[New Product] Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed

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When you have pets, the battle of the bugs is non-stop. Protecting your dog from pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies can be tough, but it’s vital to your pet’s health. There’s a long list of dangerous diseases that are caused by insect bites, making them not only a nuisance but a serious threat to your dog’s health and longevity. With the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed, you and your dog can rest assured that biting bugs will keep their distance…or suffer the consequences!

One insect bite could transmit disease to your dog

Diseases carried by biting insects can take a serious toll on your pet’s health. A single bite could result in a lifetime of chronic health problems. Some insect-borne diseases are even deadly. The subsequent health care costs can also be difficult to keep up with. That’s why prevention is so much wiser than leaving your pet unprotected.

It’s not a matter of if an unprotected pet will get sick from biting insects, but when. Below are just a few diseases that are transmitted to pets through the bite of an infected insect.

5 pet diseases caused by insect bites

  1. Heartworms – Many people are shocked to learn that deadly heartworm disease is actually transmitted to pets by mosquitoes. Heartworm infection is difficult and expensive to treat. In some cases, there is no safe treatment option.
  2. Tapeworm – Tapeworms are transmitted through flea bites. A tapeworm infection robs your pet of vital nutrients needed to maintain good health.
  3. Lyme disease – Pets get Lyme disease from being bitten by an infected tick. It is more often seen in dogs than in cats and can result in symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, swelling of joints, and lameness.
  4. Flea allergy dermatitis – Flea saliva left on your pet’s skin following a bite could lead to itching, inflammation, and hot spots that can cause pain and misery.
  5. Canine Bartonellosis – Transmitted to dogs by infected fleas, lice, sand flies, and ticks, Bartonella infection results in an enlarged spleen and/or liver, cough, seizures, arthritis, vomiting, diarrhea, and possible nose bleed. It also causes inflammation of the brain, heart muscle, eyes, nose, and lymph nodes.

This is just a sample of the many maladies transmitted to pets by biting insects. Protecting your dog with a monthly oral or topical flea preventative is essential, but adding an extra measure of repellent is ideal to help keep pests off your pet.

Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed offers proven protection

Buy the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed at 1800PetMedsThe Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed is a perfect first line of protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies that could infect your precious pet with dangerous diseases. This comfortable dog bed offers proven insect killing and repellent technology to protect your dog from insects and the diseases they carry.

One of the places parasites love to hide is right in your pet’s own bed. The Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed kills and repels bugs, so your dog doesn’t have to share his or her comfort zone with unwanted bedfellows. The EPA-Approved, odorless, permethrin-infused fabric cover is machine washable and built to last. The Insect Shield technology is even used in military uniforms and gear to protect soldiers against biting insects.

This dual-purpose pet bed is ideally sized to fit in most pet crates and comes in sizes Small, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large. Use it in your dog’s crate, on the floor in your home, or outside on the patio. The ripstop polyester cover is scratchproof and the insect repellent properties remain effective for up to 25 washings.

Orange on one side and Slate color on the other side, this reversible pest-control pet bed will help keep your dog comfy and protected all night long and at nap time, too! It’s also great for camping trips and other outings so your dog can relax in the sun without the annoyance of crawling, flying, and biting pests. Use the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed as a trusted backup method of insect control so fleas, ticks, and other bugs have no place to hide.



Win a FREE Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed!

Would your pet benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed Size Small from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Jana B! We’ll send you an email about how to claim your prize. 



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  1. My Australian cattle dog will love to share this with her buddy, the house cat. They are a true pair of friends!

  2. I definitely need this for camping. Just big enough for my two chihuahuas!

  3. My dog would benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed

  4. This would be great for our RV, those nasty little critters are everywhere and the dogs wouldn’t be keeping them in their bedding!

  5. Sounds like a great product!

  6. I would love to protect my little Tai Zhang from all of these nasty bugs and diseases.

  7. This insect repellant bed would work well for my senior dog. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  8. This would be great for outside during the warmer weather.

  9. Kimberly AndersonFinchFebruary 16, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Don’t we ALL deserve a bug-free bed??

  10. This would also be great for cats!!!

  11. My senior dog would love this. He’s 14 years old this year!

  12. I have a beautiful bloodhound, 2 cats and 2 grandfurchildren most days they all stay at my house they all sleep together in my living room floor on two old blankets they would love this.

  13. Sounds liek an incredible product! Daisy would love to have it in her crate!

  14. Sounds liek an incredible product! Daisy would love to have it in her crate!

  15. My dog would love to have that

  16. This would be great for my senior dog. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  17. Would LOVE this for lake and camping trips!!!

  18. This will be a great bed for both of my little dogs as they can fit on it together. I take them out in the woods and fishing with me in the warmer months too!

  19. What a great idea!

  20. My Great Pyrenees has reactions to flea bites which cause skin irritation that just drives him crazy. Congrats to whomever thought of infusing flee repellent into a bed! Brilliant!

  21. Mine would love this💕Kill two birds with one stone lol

  22. I would love this for my house I have 3 cats & 3 dogs, thank you

  23. I have a Jack Russell terrier who would love that nice well built pet bed. He curls up in blankets at night to sleep. That would definitely make his sleep better.

  24. Very unique! Would be perfect when traveling with my Beagle. It would be great to have at home as well.

  25. Very unique! Would be perfect when traveling with my Beagle. It would be great to have at home as well.

  26. I would love to have extra protection for my dogs!

  27. This would be a wonderful idea for my Aussie to use on our deck as it backs up to trees and a pond.

  28. This would be pawfect for Florida when we have misquotoes and no see ums sitting on the back porch or when we go camping!! What a wonderful idea!

  29. I would love to win this for my Reggie and thanks for the chance

  30. This is great! We have a boat and will out a lot this summer. This would be great for keeping me bugs away!

  31. I would love this, I have 3 dogs & 3 cats, thank you

  32. Oh my dogs would love this!!!

  33. My 2 dogs would love this. sounds like a great way to keep those pesky little critters off our fur babies.
    Thank you so much!!!

  34. would be great for my guy when we travel to the USVI

  35. Fleas and Ticks are the worst, would love to try one of these!

  36. What a nice bed for my dog. He would love it!

  37. my puggle would love this bed

  38. I know my 5 dogs would just love to share this bed with each other!

  39. I would love to get this for my girl! She would love it.

  40. I would love to get this for my girl! She would love it.

  41. I would love to get this for my girl! She would love it.

  42. I would love to get this for my girl! She would love it.

  43. This is a great idea for my black lab, Barney! Perfect for the porch for him to lay on as he watches over “his kingdom”…aka the back yard!

  44. Very good information on the different types of bites that can infect your pet. As a matter of fact my red fox lab was tested twice for heart worms and when after I rescued him I brought him to my vet in Boca Raton Fl and had a blood test and came back positive I took the 6 month kill for the heart worms instead of the 2 shot option that has in some cases killed the animal

  45. Perfect for car camping and chilling on the patio.

  46. I know my cats would love this, looks cozy.

  47. This would be perfect for my two dachshunds for camping or any outdoor events on a warm beautiful day.

  48. Diane Ricciardi StewartFebruary 16, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Very interesting product!! Would love to have one for my *kids*!! ♥♥♥

  49. My father and son rescues would wag their tails nonstop for one of these!

  50. This bed would be a fantastic thing for bot my dogs. I have a 12 year old and a 9 month old. Both would benefit from a bed that keeps both safe from bugs.

  51. We would definitely love one. Thank you. ❤❤❤🐕🐱😻

  52. This would be great for my back porch! For my black lab, Barney, to relax on while watching over “his kingdom” ….aka the back yard!

