Uncover your Cat’s Hunting Capabilities with this Toy

There are plenty of articles out there that say how important it is for dogs to get plenty of exercise, but what about cats? Believe it or not, it is also important to make sure your cat is adequately exercised. Just because most of you can’t just hook a leash onto your cat’s collar and take a walk, doesn’t mean you can’t mentally and physically stimulate your pretty kitty’s hunting instincts with an interactive toy like the FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy for Cats.

While cats are known for sleeping and lounging all day, keeping your cat active has tremendous benefits for his or her health, mind, and bond with you. Exercise will help your cat release any stress and anxiety they experience. It will also relieve them of boredom, which can cause unwanted behaviors, like scratching the couch or finding new ways to get into the cabinets. Activities can help your cat maintain a healthy body weight, keep muscles toned, and even keep the mind alert. Because cats have great metabolisms, they don’t need a significant amount of exercise. Taking 10-15 minutes a few times a day to engage your cat in a form of activity would be perfect. In addition to the health benefits, spending this time with your cat will greatly strengthen the bond you have with your loveable furbaby.

How do I exercise my cat?

  • Buy them interactive toys that catch their interest and stimulate their natural hunting instincts like the Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy or laser toys.
  • Provide plenty of scratching posts. Cat’s love to scratch and it is a great form of exercise for them especially if their post allows them to stretch up.
  • Build or find them a tall cat tree. Cats love to climb and hang out in high spaces.
  • If your cat likes catnip, rub some catnip on a toy and let them go wild.

The FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy brings out your cat’s inner hunter

This interactive toy is a fun and exciting toy that provides your cat with hours of entertainment. Keep your cat active with the irresistible interactive mouse, named Marshal Maus, which moves back and forth creating an exciting “mouse hunt” for your cat.

The FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy has 4 variable speed settings so your cat won’t easily get bored. When turned on, Marshal Maus moves in a circular pattern and occasionally twitches under hiding spots to keep your cat guessing where he’ll go next. This toy only requires 3 AA batteries and has a timer, so once you turn it on, playtime doesn’t end when you have to leave. The FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy automatically turns off after 10 minutes. This is a toy your cat is sure to love!

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Win a FREE FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy!

Do you think your little hunter has what it takes to catch Marshal Maus?  Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy from 1800PetMeds!
One winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Gayle R! Look for an email from us about how to claim your prize. 

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  1. Love your company. Cannot wait to order the K9 advantage for my husky and our 1 and a half adopted cat Ziggy. Polydactyl. Love his extra thumbs and this toy would really keep him busy while we are at work. He loves to stick his paws in everything but this looks amazing and now with our 7 year old Diabetic husky Kodiak. Hard to afford things to make our animals happy $300 a month for our 🐕. Ziggy would 💘 this amazing toy and would love to n contest. You are the best!

  2. My adopted cat Ziggy would love this. He is a polydactyl 1 year old that was found on side of road with mom and sisters and brothers. We took 3 and my son has the 2. I have Ziggy but unfortunately one brother had to be put down due to an illness. Ziggy 💘 his extra thumbs and I think he would love this. Thank you for the chance. Will be ordering my k9 advantage soon for my husky and ziggy. Thank you!

  3. My cats would love this toy! They catch any insects that come into the house and are lizard hunters when they go out on the screened-in porch

  4. 3 (lots of scratching posts, yes, tall cat trees, and other high places, yes, rub catnip on toys, scratching posts, cat trees, beds, paws, yes) out of 4 is good, however, to have # 4, FrolicCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy, my cats will be happier, and healthier!

  5. My feral rescue definitely has what it takes to catch Marshal Maus!

  6. Omg what an amazing invention!! My cats would go crazy over this!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. How long before the cat is bored with it?

  8. My inside rescue Gizmo would LOVE this. He had a plain cheap version but it didn’t keep him entertained for to long. Plezzzz he needs this !!!!! Thank you.

  9. My inside rescue Gizmo needs this terribly! ! He’s so bored..I bought him a cheap one with a ball but it wasn’t enough action for him. Please he needs to win this. Thank you!!!!!

  10. My new Kitten would enjoy this !!! i would love to win it for her!

  11. My cats are over the winter that seems to never end, so this would be helpful for them until they can get back out and play!

  12. Just LOVE 1800PetMeds. Fantastic customer service & variety of products! Will buy over & over from them 🙂

  13. My 15yr old cat would love this since she’s old and grumpy now and can no longer tolerate her dog-sister but still enjoys toys 🙂

  14. Would love to win this for my friend who’s adopting a kitten next week!

  15. Joy loves the round ball track but really loves it when i cover part of the track and she has to figure out where the ball is. Then she does the wind up butt wiggle and pounces for the ball! I’ll bet she would love this.

  16. I know my 1 year old cat Harley would LOVE this & I think my 14 year old Mr. Kitty may even get a kick out of it for small bursts of time. It’s amazing how he can just be doing the basic old cat things then suddenly burst into a ball of energy for 20 min or so with the younger cat. I really think Harley annoys & pesters him into living longer 😂

  17. I rescued three little feral kittens last year, two are bobtail and all three have adapted well to being “pets”. They often show their feral nature when chasing little bugs and such and I know they would go crazy for this toy!!!! Thanks for the chance to win for my kittens

  18. Sally loves to play even though she is 11 years old would love to win think she would get a lot of exercise playing with this toy

  19. Hi I am Late I would enjoy this because want to play and get exercise ❤️

  20. Our cat with diabetes needs to exercise, this would be a great way to do that, especially since he doesn’t like to be seen playing. If he’s playing and you start watching him, he will immediately stop. Walk away and he starts playing again.

  21. Pet Meds is awesome, my animals always love the treats that come in the shipping box, my cat would go crazy for this❤️

  22. My “Babies Three” are my saviors, in that they hunt and dispose of my nemesis .. the centipedes. I think they could use a new reward.

  23. My two indoor cats would love that!

  24. Great Toy

  25. Of our 13 rescues, the 3 youngest have an on going pact of “If it moves, it must die !” LOL They are the most hilarious threesome to ever systematically eradicate every empty paper towel tube or cardboard box that has entered this house. Their antics are truly a never ending source of laughter, and at times serious desires for body armor. Ha Ha. I have no doubt the arrival of a FroliCat Pounce Rotating Teaser Toy would be the distraction that my bare toes would sing your praises for. Thank you sincerely Pet Meds for all your wonderful advice and great products to keep our Fur-Kids happy and healthy !

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