[New Product] Zylkene to relieve your pet’s anxiety

Zylkene anxiety medication for dogs

Stressful situations can bring out the animal in all of us. Moving to a new place, traveling, home remodeling and even celebrations can be exciting yet nerve-racking. Disruptions in normal, everyday activities can be even more upsetting for our pets. They are the hapless bystanders who must try to deal with situations that they don’t understand and that temporarily shake up the daily routine. Chaos, loud noises, and unfamiliar faces may make your pet feel on edge, ready to react with fight or flight. Fortunately, there’s a safe and effective way to prepare your pet for life’s little upheavals, resulting in less stress for you both.

Recognizing signs of stress in pets

Amid all the commotion and hubbub of planning a party, packing for a move or going on a family trip we may not notice how this affects our pets. Because they don’t understand the circumstances, pets may feel scared, confused and in harm’s way. Cats and dogs are often very frightened by loud noises from construction, thunder, and fireworks, as well.

Anxiety symptoms in pets vary based on individual personality, so getting to know how your pet reacts to stress is the key to helping him or her remain calm. Any of the following changes in your pet’s behavior may indicate acute anxiety.

Signs of pet anxiety

  • Hiding
  • Cowering
  • Whining
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • Chewing or licking of paws
  • Uncharacteristic or destructive behavior
  • Attempting to escape from home or yard

While some upsetting noises or events are spontaneous and unavoidable, others can be anticipated ahead of time. In these cases, it’s good to have anxiety relief medications on hand to give your pet before fear and stress take hold.

Relieve your pet’s stress with Zylkene

Find Zylkene at 1800PetMeds

Plan ahead for life’s disruptions with Zylkene, a safe and effective over-the-counter solution for pet anxiety.

Made from ingredients with calming properties, including hydrolyzed cow milk protein, Zylkene can help you prepare your pet for upcoming disruptions in his or her daily routine.

Zylkene helps to keep cats and dogs calm during stressful situations and may also aid in making your pet more receptive to behavior modification training.

The capsules can be given orally or can be opened and conveniently sprinkled on your pet’s favorite food. It is safe to use anytime you need to keep your pet calm, including transition following adoption, during travel, going to the groomer or when meeting new people. Keep a bottle of Zylkene close at hand to help your pet breeze through life’s little whirlwinds.



Win a FREE bottle of Zylkene!

Does your pet need help staying calm? Tell us why and you could win a FREE bottle of Zylkene from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us how Zylkene could help your pet for a chance to win a FREE bottle of Zylkene. Please mention in your comment your pet type (dog or cat) and pet weight.

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Christopher Spencer! 


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  1. I’d love his for when we travel in the fall and Christmas time. I have two pit bulls one is 60 pounds one is 80 pounds.

  2. My wonderful Shih-Tzu Cosmo just turned 11 years old. Recently he has been exhibiting some unusual behavior, and the vet says he may have a cognitive disorder. He deserves to enjoy his “golden years” without suffering from anxiety, etc.

  3. One of my dogs can’t leave the backyard without having a fit, his little legs trembling. Nothing else has helped much.

  4. My dog licks her paws all the time and gets neurotic when we leave, so I think this could help.

  5. Zylkene could help your pet relieve his anxiety when going to the groomers.

  6. He’s 55 lbs.

  7. My 8 year old Malti poo does not travel well . He will not lay down and he pants & drools .

  8. My yellow Lab, champ, has laryngeal paralysis. Every time he gets anxious or upset (storms, fireworks, being left anywhere but at tome) he panics and has a very hard time breathing. The older he gets, the worse the problem is, and I just hate to see him not only upset from the outside influence, but scared because he can’t breathe well.

  9. My American Pit Bull Annie is afraid of large trucks. I would like to see if this would help. Thank you.

  10. i really could use this for my oldest dog who gets upset when traveling, when grooming or when i have to leave her alone at the house. my youngest could also use this for traveling b/c sometimes she gets upset and vomits in the car. i have dogs, miniature schnauzers, weigh abt 15 lbs each.

  11. Oh my goodness… This would be the answer to our prayers. The first of the year, July forth and many days throughout the firecrackers drive our dogs insane. They hide in the closet, the bathroom, anywhere they can and its so sad.
    This is a giveaway that will help our three Jack Russell’s so much so I think they would even thank you….
    Their a little fat and I think they weight around 22lbs.