  53. Very neat, think I could fit two outta three of my dogs on one;)

  54. Omgosh that would be perfect my ny pup and cats to share when they are sunning themselves in the yard and on trips. Thank you for the great opportunities you offer. So much more then just a place to get there mess from. ❤🐶🐱

  55. My Golden/Spaniel mix would love a new bed. Especially one that could help keep him cool since his long fur keeps him super warm all year long.

  56. This would be perfect for my black lab, Barney! He could relax on this on the porch while he watches over “his kingdom” … aka the back yard

  57. My dogs are avid campers. This bed would make their time outside so much more enjoyable!

  58. Inside/outside dog needs all the help he can get.

  59. Perfect for Fifi, who has a litter of 4! No pesticides to spray! Looks very comfy!!

  60. This would be perfect for my black lab, Barney – while he lays on it and surveys ” “his kingdom” … aka the back yard

  61. My three babies would love this bed especially my little guy. We probably would have fights over it so I have to buy one for each

  62. Fantastic for environmental owner and pet living environments

  63. I would love to win this for my dog . she could really use this she is on fle meds but it just doesn’t seem to be enough for her . would love to try this product.

  64. Hades would love one of those beds! He might even share with the cats.

  65. This would be amazing to have for Riley – she loves blankets/beds to lay on anyway – insect repellant would be even better.

  66. My Rebel would really like this! It would be great to help keep any pests away from him. We have mosquito and ticks really bad in our area. This would make me feel better and give peace of mind that no bugs are biting my baby.

  67. My dog would love this bed and would share it with our cat!

  68. This would be great for us especially we live in the country near a creek AND we also like to take our dogs camping with us.

  69. Harley and Gemma would love this bed!

  70. What a great idea for my black lab, Barney!
    He would enjoy laying on this while surveying “his kingdom” – aka – the back yard

  71. it would help a lot and prevent hot spots going forward

  72. my pup would love it!

  73. This bed would be great for Darla! Another way to combat fleas and other other insects. It also looks very comfy!!

  74. Love for my furbaby!

  75. Bella would love this!

  76. Would like to protect my dog anyway I can.

  77. what a great bed!

  78. Yes, it would be great as I keep his bed by the patio door so he can lookout side and there are bugs that get in when I let him out to go the bathroom

  79. I use Isect Sheikd products on both my dog and myself and know they work. The bed would be of great benefit fir us in NY state where we must protect against harmful insects, ticks, parasites year round. Thank you fir considering us.

  80. I would love to protect my dog anyway I can.

  81. Wow this would be such an amazing bed to have for our Betty dog. Always worry about licks. She is taking an chew able flea tick tablet but we live where the ticks area always here in the early spring till late fall.

  82. Would love one of these!

  83. would love to win this for my dogs

  84. I didn’t know this existed but it’s a great idea and now I really hope I win it for Bartram the Basenji!

  85. We would love this for our Furbaby Cheeto <3

  86. My poor Caesar gets attacked by insects more than his sister Cleo. They have Seresta collars and it just isn’t enough. This would be for Caesar!

  87. I live in Florida and the bugs are unreal. This is such a great prize.

  88. The Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed would be the best item for our new puppy. He would be able to sleep without worrying about being bit. What a wonderful gift for my new little fellow.

  89. Yes my Gracie lays around a lot, since she has aged and this would help keep those insects away from her!

  90. Yes! My little fur baby could definitely benefit from this! I was not even aware that this existed until now. What a great idea! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one!

  91. This will be a great bed for Doggy

  92. Good idea for my little Maltese, Pauahi.

  93. I would love to win this for my miniature Dachshund.

  94. I’ve never seen this before, it looks like a good extra protection for our dogs!

  95. My bulldog Zoe would love this bed since she has so many allergies to insects

  96. Super great idea! Would love one!

  97. Would love for Simon and Sabrina!

  98. Our bassets love being outside. This would give them a nice place to relax and added protection from bugs.

  99. This would be great to take with us for our dog to lay on while we’re fishing.

  100. This would be especially helpful in spring, when we suddenly have a huge outbreak of mosquitoes every year!

  101. Every pet should have as clean and comfy a bed as his owner! This looks great!

  102. This would be wonderful! Thank you so much for a chance to win a great prize.

  103. My dog, Hunter, would love to win this bug protectant.

  104. This would be great for camping season.

  105. Hattie wants one!

  106. My fur babies really could use this!

  107. My dog loves to sit out on the porch so this would be perfect for her!

  108. Perfect for our flea-bitten dog!

  109. My dogs would love this bed!!

  110. My poor dog is so sensitive and suffers from allergies so this would be amazing to have

  111. This is perfect for my pooch Pepper for sure!
    Hope I’m lucky to win it for my pooch! Ty God Bless!🌟😇🐾

  112. I am very interested in this product for both of my dogs.

  113. This bed would be perfect for my furry dog, because it’s hard for me to find any bugs under all her fur.

  114. My little Sophie would love to take a nap on this cool pad.

  115. I have 3 Pomeranian’s that would love to share this bed…or fight over it… 🙂

  116. This bed would be the answer to a prayer and I would love one. I would need a large one and would be willing to pay an extra fee

  117. Looks like a great bed.

  118. Rudy and Amadeus would both love these beds for their sun baths out in the back yard to be less disturbed by the annoying flying & crawling insect critters!

  119. This would allow Chuck to hang outside watching cornhole!

  120. Would love this for my dog she loves the sunshine

  121. This would be great for sebo and cherrie!

  122. Need one of these in Texas. Dog’s would love this bed!

  123. This would let my dog enjoy the sun without no bugs getting on her

  124. My dog sent me to win this for him!

  125. My girls would love a bigger bed so they can stay together.

  126. Angel would love to sprawl out on this bed.

  127. Pet meds has already been so good to my furbabies!! They would love to have a bed that would help us fight against these Michigan flea, ticks, mosquitoes and many others!!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this awesome bed!!!

  128. I think my boy would love this, their are so many bugs they can get and you do the best you can to keep them away but it always doesn’t work.

  129. My dogs would really enjoy this comfy bed and also protecting from mosquitoes
    during the summer the love too lay out doors .
    love this bed!!

  130. My fur baby would love it. She is 16 now and loves staying outside. It would be a great help to keep pesky insects off of her along with the other products I use.

  131. I would love this bed for all of the camping we do during the summer. I already use PetMeds for all of my dogs flea/tick & heartworm medication that this bed would be an awesome addition to his safety during our family outdoor trips especially from the ticks!

  132. My best friend and I travel a lot so having an extra comfortable layer of protection would be awesome!

  133. My 2 chihuahuas Amigo & Lola would benefit from this because they are short and low to the ground and easily pick up a few fleas. Thanks for the chance!

  134. Been using pet meds now for a year now and I really like how fast the processing of order and shipping. The bed would be perfect for them to use to protect them from any insect bites.

  135. This would be Fabulous for my Pepper. He would love to have this very much.
    I hope he can win this.

  136. I love 1800 pet meds!! Great prices…fast shipping and friendly service!!!

  137. I love 1800 pet meds!! Great prices…fast shipping and friendly service!!!

  138. My 24lb cocker spaniel, Mason, and his two kitty brothers would love to win this bed! We have been fighting fleas for several months and this bed would be perfect for them. Mason is such a sweet boy, he even shares his beds with his kitty brothers and would love to share this bed with them. <3 <3 <3

  139. I have two girls, age 9, that stay outside while I’m at work. There they fall victim to all sorts of biting critters. They could really use this insect repellent bed in their doggie house. They would love us and you for the great protection they would get.

