[New Product] Step up your game of fetch with a Loofa Launcher

Find the Loofa Launcher at 1800PetMeds

There are few things most dogs love more than a fun game of fetch. Playing outdoor games with your dog is a great bonding experience and a good way to get some fresh air and sunshine for you both. But throwing a ball or toy over and over again can be exhausting for us, even if our pets can’t seem to get enough. Now there’s a great solution for those of us who don’t have the throwing skills or stamina to keep the game going long enough to satisfy our playful pups!

The importance of exercise for dogs

Keeping your dog active and engaged is important to his or her overall good health. Instinctively, dogs enjoy hunting and retrieving. Regular play dates for an exciting game of fetch is a great way to help dogs stay mentally and physically fit. While daily walks are a good form of exercise, stepping up the pace to incorporate some short distance running can keep off excess pounds and relieve stress. The focused interaction of a rousing game of fetch is also a bonding experience for you and your dog.

Loofa Launchers raise your game of fetch to new heights

Find Loofa Launchers at 1800PetMeds

The Loofa Launcher is a dog toy designed to make playing fetch easier for you and more thrilling for your pet. Just slip your forefinger or thumb into the strap beneath the smiling Loofa Launcher’s chin, pull back on the tail, aim and release. The lightweight Loofa Launcher soars through the air with ease.

Playing fetch has never been easier for you or more exciting for your dog. The bright colors make the Loofa Launcher easy for your pet to find, and the soft yet durable neoprene construction is easy on teeth and gums.

The Loofa Launcher may just become your dog’s favorite toy!




Win a FREE Loofa Launcher!

Would your favorite pooch enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher?

For a chance to win your own Loofa Launcher, leave a comment telling us a little about how much your little guy or girl loves to play fetch and you could win.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to Lisa, the winner of this giveaway! 

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  1. My dad loves to throw things for Kate…but he (dad) is getting up there in years and throws like a four year year old.

  2. Our dog, Sadie, was a rescue dog. It took her a while before she would play fetch. She loves to chase after a squeaky ball or soft toy now. The loofah launcher seems like a great way to play fetch outdoors. It would be awesome to win!

  3. Fetch is cali’s favorite thing and loofa toys for some reason she loves!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dolly is a senior mixed loves to play with me and DOLLY and I
    Are both seniors an need to keep active and the toy will help us both
    Too keep fit an in good health.

    ELLA and DOLLY

  5. My 15 month old dobe, Ziggy would love to run around the yard with one of these in his mouth. His favorite thing to do is play fetch with his older cousin, scrappy the wiener dog.

  6. My dog is fat and needs some exercise. This toy would help us both!!

  7. My name is Chloe and since the day I got home from the Human Society at 12 weeks old, I have been playing fetch. It’s just in my blood to do so. I would love a soft new critter to toss around and roll on. My sister, the bloodhound, would also love it. She is constantly bringing things home to play with. Unfortunately it’s usually at our neighbors expense. We are on a farm and so we all get to roam & visit out neighbors and there dogs & vice versa. My sis’s greatest accomplishment was bringing a little Banty rooster home. She did not hurt it at all, just went trotting across the deck w/ the rooster in her mouth. Dad went to all our neighbor’s to find out where the poor thing lived and we never did find it’s owner. There was wire tied around it’s back leg, so our story is that Daisy saved it from some bad place it was in. We ended up giving it to our neighbor down the road a ways that had other chickens & that is where he now happily lives. Moral of the story, we love toys & would love to try a Loofa Launcher out. Woof Woof.

  8. My baby girl would love this! Her favorite game is fetch!

  9. Our shih-tzu Chewie loves to play fetch. He has a favorite squeaky that’s rubber and you raise your hand and holler go and throw it. He will be almost there to catch it. He will do this over and over until we’re both tired. Has an octopus one bigger than him he loves. He’s even got his 11 year old brother back in the game. We buy them new ones often as they play so much they wear them out. I sew them up til they’re unusable. What fun exercise for all of us.

  10. I have2 pugs father and son. The little one makes his dad play everyday and keeps him in shape. They really love playing fetch together. This would be perfect for us to play with everyday so they’d be having fun while at the same time they be healthy and in shape.

  11. Roxi (Chihuahua) loves to play…her favorite game is tug of war. I’m disabled and this would be great for us both…

  12. My Boomer loves to play fetch he cannot get enough!

  13. My girls Snowdog loves to play fetch she is 8 but you would think she was 3. So much energy. She is a sheltie/dalmatian mix.

  14. My boomer loves playing fetch he is obsessed!

  15. My bulldog LOVES to play fetch! It could be with a ball, a frisbee, almost anything! He LOVES to play!

  16. My 2 dogs bella and lily LOVE to play fetch. But bella is a schnauzer mix and lily is a schitzu. So when I throw the tennis ball, lily can’t hold it in her little mouth like Bella can. I’d love one of these cause when I play with both and they both run after it, like catch, then either one can grab and not just one! This would be so fun!! Thanks for the chance!

  17. My 2 labs are old and would not be interested in this but they would like for this to be given to our local dog shelter for the homeless puppies to play with

  18. My Yorkie loves to fetch but doesn’t like to bring his toy back to me.

  19. Our little 3 legged lab mix Katie would love
    This! She can run so fast for having 3 legs and loves to play fetch! Fingers and paws crossed!😀

  20. My morkie Solomon Daniel Brown would love enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher. He loves to run and jump. We play every morning and evening. He runs around the living room like a race track. The toy would make him focused and have a goal.

  21. I know a dog that really needs this! She absolutely loves any kind of toy

  22. Kimberly FlickingerFebruary 25, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    My doxies Belle & Scooter are very active and they love loofas!

  23. My dog Rebel is a black Lab / Retreiver mix and he loves to play fetch and chase pigeons. He would really like a free loofa Thank you

  24. Hello, my name is Lala, im a schnoddle and i would love to have a toy that my mom will not get tired of throwing for me …i lije that its colorful as im going a bit blind but im sure i will be able to see the nice colors on this toy. Thanks lala…woof woof

  25. Yes my yellow lab would have so much fun with this!!

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