  12. We have a new rescue pit mix that is about 37 lbs. She becomes very stressed during thunderstorms or loud bangs (like fireworks). She tries to dig into the floor, whimpers, and pants.

  13. Our 7-year-old female dog, Lia, weighs 60 pounds. She is a Boxer/German Shepherd/Shar Pei mix. She has a delightful personality, one of those dogs who retains puppy energy forever. Unfortunately she experiences anxiety, especially separation anxiety. She goes nuts needing reassurance when my husband or I return, even from a brief absence. When in this state she also seems driven to assert dominance over our other dog, her male litter mate. She is a constant licker of our hands, knees, clothes. We have tried all the behavior training ideas suggested by our vet and nothing has ever worked. We have resisted drugs, but are ready to try another approach. We’d like Lita to experience less anxiety.

  14. My dog Harvey is a 5 year old Shi Tzu. He has poor eye sight & gets very anxious when I prepare to leave the house or give any signs of leaving him anwhere, even when other people are around. I would love to see if this product would help relieve his anxiety. He weighs 9 pounds. Thanks.

  15. it would help calm my two dogs in storms

  16. POSSIBLE HELP IF YOUR DOG IS FEARFUL OF STORMS OR OTHER LOUD NOISES. My sister found swaddling helped with her older rescue dog who became terrified during thunderstorms. You can buy dog jackets made for this purpose, or simply wrap a smaller dog tightly in a blanket or beach size towel. Good luck finding ease for your doggy companions.


  18. I have 3 dogs, last rescue was mistreated and is afraid of everything, gets so excited when you come home that she jumps like crazy and nips to express her missing you. She is all puppy (8 months) and then some, she runs and hides if she knows you are going out . Would love to try this product to just ease her fears.

  19. I have two snoodles, the weigh about 15 pounds each. One has anxiety when traveling, the other when it storms. Thanks for the opportunity

  20. My poor Kiss could really use this. The poor girl does not handle being left alone. I went to work with her in her kennel for three hours. I came home to the metal kennel demolished, my carpet torn at the door frame from digging at it, stained with blood because she dug so hard it filed back to the quick on her nails.
    Now we never leave her isolated if we have to leave the home – she stays with her brother Gravy. But we’re afraid to leave her for any extended period of time because she hates strange places and people. We’re home bound with our pup for all foreseeable weekends.
    If this could help her relax I’d be so thankful.
    She’s a 10 month old Schipperke/Shiba Inu mix and she’s 12 pounds.


  22. I would LOVE to try this with my 9 year old Brussels Griffon (18 pounds). The older he gets, the more anxious he is becoming, especially during separation or in the car – to prevent separation anxiety, we try to take him with us, but then he’s anxious in the car, jumping around all over his calm, 12 year old Pug brother!

  23. Would love to try this on grooming days for my 124 pound 3 year old Akita. He hates water and gets extremely stressed out when getting a bath and brush out.

  24. Christopher SpencerSeptember 8, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    My dog Ben is a Lab/Shepherd mix and weighs about 85lbs. He is terrified of thunderstorms. When I first got him he was full grown, was an outside dog and I put his bed in the garage. Then one night during a thunderstorm I looked through the door window to the garage and he was lying on his bed just shaking uncontrollably. I could not stand to see him like that so I let him in and he has been an inside dog since.
    I have tried a Thundershirt and some calming treats but neither of them made him feel safe during storms. I finally got a prescription medicine from my vet for him. It does calm him but seems to have lingering effects in that he is drowsy the next day.
    If I could get an over the counter medicine that actually works I’d love it for him.

  25. Cupcake, my chihuahua, is a very nervous little girl…she even has seizures when she gets too excited…I would love to give Zylkene a try to see if it would help her be more calm…Thanks!

  26. We go camping and some of the noises at the camp site get our two small dogs that go with us a bit stressed sometimes. Suri does well until someone set off fireworks or it thunders. Spike is pretty much stress most of the camping trip.

  27. My dog, Bruce, pants in the car. He is so stressed out by the time we reach our destination. I would love to try Zylkene to see if it helps him. He is a rescue and just turned 2 on Sept. 7. He is a hound mix.

