[New Product] Step up your game of fetch with a Loofa Launcher

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There are few things most dogs love more than a fun game of fetch. Playing outdoor games with your dog is a great bonding experience and a good way to get some fresh air and sunshine for you both. But throwing a ball or toy over and over again can be exhausting for us, even if our pets can’t seem to get enough. Now there’s a great solution for those of us who don’t have the throwing skills or stamina to keep the game going long enough to satisfy our playful pups!

The importance of exercise for dogs

Keeping your dog active and engaged is important to his or her overall good health. Instinctively, dogs enjoy hunting and retrieving. Regular play dates for an exciting game of fetch is a great way to help dogs stay mentally and physically fit. While daily walks are a good form of exercise, stepping up the pace to incorporate some short distance running can keep off excess pounds and relieve stress. The focused interaction of a rousing game of fetch is also a bonding experience for you and your dog.

Loofa Launchers raise your game of fetch to new heights

Find Loofa Launchers at 1800PetMeds

The Loofa Launcher is a dog toy designed to make playing fetch easier for you and more thrilling for your pet. Just slip your forefinger or thumb into the strap beneath the smiling Loofa Launcher’s chin, pull back on the tail, aim and release. The lightweight Loofa Launcher soars through the air with ease.

Playing fetch has never been easier for you or more exciting for your dog. The bright colors make the Loofa Launcher easy for your pet to find, and the soft yet durable neoprene construction is easy on teeth and gums.

The Loofa Launcher may just become your dog’s favorite toy!




Win a FREE Loofa Launcher!

Would your favorite pooch enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher?

For a chance to win your own Loofa Launcher, leave a comment telling us a little about how much your little guy or girl loves to play fetch and you could win.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to Lisa, the winner of this giveaway! 

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  1. Hello, my dog Magoo loves balls and stuffed animals. He goes nuts for toys. He would totally go berserk for this. You would make his day as well as mine.

  2. Our Black Lab, Li’l Girl, loves to retrieve! And she loves to retrieve LOOFAS!!! She will bring a loofa to us and drop it at our feet until we throw it for her. This new toy will make it more fun for her and will allow her to cover more distance than just my arm could throw!

  3. My dog deserved a loofa launcher because she (retired racing greyhound) loves to run and chase anything. Loofa Launcher would be a great toy for her. I love it’s brightly colored outside and it should be easy for me to throw!

  4. My dog loves to play tug and fetch things. I’m sure she would love this toy

  5. My Gracie would love one of these! She loves to fetch!

  6. Our little 10 year old Daisy loves to play fetch with our 2, 4, and 6 year old grandkids. Not only would she love a Loofa Launcher but so would her little playmates. These little guys keep Daisy fit and trim running around with fetch toys and this would be a great toy for the four of them.

  7. My 8 year old Brussels Griffon still has WAY too much energy for his 12 year old Pug brother … so this would be the perfect way for him to burn off some excess energy and give his poor senior brother a break!! 🙂

  8. My dog, Cocoa, loves to play! He loves fetching balls and his little stuffed animals. I think he would love to have one of these Loofa Launchers to play fetch with! Perfect for the nice spring time weather!

  9. My dog Max would love this. He’s half Border Collie and half German Shepherd, so he always has way too much energy, lol! He loves to play fetch, so the Loofa Launcher would be perfect for him. I know he would get many hours of time out of it.

  10. My seven dogs love playing fetch and even get into a little game of tug a war with their toys. They are always outside and love playing in the yard.

  11. My English setter Quin would live to win one

  12. My dog loves to play fetch on the beach,he takes off like a rocket after a ball or frisbee,you name it,he tries to catch it,he’s a ball of energy!

  13. I just lost my 12 year old dog to cancer at the very beginning of February. I was devastated! So, I began to search Pet Finder for a lonely puppy that would grab my heart. I found a beautiful 8 week old puppy who looked very much like my boy I had just lost- a shephard/ Chow Mix at a rescue. I emailed and went to pick him up the next day. He LOOOOVES to play! Such a cute puppy- ad his Uncle would be proud of him, looking down over the rainbow bridge. Fetch is one of his favorite games. (Not that he always brings his toys back!). Sometimes I do the fetching! We’re still learning- both of us. But I look forward to all the years we will have together- and I look back with happy longing to the wonderful years I had with his predecessor.

