[New Product] Step up your game of fetch with a Loofa Launcher

Find the Loofa Launcher at 1800PetMeds

There are few things most dogs love more than a fun game of fetch. Playing outdoor games with your dog is a great bonding experience and a good way to get some fresh air and sunshine for you both. But throwing a ball or toy over and over again can be exhausting for us, even if our pets can’t seem to get enough. Now there’s a great solution for those of us who don’t have the throwing skills or stamina to keep the game going long enough to satisfy our playful pups!

The importance of exercise for dogs

Keeping your dog active and engaged is important to his or her overall good health. Instinctively, dogs enjoy hunting and retrieving. Regular play dates for an exciting game of fetch is a great way to help dogs stay mentally and physically fit. While daily walks are a good form of exercise, stepping up the pace to incorporate some short distance running can keep off excess pounds and relieve stress. The focused interaction of a rousing game of fetch is also a bonding experience for you and your dog.

Loofa Launchers raise your game of fetch to new heights

Find Loofa Launchers at 1800PetMeds

The Loofa Launcher is a dog toy designed to make playing fetch easier for you and more thrilling for your pet. Just slip your forefinger or thumb into the strap beneath the smiling Loofa Launcher’s chin, pull back on the tail, aim and release. The lightweight Loofa Launcher soars through the air with ease.

Playing fetch has never been easier for you or more exciting for your dog. The bright colors make the Loofa Launcher easy for your pet to find, and the soft yet durable neoprene construction is easy on teeth and gums.

The Loofa Launcher may just become your dog’s favorite toy!




Win a FREE Loofa Launcher!

Would your favorite pooch enjoy a game of fetch with the Loofa Launcher?

For a chance to win your own Loofa Launcher, leave a comment telling us a little about how much your little guy or girl loves to play fetch and you could win.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congrats to Lisa, the winner of this giveaway! 

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  1. My Yorkie isn’t a fan of fetch, but my boyfriend’s French bulldog loves it! He just sometimes refuses to let go, lol.

  2. My girl loves to fetch sticks and the head of a torn apart stuffed toy that I bought her. I swear she looks like she’s laughing when we play.

  3. My old lady dog still.loves to play fetch, for just a little bit we both forget she is 13..

  4. One of my cats loves to play fetch… But if I do win this I would give it to my friend, who has the most adorable beagle puppy that she just adopted…she would love to play with this (the beagle that is…lol)!

  5. My pup loves playing so much, he has worn out his other toys. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Most of my dogs love to play fetch, some like to just play throw it and I’ll keep it, the largest of which likes to play a short game of fetch every night before his dinner and he especially likes it if we sing one of our made up songs specifically made for game time.

  7. My male doxi beagle mix loves to play fetch. The beagle in him says if it moves chase it lol. My lewie would love this toy so very much

  8. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever would play fetch all day long if she could. She even sleeps with her ball under her chin.

  9. I have 2 babies, and they both love to play fetch! Tucker will run and get the toy until he is so tired he just flops down…lol

  10. My dog Maxine loves to play what we call “pullie” I can’t keep enough toys around for her cause she destroys them so fast! I would love to give this toy a try!!

  11. Cosmo loves playing squeakers. We spend a lot of time throwing it so he can chase it. He also plays a lot by himself, whipping it and growling at it. He is so cute

  12. My pit bull Xena loves playing fetch so much that she focuses on nothing else except for the ball that’s in my hand! It also doesn’t have to be a ball, as long as I’m throwing it, she’s catching it. She would have so much fun with the Loofa Launcher!

  13. Our dog Chance loves playing ball. He carries his ball with him everywhere and he gets so excited when he runs to retrieve the ball. Chance was abused by his previous owners. When we adopted him from the rescue that saved him, we learned that he has anxiety issues and we quickly learned that playing ball outside relieves his anxiety and makes him a super excited hyper doggie!

  14. My dog’s can play fetch all day long !! They love toys. They get so excited about any toys like a child does .

  15. My fur kids love to play fetch and would adore this toy!

  16. My dog Babe loves to play with my shoes, he gets them out of the closet and if I don’t chase him or see him with it he goes outside and digs a hole and buries them . sometimes it is hard for me to find them. maybe if he had a loofa he would leave my shoes along.

  17. All I have to say is that “Marty” is an 11 year old Golden Retriever, and is still as playful as when he was a young pup, he loves to fetch, jump, RETRIEVE, he is an awesome boy!!!!

  18. Mackenize our Australian Shepherd loves to play Fetch and she would love to win…thanks for the chance

  19. We have a golden retriever 10month old puppy-Otis. Otis is already a fetching machine. If he could fetch all day I think he would be in heaven.

  20. My Golddie girl would absolutely LOVE one of these! She’s a golden retriever who absolutely lives up to the retriever name! She would fetch all day long with a willing participant! Sometimes she enjoys trying to keep items in her mouth that she wants you to throw, but she’s just so cute that’s ok too!

  21. My Black lab loves to play fetch and tug of war. She is 11 but that,has’nt slowed her down.. she loves her “noodle man” ( which is exactly the toy you are giving away.except hers has shrunk from her enjoying it so,much). Kacie loves all her toys, but especially the ones she can catch and bring back to you. She would absolutley love a new “noodle man”!! Good luck everyone.

  22. My two Westies Vinny and Sophia would love these toys. Vinny loves a game of fetch but Sophia will take it and not give it up.

  23. My big dog, BUster, love to play fetch and tug-of-war. He also loves sitting on top of me. I think he does not realize he is a big dog but thinks he is one of the lap dogs.

  24. Bella love to play. She will adore this toy .

  25. My English bulldog is 5 but still has a good amount of energy when it comes to play time. He loves to play keep away with my husband and I. I know Bulldogs can be prone to hip issues as they age so I want to keep him active and healthy for as long as possible.

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