Help your Dog Survive Summer with Cosequin Calm

For dogs, summer can be the best time of the year with pool and beach days, extra-long evening walks, increased outside time, and more! On the other hand, summer is also filled with crashing thunderstorms, ear-splitting fireworks, endless outdoor construction, packed family parties, and extended family vacations.  These events can be stressful for some dogs, and Cosequin Calm Chewables are perfect to help keep them calm and relaxed.

Noise and separation anxieties are common sources of anxiety in dogs. A less common source of your pet’s distress is actually taking them with you on your summer road trip. Taking your dog out of its bubble of your home and neighborhood can be stressful for both you and your dog. When traveling with your beloved pup, it’s important to remember to keep them comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

Introduce the car– If your dog isn’t used to being in the car, spend a few days to a couple weeks, prior to the trip, getting him used to the car with short car rides and plenty of rewards.

Identification– Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with updated tags in case of an emergency. If they have a microchip, update that information as well.

Check with the vet– Take your pup in to make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date, and bring the records along on the trip. For an extra cushion of safety, compile a list of emergency vet clinics that will be nearby on your trip.

Tire them out– Before heading out, give your pup a good exercise session to tire them out and put them in a relaxed state. Well-exercised dogs have less pent up energy that can be translated to heightened feelings of anxiety.

Keep calm and give your pup a calming supplement– If your pet needs that extra “oomph”, give your pet a yummy Cosequin Calm Chewable, which contains calming extracts that help balance your pet’s mood and keep them calm as a clam.

Take plenty of pit stops– Give your dog plenty of water and take many pit stops so your pup can potty and stretch its legs to release any energy.

Reminder– Never, ever leave your dog in the car alone, especially in the summer!

Cosequin Calm makes traveling with your pet a breeze!

Cosequin Calm Chewables help your pet cope with the stressors of traveling. It’s also great for dogs that suffer from noise and separation anxiety. Cosequin Calm is perfect to give to dogs prior to thunderstorms, firework shows, family parties, or any other upsetting experiences.

This tasty chewable contains calming ingredients like Magnolia Officinalis and Phellodendron amurense extracts, L-Theanine, and dried Whey Protein Concentrate, which helps settle your dog’s anxiety during stressful situations.

Give Cosequin Calm to your dog daily to help manage their general anxiety, or just keep it handy when your dog needs a little extra help to relax.

Win FREE Cosequin Calm for your dog!!

Is summer a hard time for your dog’s anxieties? Cosequin Calm Chewables are a perfect solution to ease your dog’s nerves! Just leave a comment below and you could win FREE bottle of Cosequin Calm from 1800PetMeds! Twelve (12) winners will be chosen at random on Thursday, July 19, 2018, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winners! Look for an email from us about claiming your prize.
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  1. Our rescue Ollie could really use this as he is a very very skidish pup, he is the chicken little of the dogs. I have 3 and he’s always screaming the sky is falling. But guess what it’s not. Lol. So Ollie would be so blessed so would my other guys know Ollie is calm ..

  2. Kimberly StuckeyJuly 11, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    My dog absolutely would benefit from the Cosequin calm. He’s a chihuahua with anxiety issues and bites himself until he gets sores.

  3. Yes, Willamina has anxieties and would like to win a prize.

  4. Please please help me! I can’t even take my Bella to the vet for her shots! She gets so stressed out in the car she throws up every time!

  5. This wonderful product would be a God Send for my dogs!

  6. My little Yorkie is terrified of storms, fireworks, sudden noises, doorbells, even when someone sends a text message! It would be great to see if these chews could calm her down. My other teacup Yorkie has separation issues and constantly tries to get me to stay home by biting my pants, etc. This would be great if this product works!

  7. My sheltie is still frightened from all the fireworks and it’s already been a week since the 4th of July.

  8. My 10 year old golden retriever has anxieties, him and I would love to win so we can try out this product

  9. I would love to win so we can try out this product

  10. I think it would be fantastic if my dog had something to help his anxiety. It’s so hard to see him go through something I can’t fix. It makes me feel so helpless.

  11. This would really benefit my dog especially in the summer with the thunderstorms we have.

  12. Our new, smaller dog loves to harass our older, larger dog. I’d love to see if this would help calm her a bit around the other dog, so she’ll leave him alone!

  13. would love to win a bottle of this for my dog. He needs joints supplements because he is a large breed and is getting older and the calming effect would be nice for when he is home alone while im at work

  14. Moving to a new home. My ZoZo girl is a little ball of anxiety already. And the last time we moved, it took a while for her to chill out. This is the last and permanent move. But would love to try these to see if they help! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Would love to win these!

  16. Rosemary HornbuckleJuly 11, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    My older collie is so afraid of thunder. Sounds like these pills would help.

  17. I would love to try this with lola. Lola is a senior cocker spaniel who loves car rides but gets antsy after a few minutes. This limits where we can go.
    Hope we win.
    Thanks for the chance

  18. Summer is a hard time for my dog’s anxieties. The season brings out fireworks and thunderstorms. My dog doesn’t like the loud noises.

  19. Bo, our Boxer is very scared of storms, fireworks, anything loud. I would love to try these and see if they would help him.

  20. My lively, Lovely dog seriously needs help with thunder.

  21. My dog Buddy is 6 years old and he’s nervous of a lot of things and I would love to take him to the beach this year but he makes me nervous he love to ride in the car places just scare of noises I would love to try him on this meds please help

  22. This sounds like a great product. My dog hates the car. He’s getting better but whines the whole time.

  23. Wonderful helper for my boys:)

  24. My fur baby is 13 years old, next month. Storms, fireworks, anything loud makes him act like he is going to have a ♥ attack. I feel so bad for him. Haven’t found anything yet, to calm him. Please let me win this to try, might become a regular customer.Fingers crossed!

  25. I have a 130 lb Alaskan Malamute (Bodie) who was traumatized by a train blowing it’s very loud horn right next to him when he was only a few months old. He went on to become afraid of thunder and absolutely panicked by the many fireworks in our area. My heart goes out to him every time I see him skulking away with his tail tucked low. We’ve used a Thunder Shirt and some calming treats, but he remains panicked. On the 4th of July the boy refused to go outside to potty for 27 hours! 😞

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