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Have you ever been forced to leave an oversized bowl of pet food filled because you wouldn’t be home in time to feed your dog or cat again later?

Those of us with busy schedules often have no other option. This may seem like the most logical and convenient way to handle the problem, but now there’s a better solution.

What’s the harm in leaving ‘more than enough’ food for your pet?

By keeping large food bowls filled at all times, we may feel that we’re helping to make sure our pets get the nutrition they need throughout the day. Unfortunately, many pets tend to overindulge, which often leads to weight gain, vomiting, and related health problems. It is estimated that 54% of cats and dogs in the United States are clinically overweight or obese1. This is mainly due to overfeeding. Providing the proper portion of food at the right time of day is critical to helping keep pets fit and healthy.

Weight gain isn’t the only hazard of keeping a large, open pet food bowl and “topping it off” every day. Other problems include:

  • Attracting rodents, cockroaches, ants and other pests
  • Contamination from dust, cleaning chemicals and mold spores in the air
  • Food becomes stale, flavorless and loses its crunch

Discover the benefits of automatic pet feeders

Choosing a weight loss formula pet food and serving smaller, appropriately timed meals will help overweight pets slim down and stay healthy. But how can you keep a more frequent pet feeding schedule when your own schedule is already so busy?

Using a time-release pet food dispenser to provide the perfect amount of food at the right intervals is a great way to control your pet’s food intake. In fact, a timed, portion-controlled pet food dispenser can help solve many problems at once. Set it to serve breakfast at just the right time and your pet may allow you to sleep a little later on Saturday morning! When you’re enjoying an extended social event, you won’t have to worry that your pet has long since eaten everything in the bowl and is now scratching at the food bag. While at work, you can rest assured that your pet is enjoying lunch at the same time you are.

Another benefit of using timed pet food dispensers is the freedom to customize a meal schedule for your pet that will help break the “free-feeding” pattern that causes weight gain. Pets become accustomed to only eating at specific times during the day, so eating out of habit or boredom becomes a thing of the past. There are even more benefits to using automatic pet feeders, such as helping to protect your pet’s food from contaminants (i.e. dust, insects, etc.) and reducing the number of times per week that you have to refill the food bowl.

Eatwell™ Pet Feeders by PetSafe®

The Eatwell™ line of automatic pet feeders by PetSafe® offers customized, convenient ways to manage your pet’s mealtimes.

The Eatwell™ 2-Meal Pet Feeder by PetSafe® can be set to feed your pet two meals at the times you choose, using the easy-to-set timer dials.

You can set meals to be served 48 hours prior to the desired feeding time. Each food tray holds up to 1.5 cups of dry food.

The food trays are removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The entire feeder is constructed of durable, BPA-free plastic. It runs on one “AA” cell battery, making it portable and inexpensive to operate.

Simply fill the food trays, close the lids, and turn the dials to the desired hour(s). When it’s time for your pet to eat, the lid will gently open and breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served!

Using the Eatwell™ 2-Meal Pet Feeder simplifies daily pet feeding and helps you provide perfectly portioned meals for your pet.

2-Meal Pet Feeder PetSafe



The Eatwell™ 5-Meal Pet Feeder by PetSafe® can be set to feed your pet five meals at the times you choose, using an easy-to-program electronic panel.

Set it to feed your pet up to 5 small meals per day, one daily meal for 5 days or customize the ideal feeding schedule for your pet’s needs. Each section of the rotating food tray holds up to 1 cup of dry food.

The removable food tray is dishwasher-safe and the entire feeder is constructed of durable, BPA-free plastic. It runs on 4 “D” cell batteries, which keep the unit operating for approximately 12 months.

Just unlatch the lid, fill each section of the food tray, set the perfect feeding schedule with the programming buttons and close the lid. The first meal will instantly be available to your pet and subsequent meals will appear at just the right time.

The Eatwell™ 5-Meal Pet Feeder is the perfect way to keep your pet on your preferred feeding schedule, even if you’re away.

5-Meal Pet Feeder by PetSafe



Win a FREE Eatwell™ Automatic Pet Feeder by PetSafe®!

Would an automatic pet feeder make life easier for you and your pet? Tell us how and you could win a
FREE Eatwell™ 2-Meal Pet Feeder or 5-Meal Pet Feeder from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need an Eatwell™ Automatic Pet Feeder by PetSafe®.

We’ll be giving away one Eatwell™ 2-Meal Pet Feeder and one Eatwell™ 5-Meal Pet Feeder, so be sure to mention which model you need in your comment.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congratulations to the random winners: Barb Carlson (2-meal feeder) and Daniel Scott (5-meal feeder). We’ll contact you by email about how to claim your prize. 


2014 Obesity Facts & Risks, Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP)

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  1. We work long hours and it would be great to not have to ask someone to go feed our dogs!

  2. This would be perfect for our two dogs they tend to overeat or graze. I think this would be perfect for getting them on a feeding schedule and also nice for when we are away from home.

  3. Our dog lost a leg when previous owner cut it off with a pocket knife after she got hit by a car. She is slightly overweight and this would help so much get her on a feeding schedule and would be great with our busy schedule. This would truly go to a dog in need and a great home!

  4. The Eatwell™ 5-Meal Pet Feeder would be great for when we take a weekend trip. Definitely better than leaving a big bowl.

  5. I have 2 cats that I will need to leave home alone at the end of September, as I plan to fly to Maine to visit my terminally ill brother. One of my sons will check in on my cats but I can’t even be assured that he will remember to bring in the mail. This would certainly be useful for times like that. I have never won anything in my life and this would be exciting, as I am 73 and maybe it’s time that I could get lucky.

  6. Princess, my three legged chihuahua has to be fed on a specific schedule and measurement. Her weight has to be watched because of the three legs, so one of the two meal pet feeders would be ideal when I am at school. I am at school from 8 am to 1:45, so if I could put a time on when she gets fed, she won’t have to wait until the afternoon to be fed and at night. I usually feed her twice daily, so she’s not hungry. The afternoon/night schedule messes up her bathroom schedule, so I’m always afraid she’ll use the bathroom in the house.

  7. I work a schedule where my dogs are left for 11 hours a day, and they’re starving by the time I get home, and so am I. By the time I have made sure they have been fed and given their medicine, and then I have fed myself, it’s getting pretty late, and I am about ready to go to bed. Have you got one for humans too 🙂 This 2 meal pet feeder would be perfect, then I could eat earlier too….

  8. We are working on a weight gain issue so the Eatwell 5-Meal Pet Feeder would be very helpful, especially when we leave for an overnight trip.

  9. This would be great for my dog. She really doesn’t have an off switch when it comes to food and will eat continuously, if allowed. This would help us control her overeating and get her back to an ideal weight.

  10. We would love to win this as most of the time I go out and I cannot see my cats hungry so come rushing fro wherever I am it’s sometimes difficult for me 😼 we are 3 kittens so we would choose the one which could feed us the second one ❤️ We can’t afford to buy it but we really hope we win this.

  11. I work for a software company for a schedule of 10 hours. So I have to leave my pups home alone. When I return home they just move around my legs and lick me for food. I feel too bad while seeing them. By the time I bought Eatwell™ 2-Meal Pet Feeder by PetSafe. It was really great. Now I am happy to have this partner for my pet.

  12. Lastly, I ordered a Six Meal Feeder & other accessories for my pet from the Pet Safe store. I provide all kinds of safe & comfortable pet accessories here. I bought this product for just $22 by using Pet Safe promo codes acquired from MyCoupons site & got benefited.

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