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Dogs love to frolic in the warmth of the sun. Whether it’s a leisurely walk, a frenzied game of fetch, or simply a long afternoon snooze, chances are your dog spends hours under the sun’s rays each week. We all want our dogs to enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible but with the growing threat of skin cancer due to sun exposure, should we be worried about our pets? Dog skin cancer is on the rise. Protecting your pet is more important than ever, but what works for us could be deadly for them.

Can dogs get skin cancer?

Dogs of all breeds can and do get skin cancer. Some breeds are more prone to certain types of skin cancer, but no dog is immune. While some types of skin cancer are thought to be genetically influenced (such as melanoma), squamous cell carcinoma is often caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun. Most of us assume that our dogs are naturally protected against sun damage by their thick coats, but delicate areas such as the nose and ears are vulnerable to the ravages of ultraviolet light. Squamous cell carcinomas often appear as raised, firm tumors that may be mistaken for warts. These tumors are most often surgically removed, which can be costly to you and painful for your pet.

Protecting your pet against cancer-causing UV exposure can help avoid the trauma and expense of cancer treatment. Don’t just reach for the SPF 45 sunscreen in your beach bag, though. The chemicals in sunscreen formulated for humans can be deadly for your dog! Ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide are toxic to pets and may be fatal if swallowed. Fortunately, there’s a new, all-natural sunblock formulated specifically for dogs so you can protect your sun-loving pet safely.

My Dog Nose It helps prevent dog skin cancer

My Dog Nose It Sun Protection For Dogs

My Dog Nose It Sun Protection for Dogs safely protects your dog’s nose, ears, and belly from harmful UV rays that may cause sun damage or even skin cancer.

The all-natural formula was made specifically for dogs using ingredients that absorb UV rays while helping to seal in moisture and prevent nose color from fading. This quick-drying, paraben-free balm soothes and heals dry, cracked skin while creating a protective barrier against harsh sunlight.

My Dog Nose It can be used on any area of your dog’s skin that is not fully covered in fur, so it’s especially important for dogs with short hair or thin coats.

Even dogs who love to swim or play in the water can use My Dog Nose It! It’s water-resistant to keep working even when your dog gets wet and does not need to be re-applied for up to two hours.

Out and about without your own sunscreen? My Dog Nose It is also safe and effective for people, so you can protect yourself and your canine companion from the same jar. A little My Dog Nose It goes a long way, as one 0.5 ounce jar can last up to 4 months for one dog, even when used daily. Protect that little wet nose from the searing sun with My Dog Nose It Sun Protection for Dogs.




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  1. My Bailey loves playing tag with me!

  2. Zackie loves playing cat and retrieve and boating too!!

  3. My Hunter loves playing outside so very much – he loves going to the lake and jumping off the boat alot.

  4. My dogs loves to just lay in the sun! I We live in Alaska so when the suns come out we enjoy every minute of it!

  5. With his nose up in the air, my Sheltie can get a good whiff of all the wonderful smells

  6. Kimberly FlickingerAugust 22, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    I can really use this for my doxies. They love to play outside!

  7. Both of my dogs love to lay out in the sun, especially on the deck, but I”m afraid of them getting burned or other damage from the sun so I don’t let them stay out very long

  8. My Dog Max, Frequently Naps In The Sun.
    Hes A Yellow Lab. I Guess We’ll Have To Find A Shady Area For Him!!

  9. My dogs love to roll around in the grass especially if it was just cut.

  10. My “Border Collie” is an outdoor dog for sure. It almost takes an act of congress to get her to come inside the house. Lol

  11. My dog loves.. And I mean LOVES to play in the mud. Rain or shine.

  12. My Toby bear and jp patches love to hang utility in the hammock

  13. Some of my dogs sun bahe, some run around in it like lunatics and some scratch at the door to come out of it 🙂

  14. My dog loves to play and dig then he gets hot since his fur is black and wants to come inside.

  15. Loves to play with the water coming out the water hose or lying in a kiddie pool, and playing with me with the frisbee

  16. I have 3 dogs they love playing in the sun

  17. My dog loves the sun and a nice day playing in the river!

  18. Heidi is a miniature dachshund. And what do dachshunds lead with – – their noses! On our long walks she is constantly sniffing new smells and using her nose to poke into everything, She needs all the protection she can get.

  19. My dog loves to lie on his back in some shadow in a park on a sunny and hot day 😀

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