How do you know if your pet has diabetes?

Are you refilling your dog’s water bowl more often than usual? Or is your cat making more trips to the litter box?

If something just feels “off” about your pet’s health, you’re probably right. Learn the symptoms of diabetes to find out if your pet could have it, and when you should see your vet.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Cats and Dogs?

Dogs usually get Type I diabetes, in which their pancreas does not produce enough insulin to help their body convert sugar into energy, resulting in high blood sugar. Cats typically get Type II diabetes, in which their body becomes resistant to insulin.

If your cat or dog is diabetic, their kidneys will have to work hard to filter sugar in their blood, so your dog will need to drink more water and urinate more frequently to help get rid of this extra blood sugar.

Since your pet’s cells are unable to efficiently convert sugars from their food to energy, your pet ends up feeling hungry and lethargic. Despite increased food intake, though, they may actually lose weight because their body will burn muscle and fats as fuel as though your pet is starving.

It’s imperative that you see your vet as soon as you notice diabetes symptoms to prevent a life-threatening emergency.

When Diabetes Becomes A Medical Emergency

Dogs and cats with undiagnosed diabetes are susceptible to ketoacidosis.

As your pet’s body burns fat to make up for their inability to use sugars as fuel, byproducts of this process, called ketone bodies, cause their blood to become too acidic. Without immediate treatment, your pet will die, so it’s crucial that you seek emergency veterinary care if you suspect your pet is suffering from ketoacidosis.

Symptoms of ketoacidosis are similar to those of diabetes, plus a sweet, fruity odor on their breath, vomiting, lack of appetite, low body temperature, and jaundice.

Talk To Your Vet About Symptoms Of Diabetes

Though your pet may have symptoms of diabetes, many other diseases have similar symptoms, so you’ll need to see your vet for a diagnosis.

Your pet’s diabetes symptoms should be addressed as soon as you notice them, rather than held off until their next checkup. Early diagnosis can keep your pet safe from complications.

Even though this chronic disease not curable, it is treatable. Your pet’s symptoms can be managed and they can go on to have many healthy, happy years with you.

Test your pet at home with the At Home Wellness Test for Dogs or Cats

With the At Home Wellness Test for Dogs or Cats, you can easily check to see if your pet has a common health issue. In just 60 seconds, you can test your pet’s urine for high glucose levels, urinary tract infection, kidney failure, and blood in the urine. The At Home Wellness Test for Dogs or Cats includes everything you need to cleanly collect and test your pet’s urine in a non-invasive and stress-free manner.

The At Home Wellness Test for Dogs includes a urine cup with a reusable telescopic pole for easy urine collection and the At Home Wellness Test for Cats includes a special hydrophobic litter that causes the urine to puddle atop the litter for easy collection. Both testing kits include 2 testing strips, one sample collection vial, one sample collection pipette, and a results card that quickly indicated positive or negative results

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