How do you show your love?

National Love Your Pet Day

We know you love your pet every day, unconditionally. To celebrate that unique bond you share, this Friday is National Love Your Pet Day! Think of it as Valentine’s Day for pets — a special time to express how much your pet means to you and show him, her or them how much you really care.

Recently, we asked our Facebook friends and fans what they’ll do to celebrate this holiday with their beloved pets. Some of their great ideas included:

  1. Spa day – A special parent-pet bonding day with bathing, grooming, teeth cleaning and maybe even a pampering “pet-icure” to make the day complete. Bathing and grooming is a great way to build trust, show affection and keep shedding to a minimum. As well, it’s a great time to check your pet for fleas & ticks, hot spots or other skin lesions that may need attention.
  2. New Toys – What’s a holiday without a few presents? Giving your pet the gift of a fun new toy can create a memorable day for you both. It’s easy to get caught up in daily chores and responsibilities, but setting aside a little playtime for you and your pet is important. Playing is a great way for you both to relieve stress, get a little exercise and enjoy some quality time together.
  3. Treats – Surprising your pet with tasty treats is a great way to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day. What’s even better is choosing a treat that has a dual purpose. Some treats not only taste great, but also may clean teeth, freshen breath, support digestive or immune health or provide hours of chewing entertainment.
  4. Dog park or beach day – Taking your pet to the park or beach is a fantastic way to get some fresh air and enjoy nature together. Socializing with other pet owners is a great way to make friends and help train your pet to play well with others. Even if  using a leash isn’t an option,  pet strollers and small pet carriers can help you both enjoy a little outdoor fun together.

So, how will we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day? With a giveaway, of course!

Win a FREE 1800PetMeds Pet Care Package!

Share your plans to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day and you could win a
FREE Pet Care Package from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us how you will show your pet how much you care.

We’ll be giving away one Dog Pet Care Package and one Cat Pet Care Package, so be sure to mention if your pet is a dog or a cat in your comment!

Winners will be chosen at random on Monday, February 23, 2015, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Happy Love Your Pet Day!

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  1. I train them to know commands. Training makes my 2 dogs happy. I keep their minds and instincts active. We enjoy our walks and play time. I love to spoil them with attention and well earned treats. I show my love also by feeding them good for them food, heartworm and flea medicine every month, and vitamins. Lastly… we give them lots of belly rubs and they love it!

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