  14. My husband’s rescue dog “Rascal” loves to play fetch. My kids have so much fun throwing things to him to watch him bring them back. He’s a fluff ball full of energy.

  15. I have my Murphy an 11 year old jack Russell. His paso. Is to play catch and keep,away. However he has really never caught on to the rules. When he catches it. He likes to play keep,away with me. You see he teases me with it. He will bring it back but righ when I reach out for it he snatches it away. And when I chase him to get it back. He loves that. When I get tired of chasing he will bring it back just ckose enough to reach it and it start all over again.

  16. I have a 9 yrs old basset hound that if throw a toy he’ll run after it but stops not even close to the toy and lays down and takes a nap. Maybe a new toy will excite him!

  17. I have 4 girls ranging from 1 yr to 15 yrs old and they all love to play fetch, of course my 1 yr old Roxie out runs the other 3. Roxie also keeps my other girls, Lady, Holly and Maggie all young by chasing them around and running circles around them every chance she gets.. would love a Loofa Launcher… and so would we

  18. My Bella loves toys Balls not so much I know she would love this and would save my arm from tossing her toy So we would both be happy players Would love to win Really like everything I ordered from you Great quality and Bella says woof woof thank you

  19. I have a 8lb Chihuahua who is my baby, his name is Ozzie! Oh My he would love to win this! He loves to fetch and play catch (he thinks he is a labrador retriever) He is so energetic and full of joy & love. Please consider picking my baby to win!

  20. My 11 yrs old yorkie love to play fetch, tug and later cuddle with his toys

  21. Karma loves to fetch. she is obsessed she will leave her toy next to you while you are sleeping just hoping you might throw it for her.

  22. My little miniature Dachshund Penny loves to play fetch. She needs more exercise now too after being laid up for 2 months with stitches, 2 surgeries and a bad infection after being attacked by a pit bull. She’s fine now but needs to make up for the time she wasn’t able to play or hardly even walk since Christmas Eve.

  23. get the ball get the ball get the ball

  24. I have four rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and while my senior girl isn’t very playful these days, the other three just LOVE to chase down thrown toys (and often play “keepaway” with each other). They also really love soft toys, like the loofa toys, so this would be perfect for them.

  25. We, at the Loving Paws Adoption Center, know how important it is for shelter dogs to get exercise and stimulation. We always get dogs who get tired of standard tennis ball fetching. We like to mix it up a little and give them different objects to play with. This loofa launcher would be perfect for those dogs who love to play fetch, but also love the comfort of a stuffed toy!

  26. My boy tucker loves to play fetch. Once he starts he does not want to stop and eventually ends up crashing just like a wild animal hit by a sleeping dart.

  27. Hunter love to retrieve – Fetch is his middle name. He is a Black Lab and it is natural for him! He begs to play all the time!! He is such a great dog!!

  28. Our dog just loves playing ball and toy toss. It is really funny that everytime my husband comes near me or even if we are laughing or talking, he gets in between us with his toy!! Spoiled he is, but we love him sooooo much, ha!!

  29. Derby loves to run as fast as the wind and would love to run after a Loofa Launcher – especially a free one.

  30. My new puppy Peanut loves to play fetch and loves to chew on EVERYTHING! I’d love to win a new toy for my fur baby!

  31. Raleigh, my golden would just love the loofa launcher, he loves tennis balls, frisbees, anything that he can catch and run away with.

  32. Rigby, our brindle mix (half st. bernard and half beagle) loves to fetch any toy – sqeaky, ball, stuffy and then bring it back to within inches of our hand and then play keep away with it. And Muffin will fetch but then she keeps it and carries it around.

  33. My 6-month old black lab is a retriever and that is what he loves to do! A Loofa Launcher would be perfect for him and maybe drain away some of that puppy energy (well, I can always hope!)

  34. Reggie LOVES to play catch with his various toys, but his favorite is when he has two of the same item. He’s much more likely to share one with me if he has two. 🙂

  35. My Black Lab, Steel, loves to play tug and fetch things. I’m sure he would love this toy!!

  36. my Sophia love to play fetch and she sometimes like to run off and not bring it back to you lol lots of fun

  37. Penny LOVES to play fetch and run and run and run. She has a soft frisbee and a large kong tennis ball she plays with, she wears me out too. she would really love one of these.

