[New Product] iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

iFetch Frenzy

For dogs, playing fetch is one of life’s greatest joys. Each chase is an adventure and every return is a triumph. Most dogs enjoy this zesty, exciting game so much they could play for hours on end, if only their playmates could keep up. Pet parents, too, enjoy this fun interaction with their pets, but after a long day at the office there’s just so much throwing one can muster. Sometimes we just have to say, “Sorry, game over!” That’s where the iFetch Frenzy comes in. Now your dog can play fetch even when you’re away or unable to participate.

Why do dogs love to play fetch?

The game of fetch appeals to dogs on many levels. By their nature, dogs hunt and chase down potential meals so the game of fetch is partially instinctive to them. You may need to teach your dog to return the item you’ve thrown. After a few tries, you’ll likely find that your dog enjoys bringing the ball or toy back to you because they see that it makes you happy…and they figure out that if they bring it back, you’ll throw it again.

How do I teach my dog to play fetch?

Some dogs are naturals at the game of fetch. Others may need a little guidance and coaxing. When you consider the years of playtime fun you will have together once your dog masters the way the game is played, you’ll find a little investment of time and patience is worth the reward for you both. Follow these steps and soon your dog will be playing like a pro.

  • Keep your dog on a short, non-retractable leash.
  • Roll the ball just enough so your dog can easily retrieve it.
  • With a treat in your hand, say, “Out” and offer the treat so your dog drops the ball.
  • Then give your dog the treat.
  • Practice this for a few 5-10 minute sessions and soon your dog should drop the ball each time you say, “Out.”
  • Now, practice by only giving the treat every few times.
  • Soon your dog will be enjoying the game without the need of being rewarded. Fun itself will be the reward.

iFetch Frenzy lets your dog play fetch even when you can’t

iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

The iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy is truly a game changer for dogs who love to play fetch! This totally dog-powered fetch toy promises hours and hours of fetching fun and requires no power or batteries, so your dog can use it anytime, anywhere. And unlike other dog ball launchers, you won’t have to worry about the ball being forcefully thrown at your dog.

There’s also an added level of thrill and suspense curious dogs will get giddy over. Each time your dog drops one of the 3 included mini tennis balls in the top of the iFetch Frenzy, it will randomly zoom out of one of three holes in the base. This keeps your dog guessing which direction the game will take next.

The sleek, modern design is a work of art itself and while it’s stable for safe playtime, it’s also light-weight for easy transport.

The three included mini tennis balls store securely inside the bottom of the base, so when the game is over you can replace the balls for safe keeping.

Watch the iFetch Frenzy in action


With the iFetch Frenzy, the game only ends when your dog gets tired and can be started back up whenever the mood strikes. What’s best is you can sit back, watch the game and cheer your pet on from the sidelines! It’s the perfect solution to boredom and gives your pet an extra chance for exercise and fun between walks. Give your dog the gift of fetching fun with the iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy.



Win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy!

Would your little fetch champion enjoy an iFetch Frenzy? Tell us why and you could win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us how much your dog loves to play fetch for a chance to win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy.

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Eddie Willmott, the winner of the drawing for this prize! 


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  1. It is actually kind of hard to get our dog to play fetch. He needs something more interesting to him and I think that the iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy would definitely get him interested.

  2. My dog plays non-stop and very aggressively. She goes through toys very fast and only weighs 12 pounds but plays like she weighs 200 pounds. She would love a i fetch!

  3. My dog loves to play “throw”. She loves it when we throw things but, she never brings them back. She will go after anything. She loves water bottles.

  4. My dog Rebel is a rescue – black lab / retriever mix and loves to play fetch, he would love to win I-fetch frenzy . thank you

  5. Im sure any of our wonderful pups at the caroline county humane society md would love this!!! 🐕🐶

  6. We have a little chi-weenie that loves to play catch. She also likes to get into stuff that she shouldn’t. This might keep her out of trouble and keep he occupied.

  7. My Beagle Peggy really REALLY loves playing fetch!

  8. My dog, Figo, always has his ball near. He loves to play fetch and seems to never tire.

  9. Two dogs who love to play fetch and two owners too tired somedays. This would be great!

  10. My Samson would love iFetch Frenzy. He loves playing fetch & wouldn’t have to wait for me until I got home from work late at night.

  11. My dogs are borderline neurotic when it comes to balls!!!! It is so hard once they see a ball to get them to focus on anything for hours afterward. This looks like it might save me some aches and pains lol!!!

  12. Jack’son is a great fetcher, he’s one year old. Puppy Liam is still learning, he’s 3 months old but smart as can be!

  13. this toy is awesome! I have a newly adopted smaller pup who would greatly love this toy! Thanks!

  14. My boxer mix Phoebe will play until we have to give her an ice bath to cool off. She loves balls of all shapes & sizes. This would be great so we can get yard work done while she plays

  15. our new family member Lily will eventually learn to play catch so this will be really helpful .shes little right now and learning how to play

  16. My dachsund, Holly, loves to fetch, especially balls. She gets a lot of exercise doing this form of play.

  17. Our little French bulldog grand puppy, Jax, loves to play catch and is very active! He would love to have this to play with!

  18. My dog Pickles and I play fetch every evening after our walk.

  19. Our dog, Laika is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, you get the picture. No matter how much time we spend playing fetch with her, it’s never enough. What an ideal toy!

  20. Christina RadcliffAugust 27, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Our Hannah LOVES toys like this! Thank you for the chance!

  21. My dog Rosie would love this! What a great toy! Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. my dog loves to play fetch with any type of toy

  23. Toby and Roscoe would absolutely flip for the iFetch. What fun!

  24. Our miniature dachshund, Heidi, loves to play fetch. She constantly carriers her “baby” around with her in the hopes that somebody will notice and start the game. She could really use something like the iFetch where she could be in control!

  25. My beagle loves to play fetch!

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