  28. My Maltese Oliver has extremely bad anxiety at the groomers & hates his paws touched which makes nail trimming difficult. We used to have the vet give him a sedative but he’s older now an we don’t feel it’s very safe so this would be a great alternative to try. Oliver weighs 13lbs

  29. One of my cats had been an outdoor mostly cat for eight years. He wsas turned in to Animal Control and pulled by a no-kill cat shelter but did not adjust to life at the shelter, so I agreed to foster him (2 yrs ago so you know what that means but he still gets spooked very easily.

  30. This would be great. Calming my dog down. She is so hyper and goes nuts when I have to leave for any short period of time. This would probably make a big difference in both our lives. Hope I win.

  31. Our dog Millie that my Husband rescued is a pitbull 50 lbs, when she came home she so scared and would hide food in her kennel. We also have a 100lb Lab Sadie, her and Millie are best friends. Millie is terrified of storms and thunder we have to give her medicine. If she’s bed with us she can make the king size shake. Poor baby I usually give her the medicine and just hold her. We think somebody used her fora puppy mill and had to stay outside all the time.

  32. My Pomeranian yogi could use this when we leave the house he barks non stop and hates loud noises. He is 13 pounds.

  33. Teddy is terrified of rain, wind, thunder, and riding in the car over those road bumps! I bought him a Thundershirt; but it isn’t enough! He still flips out. During thunder (or fireworks) he will work himself up into hysteria! Please let your medication help him! It’s distressful for me to not be able to help him!

  34. We use this with good results!

  35. My Princess is terrified of storms. Thundershirt helps but she still shakes and pants. Would love to have a safe way to calm her down.

  36. We have a 13 pound Maltese and a 9 pound Chiweenie and when we get a summer storm which is not unusual down here in the deep South, they both have to be in your lap being held. I’ll also have a female cat sitting on the back of my chair. They normally don’t get along, but when it gets to lightning and thundering they get along. Our Maltese was a rescue so he has some problems of thinking he’s being left. I just sit in the recliner until the storm and then everything is back to normal.

  37. My rescue cat was completely feral when I adopted her at the age of 10 weeks old. It has been said that it’s near impossible to domesticate kittens after 8weeks…but I did and she is (mostly) domesticated. BUT, I cannot get her into the cat carrier to go to the vet to get her second rabies shot, which is due at the end of this month.
    I found a mobile vet clinic to come to the home, but it will still be a struggle because she hides when she hears a car come up.
    I desperately need to medicate her so she can get an updated rabies shot.
    Thank-you !

  38. I adopted a feral kitten at age 10 weeks. I was told that after the age of 8 weeks that they can’t be domesticated. Well, she’s about one year old now, and is pretty much domesticated, but does have her feral ways. For one, I cannot get her into the carrier to get to the vet for her second rabies shot that is due at the end of this month. I did find a mobile vet that’ll come to the house…..but still she’ll need something to calm her to let a stranger near her. This calming medication sounds like something that just might help her and us to get her her legally mandated rabies vaccination.

  39. My Shih-Tzu, Lucinda, was an abused little girl when we rescued her 6 years ago. Although she has come to accept love from us and be happy here, she is still terrified when visitors come over or when she has to ride in the car. This would help her so much! Even after 6 years it still breaks my heart to see her cower with fear and anxiety. She is a small little girl, 13 pounds, and is just the most precious thing I’ve had the pleasure to love!

  40. My Bella is a Goldador (Lab/Golden cross), super intelligent and caring. Bella weighs 85 lbs. and is eight yrs. old. She loves children but gets so excited when they are around that I fear she may knock them over. Perhaps Zylkene will calm her whenever I have children visitors.

  41. My poor 11 year old poodle mix has had a rough six months. He’d been used to having someone around the house 7/24, until my wife of 28 years decided to leave. He still looks for her and still expects her to get him off the bed in the morning. I’m retired but have a part-time job that requires me to leave him alone a few days a week. He’s always licking his paws and his stools have been “far from normal”. trust me. If any animal needs anxiety relief it’s this poor guy.

  42. My dog is a maltese mix about 17 ibs he is always stressed over storms he literally jumps in my laps and his little heart is beating like crazy after and bit of thunder i feels so bad for him I’m sure this would help him.

