[Giveaway] Horse Winter Care 3-Point Checklist

Whether you and your horse are welcoming the winter season with bells on, or you’re both planning to hunker down under a blanket until the snow melts, it’s time to make your winter horse care to-do list. To make it easier to get your horse winter-ready, we’ve put together a quick checklist with everything you need to this season. Don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway for a chance to win a horse winter care package.

Feed your horse for cold weather.
To stay warm and avoid losing weight, your horse will most likely need to eat more in the winter. Extra calories provide energy and prevent weight loss, while digesting the high fiber content in their hay helps your horse’s body generate more heat. As a general rule of thumb, your horse will need 25% more calories in the winter than they would in the summer. The colder it gets, the more hay your horse will need. They may maintain their weight on around 2-3% of their body weight in hay daily, but some horses need a diet supplemented with grains or fats for extra calories. If you’re unsure, monitor your horse’s body condition closely and ask your veterinarian if you have trouble keeping weight on them.

Take care of your horse’s joints.
The cold weather can cause muscles to tighten up, and the drop in barometric pressure can put an extra strain on your horse’s joints. Many horses can benefit from a joint supplement like Phycox, even if they’re not showing signs of pain or inflammation. Horses that have had recent injuries or have developed arthritis may need additional support that can include over-the-counter pain relievers, holistic preparations like T-Relief Arnica, prescription pain mediations from your veterinarian, massage, and/or topicals like Veterinary Liniment Gel. It may also be a good time to schedule appointments for physical therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic therapy.

Winterize your horse’s hooves.
In the winter, some horse keepers let their horses go barefoot to give them a break from their shoes as they take time off from riding or working. Some horses need shoes for support on hard, cold surfaces, especially if they have a history of hoof issues. And while your horse’s hooves will not grow as quickly in the winter, they will still need occasional trims. Ask your farrier about the best relaxed hoof care schedule for your horse, and whether they should be shoed, wear boots, or go barefoot.

Enter the PetMeds® Winter Wellness for Horses Giveaway!
To celebrate the start of this winter season, PetMeds® is giving away a Winter Wellness Package that includes MSM to support your horse’s joints, Thrush Buster for special hoof care in cold/wet climates, and Stud Muffins for some extra winter treats.

The PetMeds® Winter Wellness for Horses Giveaway runs from Thursday December 2, 2021, through Friday, December 31, 2021. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) December 2, 2021 to December 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win. There will be a total of two winners. One winner will be notified every two weeks on Friday 12/10, and 12/24.

Win A Winter Wellness Package for Horses from PetMeds®!
Celebrate Harvest Season!  Let us know below how you’ll show your horse some extra support this winter and you could win a Winter Wellness Package for Horses from PetMeds®! One winner will be randomly chosen every two weeks on Friday 12/10 and 12/24 , so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of two (2) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  

Congrats to our Week 1 Winner Donna Haines in South Carolina, and our Week 2 Winner Dawn Sears. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but there are many ways you can take good care of your horse all year round!

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  2. I show my horses that I love them but feeding them the correct food during the winter months. Sometimes with different breeds you have to change the feed because of the weather, not getting as much exercise, or you are no longer showing them in the winter months. I make sure their feet are properly care for, shoeing, applying hoof crease, cleaning the frogs. My horse usually wear blankets during the winter months. I use arnica on my dogs, the tea pills for pain. I also make sure they get plenty of clean water and a salt block.

  3. My horses get the best care for comfort, including massages and other body treatments, balanced feedstuffs, adequate forage and fiber, and warmed water. Most people do not realize that horses do not like ice-cold water and will become dehydrated and colic when that is their only choice. An occasional hot-bran mash warms the belly and keeps the tummy happy.

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