[Giveaway] Home For The Holidays With PetMeds®

With holiday season underway, many dog and cat parents will be spending more time away from home while they shop, run errands, or visit friends and family. To give them peace of mind when they can’t be with their pets, PetMeds® is giving away a Furbo Pet Camera to three lucky winners.

While the upcoming holidays are best spent surrounded by loved ones, the festivities can keep many pet parents away from home. While many dog and cat parents feel guilty as they spend time away from their pets, the Furbo Pet Camera can help them feel close to their four-legged family members, no matter where the seasonal celebrations take them.

Adapting to changes in their routine and surroundings, plus spending more time in an empty home can leave some dogs and cats feeling stressed. Using a pet camera makes it easier for pet parents to keep an eye on their pets, whether they check-in with live video calls, or review saved videos captured by the motion-activated video recording feature.

Just as one may Facetime with human family members who live far away during the holidays, pet parents can connect with their pets through a pet camera when they’re not home. The Furbo Pet Camera has two-way audio so pet parents can talk to their pets through their smart phone, and it also has a built-in treat launcher that can be activated via the phone app to reward good behavior from afar.

You can review captured video to look for body language cues that indicate your pet is stressed. If they struggle with being alone, they may need a longer walk or more playtime in the mornings so they’re more likely to nap while you’re away.

In celebration of the holiday season, all cat and dog parents are invited to enter the PetMeds® Home For The Holidays Giveaway for a chance to win a Furbo Pet Camera with Caledon Farms Chicken Morsels Dog Treats for dog winners and Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats for cat winners.

The PetMeds® Home For The Holidays Giveaway runs from Wednesday December 1, 2021, through Friday, December 31, 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) December 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win. There will be a total of three winners. One winner will be notified every two weeks on Friday 12/3, 12/17, and 12/31.

Win A FREE Furbo Pet Camera!
It’s the most wonderful time of year! Maybe you’re out spending time with family, or putting in some extra time at work to fund your holiday spending … and your pets are home alone. But don’t feel too bad for them – while you’re out engaging in holiday festivities, perhaps your pets are doing some partying of their own! Let us know below your holiday plans AND what you think your pets are doing when you’re not there and you could win a FREE Furbo Dog Camera from PetMeds®! A winner will be chosen at random Every 2 Weeks in December starting 12/3/21, , so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

Congrats to our Week 1 Winner Bonnie LaPier in Pennsylvania, Week 2 Winner Tonya Mcminn, and Week 3 Amy Walder in Wisconsin. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but these tips will be sure to help start your pet’s new year off right.

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  1. My cat is much older now and loved very much. Would love to keep and eye on him while away.

  2. My sweet rescue dog,Clover,is very attached to me.It would’ be great to be able to check on her when I am gone for awhile.Thank you

  3. I will be visiting my sister in Florida who just went thru chemo. I have 5 inside kitties that I would like to keep an eye on and talk to. I want them to think I’m still close.

  4. I have a 10 year old pomeranian I would like to check on when I am at work.

  5. It would be fun to see what the animals are up to while gone.

  6. I have 2 Dogs. A 9 year Old Shitzu and a 8 Year Old Chocolate Cocker Spaniel. Also a 9 Yr Old Cat Named Boots. I Swear My Cat Can Multiply! if He Doesn’t Get The Right Amount of Treats in The Morning! He Howells All Day! My Shitzu is a Warrior. Once She’s Out The Door in the Morning . She’s Gone, Where Does She Go? Help I Need a Camera! My Cocker just Wants to Stay Under My Feet All Day! She Has Bad Anxiety! They Are My World & I Am Hopelessly in Love With Them All!

  7. I’d love to feel more connected with my four cats when I’m not home. Plus, it would be fun to see what they’re doing, especially my youngest goofiest one.

  8. I have a 2 yr old Havenese, Wynston that is like a 2 yr old child! He is always up to or into something while I’m away. I would love to see what my mischievous little guy is doing!!

  9. My Dog Jake is 14, I’d imagine he’s sleeping alot while were gone. I’d love to interact with him while were gone with a Furbo


  11. It be interesting to watch our pups while we are out

  12. We have a Siberian Husky who is a very clever boy. It would be nice to see what he’s up to when we are not home. This would be very useful.

  13. We gathered with the entire family for several hours. Having cats, they most likely slept through it!

  14. It would be beneficial to watch and see if my dog barks much while I’m gone. I don’t want to disturb the neighbors too much!

  15. Having six dogs and one cat, possessing the Furbo pet camera would be very beneficial to my peace of mind, in knowing what antics they are up to when I am away. Additionally, I would like to reward them from a distance when they are being absolute angels. I could actually stay away from home a bit longer without stressing about their well being. I find this camera kit to be a godsend.
    Thank you for your consideration 💜
    Sharon D. Zablocki

  16. I’m staying in for the New Year and having a quiet evening with my cat. But when he’s not there, he’s definitely up to no good. I think he runs a secret casino with other cats.

  17. Unfortunately due to health issues we had to stay home for christmas which meant our pets knew we were always around. Didn’t stop the cats from invading the tree and knocking ornaments off. After two weeks the bottom half of our tree was void of any ornaments. Then you have our dog who seems to think the ornaments are edible. I can’t decide if the cats were intentionally trying to poison the dog or what. But they would sit in the tree and watch the dog eat the ornament, watch me remove said ornament from the dogs mouth and then shove another ornament off the tree just to get it to repeat. We bought gates to keep the cats out but ofc they can jump over them or slip thru them. So the gates keep the dog out and the cats just do whatever they want.

  18. My cat is most likely sleeping when I am not at home.

  19. We had a great holiday! My cats are pretty lazy when we’re not home, or so I think. I would love to be able to see what they’re doing.

  20. I have 3 inside cats and one outside cat and live in a heavy wooded area would love this to keep an eye on the outside cat

  21. We are spending the Holidays with my sister. I think our pets are secretly planning a global takeover while we are gone….

  22. Oh my gosh! I left my two chihuahuas in their play area when I left to run errands. When I got home, they were lying on the sofa. How the heck did these small babies get out? I would love to know. Did they jump? That’s the only thing I can think of. Winning would be a great way to figure out how these babies became Houdini.

  23. my dog sit by the door or just lazy back on the sofa watching tv i leave it on when i go out

  24. this holiday we are staying at home SO I am keeping an eye on my dog Beaux so he doesn’t get into any puppy trouble!

  25. my dogs both females they run around house chasing the cats one is 1 year and her son is 5 mo
    they are j going to be surprise they are getting a baby sis puppy

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