  43. I do have an anxious Terrier

  44. My 11 year old yorkie terrier suffered from bad anxiety for almost 2 years now i try almost everything he is 4 pounds

  45. SPIKE (sounds mean.. not at all), he is an 11 1/2 year old rescue Great American Bulldog. He is afraid of his own shadow. we know prior to getting him at about 2 or 3, he was in a storm (in a fenced dog pen) and lightning hit a tree in the pen. We are sure that is why he is so afraid of storms. When we rescued him from the shelter, he was to afraid to stay outside and scratched and chewed/scratched off our siding from the house at the back door, and a couple screen doors later, we let him be an inside dog. He is still afraid of storms. We live out in the woods and a neighbor has the habit on the weekends or whenever he has time, to practice shooting a gun on his property. Close enough that Spike hears and is so afraid. We can’t contain him to a kennel. He hurt himself trying to get out. We have a inside cat with a liter box in a spare bathroom that we block with our other dog Gracie’s kennel. Now Spike does all he can, when we are away, to claw into that bathroom, to the point of bleeding from his gums and paws, when we find him cowering in that bathroom upon coming home. I have tried baby gates, and pieces of wood and like i said even the kennel. He finds a way, whether hurting himself or not, to get in. We are at an end to what we can do to help him. He has a thunder jacket, and we have used Lavender oil behind his ears. Nothing helps. Even when we are home and theres a gun shot out in the woods, or a storm coming in (or JUST RAIN for that matter), he is shaking like nothing I have ever seen. And nothing seems to help. PLEASE.. if you have a solution… HELP! I would LOVE to win this to try on SPIKE. He really is a sweet baby of a dog. Thanks for the chance.

  46. My baby he’s 1 never had fear issues till my other dog got stung my a hornet that was in the ground we did not see. Since then he’s now scared of everything noises, and sounds, and commotion.so this would be a big big blessing

  47. KIKI my 7 lbs Havallon pup would love this product, she is 4 yrs old and have been always shy .Often getting anxiety in situations messing with her daily routine

  48. I need to keep my pug calm during thunderstorms and when fireworks are being fired.

  49. I have a papillon puppy mill rescue. We have had him for 3 years now. When we got him he was grossly underweight and he had fleas and ear mites. His paws are unusually large (due to living in a wire cage) and his shoulders are out of alignment. He hated my husband from day 1. My husband tries so hard with him and he has begun to tolerate my husband. While he has calmed down somewhat, (the fork hitting the plate does not send him running from the room anymore) he still paces and runs in small circles constantly. I feel so bad my little guy has such anxiety. This might really help him.

  50. We are planning to adopt another dog. This could help my current dogs adjust, for adjust they must.

  51. My dog is afraid of storms. He could use something to help ease his anxiety.

  52. My pup has a very anxious disposition. I have tried many natural remedies, the thunder shirt, prescription meds… Just about everything. And nothing seems to fully work. It would be awesome to try this out. He is 40lbs 🙂

  53. I would love to win this for my little pomeranian because he has very bad anxiety on every car ride we take, even if it’s just down the street. We are moving across the country soon and we will be driving the whole way! We will be spending at least a week on the road seeing so many different places and staying in hotels which will definitely raise my little buddy’s anxiety and whining! Please help my little buddy!

  54. My 1 1/2 yr old Lab/Shep 50lbs (whom I have had since she was 6 weeks) is very skiddish since the 4th of July when we went to go out just as a neighbor on the street behind us was shooting off commercial grade loud boom boom / skyrockets.
    Since then anytime she hears anything that is a new sound just makes her shiver and t breaks my heart.
    Plus she does not like going for drives and the Lab that I had (previous to this one) for 16 years went everywhere with me, So hopefully these would help me with her getting her to at least try the rides.

  55. My little girl Chuchi is anxious about many things and I think this would help her a lot. She’s about 10 lbs. Thank you, Jacci

  56. I have a shih tzu that is 12 years old and could really use these

  57. My Border Collie and I lost our home after many years. She is 8 and we live in a room in a boarding house. This is her first move ever and she has pulled huge patches of hair out of her back end stomach and legs. It would be a godsend to give her some relief physically and stress mentally.

