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Every day with our pets is worth celebrating. The amount of love and fun they bring to our lives is immeasurable. Of course, it’s not a celebration without cake! Unfortunately, baked desserts for humans are unhealthy for pets. Even a small piece of a sugar-laden birthday cake can have a serious impact on your pet’s health, and anything chocolate is always dangerous for dogs. With PetCakes, you can include your pet in every special occasion with his or her own nutritious, delicious pet-sized cake in flavors dogs and cats love!

Is it safe to feed my pet sugary baked treats?

Sugary treats like baked goods, candy and gum should not be fed to dogs or cats. Sugar can result in hyperactivity, obesity, dental problems, and diabetes. Even sugar-free versions of these treats can be poison to pets. Sugar substitutes such as Xylitol can be deadly. Baked goods also often contain chocolate, extracts that contain alcohol, and other ingredients such as artificial colors and preservatives that can be harmful to your pet’s health. While we may think, “A little bit can’t hurt!”, we often fail to take into consideration that a little bit to us can have a big impact on the smaller bodies of our pets.

Some of the most dangerous baking ingredients include:

  • Chocolate
  • Baker’s chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Xylitol
  • Grapes/Raisins
  • Alcohol (or alcohol-based extracts such as vanilla and almond)
  • Yeast dough

Rather than cutting off a little slice of birthday cake to share with your pet, be sure to have a healthy treat for your dog or cat ready when the candles get blown out. This way, pets will feel included in the celebration without a dangerous indulgence.

Surprise your pet with PetCakes

PetCakes make it easier than ever to give your pet a fresh-baked treat! PetCakes are the first microwavable pet treat that you can mix and bake in just a few minutes. It’s so simple, even children can join in the fun of creating a nutritious confection for their favorite pet.
Find PetCakes for Dogs at 1800PetMeds

PetCakes for Dogs come in a delicious Carob flavor that is similar to chocolate, yet completely safe for dogs. Each kit comes with a silicone baking pan, two packs of baking mix to make a total of six treats, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Simply spray the baking pan with non-stick cooking spray, combine the baking mix with 1/3 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, pour the mixture into the pan and put it in the microwave on high for 2½ minutes.

After the PetCakes have cooled, you can decorate them with creamy peanut butter or cream cheese for an extra-special touch!


Find PetCakes for Cats at 1800PetMeds

PetCakes for Cats come in a delightful Cheese Nip flavor. Each kit includes a silicone baking pan, two packs of baking mix to make a total of six treats, and easy-to-follow instructions.

PetCakes for Cats are made exactly the same way as PetCakes for Dogs, with the substitution of a tablespoon of canned tuna in place of peanut butter. You may choose to decorate PetCakes for Cats with anchovy paste as a fishy frosting cats love.

Because they’re so quick and easy to make, there’s no need to wait for your pet’s birthday. Bake up a batch of PetCakes any time to celebrate the special love you have for your pet. PetCakes Refills are also available.



Win a FREE PetCakes Kit!

Would you love to bake up a batch of PetCakes for your precious pet? Tell us why and you could win a FREE PetCakes kit from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why your pet deserves PetCakes for a chance to win a FREE PetCakes kit. Please mention in your comment your pet type (dog or cat).

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, September 21, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congratulations to the drawing winners: Catherine Emmer (dog) and Danielle Benson (cat). Look for an email from us to claim your prize! 


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  1. We have 2 whippets. One of them has come through a cancer scare and she is so sweet and has never given us a problem with the medications she has been taking for the past few weeks. She has a serious infection, but it is not cancer! Yay! Time to celebrate with CAKE! 😀

  2. My Tommy is 10 years old and is the best friend ever! She has been right by my side to comfort me in bad times and wagging her tail in good times. People thinks because she is a mutt that she isn’t worth much but they are mistaken-she is worth her weight in gold!

  3. I really think my pets deserve these treats. My dogs and cats are so special to me. I have four dogs and four cats. Most of them rescues. They deserve the best because they are the best!

  4. My pup is a Poodle and she will be turning 1years old in 2 months. She also will be graduating from obediace school This would be a great treat

  5. My newest rescue is about to start her treatment against heart worms and would be a nice thing to give her while she has her downtime

  6. My 9 cats have been through a lot! We rescued two from a shelter and then a few we we’re fostering turned into furever pets! Many had been abused or neglected and all they wanted was to be safe and loved! Every one of them has a distinct personality, but they all love our family to bits and I couldn’t imagine life without them!

  7. I have three dogs and I think they deserve these treats. They are good dogs and are learning everyday and try to do what ever I tell them to do. They are very loving and stay right by my side all the time…

  8. My Jack Russell Terrier loves her treats!

  9. My BIG Rottweiler loves to eat so this would be a great healthy alternative..

  10. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback loves table food, but drives the people at our local large pet store chain bonkers because they try (and fail) repeatedly to find a dog treat he WILL accept from them. He loves peanut butter so this might just be his answer.

  11. The reason that I think my bff (best furry friend) should win the Pet Cakes Kit is so he could have his own cake and stop trying to steal my cake when I’m trying to eat it, then he suceeds at making me feel guilty as he sits there staring at me with his best sad face on because he isn’t able to eat any of my cake.

  12. My dogs takes her joint enhancer in the morning and she good for the day no limping around

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