[New Product] Groom Genie makes brushing easy as petting

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Some pets love to be groomed. Others…not so much. Regular grooming not only improves the look and feel of your pet’s coat, but also helps prevent several health problems. Needless to say, brushing your pet helps keep your home cleaner, too! Now, there’s a way to brush your pet that’s easier on you and your furry friend.

Benefits of grooming your pet

Regularly brushing your pet does more than just get rid of loose fur. It is an opportunity to examine your pet for scrapes or sores that may not be easily seen. Regular grooming reduces the probability of hairballs and associated choking or vomiting, as well. It’s also a nice time to give your pet some focused attention and loving care. However, using the wrong brush may be stressful or even painful for your pet. Pulling or yanking of hair, scraping of sharp bristles on delicate skin or even being approached with a brush that looks a little intimidating can make for a bad experience for sensitive pets.

Groom Genie – the pet brush that thought of everything

Buy the GroomGenie at 1800PetMeds

The Groom Genie is a revolutionary pet grooming tool unlike any other. The makers of Groom Genie sought to design a pet brush that makes the entire brushing process more enjoyable for pets and pet parents alike.

This palm-held, ergonomic paw shaped grooming tool makes brushing feel more like petting, so your pet stays calm and relaxed.

Tri-level bristles easily sweep through your pet’s coat, detangling matted areas and removing loose hair and dander at every depth of your pet’s fur. The flexibility of the patent-pending bristles makes the Groom Genie easy to clean, and the light color allows you to see any pests, dirt, or dried blood that could be signs of skin problems.

Stroking your pet with the Groom Genie also helps pull natural skin oils through your pet’s coat for improved shine and luster.

The Groom Genie is lightweight and comfortable to hold, so you can keep brushing longer and reach areas that handled brushes may miss. Groom Genie is available in sizes perfect for cats, small dogs and medium to large dogs and works on any fur, hair and pet type. In fact, Groom Genie can be used on wet or dry fur making it great for after baths, too.



Win a FREE Groom Genie!

Would your pet enjoy a gentler grooming experience? Tell us about your pet grooming experiences and you could win a FREE Groom Genie from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment telling us why you and your pet need a Groom Genie.

We’ll be giving away one Groom Genie for Cats and one Groom Genie for Medium to Large Dogs, so be sure to mention which model you need in your comment.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to the winners of this giveaway: Candace (dogs) and Wendy Wise (cats)


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  1. I have two large mixed breed long-haired rescue dogs. I need one of these to help me control the dog hair that is everywhere.

  2. my dog is very sensitive to her brush and is very difficult to brush, we have several different brushes and she doesn’t like any of them

  3. Both of my dogs hate to be brushed. I have been looking for something that would not make them head for the hills. Hopefully this is it.

  4. I have 3 rescue dogs. We need the Groom Genie so grooming will be easier for me. I have a neurological disease , and a brush is hard to hold. The Groom Genie would fit in my palm making grooming fun. My 13 year old Lab sheds terribly even though I brush to best of my ability. I knew he shed, but the shelter was going to euthanize because of age, so I took him in addition to my other 2 rescues. Smokey Joe said, “please help my mom by giving her a groom genie”.

  5. My pup is an AussieDoodle. He has crazy fur/hair! I would love some help taming it!

  6. Chalie is a German Shepherd and needs brushing everyday.

  7. I would love this for my cocker spaniel whose hair grows too fast in between grooming.

  8. We need a groom genie because we are constantly sweeping up hair balls the size of bunnies! They would love to be pet more

  9. Our family cat sheds a ton, so it’s a good thing she loves to be brushed. She would love to try a Groom Genie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Lucy is a Pembroke Corgi who loves to be groomed. A good thing because Corgis shed heavily and need to be groomed daily. Not only does she like to be brushed, but she also loves to be vacuumed. I have a canister vacuum, and when I put the upholstery brush on it–she’ll raise each leg one at a time so I can sweep her thoroughly. She is 10 years-old now–and I’m still trying new grooming tools. I’d love to win a genie groomer to try on her.

  11. My dog Ernest would benefit from this brush because he is constantly shedding. A good brush is needed in this house!!!

  12. Our cat and dog are always shedding, the fur is insane. It’s super soft and fluffy and kind of long so it can be a pain to brush at times because of slight knots. I’d love one of these, they would save us so much time & our pets would be happier. 🙂

  13. I would love to get the new baby family Saint Bernard Ozzy one!!!!!!

  14. Great blog post and nice looking for picture
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  15. We have two dogs, Zoey and Jesse and both are short haired but that does not mean that they do not need to be brushed all the time! Jesse is part St. Bernard and weighs a 110 and while Zoey is only 45 pounds she is always losing fur and really has a dislike to bring brushed. But they both love going to the local dog beach on a couple times a week so that means regular baths and daily brushing! We would love to try this!!!!

  16. Otis even a year old yet and he climbs in the bath tub hoping to have another bath. Now all we need is a great grooming tool

  17. I have a Jindo from South Korea and Dex sheds ALL the time. Can’t get him groomed has 2 coats. We love our dog but need help please, for the dog and me!!! Please pick me to win so my dog will be more comfortable and feel better. Thank you, Lisa Garvey


  19. This would be great to get them all groomed up for our RV travels!

  20. My dog Baby is part German Shepard and part Siberian Husky (and maybe a few other parts). She has a very dense undercoat and needs brushing everyday to keep it from getting matted and to reduce her shedding. I know she would love this brush. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Our Snow Paw cat enjoys being brushed, but yells and runs when we use predicts products that we’ve tried that can effectively loosen her little dreadlocks. Your new product looks like it will be effective yet gentle enough for her. Thank you so much!

  22. I would love to use a Groom Genie for my dogs or cats. I foster animals for the local humane society, and sometimes animals come to me very scared, but they need to be groomed. Having a Groom Genie would easy a lot of fears since it is a easy as petting the animal to get them brushed. Coming at them with a normal brush or comb can be a bit overwhelming to a fearful animal.

  23. I have two cats Leo (my old man) and Nottoc and I would love to try the Groom Genie for both of them. Leo has very fine hair which can mat very easily and he also has very delicate skin which should be helped by using the Groom Genie. My other cat Nottoc has a thick white coat and he constantly sheds even when he is brushed every day. I would really love to try the Groom Genie on Nottoc as well as he is also sensitive to certain brushes and this should help with his shedding. Thank you!

  24. My dog, Cocoa, loves being combed. I started when he was just 7 weeks old, and it just calms down his little anxious body. He’s such an anxious little dog and combing him is just such nice therapy for him! That’s why I’d love to try this Groom Genie to help calm his little bones!

  25. Our 5 month old puppy hates getting brushed. We could try a new one to see if he minds less.

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