  140. I live in gated community and we have tons of trees and feral cats and squirrels. So that means there tons of bugs. My dog would really benfit from this bed.

  141. Just moved to the country…. this would be perfect!

  142. I would love this for my pets of course my cats may want it more! You are great!

  143. I love this product for my dog she did Newfoundland and she loved to be outside and keep the bugs off her

  144. i love this bed for my pets they will enjoy it while being protected by mosquitoes!!!!!!

  145. This would be such a great help, would love one!

  146. Cleveland would love this bed! He has sensitive skin and is prone to hot spots. He would appreciate the features of this bed so much!

  147. My pet would benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed! Everytime that she gets bitten, I get them all healed up, then it starts all over. I think that this would be a big help for my little Izzy.

  148. I would like for my Little Lady to be able to try this out. She was a rescue dog that had a rough life, now she gives us so much love. I often think she rescued us!

  149. We just adopted a new puppy that had been abandoned in a trash can. She was being fostered and we obtained her thru Proverbs 12:10. We have two older male dogs, and our new baby is female and ALL puppy:) She digs, rolls, runs, jumps and plays in the yard we had specially “puppy” fenced for all of them. We also have deer, squirrrels, opposums, ground hogs etc. Quite the menagerie. Last year I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and was deathly ill. So, anything that will allow our new little one to still have the time of her life, and yet not bring life ending disease into the home to endanger our other animals, or myself would truly be invaluable. In fact, if you are feeling generous, we truly need three:) So, if we win one, that will cut down the cost when it comes to obtaining all that we need. Thanks for your consideration!

  150. i would love to win this for my dog thanks for this opportunity

  151. YES!! Would love to have this for our fur babies for the porch! They love being outside with us and a little extra protection against mosquitos etc in the summer evenings would be great!

  152. I have a maltipoo and shihtzu and live in the country the fleas are aweful. they are costantly digging poor babies can’t catch a break this bed would be awesome relief for them.🐶🐶🐩🐩🐩🐩

  153. This is a great idea that would be perfect for my Yorkie. I am a bit of a prepper & have a bug-out kit. One of the things it is still missing is a bed for Buddy should we have to do some tent living. Being able to control bugs is essential when hiding in the woods to escape war, alien invasion, hurricane or sudden insanity of the part of the government. Thanks for the chance to win this & strengthen my kit.

  154. I live in Texas, so the bugs pretty much never die!

  155. I Love Pet Med…they have everything your little ones needs ,this is your 1 stop and only stop for all your needs, JT and BB have a ball Loving every moment of their playing time…which is always… Thnk you PetMed…

  156. Bear would love this! We are camping and hiking alot and this would be great to help with the bugs. We already use the neck bandana on him and it works wonderfully, a bed would be an added bonus for those nights under the stars. I might even try to steal it from him during the night when the bugs are out!!

  157. My little guy would love this. And we would love that he is protected! Pretty cool!

  158. My Jasper cannot relax outside much in the summer. It seems that little tiny buys are always biting his legs, yet I cannot see them! He would love to be able to sit on the deck with the family, laying on this insect repellant bed!

  159. I love the bed. Of course any dog would benefit from the benefits of an insect repellent bed.

  160. It’s a great idea and Sophie would love this.

  161. My grandson could really use this bed. His dog gets all kinds of bites every spring, summer and fall. Thanx for the chance to win!

  162. Sure would love to win for 1 of my 2 dogs, have a 26lb cockapoo which ticks love him & a 120 lb golden retriever that was allergies & skin problems. Both have doghouses I would put it in.

  163. I would like to win this for my dog Taz he hates fleas and any kind of insect.

  164. I have a boston terrier who is 12 years old and a new mini dachshund puppy almost 8 months old. I also have an indoor/outdoor cat that occasionally brings home fleas. This would help us out a lot!

  165. My little Missy would love to win this bed. It would help her ward off insects that could potentially kill her!
    Please consider us. 🙂

  166. My beagle, who has itching problems, definitely needs the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed. Any protection from insect bites would be greatly appreciated, and it would make his life much easier.

  167. I would love to win this for my baby boy, Beau. 8 yr old rat terrier that has been with me since he was 4 months.


  169. Looks perfect for camping and on the go with my Fur Babies

  170. Aden is a country dog and after a long day of chasing cows, birds, squirels to name a few. I know he loves to stretch out and relax if only those nagging pest would let him. I can’t think of any more deserving dog.

  171. Thanks to climate change the fleas get worse every year! Bring on the insect shields.

  172. This is awesome, I did not know there was such a bed. Love it.

  173. My Captain Morgan who is a 12 year old beagle needs this badly! Thank you for a chance to win it!

  174. Oh My! I didn’t know they even existed. I have a small shelter for elderly cats. I have 12 of them at the moment. Is it safe for cats? I buy the Advantage from my vet at about $20.00 a treatment a month.

  175. Thanks to climate change the fleas get worse every year – bring on the insect shields!

  176. My little corgi-mix Katie would really like this bed. She loves to be in the yard but is actually afraid of flies (yes flies), so on beautiful days she just sits by the patio door looking out. I hope she wins that bed so she can go outside more often.

  177. Yes, my dogs would love a new bug proof bed!

  178. Jessie would love a new Puppy Bed- all for her.

  179. My pup would love a comfy bed.

  180. Great idea. You can never assume your pet is protected against all the hazards

  181. We go on many camping trips and this would be perfect for my fur baby! Please!

  182. We have 3 labs so our relationship with Petmeds has become very strong over the years. This insect repellent bed would be fabulous for our 13 year old lab Willie who has several health issues. Whatever the outcome 1800Petmeds as always been good for us

  183. My captain Morgan who is a 12 year old beagle needs this badly! Thank you for giving us a chance to win it!

  184. Our dogs would love a bed that we could keep on the deck for them to lounge!

  185. Petmeds is awesome just like these give aways they offer

  186. Our two babies love to be outside, so this would be a comfortable bed with an extra layer of protection!

  187. I saw these online and thought they were a great idea. No more having to spray your pups down with nasties. I also saw they have tents and bandanas as well. Such a cool product!

  188. My babies would greatly benefit from this!

  189. This would be great to win since we live in Texas because bugs here are terrible on animals.

  190. Bailey would love to have this bed for springtime when her dad (me) works in the yard..

  191. Such a great idea! My dog would love this living on the farm

  192. Payton is a 120 lb German Shepherd that loves his beds!!! it is difficult to get him to give them up all the time to be washed. He would benefit (and love) a new and improved insect repellant bed! Please help him win this and you will receive all the kisses and hugs, yes hugs, that you will ever receive from one dog! He is extremely smart and gives hugs for his treats.

  193. Yes. This would be a great benefit to our dog, Nala. She likes to roll around in the grass while outside and had more than once gotten infested.

  194. I think the med reversible bed would be an excellent additionin protecting my best friends from fleas and other nasty biting insects.

  195. My rescued Pug Jeffie is getting on in years & I would love to see him comfy when he chooses to lay on the floor & with the extra layer of protection from all those nasty buggies this would be great! Thank you PetMed.

  196. I would love to win this for our new recue Dash. We camp every weekend from May – Oct and bugs are inevitable!!!

  197. I would love to be able to gift a new adopter at my animal shelter with this bed!

  198. 1-800-PetMeds is a GREAT place for purchasing your online pet products. I have bought many, many items and have never had any problems with any of them. Also considering their free shipping option, how can you go wrong

  199. I would love to win this for my pitbull! She has sensitive skin so this would be great when we travel!

  200. This would be great down here in Florida where the mosquito is the “state bird”

  201. This sounds like a wonderful product – lots of bugs here in Florida.

  202. charlotte sanfilippoFebruary 16, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    always order from 1-800-pet meds! thanks for the chance to win!