  58. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, two of who have issues with things like fireworks and thunder. They also get very stressed when I have to take them in my car to the vet or wherever. These sound like they would be great for my dogs.

  59. My little guy (cat) Murphy is 19 years old and he is the love of my life .We are in the process of moving in a few months and been packing and putting most of our things in storage and my poor baby is so confused and scared he knows nothing outside of this home. He is a inside only Kitty .His brother Sammy lost his battle to Kidney Failure 5 years ago. I think Halogens just might be what Murphy needs. I hope I win so I can hopefully calm him down some. It breaks my heart to see him this way and not know how to help him.

  60. In my comment above it is a type error where it says Halogens it’s supposed to say Zylkene . I hate spell checker. Sorry

  61. Sherilyn Barbee-DonnerSeptember 8, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    I want to be able to bring my rescued Border/Aussie to the vet without it being a major problem. She hates the car (weird huh?) and she salivates and whines the entire drive. We even changed to a vet that was closer to make the drive as short as possible! I just usually do not bring her as it just is not worth the struggle.

  62. Our Zena, mini aussie/border collie, is so high strung, she’s been on meds since she was 3. Thunderstorms, fireworks, are just horrible for her. Thundershirt, calming pills, benedryl, essential oils, TV, music, nothing, helps. She just shakes & barks & destroys whatever she can. She has to be crated for her own protection. I would love something that would give her the help to cope with this. I’m afraid she may just have a heart attack one day.

  63. Our poor pup gets so scared with thunderstorms and fireworks. She’s so freaked about them that if we’re going on a walk and my husband accidentally pops his gum, the walk is OVER! She’s done! Home is the only way we can head. Poor thing has been through so much in her 6 years, I’d love to be able to try this and give her some peace when we have storms. She had puppy strangles when she was 6 weeks old, had her anal glands removed 3 years ago, and now has hip dyspepsia in both hips. She’s the sweetest dog ever!! Thank you for your consideration.

  64. I have three dogs but two of them, Buddy and Bear, are deathly afraid of storms! They shake and hide when it rains and thunders. I would love to try this out! Thank you!

  65. We have a mixed breed dog–about 50 lbs. She’s about 12 years old and is increasingly jumpy. She over-reacts to noises and whines a lot of the time. I feel sorry for her. We’ve tried other anti-anxiety things with no major relief.

  66. My shorkie gets really upset when I have to take him to get his grooming and other situations also. This would really help.

  67. This would help my Pumpkin he gets so stress when we have company he chews his fur off and gets sores from it. Pumpkin is a cat he weights about 14lbs.

  68. My Lab mix Star gets very stressed by the continuous usage of fireworks in my neighborhood a summer, she cries, refuses to go outside after dark…but Barbara Stencil and her dog from above have gone through so much, please give our chance to them…

  69. 2 of my 3 small dogs freak out when they hear fireworks. I hope this will help because it goes on all summer here where we live :/

  70. My kitty Fling is a true scaredy cat and could use this.

  71. We have two terrier mixes that both have anxiety attacks nightly, we have tried several things, but have little luck. Would love to find something that works for my babies.

  72. Yes, we have 2 Australian Shepherds that get anxiety attacks with bad weather or when we leave for a short period. They both weigh roughly 45 pounds each and are both female. This might help a lot. Thanks for the chance.

  73. During football season the school finds it necessary to fire off the cannon after a touchdown . Living on campus with our skittish Basset Hound has proven to be challenging at this time of the year. We will try anything to help TOMMY as a few trips to the ER have been necessary as he has injured himself attempting to run from the blasts

  74. My rescued mixed breed Baby has much anxiety when going to the veterinarian. Having this available would be wonderful.

  75. My puggle gets terrible anxiety everytime we go to the vet. She gets a high temp and hides under seats and try’s to run out the door. When we have to get her nails clipped it’s even worse, she yelps and cries, it’s so sad. She’s 6 years old and weighs 28 lbs

  76. I have tried calms(drops) it left my dogs confused and aggressive.Pet natural calming treats ( worked for awhile but one won’t take it the other began to show negative behavior. I really want to see if your product can help me. My pugs take Valium and the Pekinese with the Chihuahuas take the OTC, I live close to several active event area and always with loud music and cannon fire fireworks. My dogs need help!