  38. Lady and Ashley are bought Labs and loves to play fetch sometimes they bring it back together so we can throw it again.

  39. My chocolate lab, Sadie, goes crazy for fetch! From the time she wakes up in the morning until bedtime (and between nap time during the day:) ) she always has a toy with her, begging you to throw it! This toy would make our games of fetch even better!

  40. Pippy our Pomeranian loves to fetch and if it has a squeaky in the toy all the better. He takes them to bed with him at night.

  41. Hello, I am Toby, a 13 year old Yorkie. The people I “own” play fetch with me every day, using indesructable tennis balls. Over the last ten years, I have probably destroyed 10 dozen or so. My nick-name is “Chew-baca” I think this loofa chewy would work for me as I am getting older and need something softer to chew on. Thanks for thinking of me. I really enjoy the dog-bones you send when you send us a Rx for me ! Toby

  42. My 5 year old black lab goes insane when he sees a ball or chew toy. I have to hide them around the house….when I get close to the box that they are kept in, he starts getting excited. LOL

  43. Hey Bow , Bella and Samuel would love to have this toy they love to share And play with each other and with us

  44. I have a boxer named Murphy who walks around with a ball in his mouth just in case someone might want to play fetch. He loves to fetch, balls, sticks and his favorite toys. He would love to walk around with this awesome toy just in case someone wanted to play fetch, lol

  45. My Zane and Bella are both HYPERACTIVE Shih Tzu’s that chase and play with anything that moves. That unfortunately has led to car chasing, people chasing, and critter chasing. So, this fetch toy would be of great help!

  46. We have two pups, a 12 pound miniature pincher/tibetan spaniel mix and a 65 pound yellow lab. They make a great team!! I throw the toy-the lab gets it and while shes bringing it back to me, the little ones takes it away from her and drops it at my feet. They would have twice as much fun with the loofa!!

  47. our pup charlie loves playing fetch! he would love this! 🙂

  48. Bean will play catch over, and over, and over, and over until she is exhausted. Yoda, on the other hand, doesn’t know how fetch works, but he tries and is super cute about it!

  49. Toby would play fetch all day if he could – he’s obsessive! Balls, Frisbee, toys – it doesn’t matter as long as he can chase after it. He’ll even toss toys around and catch it if we’re not fast enough to come play.

  50. My tough guy, who is a pug mix, would love to play tug of war and fetch with this Loofa Launcher. This I believe, would be the new favorite toy. Hours of potential non-stop playing! Thanks for the chance to win this new innovative dog toy.

  51. I have three lab dogs that love to chase and retrieve. However, they chew up most of my throws. Will this one last??

  52. My dog would love a chance to use and chase the loofa launcher

  53. I’m Scarlett, a 2 year old miniature Australian Shepherd. I would LOVE this toy because I always bring toys to my mom and dad to throw so I can fetch it for them…..I could play all day long!! BUT I have a bossy big sister named Luna (also a mini Aussie) and she likes to chase the toys too and – get this – if she gets the toy before me……she TAKES it and goes and SITS DOWN with it! SERIOUSLY!?! THAT is not what you are supposed to do with a toy. So I would really LOVE to receive a LOOFA LAUNCHER because my humans can launch it up high and I can jump higher than Luna!!! Then it will be mine, all mine!!!!! 🙂 P

  54. Our lab pup would love to chase and retireve the loofa launcher!

  55. My rescue dog love to play fetch with a tennis ball, frisbee or even a stick. She would love this new toy!

  56. Our Murphy loves toys, but he pretty good at chewing them to pieces, If this toy is as strong as you say, well then it will be his best friend

  57. Ohhhhhhhhhh my dogs ALL love playing FETCH!!!! It’s really tough to keep toys for them really!!!!!! They go through them!!!!! Can’t wait for Spring to get here so I can let them run and pounce with their toys out side!!!!!! All of our fur babies would love love love love loveeeeeeeee to give the Loofa Launcher a go!!!!! We have fun playing fetch!!!!!!


  59. Jackson loves to play fetch with My Daughter.

  60. I would love to win this so I could play fetch with Princess. I no longer have enough arm strength to throw and would love to have this loofah launcher to make it easier.