  203. My pet would greatly benefit from this!

  204. What a great idea! Now all I need are insect-repellent sofa covers for the humans!

  205. Skyler will love this bed for when she spends time outside with us.

  206. sounds like a great idea

  207. I would love to win the bed. My dog just suffered from flea dermatitis. She is 11 years old and it was the first time she got fleas. I didn’t know about the dermatitis and she had to take antibiotics as well as the flea treatment. She’s such a sweet dog and I hope she can finish out her Golden years pest free.

  208. portable and insect repellant…brillant!

  209. I’d love to have this bed, we live in Atlanta & bugs here are ridiculous.

  210. Our Harley has already endured 800+$ of heartworm treatment. Although she is on HW pills, this would be great for her to relax in the sun with nothing to bother her and give us a piece of mind.

  211. This would be great for us. Just enough fleas to get you upset and I have an old dog that’s 13.

  212. Looks like a great product!

  213. My beagle Honey would love this. ❤🐶❤

  214. This bed looks big enough for both my rescued pugs, Tina and Pernilla Jane. As Tina is getting up in years, one less thing to worry about is great. PetMeds, you’re the best!

  215. Harley has endured painful 800+$$ heartworm treatment. Although she is on HW pills, she would love to relax in the sun without insects bothering her. And this would also give us a piece of mind.

  216. My Sadie would love this bed!

  217. Would love to win this bed as it looks to be portable and can take it anywhere because of the built-in repellent!

  218. how the “h” do you enter? I keep getting kicked around.

  219. Domino would love this as a portable bed to be taken anywhere, the built-in repellent I a plus!!

  220. My German Shepard, Bella, would definitely benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed!! She stays both inside and out and we live in the South, specifically in a suburb of Memphis and trust me we have every kind of bug there is and mosquitos are so horrible here. Thanks for the chance to win the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed from 1800PetMeds!

  221. Would love to have this since I live in Louisiana where all the bugs go

  222. I have Lyme Disease, and I always worry terribly about ticks. Fleas are also an issue for our cat. He needs a new bed, and this one is perfect!

  223. Kate would love this for her first year in her kennel outside. She is a one year old long hair German Shepherd with a love to run outside where all the bugs roam.

  224. Sounds great guys 🙂

  225. GDKATE would love this bug free bed, but in large. She is a young German Shepherd who love to run where all these wrong critters are.

  226. This would be perfect for my dog because she’s afraid of normal dog beds that have sides. And my mom just bought a new lakehouse for us to use it at.

  227. My bubba dog would love his own bed…then maybe i can have my bed and pillow to myself….lol

  228. I would love to win this bed! Hey, that’s one more layer of protection for my dogs! Who doesn’t want that?!

  229. What a great idea for a pet bed! This bed would be perfect for my Boston Terrier, Boss.

  230. All three of the dogs–and likely the cats too!-would benefit from this, esp after going out in the woods!!

  231. The Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible PET bed would be perfect for our cat, Koko, she sleeps on the foot of our bed and it would protect her and us, makes for a better sleep for all of us.

  232. My fur babies would love to have this bed. We would go from our bed of five to a bed of two. Love it!

  233. Would love to win one for my Chihuahua while hanging outside

  234. Would love this for the porch because they like a bed in the spring and summer but we do get lots of bugs around that area having water nearby and such. Thanks for the chance to win!

  235. all 3 dogs–and both cats too–would benefit from something that would keep bugs away after an adventure in the woods

  236. This would be awesome for an added layer of protection against all these Texas bugs!

  237. Love to win this for my daughter’s doggie, they live right at the edge of the woods!

  238. My elderly dog would definitely benefit from this. We live in the woods, where ticks are thick. Yuck! Thanks for the chance to win!

  239. This is great!

  240. My Scroatie Girl says she’d love to win this

  241. My Chihuahua would love this for our Florida weather and insects!

  242. My dog loves to go outside so this would be a great product to keep the bugs at bay.

  243. My shelti would benefit from this. We just moved to Florida and we do a lot of fishing. This would be easy for travel and having on the ground for him to lay on while we fish.

  244. Pucca would greally benefit from this because despite of her monthly heartworm, flea and tick treatment, I still see some tick on her after our walk in the trails.

  245. I could really use this I have rescued 8 Boxer mix and they are all fixed and very healthy but we battle insects all the time all year so this would be a great help especially for my to that have back and hip problems it takes them longer to do there business and then come back in the house so it would be a great help as well as a blessing.

  246. This would be great as I live in the woods and bothered with ticks and fleas all the time. My pets however are on Seresto Collars which is great. This would be nice to put in the yard tho for my dog or kitties to lay on.

  247. I would love to have this for my two cats.

  248. I would Love to win this for our Shelby. Thanks for the chance

  249. I thinks that this is a great idea in a pet mat. This will keep all the insects away and that is great for our pet–thanks !!

  250. This would be a great help particularly when we travel to a relative’s house that is out in the country.

  251. Yoshi, my 12-yearl old shih-tzu would benefit greatly from a product like this! I use a monthly flea/tick topical on him, but the milder winters have let the flea and tick population skyrocket ~ which makes it hard to keep him fully protected. Unfortunately, Yoshi is highly allergic to flea bites and the poor guy ends up just miserable. This would be an added protection and great for him! Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. My dog would love this

  253. We camp a lot all summer and our digs go with us everywhere. One of these beds would be amazing!

  254. I’d love to try this. I have two dogs and I hate bugs. Anything to help kill and prevent them!!

  255. Spring is coming and the ticks will be terrible in March, April and May. We need all the help we can get.

  256. Perfect for picnics and/or camping – I don’t have to stress about my dog being bitten when she sleeps. Thanks for the chance to win!

  257. My bichon frise is allergic to grass, dog food, fleas, so anything to help the poor baby would be awesome. Plus getting older with arthritis so the extra cushion helps her too.

  258. I have an older dog and any extra protection she can get I’ll take !! Would love to win this!!

  259. Looks like a great product!

  260. Perfect for picnics and camping – my dog can nap and sleep without being bitten.

  261. We haven’t had much of a Winter and so I know we will have these critters more than ever. I know this would help

  262. Oh I would love this especially now that the summer is coming here in Texas we get swarmed with mosquitos!!

  263. We are a non profit, no kill rescue dedicated to providing care and shelter to the most needy, the ones that have no chance at the shelters. We give them a place to lay their heads while they heal and recover from their past. WE would love to win this to provide a soft place to rest and recuperate…….. thank you so much for the chance.

  264. “Very important for overall care & nothing beats than being BUG FREE!” Thank You!” This company has great products at reasonable prices for any budget!”

  265. Our 8 year old German Shepherd, Wolff, has a severe allergy to insect bites, making him miserable with the sores they cause. It’s terrible to see him so uncomfortable as he scratches, licks and bites himself. The insects are especially problematic where we live in SW FL. He’s on a monthly tick and flea medication, but that does not prevent a flea bite from causing a reaction. We keep him indoors as much as possible to protect him, but a bed like this would make it possible for him to be outdoors on our lanai.

