[New Product] Groom Genie makes brushing easy as petting

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Some pets love to be groomed. Others…not so much. Regular grooming not only improves the look and feel of your pet’s coat, but also helps prevent several health problems. Needless to say, brushing your pet helps keep your home cleaner, too! Now, there’s a way to brush your pet that’s easier on you and your furry friend.

Benefits of grooming your pet

Regularly brushing your pet does more than just get rid of loose fur. It is an opportunity to examine your pet for scrapes or sores that may not be easily seen. Regular grooming reduces the probability of hairballs and associated choking or vomiting, as well. It’s also a nice time to give your pet some focused attention and loving care. However, using the wrong brush may be stressful or even painful for your pet. Pulling or yanking of hair, scraping of sharp bristles on delicate skin or even being approached with a brush that looks a little intimidating can make for a bad experience for sensitive pets.

Groom Genie – the pet brush that thought of everything

Buy the GroomGenie at 1800PetMeds

The Groom Genie is a revolutionary pet grooming tool unlike any other. The makers of Groom Genie sought to design a pet brush that makes the entire brushing process more enjoyable for pets and pet parents alike.

This palm-held, ergonomic paw shaped grooming tool makes brushing feel more like petting, so your pet stays calm and relaxed.

Tri-level bristles easily sweep through your pet’s coat, detangling matted areas and removing loose hair and dander at every depth of your pet’s fur. The flexibility of the patent-pending bristles makes the Groom Genie easy to clean, and the light color allows you to see any pests, dirt, or dried blood that could be signs of skin problems.

Stroking your pet with the Groom Genie also helps pull natural skin oils through your pet’s coat for improved shine and luster.

The Groom Genie is lightweight and comfortable to hold, so you can keep brushing longer and reach areas that handled brushes may miss. Groom Genie is available in sizes perfect for cats, small dogs and medium to large dogs and works on any fur, hair and pet type. In fact, Groom Genie can be used on wet or dry fur making it great for after baths, too.



Win a FREE Groom Genie!

Would your pet enjoy a gentler grooming experience? Tell us about your pet grooming experiences and you could win a FREE Groom Genie from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment telling us why you and your pet need a Groom Genie.

We’ll be giving away one Groom Genie for Cats and one Groom Genie for Medium to Large Dogs, so be sure to mention which model you need in your comment.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 30, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to the winners of this giveaway: Candace (dogs) and Wendy Wise (cats)


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  1. Spike’s coat is such a challenge!

  2. I need a Groom Genie for my cats because while they will let me pet them endlessly I can’t get anywhere near them with regular grooming tools, and one of them has very fine fur, but a lot of it and just long enough to leave his fur matted.

  3. Milo really sheds as most long hair pets do. I use a medel brush have to be so careful not to hurt him or damage him
    coat thick hair, I just never won anything with giveaways this would a perfect item to win and use daily on Milo to keep
    him groomed.

  4. my dog is part chow and shepard and her hair gets so matted that you can’t brush it out

  5. My yorkie is 11 yrs old and he goes out of control when i show him the brush he screams, barks and try to bite me when he see the brush only he gets so agitated that i never get to brush his coat, i don’t know why… He has a beautiful coat but when he see his brush is like he see evil so i wont touch him. :0(

    Maybe with this groom genie i can do some magic…

  6. i have a jackabee (jack russell/beagle mix) who is not long haired, but sheds horribly. every surface in my entire house is covered in white fur by the end of the day. so i could really use something to try to tame his shedding!

  7. Nikola is our long-haired kitty who is not too fond of getting brushed but really needs it. He is a rescue kitten with some kind of traumatic past that makes him very skittish. Strange objects coming at him are not his idea of a relaxing grooming session. It would be great to have the Groom Genie in my palm to make brushing more like petting. If I don’t get the hair off, he licks it off, and then we both have the unpleasant experience of massive hairballs. Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  8. A Groom Genie would be perfect our Golden Retriever, Golddie. She loves to take a dip in our pond, daily. After getting all wet in the pond she loves running through the woods and getting all kinds of stuff caught in her beautiful coat. The Groom Genie sounds like just what we need for her daily grooming ritual.

  9. I have 2 dogs. One is short hair and sheds a lot. My second little guy is a shih-tzu mix which we rescued. His hair was in bad shape and we had to have the groomer remove most of it. Now I know I must comb and brush him regularly to keep him from matting and stuff. Not crazy about the comb but this genie thing looks great. They both love to be petted. It would feel good to them and help me keep them from the groomer longer which is not cheap.

  10. I need one because my clothes have more hair than my cat does.

  11. My dog she’s a lot but she doesn’t enjoy being brushed it’s the dog brush I have now. I think she will love the groove genie because she loves to be petted.

  12. Would love this for my girls… They tend to run like the wind when I pull out their brush that we use now..

  13. I have tried many different brushes on my large mutt Lily. She is short hair and absolutely hates being brushed, she tries to bite the brush or knock it out of my hand with her paw so I end up getting frustrated and stop trying to brush her at all. I would love to find a brush that she would enjoy because she loves being petted so the whole adversion to brush thing has me stomped. I hope you pick me and my big 60lb lap dog to try your brush! Thank you for this opportunity

  14. This brush sounds perfect for my cats Nottoc and Leo. Nottoc has a short thick white coat and he sheds constantly if he is not brushed everyday. I think that this brush should also get the undercoat out as well and that would really help with his shedding. Now, my older cat Leo, just needs a gentle brush that won’t irritate his skin and also make him feel good when he is brushed. He is very sensitive and this brush would be good for both brushing and detangling his very fine fur. I would love to try it for both of my cats!

  15. We have a St. Bernard. Need I say more?

  16. My Goldens need a good brushing and This tool fills that need

  17. my cat does not really like the metal brushes but that is what it takes to get through her long fur.

  18. Would love to win this for my dog Max. He’s half German Shepherd and half Border Collie. His jacket of fur & how much he sheds is unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything quite like it with a dog before, so I think the Groom Genie would be the perfect thing for him.

  19. I have a 14 year old golden retriever mixed with chow so he has A LOT of hair. We got him the day he was brought into the animal shelter when he was only 8 weeks old. My favorite memory about that day was the lady in the drive thru at Wendy’s about jumped out of her skin when he sat up because she thought he was a stuffed animal!!
    He’s not the biggest fan of being brushed, but once you start brushing him he will typically stay still for a little bit. His name is Shadow because I love the Homeward Bound movies!
    We also have a pit mix that we rescued literally ten minutes before AC came to take him! His original owners left him behind when they moved out, and he was tied up for two weeks before we found out about him, but he is one of the most lovable dogs around and his name is chance! He loves to be petted just not a fan of baths!

  20. I have a cockapoo who mats very quickly. I need a tool that works better than a regular brush.

  21. My 10 yr old black schnoddle dog named LALA gets grass and stickers on her fur. She hates it when i brush her ..i have tried different brushes on her. She would love it if it was gentle and soft on her skin. She loves being petted so she would not fight it as much.

  22. I have a cat and he loves to be scratched plus I can’t afforded to buy him stuff

  23. My Dog, “Molly” a long-haired Dachshund , loses a lot of hair around the house . Even after brushing her in the morning, she seems to look unruly by the afternoon. Maybe the groom genie might be the answer !!!!!

  24. Kimberly FlickingerMarch 18, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I could use it on my four long haired doxies.

  25. This would make my grooming my Sierra so much easier and she deserves the best grooming tools!!

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