[New Product] FURminator Pet Nail Grinder

FURminator Nail Grinder

Trimming your pet’s nails can be a scary experience for you both. Most pets don’t like it, and most pet parents dread it! The possibility of cutting your pet’s nails too close to the quick (blood vessels and nerve endings inside the nail) can make you nervous, which doesn’t help you keep a steady hand. As well, it can be a struggle to hold a nervous pet still while trying to carefully trim sharp nails enough but not too much. You want to get the whole process done as quickly as possible, yet you need to make sure there are no jagged edges that could harm your pet or your furniture. If you’ve ever suffered from nail trimming stress, take heart! There is now an easier, more efficient way to shorten and smooth your pet’s nails.

The why and how of pet nail trimming

It may seem strange that dogs and cats should need to have their nails trimmed. After all, who would do it in the wild? Cats in the wild need sharp claws to hunt and defend themselves, while dogs in the wild run daily through rough terrain, dulling and shortening their nails naturally. If your pet’s nails are allowed to grow too long, paw pain may result and normal gait may become compromised due to discomfort. This can result in joint damage, especially in older dogs.

As your pet’s caretaker, it is up to you to make sure those nails stay the right length, which means trimming nails every few weeks. It is best to begin this little ritual when your pet is young. This helps get him or her accustomed to the process and also prevents the quick from growing too long into the nail.

Pet nail trimming tips

  1. Keep styptic powder or cornstarch close at hand in case of any bleeding.
  2. Try not to be stern or scolding when seeking cooperation. Reassuring words in a calming tone, as well as a treat or reward when nail trimming is done, may help with compliance.
  3. Be sure to clean your pet’s paws thoroughly before trimming the nails. This will both help you see any breaks in the nail, as well as help you to identify the quick. Trimming fur from the area on a regular basis will also help make nail trimming easier.
  4. Be sure to hold the toe gently but firmly. Try not to squeeze paws or toes. You may want to ask a friend or family member your pet trusts to help hold your dog or cat still while you do the nail trimming.
  5. It is best to take off a little at a time if possible and check frequently for signs of getting closer to the quick. You should start to see a circle in the nail that is still the same color as the nail itself. This is where you should stop cutting. For dogs with black nails, this will be more difficult to see so it is even more important to take your time.
  6. If you should accidently cut the quick, apply styptic powder to the end of the claw to stop the bleeding. Press the powder gently into the nail to make it stick. Bleeding should subside within a few minutes. If it doesn’t, you may need to contact your veterinarian.

FURminator Pet Nail Grinder – a pet nail salon in the palm of your hand

Buy the FURminator Nail Grinder

The FURminator Pet Nail Grinder shortens, shapes and smooths your pet’s nails without sharp blades. FURminator, one of the most trusted brands of pet care and grooming tools, has designed an ideal pet nail trimmer that makes shortening your pet’s nails fun and easy.

Unlike other dog nail clippers that pinch and cut the nails, a fine sand-paper like grinding band gradually shortens nails while shaping them and removing rough edges. A built-in nail guide helps keep nails properly positioned and a bright LED light illuminates the nail for easier and safer trimming.

This 2-speed cordless nail trimming tool is lightweight for easy maneuverability and features an easy-grip handle with rubber strips to prevent slipping. The entire unit is constructed of anti-microbial plastic, which helps minimize the spread of germs and bacteria.

The FURminator Pet Nail Grinder comes with two replaceable grinding bands and 4 AA-alkaline batteries, so you can get started right away! Replacement grinding bands are also available in packs of 6.




Win a FREE FURminator Pet Nail Grinder!

Would a FURminator Pet Nail Grinder help make trimming your pet’s nails easier? Tell us about your pet nail trimming experiences and you could win a FREE FURminator Pet Nail Grinder and one pack of 6 Replacement Grinding Bands from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need a FURminator Pet Nail Grinder.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, April 13, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

Congratulations to the drawing winner, Karen Nothacker!


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  1. I have a big black lab puppy getting ready to be born here in a couple weeks. After having a golden retriever with long nails, I never felt comfortable trimming them myself. I always had to take him to the groomer or vet. This sounds like a great do it at home tool.

  2. My family just rescued a 3 year old red huskey mix that has been bounced around his whole life living in cages. This would be a great helpful tool to.have for him. I have 3 boys ages 5,3 and 1 and cutting thier nails is a hassle so this would give me one less thing to worry about. Our Bear would love it!