  266. My little dogs would love to snuggle on this bed.

  267. I have two dog’s which are currently on a monthly oral heartworm medication and a topical monthly flea,tick and mosquito treatment. the area the house is located in has regular tree tick’s ,deer,ground hog ,rabbit,fox and wild cat’s coming through the yard.I still find on occasion a tree tick or deer ticks getting in house via transportation on the dog’s. Also still have had to on occasion take one of the dogs to the vets for a flea infestation despite being on the monthly treatment.I feel that not only the dogs would benefit from this bed but us humans that reside with these pets could benefit also.

  268. Would love to try tbis out!

  269. I believe it would be great for my American Eskimo; the fleas seem to keep giving him him worms & I don’t know what else to do for him besides the monthly pills and other pills, also.

  270. This would be great for my little ones when we vacation on Cape Cod.

  271. A few years ago we had a flea infestation that was terrible! It’s under control now but any additional help would be great!

  272. I think this bed would be very beneficial for my dog. I use natural repellent as much as possible but I still worry about mosquitoes, especially with the rain we’ve had and the warmer weather coming.

  273. we have three small dogs, keeping insects at bay in South Texas, especially for the summer months coming up, is very hard. I would love to have this bed for my Babies comfort.

  274. I believe this bed would be very beneficial for my dog. I use natural repellents when possible but I worry about mosquitoes.

  275. this would be great,seeing the ticks are out already due to the mild winter.

  276. This would be great for my German Shepard!

  277. This sounds like a great idea ! Honestly, just super for your pet and the owner !

  278. I have two dogs both of which are on monthly oral heartworm medication and also a monthly flea,tick and mosquito treatment .The area we live in has deer,ground hog,rabbit,fox and on occasion wild cats running through the yard. Despite the dogs being on a monthly treatment plan I have found tree ticks and deer ticks getting in the house via transportation on the dogs.Also I have had to take one of the dogs on more than one occasion to the vets for a flea infestation.I feel that a bed like this would not only benefit the dogs but would also benefit us humans living with them.

  279. This would be great for my girl. Sheba!

  280. Have several rescue dogs that have allergies to bites. This would be heaven for them. Even with flea meds that still have reactions, they are that sensitive to insect bites. Could give them a new lease on life!

  281. Good ideal , would love to add this to my other preventive measures to get rid of fleas. tick, and prevent heartworm.

  282. I would love to have this to take to the dog shows.

  283. This would be wonderful to have. The last 2 summers the fleas have been out of control. We put monthly flea & tick medication on our baby. Spray the yard and have cut up flea collars all over the house. And still the fleas are everywhere. Any extra help getting rid of the nasty fleas would be great.

  284. My dogs would definitely benefit from this bed. Would it work for cats, too? My pets often share beds (not always at the same time).

  285. Great idea with warmer weather coming.

  286. Great idea with warmer weather coming

  287. My nearly 5 year old pound puppy, Mandy, would love this for our living room! She is presently 2 weeks out from having surgery to repair the cranial cruciate ligament in her left hind leg so she’s not running loose in the yard… yet but she will be able to run in another 8-12 weeks or so. We have 13 acres so there are deer, rabbits and other wild animals out there. Winning this bed for Mandy, who just lost her sister this past Sept, would be awesome!!!

  288. Not only would this be great for my lab but also for all the others dogs I care for from time to time-often when their owners have medical needs and do not need kennel fees in addition to medical bills.

  289. I need one of these! I’m not used to so many ticks! We recently moved to an area that has lots of ticks. I’m constantly finding ticks on our cats, dogs and horses. I had a couple on me and I almost freaked!
    Any added protection for my animals is really appreciated!

  290. With three rescues this might help with the tick problem.

  291. Hi,
    Our rescue could profit from one of these wonderful beds. Some of our foster homes foster two maybe three dogs at a time and beds space becomeas a problem. I would love to be able to offer one of our once homeless and sick dogs a safe and comfortable place to lay their head. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.

  292. This sounds like a great product! I continue to order through PetMeds for my husky and will continue because the staff and products are awesome.

  293. This product would be great for my 4 year old husky, Akasha.

  294. I attended a pet seminar last night which discussed lyme disease among other things. My boys and I live in a wooded area and pay for the pestech company to spray the perimeter of our home, just to be safe. This bed would be wonderful and provide extra protection for my babies. Please consider us for this wonderful prize.

  295. Herbie would love the bed. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and have little grass. We try every thing we can to protect (and ourselves) from the pesky insects. I bet our cat Emma would like the bed as she is often found in Herbie’s bed.

  296. This is really a great idea for pets. Our dog would be in heaven! Thanks you for the chance to win

  297. This would be good for my dog any time of the year.

  298. This would be a great bed for my dog any time of the year.

  299. Would love to win this for my german shepherd her old bones need something soft and to keep the bugs away she rolls in the grass and leaves all the time.

  300. Squeak, my rescue poodle mix has always had dry skin & tries to chew on himself in spite of feeding him good quality food. We have a pest company come every month because our house sits on what was orchard land & initially we were over-run with ants, spiders, mosquitos, roaches, etc. He is also over 7 & likes a soft bed to sleep on, in addition to our furniture. He would love such a bed.

  301. I absolutely love this idea. Took Rose camping last summer and had to wave away bugs from her constantly when she would try to relax. Hope I win one, but if not, I will be buying one for her so she can really enjoy camping this year.


  303. I would love to try this pet bed for our Daisy Mae. She is a Big Golden and stays outside most of the day.

  304. My fur baby would love this!

  305. Our doggy Lucky would love this bed.

  306. Both my dogs would love this! They are on meds, but it’s still a constant battle to keep all the bugs away. Thank you for the chance to win.

  307. I have three little furbabie’s and one is my 17 year old Rat Terrier that is a retired squirrel dog and a cancer survivor she would love this! Thank you for a chance to make her happy

  308. Our dogs would love and need this

  309. We have 4 rescue dogs. Two of which were heartworm positive which we had them undergo the expensive, serious long treatment it requires. We are diligent with our wonderful dogs and anything to deter bugs is an advantage for them. We know “they” would appreciate this bed!

  310. I would love to have this for the feral kitty I take care of outside. She has her on bed/box on my porch.

  311. Yes, Molly ILhasa Apso) would love this new bed…..she has the regular topical flea meds. but with warmer weather coming on, there have to be more little critters out there looking for a new home. This bed sounds like a wonderful addition for Molly.

  312. I would love to have this for the feral kitty I take care of.

  313. My dog would love this while he lounges out in the sun!

  314. My animals would definitely benefit from a bed like this!! I have 6 rescue cats and dogs and if one gets fleas, they all get fleas. This would help a lot!

  315. I would love to have this for the feral kitty I take of.

  316. My dog Daisy has desperately needed a bed, as she tries to sleep with us. She loves playing outside and does have a tendency to bring fleas and ticks (we live in the south, those critters thrive here). I hate making her sleep on the floor. I know Daisy would enjoy a comfy bed.

  317. would love to win this for my grand doggies!

  318. I would love to win this for my dog.

  319. Charlotte Aylor-DiazFebruary 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Great idea! This bed would be perfect for my foster dogs or cats…or even my own!

  320. judging from other comments, it’s safe for cats as well a dogs – as my senior catizen has a severe flea allergy, this would be a godsend!

  321. This dog bed would be great for camping!

  322. To think I’ve been encouraging my dog to go outside via the doggy door and play rather than sulking inside while we are at school or work. An Insect Shield would put my mind at ease and I would love to win one.

  323. This is perfect for my dog! she would love it!

  324. I would love this for my dog that I inherited from my mom when she passed away a year ago. Teddy prefers to be outside and our yard backs up to a field. Lots of bugs!

