on walks with your dog? Tell us how and you could win a FREE Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need a FREE Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar.

We’ll be giving away three (3) FREE Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collars – one Size Small, one Size Medium and one Size Large, so be sure to mention which size you need in your comment. (Limited to U.S. residents.)

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, September 9, 2015, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to the winners of our random drawing: Carly (small collar), Marilyn (medium collar) and Kristy L (large collar). We’ll send you an email about how to claim your prize.

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  1. My 70lb Pitbull would probably love this collar as opposed to his current prong collar. He obeys best with the prong but would absolutely love to have Cesar’s collar instead!

  2. I would love one of these collars for our little ten pound Pomeranian Poodle who is generally very well behaved but sometimes thinks she is one of the big dogs.
    We live in Chicago and love going for walks but often times she thinks she can pull towards whatever catches her attention whether it be a big dog or a scent she wants to explore. What especially worries me is when a random rat crosses our path at night and she sees it before I do, and pulls to chase after it.
    I would love to try one of your collars so that she is less prone to acting this way and possibly hurting herself or me

  3. I have an adorable 50+ pound 11 year old beagle mix dog named Hunter. The reason why I named him Hunter is because the beagle side has a tendency to take over. On walks he loves to sniff and explore which often results in his pulling. Its’ as if he is taking me on walks and not the other way around. Hunter loves to go on walks and will often sniff out his lease. Having this collar would certainly make life around my house a bit easier!!

  4. My dog Tiger is a terrier mix we’ve been training him how to walk on a leash his father is great his son on the other hand thinks he can walk us. The boys love going outside he does great without a leash but there’s a lot of cats loose in our neighborhood and fast cars go by our small street so it’s important we leash train him. Our most important concern is safety. His parents are small but my boy is at least 9 lbs so we’d need a medium.

  5. I would love this wonderful sounding collar. I have tried numerous collars and leads for my Beagle. She is the most mello sweet girl until she’s left alone or we go on a walk….. then her nose rules her world and mine. However, she had a torn ligiment and ruptured miniscus and finally surgery was the only option. Her walking has been reduced down to no walks at all and that has really effected her. But now that she’s had surgery to repair her knee, she’ll be able to go on walks again and I’m very concerned about her pulling and tugging on a normal day but now more than ever since she’s gone over a year unable to go out for her daily walks she will be even more excited. Thank you.

  6. Hershey is a large 50+ pound beagle. He was born from 2 stray beagles (Luke and Lucy) we saved. We adopted them out but kept Hershey. He has always wanted to be lead dog…I suppose because he is a hunting dog… and also because of this, he is a house dog that we take on walks around our 3 acres. He pulls on the leash so hard, he coughs and sputters and we have to just stop to allow this situation to come to a halt. I have not be able to find a collar that does NOT choke him. We have used a harness and that seems to work better, but it goes around his chest and legs and is rather bulky. Any suggestions?

  7. 💖 We recently adopted a lovely 8 month old McNab/Border Collie from a shelter in Northern California. We have long walks on the beach every day. We live on the Oregon coast. She has broken a harness, a style that our Rat/Fox Terrier boy has worn for years. Clueless on leash, I believe this collar style would be very helpful. She weighs 27 lbs now, but is gaining weight every day! 💖

  8. I have a Jack Russell and two Rat Terriers that I walk all at the same time and our two Rat Terriers (which one was a rescue and had cancer) they are bad about breaking there leashes and getting away from me! I am disabled so it’s hard for me to catch them sometimes but I do want them to get there exercise! Thank you for a chance to win and help me out!

  9. I’ve almost given up on learning the proper way to walk my Pitboxer and I’ve looked everywhere and there’s no large pack leader collar. I tried just doing the rope but it keeps sliding down. Pls. send me a collar. I am a true believer of Cesar Millan’s techniques.

  10. I have a 9 year old male dachshund / terrier, who is very protective of me, our home, outside territory, and seems very set in his ways. I have tried many different collars to help correct his pulling, and lunging out at others. None seem to work. Something out there “has” to work for him. Indoors he obeys ALL his commands. But get him outside, and he obeys NO commands. Since Cesar Millan says that even the worst behaved dog can come out of bad behaviors, I’m willing to give his collar a try. My dog measures for a size SMALL. Thank u.

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