  61. My little cur pup is just learning to play fetch. Would love to win this toy for him to plat with.

  62. Bear came to us not knowing how to play. I hope this loofah launcher would help bring out his playful side.

  63. My dog loves to play fetch. When I take him to the beach I bring along his favorite ball and play fetch with him for a long time.

  64. My 2 year Blood Hound/Shepard Sadie is a 100lb girl. She has ALOT of energy and She loves to run and play and catch! Anything! But the troublel I have had is finding something strong and tough enough for her to play with. This toy just seems like it was made with her kind in mind. I find it so hard to find toys that seem to have been made for BIG Dogs. Thank yall for bringing this toy to my attention, im sure Sadie will LOVE it.

  65. My 3 year old Shih Tzu, Louie, loves to play fetch. Any type of toy is his favorite!

  66. My girl Gracie loves to play fetch with all of her toys. She would love a loofah launcher to chase after.

  67. My little Chopper loves to play fetch, but sometimes he turns the game into keep-away and just keeps running. He’ll do a “drive by” and not stop to give the toy back! It’s all fun!!

  68. Hi, my dog Morgan would love to have the chance to win a Loofah Louncher. Morgan is 12 years old and he has a bad arthritic leg but he has his days when he wants to play anyway. I like to encourage this play time because it seems to help his pain in the long run.I would be very happy for him to win this please! Thank you Morgan and me2.

  69. Our two Australian Sheepdogs love to run and fetch.

  70. I actually have plans to find our family a rescue dog in the future and am gathering necessities so that we will be ready when we bring our “4th child” home =)

  71. My black lab, Barney, loves to play fetch! Anything to make him have more fun would be great!

  72. My dog would love to have this to play with! So cute!

  73. Oh our dogs LOVE to play catch! They bring anything and everything and drop at your feet to play catch with them! Buddy even sleeps many times with his tennis ball in his mouth! They love to play!

  74. I have mini doxie, she is 4. I always say I should eatvwhat she eats cause she is all energy, all day. She had a basket with toys and by end of day she has all out and scattered in every room of the house, could use a new one!!!!

  75. My dog Bailey loves to play catch! We have so much fun outside!

  76. My dad loves to throw things for Kate…but he (dad) is getting up there in years and throws like a four year year old.

  77. Our dog, Sadie, was a rescue dog. It took her a while before she would play fetch. She loves to chase after a squeaky ball or soft toy now. The loofah launcher seems like a great way to play fetch outdoors. It would be awesome to win!

  78. Fetch is cali’s favorite thing and loofa toys for some reason she loves!!!!!!!!!

  79. Dolly is a senior mixed loves to play with me and DOLLY and I
    Are both seniors an need to keep active and the toy will help us both
    Too keep fit an in good health.

    ELLA and DOLLY

  80. My 15 month old dobe, Ziggy would love to run around the yard with one of these in his mouth. His favorite thing to do is play fetch with his older cousin, scrappy the wiener dog.

  81. My dog is fat and needs some exercise. This toy would help us both!!

  82. My name is Chloe and since the day I got home from the Human Society at 12 weeks old, I have been playing fetch. It’s just in my blood to do so. I would love a soft new critter to toss around and roll on. My sister, the bloodhound, would also love it. She is constantly bringing things home to play with. Unfortunately it’s usually at our neighbors expense. We are on a farm and so we all get to roam & visit out neighbors and there dogs & vice versa. My sis’s greatest accomplishment was bringing a little Banty rooster home. She did not hurt it at all, just went trotting across the deck w/ the rooster in her mouth. Dad went to all our neighbor’s to find out where the poor thing lived and we never did find it’s owner. There was wire tied around it’s back leg, so our story is that Daisy saved it from some bad place it was in. We ended up giving it to our neighbor down the road a ways that had other chickens & that is where he now happily lives. Moral of the story, we love toys & would love to try a Loofa Launcher out. Woof Woof.

  83. My baby girl would love this! Her favorite game is fetch!

  84. Our shih-tzu Chewie loves to play fetch. He has a favorite squeaky that’s rubber and you raise your hand and holler go and throw it. He will be almost there to catch it. He will do this over and over until we’re both tired. Has an octopus one bigger than him he loves. He’s even got his 11 year old brother back in the game. We buy them new ones often as they play so much they wear them out. I sew them up til they’re unusable. What fun exercise for all of us.