  77. As I type this comment, my two beagles are at my feet shaking and drooling because a bad storm is rocking outside. I know they both could use any help they can get.

  78. I have a 12-year-old Pug Jeffie (20 lbs) who was kept in a cage for the first two years of his life (that’s when I adopted him) so he’s never taken to being socialized, especially around other dogs. He is constantly on the alert and barks at everything he sees or hears and just wants to jump on everyone to be petted. He also goes absolutely nuts when I have to leave the house on an errand (separation anxiety!). I was never able to train him in any way over the years and he won’t listen either when I try to stop his barking. I hope Zylkene can help him as he’s afraid of thunderstorms & lightning and fireworks, shaking uncontrollably. Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in this little guy’s life,

  79. My three cats are terrified of rain, thunderstorms, and garbage trucks. I would love to get this for them so they don’t get so stressed out!

  80. I have a rescue dog who’s scared of everything!! She lick’s constantly!!! We need HELP!!!

  81. Our German Shepherd (110 lbs) is terrified of storms. She starts pacing a couple hours before they start and once the thunder kicks in the only place she wants to be is in the bathtub on our lower level. I have to sit with her until they are over. We have tried ACE but that just seems to incapacitate her and she shakes and drools.

  82. I have three kitties that need Zylkene, but my cat, “Terrah” probably needs it the most – she is a HUGE cat (22 pounds), but she is tall and VERY long – like a young panther! Sadly though, she had to have been hurt badly by people at some point. She came from Animal Control, and originally was my foster cat, but she just couldn’t get adopted – the events would terrorize her – she’d hide, growl, lash out. We had some interest in her with people coming to our home to see her in her “natural habitat” – but there was always a reason why they ended up not adopting her. After just shy of two years, we decided to officially adopt her so that she would not have to be submitted to the stress of not having a forever home. She is still terrified of towels and loud noises (and even of strange smells) – which is why the Zylkene would greatly help – but she has a place to call home for the rest of her life. 🙂 And even with all of her fears and quirks, we love her to the moon and back!

  83. Angie L Shannon ShackelfordSeptember 8, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    My Jack Russell Jake who is 12 years old now has always been scared of thunderstorms,Fireworks! He climbs on top of my head if I’m in the bed! If I’m not in the bed he will fun to his dog cage and then run to my bathroom and just keeps going back and forth and he will have little accidents of pee through the house until the storms or fireworks stop.This would be so great to try and see if it helps him! Thank you for a chance and goodluck to all!

  84. We have a 50 pound dog who goes absolutely nutso when we leave. He will whine and cry and bark the entire time we are gone. He has really bad separation anxiety. He’s a rescue so maybe he was left often from his previous owner, who knows. We try to take him with us when we can but it’s not always possible. This would help so much.

  85. My 16 year old sweetie is terrified of thunderstorms..poor thing, I haven’t found anything to help her calm her fears.

    Maybe Zylkene will help her.

  86. My older golden mix gets sooooooo stressed out over thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises outside…he cowers by your feet or slinks off behind the couch and you can’t get him to move…this would hel,so much

  87. it may help her feel more comfortable around us

  88. My grandsons dog Oreo chews herself raw. Especially when he leaves her at home alone. He needs HELP!

  89. One of my two cats will not stop eating when she gets nervous, I am really worried, I think this would definitely help! Thank you!

  90. I think this would be perfect for my 50 lb dog Chico. He is terrified of heavy rain, thunder, fireworks – basically any loud noise. He starts shaking and panting so much I think he may have a stroke one day!

  91. It would help one of my dogs with his noise anxiety. He is afraid of storms, knock on the door, any sudden noises.

  92. My Snickers really needs this because he has gotten so anxious in his carrier enroute to the the vet that he has torn
    out claws and bloodied his nose! The only recourse is to travel with another person who holds (calms) him during travel.

  93. I would love this for my schnauzer when he goes to the groomer

  94. We just rescued a 2 year old small dog and when we leave he barks. We have received notice from our Apartment manager that people are complaining. I fear we may have to get rid of Jax or get kicked out….could use some help. Thank you.

  95. My English bulldog is very scared of storms which is pretty normal but it’s gradually become worse this year. I hate seeing him so distraught.

