[New Product] Groom Genie makes brushing easy as petting

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Some pets love to be groomed. Others…not so much. Regular grooming not only improves the look and feel of your pet’s coat, but also helps prevent several health problems. Needless to say, brushing your pet helps keep your home cleaner, too! Now, there’s a way to brush your pet that’s easier on you and your furry friend.

Benefits of grooming your pet

Regularly brushing your pet does more than just get rid of loose fur. It is an opportunity to examine your pet for scrapes or sores that may not be easily seen. Regular grooming reduces the probability of hairballs and associated choking or vomiting, as well. It’s also a nice time to give your pet some focused attention and loving care. However, using the wrong brush may be stressful or even painful for your pet. Pulling or yanking of hair, scraping of sharp bristles on delicate skin or even being approached with a brush that looks a little intimidating can make for a bad experience for sensitive pets.

Groom Genie – the pet brush that thought of everything

Buy the GroomGenie at 1800PetMeds

The Groom Genie is a revolutionary pet grooming tool unlike any other. The makers of Groom Genie sought to design a pet brush that makes the entire brushing process more enjoyable for pets and pet parents alike.

This palm-held, ergonomic paw shaped grooming tool makes brushing feel more like petting, so your pet stays calm and relaxed.

Tri-level bristles easily sweep through your pet’s coat, detangling matted areas and removing loose hair and dander at every depth of your pet’s fur. The flexibility of the patent-pending bristles makes the Groom Genie easy to clean, and the light color allows you to see any pests, dirt, or dried blood that could be signs of skin problems.

Stroking your pet with the Groom Genie also helps pull natural skin oils through your pet’s coat for improved shine and luster.

The Groom Genie is lightweight and comfortable to hold, so you can keep brushing longer and reach areas that handled brushes may miss. Groom Genie is available in sizes perfect for cats, small dogs and medium to large dogs and works on any fur, hair and pet type. In fact, Groom Genie can be used on wet or dry fur making it great for after baths, too.



Win a FREE Groom Genie!

Would your pet enjoy a gentler grooming experience? Tell us about your pet grooming experiences and you could win a FREE Groom Genie from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment telling us why you and your pet need a Groom Genie.

We’ll be giving away one Groom Genie for Cats and one Groom Genie for Medium to Large Dogs, so be sure to mention which model you need in your comment.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to the winners of this giveaway: Candace (dogs) and Wendy Wise (cats)


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  1. Smokie is a long haired dog and I brush him daily but his hair is always falling out. I have him trimmed but it does not seem to help enough. Always looking for a better item to use.

  2. Gentle but efficient.

  3. I have 3 dogs. I use a horse shedding blade to try and groom them but on my 2 the smaller dogs it is hard to maneuver. I would love to have something that worked and didn’t make them run away from me while trying to brush them.

  4. Monroe LOVES to be petted, so the Groom Genie would let me brush him while he enjoys what feels like his favorite activity!

  5. This would be great for our babies.we have 6 of them and they loved being brushed. We also have cats too that love it. Thank you for the chance.

  6. Oh my gosh, this Groom Genie looks, and sounds amazing, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I surely do need a new product that will revolutionize my cats’ grooming, and this looks so comfortable to use! I bet she’d love it. Her name is Cleocatra, Cleo for short. She’s part Maine Coon with very long-haired that gets matted up easily, poor thing. She’s also a polydactyl, so even more to groom. Thanks!

  7. I could use this for my dog Bailey he is a black cocker spaniel with tons of hair, I brush him
    everyday but this Groom Genie would be so much better for him. I really like the fact you can use it on
    dry and wet hair. When Bailey gets a bath I would use this for him and he would like it. Bailey likes to
    be groom. Would like the dog Groom Genie

  8. I could sure use one for my Ozzie, he sheds so bad, its a wonder he isn’t bald, lol. Im sure this awesome tool would help!

  9. I’ve had pugs since 1969 and boy do they shed. It’s not only during the change of seasons when it’s way worse but all year round too. I’m sure my current pug Jeffie would really enjoy the feel of the Groom Genie.