  325. This would be a perfect solution for us since we live on an acreage surrounded by trees.

  326. I would love to try this for my dog.

  327. Living at the coast of Florida,we have major problems for our fur babies,so this would be perfect,thanks

  328. would love this for the kitties that take over the dogs bed!

  329. Our dog has an allergic reaction to fleas so extra protection like this would be great.

  330. I would love to win this for my dog. Anything to keep the bugs away would be great.

  331. Didn’t know they made such a thing….interesting!

  332. I would love to win this for my dog. He’s allergic to flea bites. Anything to keep away the bugs would be great!

  333. I have 2 cats that are indoor/outdoor cats. I’m always worried about what bugs they are exposed to outside. This would be great for them. And maybe it would even help keep them off my bed at nighta 🐺🐺🐈🐈

  334. I would love to win this for my dog, he is allergic to flea bites. Anything that keeps the bugs away would be great!

  335. Hoping the bug repellant stay in the fabric .Would be great if my secontent://media/external/file/5109nior cat stays on this bed.Chemicals arent recommended for” on cat” treatment.

  336. I would love this for my 3 cats….one is an outdoor so we have issues with fleas every year no matter how many baths or medicine we give! This looks like it would be a lifesaver for my furbabies!

  337. I would love to win this for my dog, Dre! Thanks for the chance

  338. Sounds like a good idea. Wonder if it will really work? I have 2 dogs and 4 cats and always have to watch out for bugs.

  339. WE HAVe four rescues that we take out all the time they love to be in the sun! and all four would fit on here for extra protection!! Thank you so much for this its truly a fabulous idea

  340. Would love to try this for my dogs at our outdoor agility trials. BEWARE FOR CATS! I see a lot of posts from people wanting this for their cats. It says that it is permethrin infused fabric. Permethrin is lethal for cats even in small exposure (think Advantix)!

  341. This would be great for my 13 year old dog.

  342. I would Love this for my dog Momo! Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed!

  343. This is a perfect bed for my Holly!

  344. My dog, Holly, would love this!

  345. Finally…. something to get rid of those annoying pests. Way to go 🙂

  346. Would love this for my pups – I have 3 at home and 1 at work ( my bosses pup )..

  347. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  348. My dog, Todd, could use this!

  349. I would love this for my puppy khaleesi. This would be wonderful for using indoors and outdoors.

  350. This bed would be great. My pup loves basking outside in the sun. To have a bed that repels bugs is even better

  351. Would love to have this for our rescue. We have a paralyzed Yorkie that likes to lay outside and this would be great to keep the bugs off him

  352. Would love this for my rat terrier mazee!

  353. This would be incredible!

  354. my two dogs would love this. the one has allergies to fleas.

  355. Interested to see if this really works?

  356. Seems like a good idea!

  357. good idea!

  358. My dog takes a joint enhancer tablet every morning and she’s good for the day no pain in her legs or back

  359. good idea

  360. Yes! My two chihuahuas love to catch the sun rays out on our deck all summer long. I don’t leave them out for as long as they would like because of mosquitoes. This would be great as a repellent but also so comfortable! Thanks for the chance.

  361. What an invention! Thanks for the opportunity to get one!

  362. Lulu would LOVE to have this bed ! Fleas love her sensitive skin 😖 Please pick her so she can sleep 🙀😹

  363. PS. Lulu is a sweet little Bichon Frise 😊

  364. I know my Lucky would love to sleep on this nice Bed.

  365. My Bischon,, Snowball, is 15 years old and has many skin problems. This bed might be the answer.

  366. my shadow would love this bed and it looks comfortable as well as practical

  367. This is a great idea!

  368. What a great idea this pet bed is. Luckily, I have a Yorkie named Bear who would fit it perfectly!

  369. I would love this for our adopted baby Abby!!!

  370. This is a great idea. The more protection for my little guy the better.

  371. My dog would absolutely love this and really needs this!

  372. Considering the fabulous state of Delaware decided to install drainage? ponds, some kind of ponds anyway all around our house, the mosquitoes that were barely tolerable before will be worse this year. But we NEED that fifth sports complex in a state you miss if blink while driving and for a mere cost of millions in taxpayer dollars. Politicians is smarts.

  373. Pamela Christine McFallFebruary 16, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Maggie told me she would REALLY love this! Especially since we live in the boonies and ticks are always here!

  374. Bella would love love love this bed Almost as much as I love Bella!

  375. How neat! This would be awesome for when the dogs Sun themselves on the deck! Thanks for the chance!

  376. The flea can take what it wants without stopping to woo, but uses no force beyond the force of it’s teeth. It has not been successful so far with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed.

  377. My old baby boy would love to be bug free when laying in the yard this summer

  378. My Fur baby would love to use on of those bed. She tends to lay down on the floor or cement way too much.

  379. I get so nervous whenever I see my dog scratching himself. I would sleep alot better if I had oen of these. Lucky would be lucky of we won this!

  380. WHat a great product! My dog and /or cat would certainly benefit from it. Living in South Carolina, there are alot of critters!

  381. This would perfect for my brother-in-law’s bulldog!

  382. This would be the perfect size for my 3 rescue kitties to share

  383. Have washed my two dogs’ beds three times this week trying to rid the house of
    fleas. They could really use one of those beds!

  384. ik have some cats who think they are a dog… plus it would be good when my daughters dog visits

  385. What a wonderful creation! Would love to protect our dog, Carl!

  386. Looks like a great bed for our dog, Katie!!!

  387. Good idea, for my pets as well as visitors pets if they’ll share! 🙂

  388. I think my hunter would love that bed!

  389. What a wonderful extra insurance item to keep my Baby safe from fleas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  390. I love it. I live in New Mexico and I am always worried about spiders getting to my dogs so this would be perfect.

  391. Cool product! I hope I win for my dog!

  392. What an interesting idea. This is a great idea for a gift too!

  393. My two fur babies would love this.

  394. My new kitten and senior cat would love this! I’d feel good knowing they had such a great product to have for bed!

  395. This is the first time I have heard of something like this it’s very interesting would love to try this out for my dogs.

  396. My pom is allergic to flea bites and would be very excited to have a bed that helped keep fleas and skeeters away!

  397. Got no bugs on me, so i can sleep in peace!

  398. I need to save for this so I can share it with my beloved rescue cat. She has been so gentle
    and sweet to us. Best thing I ever did was invite her in my house for a (hopefully) very long

  399. Yes my pets would benefit immensely using Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed! I have three dogs and three cats now! Thank you for the chance to win!

  400. having 3 dogs and 4 cats means increased chance of fleas getting on the pets. This would certainly help.

  401. Spring is right around the corner, and the fleas will be bothering my pup again. This would be perfect to protect her — and us!

  402. Love it! I’ll take all the protection I can get for my dog.

  403. My maltipoo would love this!

  404. As warmer approaches so do the nasty pests !

  405. Lacey would love this!!! Pick Me!!!

  406. My last dog suffered from heartworm, but survived. I worry about my current adopted pup because we have so much shrubbery around. I love the gardens, but hate the thought of my pup getting bitten by a mosquito or tick and reliving my last experience. Your bed would be a relief!

  407. My dog could definitely use a great new pet bed like that.

  408. This would be great for camping!

  409. This would be great for my dog, living in Florida we get “creepy crawlys” all year round!

  410. What a fantastic idea! Maybe those pesky horse flies would stay away from my old dog!

  411. This would be amazing for my sweet girl!

  412. My cat sleeps by our pellet stove on a little blanket….a warm cozy little bed would be perfect for her night time dreams next to our stove. What a delight to know she sleeps safely at night warming in her little bed.