  85. I have2 pugs father and son. The little one makes his dad play everyday and keeps him in shape. They really love playing fetch together. This would be perfect for us to play with everyday so they’d be having fun while at the same time they be healthy and in shape.

  86. Roxi (Chihuahua) loves to play…her favorite game is tug of war. I’m disabled and this would be great for us both…

  87. My Boomer loves to play fetch he cannot get enough!

  88. My girls Snowdog loves to play fetch she is 8 but you would think she was 3. So much energy. She is a sheltie/dalmatian mix.

  89. My boomer loves playing fetch he is obsessed!

  90. My bulldog LOVES to play fetch! It could be with a ball, a frisbee, almost anything! He LOVES to play!

  91. My 2 dogs bella and lily LOVE to play fetch. But bella is a schnauzer mix and lily is a schitzu. So when I throw the tennis ball, lily can’t hold it in her little mouth like Bella can. I’d love one of these cause when I play with both and they both run after it, like catch, then either one can grab and not just one! This would be so fun!! Thanks for the chance!

  92. My 2 labs are old and would not be interested in this but they would like for this to be given to our local dog shelter for the homeless puppies to play with

  93. My Yorkie loves to fetch but doesn’t like to bring his toy back to me.

  94. Our little 3 legged lab mix Katie would love
    This! She can run so fast for having 3 legs and loves to play fetch! Fingers and paws crossed!😀

  95. My morkie Solomon Daniel Brown would love enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher. He loves to run and jump. We play every morning and evening. He runs around the living room like a race track. The toy would make him focused and have a goal.

  96. I know a dog that really needs this! She absolutely loves any kind of toy

  97. Kimberly FlickingerFebruary 25, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    My doxies Belle & Scooter are very active and they love loofas!

  98. My dog Rebel is a black Lab / Retreiver mix and he loves to play fetch and chase pigeons. He would really like a free loofa Thank you

  99. Hello, my name is Lala, im a schnoddle and i would love to have a toy that my mom will not get tired of throwing for me …i lije that its colorful as im going a bit blind but im sure i will be able to see the nice colors on this toy. Thanks lala…woof woof

  100. Yes my yellow lab would have so much fun with this!!

  101. my golden retriever and german shephard could play catch all day long-but my arms would fall off–they love to play frisbee and are darn good at catching high air shots—this would be agreat toy to add to the many they already have !!! thanks !!!!

  102. Oh my little poodles love to play fetch! They are so cute! They “bounce” while they are waiting for you to throw the item. They love the long types of fetch toys, too.

  103. My chi loves his little stuffed “doggie”. When he retrieves it he wants to tease me with it by playing keep away.

  104. My chi loves to play with his stuffed doggie and plays keep away

  105. When I adopted Zeke from the shelter, he was very much afraid of just about everything. I used the game of fetch and the concept of toys to bring him out of his shell. Now, he loves to chase the ball, stick, anything I will throw! I love working with him everyday on social skills and behaviors. He has blossomed into such a happy, go-lucky dog!

  106. Kaydee is the fastest dog I know. She lives to play! She is also the most loving dog and would love a new toy.

  107. My pit bull niece is still a puppy, she would love this toy, she’s learning new things, and I’m sure as smart as she is she will get fetch down pat!!!

  108. Our Angie loves playing fetch. If no one wants to play with her she gets her ball, throws it up in the air, and then chases it as it bounces across the room. LOL! This would be fun for at the dog park. 🙂

  109. My dog buddy would totally freak for it. He’s an 8 month old ratshi .. Rat terrier, shi tzu
    He loves to run and squeak his toys. And loves to teeth on rope toys

  110. My siberian husky River probally would love to have a toy. sry to say that I never got him a toy much, but the ones that I did get him, he would play with it…he loves to run around in the yard, and he dances, with his feet, and then spins around, he’s funny to watch when it’s feeding time he does that…

  111. our three pups would love a new toy, all of them love to play fetch

  112. Artie is our golden retriever mix that we adopted about 4 years ago. Thank you so much for a chance to win a loofa for our toy crazy pal.

  113. this is so awesome – I know two pups who would love to play with this

  114. My dogs love to play fetch but I think if I win this I will donate it to the shelter I volunteer at so the shelter dogs can have some fun too!

  115. My little Daisy is just 13 weeks old and is just learning how to play fetch. This would help burn off some of her endless energy.