  10. I have had English setters for over 40 yrs—-I Love them! However their are very difficult to groom since their hair is fine & thick. In fact in the hind quarter areas it’s almost like cotton. Strawberry Fields’ Breeder used to give here a “Show room” 2X yearly at no charge. She loved all her babies. Now I live in AZ & not IL anymore. No one here knows how to groom an English setter properly & so I must refresh my skills from umpteen yrs ago with old equipment & old cranky arthritic hands–UGH!! And besides, Strawberry truly dislikes to be groomed, so it makes the job that much more challenging.

    So, you can understand how wonderful the “Groom Genie” sounds to me…& to Strawberry, too! We would absolutely Love to have one & hope we win! If not, well….I’ll still shop at Pet Meds since I have for so many years & for so many Englishes!!

    Thanks for this great opportunity!!

  11. My furbaby just sheds! Amazing she isn’t bald with all the hair we sweep up every day.

  12. This would be perfect and I’m willing to try anything. We are losing the battle of the fur here!! My new brown couch is now white and I spend more time than I’d like to admit trying to keep it up off the floors, clothes and bedding. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. My Doxie mix is1 year old. She sheds. She looks like a yellow Lab with a Doxie body. She has short hair and a smooth coat. I haven’t brushed her much in the 1 year I had her. I think having a Groom Genie would be perfect for her and to start a daily brushing regime. Thanks!

  14. I have plenty animals i could use this on. I have 3 dogs 4 cats and 3 rabbits. I think it would help with all the fur everywhere

  15. I’m currently using the Furminator which works very well on all the pets. But as Bella ages & her hip problems worsen the brush I have is a little too hard on her delicate skin & she growls when I comb her. She does love getting her pets though so hence the need for the Groom Genie.

  16. My lab juice would just love it he will back his behind up to my chair and just want me to scratch him all day I think he falls asleep standing up at times and with that brush iam sure he would be in heaven when I used it on him

  17. My Jake is a Lab/Retriever mix, so he has long hair! He loves to have his hair brushed, he is 10 & 1/2 years old, about 75lbs and still thinks he’s a lap dog 🙂 he lays in my lap while I brush him, trim his hair and clip his nails! I think he would absolutely love this!

  18. I would love to have the Groom Genie for Cats. I have 4 cats that love to be pet. But, they hate to be brushed. I’m hoping they will prefer this product. Every time I pet them, I see all of the fur floating off into the air and room.

  19. I have a cat, dog, and rabbit who would each benefit from these cool-looking tools! I would say that the Groom Genie for Cats would be the most useful. Luna is a medium-long haired cat who is very tolerant be gets tired of being brushed all the time. This looks like it would be more enjoyable for her. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  20. The Groom Genie for cats would be great to help me prevent hairballs in my long-haired cat.

  21. My 2 cats and I would love to win bc grooming can be a daunting task for us. One is anxious & his brother has other important things to do 🙂

  22. Veronica sandbergMarch 18, 2016 at 1:56 am

    My dog doesn’t like me touching her mouth. The genie would help so much

  23. I have an old lady (16 years old) and something gentle for her would be great.

  24. Sheba is my chow chow doggie with lots of hair. She sheds a lot but really hates being brushed. After reading your review I feel Sheba and I could benefit from using the Groom Genie.

  25. Listen Linda!! Listen right! Sorry if you are not Linda or maybe a man!! But you get it!!

    Mushu the pug needs this Groom Genie and he needs it now! Pugs’ shed and with their hair you can make a rug maybe an 8/10 footer!! Nice – Sweet – Glam! Stop dreaming – focus! Mushu (and his other many mates at home) would love a gentle massage from the ergonomic paw shaped Groom Genie while watching his favorite TV Show AP-101 puppies! Consider releasing one of those Groom Genie in any size to the Wonderful World of Mushu and friends. You can see all his buddies that will get to use and benefit from owning a Groom Genie!!
    By the way – all profiled pets are rescued!!
    Do you think I could use it on the Gerbils too? Just Kidding, or am I?
    Thanks for reading the request for a Groom Genie.

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