[New Product] TurboPUP Meal Bars for nutrition on-the-go

TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars

Sunny days are perfect for hiking, swimming and games of fetch that last until you just can’t throw another ball. Times like these require more than just a tasty treat that will leave your dog hungry for more. Active dogs need high-quality nourishment to replenish energy and stamina to keep the fun going. Packing up sufficient dry food and a proper bowl isn’t always an option. Discover an easier way to give your pet the nutrients necessary to support a hearty appetite without the hassle.

Hazards of unhealthy eating for active dogs

If your pet works up a gnawing hunger, balanced nutrition is in order. Trying to fill your dog’s empty belly with "people food" or treats can be unhealthy. In fact, dog treats should only make up 10% of your pet’s total calories each day. Any more could cause obesity and related health problems.

Substituting average dog treats for nutritious meals could mean a high intake of low-quality ingredients. Most commercial dog treats are designed to appeal to the senses, but do not have much nutritional value.

High-carbohydrate and/or high-fat human foods like chips, bread or sweets may take the edge off of hunger temporarily, but won’t satisfy your dog’s nutritional needs and can cause digestive problems.

TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars – big nutrition in a small package

TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal BarsTurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars are formulated to satisfy your dog’s growling stomach with all-natural ingredients for complete nutrition. They’re compact meals to go wherever your travels take you. No longer will you have to fumble with clumsy sandwich bags full of kibble and food bowls that are difficult to pack. TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars are small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or glove compartment.

These convenient food bars are scored so you can break off just enough to take the edge off your dog’s hunger, or give the entire bar as a complete meal.

Unlike other energy bars for dogs that give your dog a quick, temporary burst of energy, TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars are crafted to support healthy eating and sustain normal activity naturally. Each bar contains 250 calories to provide the energy your dog needs to stay active all day long.

These handy, complete meal bars for dogs contain chickpea flour and whey protein isolate to supply quality, all-natural protein. The high protein content helps support the needs of your dog’s muscles throughout a day of adventure. Whey protein isolate is easily digestible and has a complete profile of amino acids, the building blocks of healthy muscle tissue. The grain-free recipe makes them a good choice for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities. Plus, they come in bacon or peanut butter flavors dogs can’t resist.

TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars are available in packs of one or two bars so you can adequately prepare for a lengthy outing with your best friend! Keep a few on hand for whenever your pup needs some turbo-charged nutrition.




Win FREE TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars!

Would TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars be a great way to keep your dog’s energy and stamina up while you’re enjoying summer activities together? Tell us how you and your pet would enjoy having high-quality nutrion on the go and you could win FREE TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars from 1800PetMeds!

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  1. My 8-week old Labrador Retriever, Charlie Bear, would love these bars. He stays so hungry that he almost licks the shine off his food pan. We visit our son who lives 6 hours away, and these bars would be perfect for the Rest Stops on the Interstate. Packing for the puppy is like packing for a baby and these would be so convenient for us. Great idea!

  2. My husband & I do a lot of driving for a living & our shih tzu goes with us. Lots of time we are gone all day. Trixie is a very picky eater & I’m constantly trying different foods for her. If she thinks it’s a snack on the road, she might eat it & that would really solve a problem on the road for us & it be healthy.

  3. Would be great to have for car trips to be less mess in the car

  4. My shih tzu is currently on Prednisone and is gaining weight. I have fibromyalgia and have also gained weight from the meds so we’re going to start a walking regimen and it would be nice to have these while outside with her.

  5. Paws crossed! Ulala and Sora would love to get their paws on theses bars! Yummy!

  6. We have an amazing rescue dog, Shelby, that is going on 9 years old. She has always had the energy of a pup but lately we have seen her slowing down a little. We like to drive up to my inlaws house where Shelby can roam, run, and play on all their land. I think this would be wonderful for the trips and would give her more energy to continue to play and be active with us! Thanks for the chance!

  7. My dachshund Snickers would love this treat

  8. My Goldens would lo love these!!

  9. Pucca loves treats, and safe, healthy snacks.

  10. This would be great to feed when hiking, to energize the dogs, during those journeys.

  11. Our family has property Up North which is a couple hours away. Both our cairn terrier and shih-tzu would be pleased with these on our road trips

  12. These would be great for our german shorthaired pointers and vizsla to keep up their energy when we go bird hunting.

  13. We adopted a Chihuahua last fall and she is a doll- but she seems to need to eat every couple of hours. We take her everywhere and on leashed hikes so it would be great to have a portable meal for her to go with the popup water dish and water we take everywhere.

  14. My family is always on the go, from soccer practice to softball practice, from school to the park, Axl, our three year old Sheltie is always along for the ride. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like good snacks!

  15. Our dogs are always looking for food and eatting grass all the time. Always running with softball games and church activities.

  16. My dog eats grass a lot and has issues digesting food. I would love to try these!

  17. My dog and I need these bars for our long hikes

  18. We’re having road trip to Latvia this summer and our Cookie comes with us. There will be 3 days each way with the most of time on ferries as he isn’t very happy about traveling in the car. I guess he’ll need something nice for reward at the destination. 🙂

  19. I need these for the days that my dog does Lure Coursing. There is so much energy that he is using and these would be perfect for the trial days.

  20. My two pitties and I love to go hiking in the warmer months, and our goal this year is to hike some bigger mountains that we’ve never done before. Being from New Hampshire there are many mountains around us, and these TurboPUP Complete K9 Meal Bars would be perfect for them to keep their energy up while on the go. A protein bar for dogs? What could be better while we are both getting our exercise in!

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