  116. Jake is a black lab?newfie mix. Although he’s 12 years old, he still likes to play like a pup. Often taking our cats toys along with his. He loves to catch in mid air and nudge you when he wants to play – even if you’re sleeping.

  117. My Sonya just had knee surgery about two months ago. She is currently in rehabilitation which is light running. She would love a toy to help!

  118. My four dogs (one Jack Russell, two pitbulls, and a Chesapeake bay retriever) all love love catch! Even to the point my oldest pit swallowed a tennis ball so she didn’t have to give it up! We no longer use tennis balls for catch 🙁 this would make them so happy

  119. Kaizer loves to fetch. Whether it’s one of his toys, his lease the newspaper or even plastic water bottles for recycle.

  120. My dog Peanut LOVES to play fetch! He has several balls but his favorites are the mini tennis balls. I was so happy when he learned to fetch and now he likes to play for 45 minutes at a time! I don’t think he will ever get tired of fetch!

  121. We have a beautiful large dog that is a shepherd/husky mix who loves to play fetch. She needs lots of exercise and this would be a treat for her and us.

  122. All 5 of my fur babies like playing.

  123. Our dog loves to play fetch and they would play it all day if they could. Haha no, really they do love to play it a lot.

  124. I have a little shih tzu that loves to play fetch every day. It is her favorite thing to do and she is a really fast dog.

  125. My two yorkies love fetch and I agree if I play with them it is a bonding experience! We do walk a lot but playing is a different experience!

  126. My Yorkie isn’t a fan of fetch, but my boyfriend’s French bulldog loves it! He just sometimes refuses to let go, lol.

  127. My girl loves to fetch sticks and the head of a torn apart stuffed toy that I bought her. I swear she looks like she’s laughing when we play.

  128. My old lady dog still.loves to play fetch, for just a little bit we both forget she is 13..

  129. One of my cats loves to play fetch… But if I do win this I would give it to my friend, who has the most adorable beagle puppy that she just adopted…she would love to play with this (the beagle that is…lol)!

  130. My pup loves playing so much, he has worn out his other toys. Thanks for the chance!

  131. Most of my dogs love to play fetch, some like to just play throw it and I’ll keep it, the largest of which likes to play a short game of fetch every night before his dinner and he especially likes it if we sing one of our made up songs specifically made for game time.

  132. My male doxi beagle mix loves to play fetch. The beagle in him says if it moves chase it lol. My lewie would love this toy so very much

  133. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever would play fetch all day long if she could. She even sleeps with her ball under her chin.

  134. I have 2 babies, and they both love to play fetch! Tucker will run and get the toy until he is so tired he just flops down…lol

  135. My dog Maxine loves to play what we call “pullie” I can’t keep enough toys around for her cause she destroys them so fast! I would love to give this toy a try!!

  136. Cosmo loves playing squeakers. We spend a lot of time throwing it so he can chase it. He also plays a lot by himself, whipping it and growling at it. He is so cute

  137. My pit bull Xena loves playing fetch so much that she focuses on nothing else except for the ball that’s in my hand! It also doesn’t have to be a ball, as long as I’m throwing it, she’s catching it. She would have so much fun with the Loofa Launcher!

  138. Our dog Chance loves playing ball. He carries his ball with him everywhere and he gets so excited when he runs to retrieve the ball. Chance was abused by his previous owners. When we adopted him from the rescue that saved him, we learned that he has anxiety issues and we quickly learned that playing ball outside relieves his anxiety and makes him a super excited hyper doggie!

  139. My dog’s can play fetch all day long !! They love toys. They get so excited about any toys like a child does .

  140. My fur kids love to play fetch and would adore this toy!

  141. My dog Babe loves to play with my shoes, he gets them out of the closet and if I don’t chase him or see him with it he goes outside and digs a hole and buries them . sometimes it is hard for me to find them. maybe if he had a loofa he would leave my shoes along.

  142. All I have to say is that “Marty” is an 11 year old Golden Retriever, and is still as playful as when he was a young pup, he loves to fetch, jump, RETRIEVE, he is an awesome boy!!!!

  143. Mackenize our Australian Shepherd loves to play Fetch and she would love to win…thanks for the chance

  144. We have a golden retriever 10month old puppy-Otis. Otis is already a fetching machine. If he could fetch all day I think he would be in heaven.