  413. What an amazing idea! We don’t have issues with fleas around here, but the ticks are sometimes out of control, even after we spray our trees. This would be great!

  414. We get ticks so this would be great!

  415. This would be great for any one of my 3 dogs.

  416. I would love to win this special bed for my doggy brother Sidney the beagle who is 10–he would love this so much..thank you!

  417. nice to win this scale model

  418. This is an amazing product! I think it would really work wonderfully for our dogs! Thank you 🙂

  419. we take tons of day and weekend trips to the country – this bed would be great for keeping to tick/bugs off when we rest!!

  420. What a great idea.

  421. Our chihuahua/jack russell would love this when she plays outside in Maine !!

  422. Our chihuahua/jack russell “MOLLIE” would love this when she plays outside in Maine !

  423. Would love this for my fur baby!

  424. This is such a great thing for our fur babies!! Thanks for the chance!

  425. I think that would be a great for my dog; because here on the river the bugs outnumber everything.

  426. Sounds interesting..would definitely like to give it a try

  427. Such a wonderful item. Thank you for the chance.

  428. I would love to try this out for my two Westies!

  429. This would be great for my dogs since they love to be outside!

  430. My dog would definitely benefit from the insect shield, insect repellent reversible dog bed. Living in New Orleans, we have all types of bugs crawling around, and that bed would let my Jojo sleep comfy!!!!!!

  431. Fantastic idea especially for his stroller for when we go for a walk!

  432. My lil diva would love a dog bed she is a Greta dog and keeps me and her dog brother cocaine company

  433. One of our Goldens is afraid of spiders, so this would be an awesome bed to own for our dog!!

  434. Sounds like a great product for my son’s dog. They travel a lot, she is a therapy dog, recently got fleas in Florida. Not fun for either of them and we worry what will happen if she gets them often. Even though we buy our flea products from you .

  435. Love the chance to win something that could help my dog. From the products I bought from here an now can win something special. Just love this site.

  436. Awesome contest good luck to all . Love this site. Products are great. Glad to have a chance for some thing else.

  437. My sweet Zoey would love this prize!🐶

  438. Our dog Palo could really benefit from this. We live in Kansas and he deserves a nice bed. He’s our protector!

  439. Our dog doesn’t like to be bugged.

  440. My dog, Buddy, loves his bed right now. But he loves it so much that he tears it up! I swear he thinks it’s a rabbit and just shakes it and shakes it! Another 2 weeks and he will need a new bed!!

  441. My Sadie would benefit from this simply because we live in the country and even tho we think we have everything under control we can be fooled quickly! Would love to give this product a try!

  442. my yorkies are tiny but they love to play outside . at night they cuddle in one bed this would be great for us . thank you

  443. This would be an amazing win for my dog Bugsy! He loves being outside and this would be perfect for when we go camping!! Fingers crossed!!! 😄

  444. This awesome bed would help keep all the skeeters away from my dog. The skeeters are as big as dinosaurs where I live.

  445. Love to have this for when our Granddog visits!

  446. I love this concept. It’s got to be perfect for traveling

  447. My dog bruiser loves his bed. He could really use a new one and this bed sounds great for him.

  448. Our sweet intelligent Yorkie Simon would enjoy this bed..

  449. My coco bear would love this, he needs a new bed!

  450. This sounds great! It would be awesome for our pups to use when we go camping.

  451. We have 3 dogs….and ALL love pet beds to lounge on. Don’t get me erong–I raise vouch potatoes…but when the humans need the room–the furbabies lay on beds. Some pets don’t like beds, as they never use them. Now, one of my babies is allergic to ANY type of insect bite and it’s a constant battle each Spring/Summer because we live in the South–bugs LOVE our area. 🙁 This bed would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T for her! ♡ I appreciate the chance and thrilled to have opened my email this morning to read such news! Thanks!!!

  452. My babies could use this my cat cuddles up with my male pit to sleep they have a nice dog bed to sleep on but my cat snuck out & needless to say she is pregnant this would be great for the babies so they don’t get bit.

  453. Added Note: SHARED to multiple sites.

  454. Perfect size for Hank .Will get him off the couch LOL

  455. My dogs bed is wore out! She could use a new one.

  456. My dog Holly would love this bed. And I would feel better knowing I am giving her added protection against pests.

  457. This is a great giveaway for our pet. Thanks so much!

  458. this would be fantastic.

  459. My Maxine would love this!

  460. My lab loves to lay outside on our deck.This would be wonderful for her to have something soft to lay on and not have to be bothered by bugs especially mosquitos.We live in South Ga. And usually have them for the better part of the year and add the fact we have a large Pond across the street from us and a giant Lake 2 houses behind our house.We constantly have mosquitos.

  461. Really need this cam has flea allergies.

  462. Oh how I would love this my two little westies love being outside one of my little westies now sat in some ants bless her heart

  463. My toy maltese is always wanting to get into the woods when we walk. So I have to check her each time we come back into the house. Would love to have the new pet bed.

  464. I have a husky whom loves to stay outside most of day..This would be ideal for him to keep all the bugs from biting and the dangers of mosquitos away from him..Would love this bed for him 💙

  465. we live at lakeside in Orlando with lots of mosquito buzzing around and know my little Cappuccino would benefit in relaxing with us in the backyard without being bugged by these nasty mosquitos.

  466. Pablo would love this bed, he has skin issues that insect bites can make worse!

  467. We are becoming proud parents of an 11 week old Shih Tzu tomorrow (2/18/17) and this would be simply perfect. Thanks for the opportunity for me to win.

  468. What a cool idea

  469. My furbaby could really use one of these,,in summer we take her everywhere with us,,it’d be nice to throw on ground at park, or a family picnic tu

  470. This would be perfect for my boy Yoda! Especially during the buggy summer month.

  471. This would be perfect for camping.

  472. My dog Tonka could use this! She loves to lay outside!!!

  473. My dog always got this problem this might be the solution!

  474. This sounds to good to be true!!! A heaven sent answer to our prayers for sure!!!

  475. we all would benefit from insect protection

  476. Washable is a plus! Protection and comfort-dog heaven…

  477. I live in a small bungalow style house that is situated with it’s back door opening to a large wooded area. I have a 6 year old female husky mix and whichever foster dog I have at the time from Eleventh Hour Dog Rescue in Randolph, NJ. It seems as though all sorts of insects manage to find their way into my house. It is a constant battle keeping them away from my dogs and myself. This bed would be a real blessing in my efforts to keep the insect intruders away from my pets.

  478. My fur baby, Rusty, would love this!

  479. this would be great for our dog. We live in florida and constantly combating bugs

  480. Never heard of this one or saw it in our local pet stores, be wonderful to win this for Angle.

  481. It just goes to show the importance of preventive treatments. Grateful I can get them cheaper from 1800petmeds. =)

  482. It sounds great. our pet needs protecyion from insects.

  483. My shug loves to just lay in the yard and watch the cars go by. She would love this awesome bed because I have to wipe her down when I bring her in.

  484. This would be great for Bullwinkle at camp. Never to sure what insects are hiding out in the grass.

  485. This is a fantastic idea.

  486. My Zoey could sure you this when we are out on our deck

  487. Our pet dog would certainly benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed. We do a lot of camping and this product would be a dream come true and we wouldn’t have to worry about ticks or other biting insects anymore. Hmmmm, now I need one for myself! Ha Ha.

