[Giveaway] Ticks Suck, But Prevention Doesn’t Have to!

As the sun comes out, so do adult ticks that have been dormant during the freezing winter months. Whether your dog spends time outside in your yard, on neighborhood walks, on hikes in the deep woods, or all of the above, it’s time to think about controlling ticks to keep your family safe and healthy.

Ticks can be active any time of year. When temperatures rise above freezing, even in the middle of winter, ticks can emerge in search of a blood meal. However, ticks are most active when it’s warm out. With climate change comes milder winters and longer summers. Paired with the increased urbanization of forest areas, ticks have more opportunities than ever to feed off pets and their families.

Public health experts and veterinarians are reporting more and more cases of tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis each year.

Even so, you can keep your pets and your family safe without avoiding the outdoors with these key tips. First, stay away from areas where ticks reside. They tend to live in wooded and grassy areas, and cling to underbrush no more than 18-24 inches from the ground. On hikes, steer clear by sticking to the trails.

Keep your yard tick-free by removing leaf litter, fallen branches, and wood piles, all of which ticks call home. If pests are a problem in or around your home, treatments like Advantage Household Spot & Crevice Spray and Yard & Premise Spray can eliminate them before they latch onto your pets.

For dogs and cats, there are many products that either repel ticks or kill them when they come in contact with your pet. Just make sure you use the right product for your pet’s size and species. Frontline is a popular option that’s available for dogs and cats. For a holistic option, try the TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick collar for dogs. If a tick does manage to latch onto you or your pet, it can take hours or even days for the tick to transmit disease. Inspect your pets for ticks any time they return from outside to help catch them early, and learn to remove them properly with tweezers or the Ticksee Tick Removal kit.

Enter the 1-800-PetMeds® Ticks Suck, But Prevention Doesn’t Have To! Giveaway for a chance to win a package of tick prevention products. Each prize pack contains Super Pure Omega 3, Be Super Clean Shampoo for Cats & Dogs, Advantage Household Spot & Crevice Spray, and a TickSee Tick Removal Kit.

The 1-800-PetMeds® Ticks Suck, But Prevention Doesn’t Have To! Giveaway runs from Thursday 04/01 through Friday 04/30. Everyone who comments from 4/1 to 4/30/21 is eligible to win. To enter, leave a comment below. Two winners will be chosen and notified on four successive Mondays (4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26) for a total of 8 winners.

Win A FREE Tick Prevention Package!
Keep your pet protected from Lyme Disease!  Comment below about what you’re doing this Spring season to protect your pet from Lyme Disease and you could win a FREE Tick Prevention Package from 1800PetMeds! Two winners will be chosen at random Each Monday in April starting 4/5/21, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of eight (8) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  

Congrats to Week 1 Winners: Vicki Mallard in Florida and Rachel Zachary in Ohio, Week 2 Winners: Pennie Miller in Montana and Marsha Robinson in Missouri, Week 3 Winners: Heather Getz in Illinois and Jody Templeton in Pennsylvania, and Week 4 Winners: Jennifer Snyder in North Carolina and Romeo Somera in Louisiana. Look for an email from us!

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  1. This would be amazing for our cat! We live near heavily wooded areas and ticks are always a concern of ours! Especially with our kitty and our 3 kids 🙂

  2. We use Trifexis.

  3. perfect, can always use protection for my babies to keep them safe. i check their coats everything they come in. i use a natural spray unless things get really bad, then i go to a stronger product if necessary. i also wash them in vinegar to help repel bugs.

  4. I use frontline plus

  5. We use a chewable medicine each month. He also gets the Lyme disease booster annually. We also do a detailed tick check after hikes. Found 2 on Sunday.

  6. until now, i planned to do nothing

  7. Using topical preventative and vaccinated for lyme.

  8. My cat loves to go outside for an hour or so, but to prevent ticks I’ve not been letting her out since it’s been getting warmer out.

  9. NexGard for my Lacey !!!!!

  10. Would love to try something new. Thanks for this amazing giveaway and chance.

  11. My husband sprays the yard with flea tick killer
    Then we buy Seresto flea collars for small dogs
    We have 2 small chihuahuas Angel and Carmen . 🥰

  12. advance Collars and daily checks

  13. Logan StrickilandApril 28, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    I am using Simpario Trio for both my dogs, and for a wonderful smelling pooch I am using wondercide wuhich also works well for fleas, ticks and mosquitos

  14. We try and do daily if not weekly checks and try to get medicine when we can financial.

  15. I normally get trifecta for my snoopy… We live out in the country so fleas and ticks r everywhere.. I would love to try something different

  16. I purchased K-9 Advatix 2 and we are keeping the yard mowed

  17. Our vet prescribed Bravecto for our dogs.

  18. This would be a blessing .we just adopted some dogs left by covid owners and need any help we can get for our family

  19. Fleas and ticks are so bad in my area. We use stuff on the yard and flea and tick medicine on the dogs.

  20. Since I suffer from chronic Lyme disease, ticks are my worst enemy! I protect my darling little pomeranian with a terrific flea collar that is sold also by veterinary clinics but, buying it from 1800 pet meds, I pay less than my friend does with her employee discount at the veterinarian clinic!! Way to go!!
    We are all set this summer! Thank you!!

  21. We use Trifexis for our two Goldens and the love the taste. They think it is a treat

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