  3. Well, my 9 cats and 2 dogs are not always very cooperative — they might be a little more receptive with grinding rather than clipping.

  4. this would be great for dusty,and our 3 cats.they need this.

  5. Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet, both Shih Tzu, are petrified of groomers and the vet, (bad experiences). I have to go to get their nails trimmed at the vet, because I’M scared of those huge metal trimmers! (We’re a bunch of chickens, I know…) Since I groom them at home, it would be less stressful for my babies to have their nails trimmed at home, by me, with this awesome FURminator pet nail grinder. Thanks for this generous opportunity! !

  6. I need this because I run a non-profit dog rescue and some of the dogs we rescue act as if they’ve never had their nails cut before. Sometimes it takes four people, a handful of ACE promazine and a muzzle just to clip one paw. Then we have to do it three more times. By the time it’s over I need a drink and a nap.

  7. My 4 yr old dog, will not let me touch her paws al all, to try and clip her nails !

  8. I handle Polce Service dogs fordual purpose work like Man/Tracking and other scent work usually oncrushed vegitation and rarely on hard surfaces , so that i have to muzzle them and manually clip their nails and prey that they attempt scratch their heads and scrath their eye’s with the dew claws . Thank you inadvance .

  9. A pet nail grinder would be worth a try with my golden. Only the groomer can accomplish the trimming. I try but he has his mouth around my hand the entire time making it quite difficult to accomplish anything.

  10. I need this for my resuced rehabilitated pit bull. He can see the normal clippers a mile away and freaks out. A unknown object may go over better with him because he doesn’t have any negative experiences with it.

  11. We have a new dog that we got at the shelter. Her nails could use a trim and this product would be great. She is an Old English Sheepdog and she’s doing great!

  12. My husky, Maui hates getting his nails trimmed at the grooming place. I always have to do it at home and it would go a lot more smoothly if we had the Furminator nail grinder!!! 🙂

  13. We both hate going to the groomer

  14. I have a 5 month old puppy with super sharp nails and she will not let anyone but me touch her feet. This would make my job of trimming her nails much easier.

  15. I have five dogs and it is impossible to get the nail clippers anywhere near them. They try bitting me, won’t sit still and cry hysterically. It’s like I am hurting them. I feel so bad. I wish there was something better for their nails. I think this would be a great start. It’s gets really expensive taking five dogs to the groomers once or twice a month.

  16. My three dogs and I need this to trim their nails. It looks like a simple item to use and pretty sure will not hurt my dogs while cutting their nails.

  17. It’s hard to keep a big dog still to cut their nails. This would be much easier for him and me.

  18. I have a pug puppy, I’d love to get him used to this method instead of having to take him in for nail cuttings all the time. I have a bad hand and can’t do the clipper method but I could use one of these on him. Pugs’ nails grow fast, are very hard, and it can be difficult to see the quick. Fingers crossed!

  19. My dog weighs 80 lbs and it is very hard to keep him still enough to clip his nails. I think this would be so much easier for both of us.

  20. My brother has a rescue dog and his sons dog ,they both need their nails trimmed . This would so help him out, he’s a vet living on a fixed income .One less bill.

  21. I could definitely use some help with cutting our pets nails. We have 2 dogs and 4 cats and cutting their nails is definitely a challenge. Anything that can simplify nail cutting/trimming is a plus in my book. Our largest dog, Blue is 85 pounds and hates to get his nails cut. It truly is almost impossible to trim his nails. It often takes several of us to hold him still while we try to trim his nails. So I’d love the chance to try the FURminator Pet Nail Grinder.

  22. This would help with my dog Bailey he does like to get his nail cut, and with our cat Jasmine she really hates for
    her nails to be cut this would really help with her.

  23. I need this so I can trim nails at home. I have discovered I can brush my dogs’ teeth and groom them after they spend time in the dog park and are nice and tired.

  24. I have all wooden floors in my house and when we clip our dog “BO’ nails there are scratches everywhere. I think winning this prize will let up nicely file down the nail smooth!!

  25. When our 3 children were young we took our 2 dogs to the vet. When it was time to trim the dog’s nails the children ran around the table gathering toenails for their “toenail collection”.

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