[New Product] Zylkene to relieve your pet’s anxiety

Zylkene anxiety medication for dogs

Stressful situations can bring out the animal in all of us. Moving to a new place, traveling, home remodeling and even celebrations can be exciting yet nerve-racking. Disruptions in normal, everyday activities can be even more upsetting for our pets. They are the hapless bystanders who must try to deal with situations that they don’t understand and that temporarily shake up the daily routine. Chaos, loud noises, and unfamiliar faces may make your pet feel on edge, ready to react with fight or flight. Fortunately, there’s a safe and effective way to prepare your pet for life’s little upheavals, resulting in less stress for you both.

Recognizing signs of stress in pets

Amid all the commotion and hubbub of planning a party, packing for a move or going on a family trip we may not notice how this affects our pets. Because they don’t understand the circumstances, pets may feel scared, confused and in harm’s way. Cats and dogs are often very frightened by loud noises from construction, thunder, and fireworks, as well.

Anxiety symptoms in pets vary based on individual personality, so getting to know how your pet reacts to stress is the key to helping him or her remain calm. Any of the following changes in your pet’s behavior may indicate acute anxiety.

Signs of pet anxiety

  • Hiding
  • Cowering
  • Whining
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • Chewing or licking of paws
  • Uncharacteristic or destructive behavior
  • Attempting to escape from home or yard

While some upsetting noises or events are spontaneous and unavoidable, others can be anticipated ahead of time. In these cases, it’s good to have anxiety relief medications on hand to give your pet before fear and stress take hold.

Relieve your pet’s stress with Zylkene

Find Zylkene at 1800PetMeds

Plan ahead for life’s disruptions with Zylkene, a safe and effective over-the-counter solution for pet anxiety.

Made from ingredients with calming properties, including hydrolyzed cow milk protein, Zylkene can help you prepare your pet for upcoming disruptions in his or her daily routine.

Zylkene helps to keep cats and dogs calm during stressful situations and may also aid in making your pet more receptive to behavior modification training.

The capsules can be given orally or can be opened and conveniently sprinkled on your pet’s favorite food. It is safe to use anytime you need to keep your pet calm, including transition following adoption, during travel, going to the groomer or when meeting new people. Keep a bottle of Zylkene close at hand to help your pet breeze through life’s little whirlwinds.



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  1. Our dogs get very upset when we go anywhere. They tear things up and get hyper when we are gone they need some relief!

  2. My dogs are always licking or chewing their paws. Really love to bark, so maybe this would stop these habits that they have…

  3. I would love to try this, my poms don’t like that we are moving into a new home. They start breathing hard. I really want to try something that would help them.

  4. My kitten is8 week s old he is black and gray he is a stray he is 2oz male

  5. I need smthn that will help my dog Midnite when it start raining she gets stressed out then I become a nervous wreck she have Injured herself several times when it start raining can u plz help me 2 help Midnite with this anxiety. Thanks

  6. My dog Gracie when not sleeping is very restless, she blind and has some arthritis.
    Her way of being restless is she go around in circle none stop.
    She is about 21 lbs and 14 yrs old.
    Thx for ur help.

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