[New Product] Step up your game of fetch with a Loofa Launcher

Find the Loofa Launcher at 1800PetMeds

There are few things most dogs love more than a fun game of fetch. Playing outdoor games with your dog is a great bonding experience and a good way to get some fresh air and sunshine for you both. But throwing a ball or toy over and over again can be exhausting for us, even if our pets can’t seem to get enough. Now there’s a great solution for those of us who don’t have the throwing skills or stamina to keep the game going long enough to satisfy our playful pups!

The importance of exercise for dogs

Keeping your dog active and engaged is important to his or her overall good health. Instinctively, dogs enjoy hunting and retrieving. Regular play dates for an exciting game of fetch is a great way to help dogs stay mentally and physically fit. While daily walks are a good form of exercise, stepping up the pace to incorporate some short distance running can keep off excess pounds and relieve stress. The focused interaction of a rousing game of fetch is also a bonding experience for you and your dog.

Loofa Launchers raise your game of fetch to new heights

Find Loofa Launchers at 1800PetMeds

The Loofa Launcher is a dog toy designed to make playing fetch easier for you and more thrilling for your pet. Just slip your forefinger or thumb into the strap beneath the smiling Loofa Launcher’s chin, pull back on the tail, aim and release. The lightweight Loofa Launcher soars through the air with ease.

Playing fetch has never been easier for you or more exciting for your dog. The bright colors make the Loofa Launcher easy for your pet to find, and the soft yet durable neoprene construction is easy on teeth and gums.

The Loofa Launcher may just become your dog’s favorite toy!




Win a FREE Loofa Launcher!

Would your favorite pooch enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher?

For a chance to win your own Loofa Launcher, leave a comment telling us a little about how much your little guy or girl loves to play fetch and you could win.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to Lisa, the winner of this giveaway! 

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  1. my golden retriever and german shephard could play catch all day long-but my arms would fall off–they love to play frisbee and are darn good at catching high air shots—this would be agreat toy to add to the many they already have !!! thanks !!!!

  2. Oh my little poodles love to play fetch! They are so cute! They “bounce” while they are waiting for you to throw the item. They love the long types of fetch toys, too.

  3. My chi loves his little stuffed “doggie”. When he retrieves it he wants to tease me with it by playing keep away.

  4. My chi loves to play with his stuffed doggie and plays keep away

  5. When I adopted Zeke from the shelter, he was very much afraid of just about everything. I used the game of fetch and the concept of toys to bring him out of his shell. Now, he loves to chase the ball, stick, anything I will throw! I love working with him everyday on social skills and behaviors. He has blossomed into such a happy, go-lucky dog!

  6. Kaydee is the fastest dog I know. She lives to play! She is also the most loving dog and would love a new toy.

  7. My pit bull niece is still a puppy, she would love this toy, she’s learning new things, and I’m sure as smart as she is she will get fetch down pat!!!

  8. Our Angie loves playing fetch. If no one wants to play with her she gets her ball, throws it up in the air, and then chases it as it bounces across the room. LOL! This would be fun for at the dog park. 🙂

  9. My dog buddy would totally freak for it. He’s an 8 month old ratshi .. Rat terrier, shi tzu
    He loves to run and squeak his toys. And loves to teeth on rope toys

  10. My siberian husky River probally would love to have a toy. sry to say that I never got him a toy much, but the ones that I did get him, he would play with it…he loves to run around in the yard, and he dances, with his feet, and then spins around, he’s funny to watch when it’s feeding time he does that…

  11. our three pups would love a new toy, all of them love to play fetch

  12. Artie is our golden retriever mix that we adopted about 4 years ago. Thank you so much for a chance to win a loofa for our toy crazy pal.

  13. this is so awesome – I know two pups who would love to play with this

  14. My dogs love to play fetch but I think if I win this I will donate it to the shelter I volunteer at so the shelter dogs can have some fun too!

  15. My little Daisy is just 13 weeks old and is just learning how to play fetch. This would help burn off some of her endless energy.

  16. Jake is a black lab?newfie mix. Although he’s 12 years old, he still likes to play like a pup. Often taking our cats toys along with his. He loves to catch in mid air and nudge you when he wants to play – even if you’re sleeping.

  17. My Sonya just had knee surgery about two months ago. She is currently in rehabilitation which is light running. She would love a toy to help!

  18. My four dogs (one Jack Russell, two pitbulls, and a Chesapeake bay retriever) all love love catch! Even to the point my oldest pit swallowed a tennis ball so she didn’t have to give it up! We no longer use tennis balls for catch 🙁 this would make them so happy

  19. Kaizer loves to fetch. Whether it’s one of his toys, his lease the newspaper or even plastic water bottles for recycle.

  20. My dog Peanut LOVES to play fetch! He has several balls but his favorites are the mini tennis balls. I was so happy when he learned to fetch and now he likes to play for 45 minutes at a time! I don’t think he will ever get tired of fetch!

  21. We have a beautiful large dog that is a shepherd/husky mix who loves to play fetch. She needs lots of exercise and this would be a treat for her and us.

  22. All 5 of my fur babies like playing.

  23. Our dog loves to play fetch and they would play it all day if they could. Haha no, really they do love to play it a lot.

  24. I have a little shih tzu that loves to play fetch every day. It is her favorite thing to do and she is a really fast dog.

  25. My two yorkies love fetch and I agree if I play with them it is a bonding experience! We do walk a lot but playing is a different experience!

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