  145. My Golddie girl would absolutely LOVE one of these! She’s a golden retriever who absolutely lives up to the retriever name! She would fetch all day long with a willing participant! Sometimes she enjoys trying to keep items in her mouth that she wants you to throw, but she’s just so cute that’s ok too!

  146. My Black lab loves to play fetch and tug of war. She is 11 but that,has’nt slowed her down.. she loves her “noodle man” ( which is exactly the toy you are giving away.except hers has shrunk from her enjoying it so,much). Kacie loves all her toys, but especially the ones she can catch and bring back to you. She would absolutley love a new “noodle man”!! Good luck everyone.

  147. My two Westies Vinny and Sophia would love these toys. Vinny loves a game of fetch but Sophia will take it and not give it up.

  148. My big dog, BUster, love to play fetch and tug-of-war. He also loves sitting on top of me. I think he does not realize he is a big dog but thinks he is one of the lap dogs.

  149. Bella love to play. She will adore this toy .

  150. My English bulldog is 5 but still has a good amount of energy when it comes to play time. He loves to play keep away with my husband and I. I know Bulldogs can be prone to hip issues as they age so I want to keep him active and healthy for as long as possible.

  151. My Frenchy loves to play fetch!

  152. My wife and I have several small dogs that all love to play fetch. We also foster small dogs till they are adopted to forever homes and I like to teach them to play fetch before they are adopted.

  153. I added a new 8 week old chocolate lab puppy our family this last week, Trooper. He has a big sister German Shepherd that loves to play fetch or should I say keep. This looks super cute!

  154. Rocky loves playing with his tire/rope. He will get the tire in his mouth and the top part will cover his eyes while he’s running back. Too funny. Then he plays keep away before fetching again and looks like a rodeo dog.

  155. Our Bailey loves to play fetch he has a duck that makes a noise and he loves loves to play fetch with it
    (I have replaced the duck many times) he will carry it everywhere with him out on the deck in the bed
    he loves to play fetch he is the best and most loving little boy.

  156. My rescue dog Munchie just turned 3 on Feb. 23rd. and this would be a great belated birthday present for her. She loves playing fetch whether it be outside or inside the house. Thanks for the chance.

  157. My guy Cherub is by far the BEST soccer player amongst all of the dogs I know. He is even on u-tube that’s how great he is a fetcher!!!!

  158. I have a golden retriever(Dixie) loves to play fetch. But my cockapoo (Harley) loves a squeaky toy and will have it tore up in about 5 minutes from playing with it. Harley will go get when I throw it and I can tell him to go find his toy and no matter where he has left it he will find for me to paly with him.

  159. My two dogs, Sammy and Maggie, love to play catch. Maggie is a cockapoo and loves squeaky toys. Sammy likes to play fetch with balls and Frisbee.

  160. My Mason (24lb cocker spaniel) loves to play fetch, especially with a Loofa toy! I bought him one for his birthday a couple of months ago, and he already has it worn out. He recently had surgery and would love a new Loofa toy to cheer him up!

  161. My guy loves to bring any ball back and forth to everyone who will play fetch with him. He loves the game so very much.

  162. My Lola loves to run after things but isn’t interested in fetching what I’ve offered her, perhaps this toy will get her to run and return with it.

  163. My puppy loves to play indoors & outdoors. Fetch is her favorite as it gets her excited and her tail wags waiting for the the item to be thrown for her to go run and bring back. We have lots of fun with Fetch.

  164. Pucca loves to play fetch.

  165. My pup Kelvin loves to play indoors and outdoors. He is such a playful pup with high energy. Outdoors we play fetch and indoors we play fetch along with some hide and seek games. Whenever you see my Kelvin playing his tail is always wagging in excitement because he is having a great time. He will absolutely love love love this toy!

  166. Sherilyn Barbee-DonnerMarch 23, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    We have 2 rescues and the female is a toy NUT. The male pays no attention to them. Our female LOVES to fetch. We currently have a soft Frisbee and since it flies uncontrollably in high wind we also have a “chuck it” that is a bit smaller and a lot heavier than the Frisbee and takes wind better. We have to replace them both every couple of months as she SHAKES them like crazy and also the male WILL play tug with her, which pulls the edges away and causes fraying. She would go NUTS for this!!

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