  96. My dog Max is a German Shepherd. He’s very hyper, so this would be most helpful to him.

  97. Mia 7 lb mini doxie that chases shadows for ever.

  98. My oldest kitty Cheyenne is 15 yrs old and lives with 4 other young cats ages 5-7. She is quite a bit older and gets stressed out and irritable when the others are hyper and want to play. She is also terrified of thunder! She hides under my arms or sometimes the bed and blankets just shivering whenever she hears a clap of thunder. She is a true demon when it’s time to take her to the vet too. She gets so worked up that our vet practices extreme caution when she gets her out of her carrier for a exam. We’ve tried other calming products with little success and really need one that works. Haven’t tried these but we would try anything to help ease her stress during those times. Other than that she is a happy healthy little old lady!

  99. I have an almost 4 year old Airedale Terrier Otterhound who is absolutely mortified of fireworks, thunder, lightening and has a BAD BAD habit of trying to escape from my house. He has done it on 3 different occasions and I had to call my local police department to help me find him as he got so freaked out he just kept running and running all over my neighborhood and jumped in the lake. The police could NOT even catch him.. I was terrified as I live right off a main highway, I finally had to get my car and drive all around and when I honked my horn he came running and I nailed him and put him in my car. I keep him now on close watch every time there is thunder or fireworks or noises and make sure to lock my front gate so he does not run out ever again but he certainly still tries.

  100. I have a ciny female dog from 2 year. she is very healthy. Pashubajaar sell the dog and manmy more animal online in india.


  101. My big baby Juice is absolutely petrified of thunder and fireworks. She lets me know that rain is coming when it shows 40 + miles away on the radar. Unfortunately she is a whopping 105 lbs and stands 28″ at her shoulder and wants to be wrapped around my neck shivering uncontrollably when she hears it. I give her Benadryl now but it doesn’t seem to work very well and I don’t like giving her human meds.

  102. I’d love to try Zylkene For my Lilly. Lilly freaks out every time we have thunderstorms, and living in Florida, that’s almost everyday! She’s a big girl, she weighs 80 lbs.

  103. I have a high stress cat who pees inappropriately when it gets too bad. I’d love to try this with him.

  104. My dog Bailey is so afraid of thunderstorms. He hides in my stand up shower. He’s about 65lbs.

  105. i have an olderdogi have had for years she was abused before i got herliving in back yard with no cover oranywhere to hide, with her pupplres and she will go to bathroom on house and wont eat or anything if i am not here she is scared to death ofrain thunder you name it scares her,,i hope i can get this as i am on ss and dont get but about 700 tolive onforthemonth andi hate forherto be so worried all the time

  106. i have an olderdogi have had for years she was abused before i got herliving in back yard with no cover oranywhere to hide, with her pupplres and she will go to bathroom on house and wont eat or anything if i am not here she is scared to death ofrain thunder you name it scares her,,i hope i can get this as i am on ss and dont get but about 700 tolive onforthemonth andi hate forherto be so worried all the time

  107. my lab could really use this product because he really gets upset if people raise their voices or he sees or hears noises that stress him out.

  108. It would be such a pleasure to win a free bottle of Zylkene as our 4 year old 65 pound mixed breed rescue dog is afraid of thunder and other loud noises and I think it would help him so much.

  109. I have a Pitt bull that experiences extreme anxiety when around company of any/all ages. This product seems as though it’s the perfect solution to Kilo’s stress filled days!

  110. I would love to win this for my 13 pound beloved fluff ball cat, Lydia. She is extremely lovable, but very anxious. Every noise outside makes her run under my bed. When someone knocks at the door, she freaks out and runs under my bed. She’s a rescue, so I have know idea what the poor little girl went through before I found her. I would like this medicine, so she can see there is nothing to be afraid of. If she was calm, and stayed out more instead of hiding under my bed, then she would eventually see there’s nothing is going to harm her.

  111. My poor 12 lb minpin named Keyser has such anxiety. He cannot ride in the car and is a mess at the vet. He is on Prozac which doesn’t help. I have also tried trazadone and acepromezine 😭 I would love to try this product on my dog.

  112. My lab acts afraid of everything lol. You almost think she has adhd lol

  113. I bet this would be perfect for car rides!! My Angie loves going everywhere with us and gets right in the car but when we start moving she freaks out. She’s been like this she was five weeks old and she is now four years old. Thanks for the opportunity to try this!!

