[Giveaway] Home For The Holidays With PetMeds®

With holiday season underway, many dog and cat parents will be spending more time away from home while they shop, run errands, or visit friends and family. To give them peace of mind when they can’t be with their pets, PetMeds® is giving away a Furbo Pet Camera to three lucky winners.

While the upcoming holidays are best spent surrounded by loved ones, the festivities can keep many pet parents away from home. While many dog and cat parents feel guilty as they spend time away from their pets, the Furbo Pet Camera can help them feel close to their four-legged family members, no matter where the seasonal celebrations take them.

Adapting to changes in their routine and surroundings, plus spending more time in an empty home can leave some dogs and cats feeling stressed. Using a pet camera makes it easier for pet parents to keep an eye on their pets, whether they check-in with live video calls, or review saved videos captured by the motion-activated video recording feature.

Just as one may Facetime with human family members who live far away during the holidays, pet parents can connect with their pets through a pet camera when they’re not home. The Furbo Pet Camera has two-way audio so pet parents can talk to their pets through their smart phone, and it also has a built-in treat launcher that can be activated via the phone app to reward good behavior from afar.

You can review captured video to look for body language cues that indicate your pet is stressed. If they struggle with being alone, they may need a longer walk or more playtime in the mornings so they’re more likely to nap while you’re away.

In celebration of the holiday season, all cat and dog parents are invited to enter the PetMeds® Home For The Holidays Giveaway for a chance to win a Furbo Pet Camera with Caledon Farms Chicken Morsels Dog Treats for dog winners and Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats for cat winners.

The PetMeds® Home For The Holidays Giveaway runs from Wednesday December 1, 2021, through Friday, December 31, 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) December 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win. There will be a total of three winners. One winner will be notified every two weeks on Friday 12/3, 12/17, and 12/31.

Win A FREE Furbo Pet Camera!
It’s the most wonderful time of year! Maybe you’re out spending time with family, or putting in some extra time at work to fund your holiday spending … and your pets are home alone. But don’t feel too bad for them – while you’re out engaging in holiday festivities, perhaps your pets are doing some partying of their own! Let us know below your holiday plans AND what you think your pets are doing when you’re not there and you could win a FREE Furbo Dog Camera from PetMeds®! A winner will be chosen at random Every 2 Weeks in December starting 12/3/21, , so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

Congrats to our Week 1 Winner Bonnie LaPier in Pennsylvania, Week 2 Winner Tonya Mcminn, and Week 3 Amy Walder in Wisconsin. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but these tips will be sure to help start your pet’s new year off right.

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  1. Staying home this year. My animals are watching & waiting for me to get back!

  2. Jack and Jill will spend the holidays with their aunt and uncle while I travel north to see family. Up until I leave, I will spend as much time with them as I can! When I’m not there, I think they love sleeping and digging into the couch cushions and blankets! That would be fun to catch on camera!

  3. We are staying home with our cats this year. When we are not home I do believe they sleep and when they hear us come in the door, they warble and come a running.

  4. Visiting my parents. And I’m pretty certain that our pets area jumping on the couches when we are gone.

  5. We’re going to my in-laws for the holiday and our dog Missy is going with us. It’s about a 2 hour ride in the car and she does not like riding in the car. She is a drooly monster and sometimes gets car sick. But once at grandma’s it’s all about her getting spoiled! When we’re not h8 e with her she sleeps and waits at the door for us. Sometimes she’s bad and gets into things left on the counter or table.

  6. I don’t leave our dog alone! I find her a sitter! 😂 she even goes on vacation with us! For Christmas we will be spending time with loved ones and making memories of laughter and love! Wish the same for all!

  7. All five of us are staying home this year – my husband, myself, and our three miniature Dachshunds: Choppas, Ayla, and Benno. When we do travel for the holidays, we always take our dogs with us; after all, they are family, too!
    When we do leave our sweet angels alone for short periods of time, I have a feeling there’s a lot of howling, pulling the stuffing out of toys, and napping.

