[New Product] Paw Print Ornament Kit

Paw Print Ornament Kit

This Christmas, you can commemorate this joyful holiday season with your pet forever with the fun and festive Paw Print Ornament Kit.

Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to create a keepsake holiday decoration you can treasure for years to come. It’s the perfect holiday project and a great way to include your dog or cat in the festivities!

When you buy the Paw Print Ornament Kit, you’ll get:

  • One packet of air dry clay
  • One rolling pin tool
  • One plastic straw for making the ribbon hole
  • Two sizes of plastic shaping rings (3” and 4”)

A red satin ribbon is also included for hanging your precious paw print decoration on the holiday tree, fireplace mantle or anyplace you might like to be reminded of the special bond between you and your pet.

Create a Holiday Memory You’ll Treasure

Creation and clean-up for the Paw Print Ornament is amazingly quick and easy. The special impression clay requires no mixing or baking, and it’s also non-toxic so it’s gentle on paw pads, too! After making the impression, simply wipe your pet’s paw with a wet towel.

Make a Holiday Memory in 6 Easy Steps:

  • Knead the clay for a few seconds
  • Spread the clay out inside one of the plastic ring molds using the included rolling pin Place your pet’s paw firmly in the center
  • Create a hole at the top with the included straw
  • Allow the clay to dry

When the ornament feels solid and dry, simply remove the ring mold, insert the ribbon through the hole and tie in a bow.

Now you have the perfect ornament to immortalize your beloved pet for years to come!

Win the Paw Print Ornament Kit from 1-800-PetMeds

The Paw Print Ornament Kit is the perfect gift for the pet parent on your gift list, or to accompany a new puppy or kitten brought by Santa.

Making a new Paw Print Ornament for each stage of your pet’s growth is another fun way to give your pet a chance to participate in the holiday festivities. Anytime is a great time to create an heirloom of a beloved family pet!

Win Your Own Paw Print Ornament Kit!

We’re giving away one Paw Print Ornament Kit (as shown in picture above) to two lucky winners! To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment below and share a memory you have of your pet’s first Christmas with you! The winner will be chosen on 12/19/2014. Good luck!

Congratulations to Christina and Victoria, the winners of the ornament kit. Look for an email from us! Thanks to everyone for sharing your holiday memories.

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  1. love the gift of my dog from my boyfriend to both of use well needless to say the boyfriend is gone but the dog is still with me love her the best trade ever

  2. I love this TY for a chance 🙂

  3. Oh our pups first Christmas was so fun! We took them to see Santa (which we still do every year), took fun photos of them in stockings and of course they got their very own presents to open up on Christmas morning. It was fun to see them rip open the packing to find the treats and toys! We love our pups like our children and would be fun to make an ornament with their pawprint.

  4. Jack’s first Christmas with us was so special, since he has gotten older, I treasure those times more and more. He is 16 and failing in health.

  5. My Labs are my “kids”. Their first Christmas together was awesome and one we will cherish forever . We had gotten our older dog a puppy, a baby brother to keep him company. They have been inseparable ever since. I love my puppy boys! They get an ornament for the tree every year and it would be fun to make them this year.

  6. Our first Christmas we taught our dog how to open her own gift. Such fun.

  7. One of my favorite memories is of my mini doxie, Stitch. One year, when we were decorating the tree, I walked around the tree putting the lights on. The whole time I was circling the tree, Stitch was following me. When I stopped, he’d stop. When I started walking again, he would as well. He did that the entire time we were putting the lights on the tree.

  8. My sweet service dog Poppy only came to me in October so we were very excited to receive an invitation to her new veterinarian’s annual Christmas doggie-open-house-bash. There were stockings and gifts for each dog, drawings for lots of great doggie prize packages, and lots of new friends for her to meet and greet. There was also a ton of delicious food for the furkids’ humans and a wonderful collection of dog-friendly holiday recipes put together by Poppy’s favorite tech. But the best part of all was the beautiful photograph I got of Poppy. A professional animal photographer was there, and he brought out the very best in each one of the four-legged guests of honor. That photograph is still my very favorite one of her, and every year at Christmas time I set that photo of her sitting on a chair next to the Christmas tree with her head cocked to the side and her Yoda ears sticking all the way out in full triangles as the desktop screen of all my PCs and electronic devices. Every holiday season Poppy looks forward to attending my holiday gatherings as well as her own, wearing a red sequined bow tied around her neck and enjoying her Dog Nog alongside the “adults” with their own, less healthy version of egg nog!

  9. From the time we found Roady as a 5 week old puppy on the side of the road in bad thunderstorm he has been my best buddy. I remember last year we got Roady and Bruno a set of Dog bones . I dropped it down in paper and they both attacked the bones shaking off the loose paper and jumped around so excited.

  10. My husband and I got our first puppy together two years ago as a Christmas gift to each other. Yoshi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he kept us on our toes. He chewed through the lights on our tree twice and decide to unwrap presents that weren’t even his. Let’s just say we learned our lesson, no stands of lights or gifts are no longer accessible to this devious lil guy anymore.

  11. This will be our first Christmas with our German Shepherd puppy Resi and I would love to win this to memorize it.

  12. This is such a cute idea. Totally doing this with my dog!

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