  114. Would love to win this product for my chihuahua. We had to evaluate twice. She was restless and uncomfortable the whole time. Would love to have these pills for emergency like that.

  115. I would love to try this with my doxie Belle. She has terrible anxiety.

  116. I have a 52 lb. Boston Terrior/Pitt mix rescue dog who has anxiety really bad and would give his a try. I cannot have company come to my house because she jumps all over them for about 20 minutes before she calms down. When we leave the house she barks and goes to the bathroom in the house even if we are gone for only 15 minutes. She spins daily and licks herself. Thanks for the chance to try something that will hopefully help with our issues.

  117. Both of our rescue pups were abused and abandoned before they came into our lives. Our girl Chelsea has terrible separation anxiety, she wont eat or drink anything if we have to leave her alone for any reason. Stryder, our newest addition, has trouble riding in the car, and loud noises cause him to hid under the coffee table in fear. We have been working very hard with them to help them overcome this, but for extreme situations like storms and fireworks this would help out immensely. Thank you for the opportunity to win a bottle!

  118. I rescued/adopted a feral dog named Rio. It took us 18 months to catch him. He has adjusted for the most part to a normal home life but seems to have PTSD just to stay outside in the backyard for playtime if I am not out there with him. If I am not home during a thunder storm he will tear off my door frame. I would love to try Zyklene to see if it would work for him.

  119. Our bull mastiff has separation anxiety when we/I leave. He has torn up doors trying to find us. Also, my 15 y/o min pin gets stressed out when I leave, too. He can’t see very well and has difficulty getting up and down stairs to get on and off the bed. But, he still wants to be left on the bed.

  120. My rescue dog has a lot anxiety and separation stress…….He needs to be very close to me at all time……He is starting to get a little more confident now, but I can use all the help I can get………….count me in,please. Thanks for the opportunity!

  121. I have a lab dog she is 3 and half. She started out pretty good. . But i made the mistake of taking her to the daycare at petsmart. I am not saying they are bad… but for a very hyper puppy DO NOT take them there. She was yelled at repeatedly and she hates to even walk in the store now. She was only left there twice.. the new place is pet paradise and she loves everyone there. But her anxiety level is so high all the time that we have tried everything. We are willing to try this.

  122. I have 5 Yorkie’s, and only one out of the five has serious anxiety EVERY time I leave the house, even if it’s for 10 minutes. So bad so, that she ate through my (very thick) blinds, chews up my son’s (plastic, rubber, silicone) toys DAILY, even when I’m in her presence. When my husband comes home from work, she tinkles little piddles everywhere with excitement, but at the sane time, she nervously shakes… I think her anxiety is rubbing off on me… I’ve even convinced my job to let me work from home…

  123. I just adopted a dog from the animal shelter and he is a 2.5 year old Dachshund/Chihuahua mix weighing 16.2 pounds. Unfortunately his last owners neglected him and I believe they abused him as well. Right now he is loving his new life living with my fiance and I but he has severe separation anxiety. He whines and barks when we leave and it breaks my heart. Even if I walk to the car and come back, he still is just so scared to be alone. If we won this bottle of Zylkene it would help our little boy be relaxed and calm while we are away! Thank you so much!

  124. I think my toddler gives my dog anxiety. He does most of these things

  125. I would love to win this for my Lucy she is a chihuahua and if we leave for the store or work she freaks out crying and whining and it breaks my heart. We got Lucy when she was 3 the people who had her just used her to have puppies so they could make money off them. It’s a shame so sad, but she;s in a wonderful home know with lots of love and spoiled rotten she;s my baby.

  126. Our dogs get very upset when we go anywhere. They tear things up and get hyper when we are gone they need some relief!

  127. My dogs are always licking or chewing their paws. Really love to bark, so maybe this would stop these habits that they have…

  128. I would love to try this, my poms don’t like that we are moving into a new home. They start breathing hard. I really want to try something that would help them.

  129. My kitten is8 week s old he is black and gray he is a stray he is 2oz male

  130. I need smthn that will help my dog Midnite when it start raining she gets stressed out then I become a nervous wreck she have Injured herself several times when it start raining can u plz help me 2 help Midnite with this anxiety. Thanks

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