Open for a Chance to Win a Free iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy!

Dogs are active by nature, and as pet parents, it’s our job to make sure they get adequate amounts of exercise.  On the list of things dogs need to live a healthy and happy life, just below food, water, and unconditional love, is exercise. Making sure your dog sufficiently exercised can do wonders in maintaining his or her physical and mental well-being.

On the other hand, dogs who aren’t sufficiently exercised can lead to negative outcomes. In addition to physical and mental well-being suffering, a lack of exercise can lead to behavioral problems in your dog, which can then lead to aggression if not handled correctly. Simply said, if you don’t give your dog the opportunity to use their energy, they’ll find something to use their energy on, and you might not like what they decided to do. While letting your dog outside does allow it to run around, it’s likely he or she will just do their business and wait to be let back in. It’s important to set aside playtime and interact with your dog to use up energy.

Signs your dog has pent-up energy:

  • Destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, and scratching
  • Attention-getting behaviors like barking or whining
  • Investigative behaviors like raiding the trash bins
  • Rough play and unruliness, like knocking over furniture and jumping on people
  • Hyperactivity, excitability, and nocturnal activity

Like humans, exercise has many health benefits for your dog’s mind and body. Physically, exercise keeps your dog agile and limber. It also keeps your dog’s weight under control, which can help prevent diabetes and joint problems. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of heart disease, digestive problems, and other illnesses. Additionally, it can make your dog less susceptible to urinary infections because walking your dog stimulates urination, which eliminates harmful bacteria before they can cause an infection. Mentally, exercise can help reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety levels and, ultimately, build trust and confidence in your relationship with your dog. Lastly, your dog will be less prone to depression and will live longer.

Below are some suggestions on daily exercises you can do with your dog:

Tip: Dogs ranging in age, breed, and level of health have different exercise requirements. Talk to your vet to see what type of exercise is best for your dog.

The iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy provides your dog with endless entertainment.

The iFetch Frenzy is a fun, interactive dog toy for small- and medium-sized dogs. This tower of fun is totally dog-powered, meaning your dog can play with it anytime, anywhere—even when you’re not home! The iFetch Frenzy Dog Toy is perfect for owners who get tired before their dog does when playing fetch. This product is a great toy dogs can use to get some exercise for the day.

Allow your dog to play fetch anytime with the iFetch. As your dog drops one of the miniature tennis balls into the top opening of the iFetch Frenzy, it will shoot out of one of the three holes. The anticipation of which hole the ball will come out of will keep your dog excited and entertained for hours on end.

The totally portable iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy comes with one tower and three miniature tennis balls. It doesn’t require batteries nor has any electronics, so it’s ready for use anytime!


Win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy!

Does your dog need some more exercise and just LOVES to play fetch? This is the perfect gift for your dog. Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy from 1800PetMeds!
One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, March 26, 2018, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Megan M! We’ll send you an email about claiming your prize. 


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  1. My pups would love this to play with. It would be fun for all of us actually!!! Hunter and Zackie would love to have iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy!! They both love to fetch!

  2. My hyper Yorkie would love this toy and help him burn off his excess energy.

  3. i haven’t heard of this item, but i do have 2 doxie’s, i think they would enjoy having a treat this way…as treats

  4. Have a Jack Russell/Fox Terrier that really NEEDS this toy! She’s 30 lbs of energy… At rest!

  5. Great giveaway! my dogs would love this and I would too!

  6. My seven yr. old boy recently lost his two playmates. He needs so much attention now and loves to play fetch. I’m disabled and can’t walk well. He (Bryce). Loves to jump as high as he can to catch whatever toy he picks to play with. Because of his age and breed, the doctor doesn’t want him to jump too high because he is prone to back problems. I have to be careful to not throw the toy too high. He even knows the names of his toys. So if he brings me something too large or too hard ( too hard for his teeth if it were to hit them when catching) I’ll tell him to bring a certain toy and he’ll go get it. The problem is he won’t always let the toy go for me to throw it when I say “drop it”, unless I have another one ready when he brings the one I just threw. Since I can’t get up to get another one we end up playing tug of war instead of fetch. I think this will be great for him to get his exercise and help him with the depression of missing his playmates. We would love to have this item.

  7. My dog would LOVE this!!!! She’s full of energy and it will make her get more exercise.

  8. this would be great in our back yard.

  9. Our dog would loves to play and this would help us keep up with his energy level.

  10. We just adopted a shelter dog (Emmie) and she is FULL of energy! She would love to play with this.

  11. My little poochon would love to play with this, she would play all day long if we let her!

  12. I have two very active dogs; this sounds like it would be right up our alley. Hope to win!

  13. Omg!! My dog would love this. We sit next to a fire outside and I am constantly throwing the ball. I keep missing my place on by book. Lol. This would be great for her. She is smart. Thanks for the chance to enter. I have entered a few of these, but no luck. Maybe this is the one. you never know. Thanks for sharing

  14. This would be great exercise for older dogs!

  15. This is a super cool item…. I really need to get this. I have an extremely active pit bull and this would be great for us.

  16. I have 2 extremely active dogs and this world be a wonderful item for us to try…

  17. Please!!!!!!!!!! I would love this for Hailo!!

  18. I think my 2 dogs would love this! What a great way to keep them entertained.

  19. One of my fur babies was hit by a car last year and while my 10yo son and I layed on the side of the road trying to comfort my poor dying dog, this man (Todd), my neighbor of 4 years of whom I have only met in passing, stopped in the middle of the street, opened up the back of his SUV, pulled out a dog stretcher and helped Me and my son load her in. Todd rushed us to the animal hospital. Unfortunately we lost our Tiny girl, but found out that Todd runs a dog rescue from his own home. He also always has 40 or more dogs at a time and funds it on his own. Hope to win so I can donate it to to Todd’s rescue. Great way to pay it forward.

  20. I would like to enter the contest for the free Ifetch dog toy. Our dog, Honey, would love to play with this!! Also, the person who posted above me (Heather B.) deserves to win this and hope that if she does, that she would donate it to her neighbor’s rescue. What a wonderful, caring person (both her and Todd). Good luck Heather B!!

  21. I would like to enter the contest for the free iFetch dog toy. Our dog, Honey would love this! I do have to say that the person’s comment above me was heartbreaking, but yet so thoughtful! I hope she wins and will donate it to her neighbor’s rescue. Good luck Heather B!

  22. Our younger of our 3 🐶dogs, Ezio, is SUPER playful and would have so much fun! Thanks!

  23. My labs love to play, this would be great for them, they would love it

  24. Our pup would loveeeee the iFetch! She just received her first order from PetMeds and she is hooked! She loves that a special treat was included in the box for her. She knew a treat was in there before I could get he box in the house. She would also love the iFetch both for indoor and outdoor use! Xx

  25. My doggie girls would love more positive entertainment and play!

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