  8. Having Christmas after so grandsons can all be here. My dog lays on couch the whole time I am gone.

  9. Dudley loves going for winter walks

  10. Mine always sleep more as I think they miss me? Sometimes they discover old toys hidden underneath furniture with that extra time they have on their hands!

  11. We host Christmas every year, family and friends come to our home. I have a labrador and I know exactly what she is doing when I’m not home, she go’s counter surfing. When I come home I find the evidence left in the floor.LOL She only does it when we are not home.

  12. Spending time with mommy’s sweet little baby! She’s an AKC purebred 4 generations papers Chinese Fawn Pug, and the love of my life (as far as pets go!) … I’m a Military Mom, so I won’t be able to see my loved one this year, in person (sadly). Our sweet furbaby is 13 years young, but the veterinarian says she’s in perfect good health! I have only ever given her bottled spring ware to drink, and now she eats a mainly seafood diet with excellent foods, such as kibble, raw food kibble as a topper, and freeze dried as a topper holistic type pet foods. She was my son’s dog, originally, which he got in 6th grade for getting the honor roll at school. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She’s the most perfect pet. Is there any other dog? We’ll be spending the holidays together — as we always have even when we travel across the country and back! We’re staying home this year; cozy and comfortable. We’ll relax and admire the decorations! Of course, giving thanks to God for our good health. Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, too!

  13. My husband and I will be visiting family in town. Going from house to house. Lucky most of them love our Jax and wouldn’t dream of him not opening his presents under their tree. At home when he’s alone I’m sure when he’s not napping ; he’s playing with his puzzle toys we lay about the house loaded with low calorie treats.

  14. Staying home Only leave to do shopping and I am assuming pets just sleep till we get home

  15. Staying home for the holidays. We will be having company coming to our house. The cats will be hiding, the dog will be loving extra attention.

  16. My wife and I are going over to see both of our parents for Christmas. My dog Max will have plenty of toys to play with while we are gone. We’ll also give him some extra treats to nibble on.

  17. We will be staying home this year so my cats will be happy!

  18. It will be me and the cat and 2 dogs home alone this year, my daughter will be in Mass. for the Bill-Patriots football game

  19. Pari and Mark SitarskiDecember 5, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Pretty sure all 110lbs of Lady is hanging out on the couch with 8lbs of Abby, wrapped up in MY favorite blanket, eating
    gingersnap cookies and watching Hallmark Christmas movies

  20. I’m pretty sure my pets just sleep when we are gone! We are going to see my parents and the dog and cats will have a sitter.

  21. My dog Sammy(chiweenie) enjoys Christmas morning and gets real excited opening packages. We will be staying home this year. While we are out shopping he will be waiting at the door for us to return.

  22. I think my dogs are waiting for us to come home in the window. We’ll be staying home this year.

  23. Our pet is so unpredictable! Your guess is as god as ours. Nothing is out of the question! A camera would definitely help keep our pet safe and our home free from destruction 🙂

  24. This is a wonderful gift, thank you. Most of the time I know what my 2 gals, dogs are doing because I am at home most of the time. During the past 2 years with corvid, we have been staying at home. I have not been taking my girls anywhere except to the vet for check ups, etc. I don’t want them to get sick. When I do leave, I can hear them barking as I drive off. When I get home they are waiting at the door, I can barely get in the door, because they have knocked the rug up against the door. Sometimes I find they have left me some “presents” but I know my oldest has had some problems and with the meds she is on, I don’t get mad at her. My youngest was having some problems but I think the vet finally got that resolved after trying different things. They are getting their teeth cleaned this month, even though I brush them daily. I have not had many visitors due to corvid. I don’t want to take a chance on getting sick and not being able to take care of my girls. I have stocked up on food, treats, meds, etc. and I do my own grooming. I know my girls are watching out the windows, because I live on a lot of land, and have lots of deer. Unfortunately, last night, I heard the coyotes howling, so I don’t let my dogs run loose. When they were younger, I would come home to a mess, flowers taken out of their pots, potty pads shredded, but they are 11 and 12, which makes me sad.

  25. My holiday plans are to spend time either at home or with relatives. When I am not home I think my animals are sleeping.

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