Help Relieve Your Pet’s Joint Pain with an Orthopedic Pet Bed

Just as humans grow older and begin to experience pain in their joints, both dogs and cats can experience the same. You may notice as your beloved furry family member grows older they aren’t playing as much as they used to or jumping as high anymore. Unfortunately, that could be the result of weaker joints in their bodies. Not all cats and dogs are predisposed to joint health problems; however, it’s not unusual for it to happen to aging pets in general due to a degeneration of the cartilage between the bones. It is also common in overweight pets, large breed dogs and some cat breeds, including Himalayan, Persian, and Siamese. Noticing your pet is in pain isn’t always easy, and it can be difficult to decipher what different behaviors mean.

How can I tell if my pet has joint health problems?

  • Limping- you may notice your pet favoring one of his or her legs when they are first getting up.
  • Difficulty moving- your cat might not be jumping to the top of the cat tree anymore or your dog is gradually trying to avoid jumping into the car.
  • Sleepy- moving around can be taking a lot of energy due to the pain and your pet may be resting more.
  • Irritability/Aggression- even if your pet isn’t a biter, handling or petting them in a place that causes them pain could cause them to lash out.
  • Licking, chewing, biting self- sometimes pets will lick, bite or chew the painful areas to provide some relief.

What can I do to help?

There are a few things more difficult than seeing your pet in pain. Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do to help relieve it or improve and maintain their joint health. Provide comfortable pet beds, like the Plush Memory Sleeper, for your pet to rest on instead of the hard ground. The orthopedic beds can help ease the strain placed on your pet’s joints. Use pet ramps and steps to help your bet get to their favorite spot on the couch or to help them get into the car. Joint supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin can encourage growth and help maintain your pet’s joint cartilage. If needed, talk to your veterinarian about medications that can help provide relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Provide your pet comfort with a Plush Memory Sleeper

The Plush Memory Sleeper is perfect orthopedic pet bed for all pets, especially for older pets with joint health problems. Offering full body support with two inches of memory foam, this luxurious bed gives your pet a resting place that helps reduce any strain placed on your pet’s pressure joints.

In addition to the memory foam contouring to your pet’s body shape, the Plush Memory Sleeper features Outlast fabric technology, which prevents your pet from getting too hot or cold and can also help reduce pet odor.

Available in 5 different sizes and 3 different colors, you can find the perfect mattress for your pet and for your home!



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  1. My little bug is almost 15 and has arthritis down her spine. This would be great for her to relax in comfort!

  2. I would love to win this for Kash! She’s a beautiful dog and will be 11 this year! This bed would be perfect for her. 🙂

  3. My cat Princess sleeps in a wicker basket with a towel for cushion. I know she would love and appreciate a plush memory foam bed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Either my boxer or my cats would love a bed. Right now they sleep 💤 on the floor or couch. Think they would be so greatfull. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I would love to win this for my cats. Lover, Daisy, and Boo say thanks for the chance

  6. My girl is 15 this year and this would be wonderful for her…shes getting stiffer in all her joints and i hate to see it. She sleeps on a folded up quilt at the moment but its just not enough. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Wow what a TREAT it would be to win that for our best friends <3

  8. Norris (10 yo male rescue Australian Shepherd) says, “Pick me, please!”.
    Mr. Norris has been in the family a little over one year and loves his rest. Having a comfy plush memory sleeper would be a pup’s dream come true!

  9. My kitty would love this and it might keep her from sleeping on my legs!

  10. My very friendly German Shepard Kane, told me, in confidence, his diet and supplements work, but he sure would like a new orthopedic bed. He said they would help him sleep better, and make his hips stop aching. And help him get back to chasing those pesky, trespassing squirrels out of his backyard………

  11. My dog would benefit greatly from one of these beds. She’s 9 years old and getting to old to jump on the couch. She would love having her own bed.

  12. It would rock my Labs world. Her age now requires a little more cushy. Our Cavalier would lounge one it also.

  13. My fur baby would love a new bed!

  14. I need a bed for my dog! He hogs the whole bed! LOL .. sometimes its too hard for him to jump up so this would still give him a comfy place to sleep next to the bed!!!

  15. My buddy isn’t a puppy anymore (for years now) and sometimes has a hard time jumping up on the couch to sleep and be near me. His old bed is worn out and the neww ones are hard to afford so I give him my blankets but I wish I could give him better.

  16. My boy would love this!!!

  17. would love this for my senior pup Bonnie

  18. Our German Shepard would love this, looks like it would easily fit in her crate also when we are not home.

  19. My pups would love this bed, especially as they get older.

  20. My 10 year old bulldog would love this bed.

  21. Would love for my Golden,whho has a bad case of arithritis.

  22. My mom has 2 dogs, one older, one younger. This would be great for them to share.

  23. one of our pets is 12 years old and can use a nice bed!

  24. my 14 year old dog has bad hips and this would be so great if it helped him!

  25. I would love to win this for my Korean Jindo, Cloud. He is a growing boy and is outgrowing his orininal bed, he loves it though! He would fit so much better on this one, and most definitely love it more. He’s a good boy and definitely deserves the best!

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