[New Product] iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

iFetch Frenzy

For dogs, playing fetch is one of life’s greatest joys. Each chase is an adventure and every return is a triumph. Most dogs enjoy this zesty, exciting game so much they could play for hours on end, if only their playmates could keep up. Pet parents, too, enjoy this fun interaction with their pets, but after a long day at the office there’s just so much throwing one can muster. Sometimes we just have to say, “Sorry, game over!” That’s where the iFetch Frenzy comes in. Now your dog can play fetch even when you’re away or unable to participate.

Why do dogs love to play fetch?

The game of fetch appeals to dogs on many levels. By their nature, dogs hunt and chase down potential meals so the game of fetch is partially instinctive to them. You may need to teach your dog to return the item you’ve thrown. After a few tries, you’ll likely find that your dog enjoys bringing the ball or toy back to you because they see that it makes you happy…and they figure out that if they bring it back, you’ll throw it again.

How do I teach my dog to play fetch?

Some dogs are naturals at the game of fetch. Others may need a little guidance and coaxing. When you consider the years of playtime fun you will have together once your dog masters the way the game is played, you’ll find a little investment of time and patience is worth the reward for you both. Follow these steps and soon your dog will be playing like a pro.

  • Keep your dog on a short, non-retractable leash.
  • Roll the ball just enough so your dog can easily retrieve it.
  • With a treat in your hand, say, “Out” and offer the treat so your dog drops the ball.
  • Then give your dog the treat.
  • Practice this for a few 5-10 minute sessions and soon your dog should drop the ball each time you say, “Out.”
  • Now, practice by only giving the treat every few times.
  • Soon your dog will be enjoying the game without the need of being rewarded. Fun itself will be the reward.

iFetch Frenzy lets your dog play fetch even when you can’t

iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy

The iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy is truly a game changer for dogs who love to play fetch! This totally dog-powered fetch toy promises hours and hours of fetching fun and requires no power or batteries, so your dog can use it anytime, anywhere. And unlike other dog ball launchers, you won’t have to worry about the ball being forcefully thrown at your dog.

There’s also an added level of thrill and suspense curious dogs will get giddy over. Each time your dog drops one of the 3 included mini tennis balls in the top of the iFetch Frenzy, it will randomly zoom out of one of three holes in the base. This keeps your dog guessing which direction the game will take next.

The sleek, modern design is a work of art itself and while it’s stable for safe playtime, it’s also light-weight for easy transport.

The three included mini tennis balls store securely inside the bottom of the base, so when the game is over you can replace the balls for safe keeping.

Watch the iFetch Frenzy in action


With the iFetch Frenzy, the game only ends when your dog gets tired and can be started back up whenever the mood strikes. What’s best is you can sit back, watch the game and cheer your pet on from the sidelines! It’s the perfect solution to boredom and gives your pet an extra chance for exercise and fun between walks. Give your dog the gift of fetching fun with the iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy.



Win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy!

Would your little fetch champion enjoy an iFetch Frenzy? Tell us why and you could win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us how much your dog loves to play fetch for a chance to win a FREE iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy.

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Eddie Willmott, the winner of the drawing for this prize! 


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  1. My Golden Retriever, Indy, loves to play fetch with just about anything – after all he is a retriever! But he also likes to carry in the mail, help with the groceries and just about anything else he can carry around for you.

  2. My Grand Doggy who used to live with me now with my Son loves to play ball so much, we at times have to take his ball away or he plays until he is exhausted. He loves balls so much his younger half brother Zack doesn’t even know how to play ball because Zink always took the balls away when Zack was younger.

  3. Our rescue dog, Artie loves to play, but my arm needs a break. This would keep up with him and allow him to run off all his energy.

  4. Ozzy loves to play fetch. If he’s awake, he’s got a ball.

  5. oh Ebar would love this. he loves to pay fetch. Great exercise and I wouldn’t be breathing so hard lol! What a perfect toy for him and me.

  6. My furkids love to play fetch especially my Jack.

  7. My two little girls love to play catch! They race each other to see who can get the ball first! This would be fun to teach them to use while I am at work

  8. My dog loves to play fetch . This would be great for her. I hope I win.

  9. My baby loves to play fetch and Im sure she would really enjoy this toy.

  10. This is great! My dog loves to play fetch with a frisbee until he’s too tired to move.

  11. My smallest dog is obsessed with playing fetch. The floor is littered with items he carries around in hopes that at any moment someone will easily be able to throw things for him to retrieve. It’s absolutely adorable.

  12. Josie would love this!

  13. My dogs love playing fetch

  14. My dog loves this toy!

  15. My dog would play fetch all day long!

  16. My “granddog” Joey would love this.

  17. my sheltie never had to be taught how to play fetch, he just knew and I know he would love an ifetch

  18. My dog, Abby, just loves to chase her toys, her many toys that she knows by name. She would love this fetch toy.

  19. My dog will go get his ball to give to everyone to throw for him as soon as someone comes in the house

  20. Our dachshunds are the only ones that really like to play fetch and they will play as long as they have a willing partner. One of them has learned to play on her own. This would keep them entertained.

  21. my dog already plays ball with herself. She picks up the ball, then drops it hard so it starts rolling away. This would be much more fun.

  22. My dog loves to play fetch so much he has literally had his Kong in his mouth every wak8ng moment for 3 months. No joke. He would lover this.

  23. My dog Lulu never stops wanting to play fetch, this would be a huge win!

  24. Linda Marie HartsellAugust 29, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    My Lil red really loves playing fetch this will keep him busy when i am at work. he will just love this.

  25. I play with two ball with Dakota, but if she could put the ball in Ifetch, that would help getting her some exercise. I could get something else done, that I don’t have enough hours in the day.

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