  488. My poor yorkie Jasmine, every time she goes out to potty. We have an acre and the yellow fly’s or yellow jacket’s attack her. and that bite really hurts. I know they have gotten me too…. I put skin so soft on her but doesn’t really help.
    Thank you

  489. Misty (brussels griffon) would love to have this, as she enjoys sitting outside, during the summer. She will be 13 on February 24……what a great b-day present for an old lady, who cant keep up with Bailey (pitbull) anymore!

  490. Live in heavy infested tick area, plus fleas get bad in summer months. This would be an awesome addition to my prevention products

  491. Would love to win an Insect Repellent dog bed as one more way I can help protect my dog from pesky insects. The bed looks good too. And the fact that I can wash the cover makes me really want one for my pet.

  492. This Pet Bed would be a great asset for my Corgi who has one terrible skin reaction to flea bites!

  493. Our foster dogs could use one.

  494. Really need this. Our dog has fleas and it is causing my kids to have bad allergies. Thanks for the chance

  495. Pretty cool. I’m sure my dogs would enjoy this.

  496. nice, i didn’t know they made things like this

  497. This is awesome! My little Pepsi dog would love this! He lays in the tack room when I take him to the barn with me, which I do a lot! He tries to hide from the bugs in there but they end up finding him. He would love to lay by the riding ring on this while I ride and in the barn while I’m in the barn.

  498. my dog takes her super joint enhancer every morning and is pain free the rest of the day

  499. Would be great for camping!

  500. What a great idea, my dog Boo loves to be outside. I could just leave this on the patio and she could lay on it all day long.

  501. My sister has 2 older but still vibrant shih tzu’s. I would love to win this for her “babies.”

  502. I’d love to give this bed a try. We spend most of our Georgia summers on the Flint River and our little chihuahua happily goes along with us. He even has his own tiny life jacket for riding in the boat. We do as much as possible to protect him from insects and this would be a perfect addition. It even matches our orange tent!

  503. Spuds McKenzie, my dog would appreciate this very much!
    He would love this bed so much!

  504. My little Roxie would love it. We rescued her in November and a great bed would be wonderful !

  505. The way we are outside so much and active with our dogs, having this would be awesome! We’re going camping and other outdoor adventures over the summer and want to keep our dogs as safe as possible, so this would be great to have!

  506. My girls would love this!

  507. Good Sweepstakes with a very useful prize.

  508. this would be very beneficial for my little “F Troop”!

  509. This would be perfect for my little “F Troop”. They are all rescues and very much loved!

  510. This would be awesome! Thanks!

  511. My Baby GirlChey Anne would love to win this. She is up in years and this would be great. We live by the woods & fleas, tics etc and I want her more protected so this would be Fantastic. She looked at me just now and smiled cause while texting I am telling her what I have text and she smiled………hope Chey Anne wins

  512. This would be wonderful for my old Jack Russell. He loves lying on the deck in his bed. This would give him extra protection and give me a peace of mind. He is going to be 17 next month and the bed could help him all summer.
    Thank you so much for doing these kinds of things.

  513. This is a really timely idea, given that “flea season” will be upon us soon. Would love to win one!

  514. Would love to win this bed for Snow, our 14 yo dog. There are times that she just stands and stars at her bed as if she is seeing bugs. Would love to win to see if it helps.

  515. My dog Buddy could absolutely use this bed! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  516. Would love for my dog Jack to have one of these🐕!!!

  517. Would love this when outside

  518. I would love to win this for my pup!

  519. Wow! Could all of our dogs benefit from this!! Great idea!

  520. I live in Florida where bugs are a year-round problem. This bed is a great idea, and I could really use one for my dogs.

  521. Great for camping trips

  522. Would be amazing for my Doodle Daisy….She would love it!!!

  523. Would love this to keep the fleas and other biting bugs off our fur-babies.

  524. This would be fantastic for my rescue beagle Sammy.

  525. This would be perfect for camping too. We go camping every year and sometimes the bugs are bad. My dog loves to. Be outdoors so we could use this in the tent.

  526. This would be great for camping too! Sometimes the bugs can be bad. My dog loves to be outside so this would be perfect for the tent!

  527. My dog is extremely sensitive to insects. Even though we use an oral product AND a flea collar, every year in the fall she starts itching and scratching and graduates to pulling all of the hair out of her back end! It’s extremely frustrating for us and for her. If this product would stop all of that craziness we would be extremely grateful.

  528. This would make the perfect bed for my dog.

  529. Our dog is very sensitive to bites. She rips her fur out and scratches and itches, even though we use oral products and collars. This could solve our problems!

  530. This would be perfect for our dog.

  531. This would be great for my Maggie. She has sensitive skin.

  532. Being a new dog owner, it never occurred to me to buy an insect repellent dog bed. What a great idea!

  533. I’d love to get one of these for my grand fur-baby!

  534. My dog needs this! He seems to pick up fleas when we go outdoors for playtime. I need some extra defense against these buggers!!!

  535. My two dogs would love this bug free bed. It is great that is bug repellent and my they could really benefit from it.

  536. It would definetlely help our on fending off mosquitos in the summer time, when we just want to lounge around outdoors with our furry babies.

  537. This would be awesome for camping and well just everyday!

  538. Rocky boy & crazy Daizy Mae would love this bed. ‘Ain’t no bugs on us’

  539. Rocky boy & crazy Daizy Mae would love this bed. ‘Ain’t no bugs on us’
    🐶🐕🐶🐕🐈And I’m going to tell the cousins

  540. My dogs would love to sleep protecetd

  541. I would love this bed, knowing it would protect my girls when they are traveling or outside. my girls like to sit on the deck and watch. this bed would be great. it would also be nice to put in their outside pen during the summer months for them to lie on instead of the grass or dirt.

  542. This would be amazing for my siberian husky to have outside during the day. His arthritis is too bad for him to be laying on hard concrete outside.

  543. James R. Galyean, JrFebruary 18, 2017 at 4:52 am

    It is funny, how does a little dog named Bella Mia become a family member so quickly. Bella completes our family. She loves to be a winner, and pet-meds helps us to achieve a flea and tick free family. Winning the flea and tick would be great!

  544. My dog would love it. He’s getting old now and it looks so comfortable and he would be protected while he is resting and taking a brake. He is family to me.

  545. My deaf rescue Jack Russell would love this, looks like it would be very comfy!

  546. I need one for the office, my dog goes to work with me every day.

  547. This would be great! My dog loves spending lots of time outside with the kids so this would really be ideal to have in the house!

  548. This is wonderful!

  549. I have 3 dogs – maybe they can share

  550. The Insect Repellent bed sounds wonderful!

  551. the insect repellent bed sound awesome, problem with spiders in the summer months especially! My dog would absolutely love this and it can travel with us! thanks!

  552. Would love to win for foster parent.

  553. most interesting, we need size large if we win for Maximus Thunder

  554. No dog has ever loved the dirt as much as my rescued lab mix pup. Unfortunately, that poses issues with flea prevention. I never heard of products like this till now, & winning one for Flint would be AWESOME.

  555. This would be so nice to win. We have 4 dogs and 4 cats. And ten children , Thank You

  556. I want to win this for doggy

  557. First off, 1-800-PetMeds is the BEST! Just recently, my vet, who has a “price-match” guarantee for meds, prescribed one that would have roughly cost me $170 (after a “sale price” (down from $230.00. Whoop-dee-do!) I ran home to get a price from 1-800-PetMeds, and went back to the vet just to see what would happen. And the vet did match the !-800-PetMeds price! Including waiving the tax and free ship promotion. I still received the price-match price of $106.00 (for Revolution) as now I know I can “trust” my vet and their policies, but everything from now on is going straight through 1-800-PetMeds in the future or as I used to always do in the past. Excellent customer service, excellent prices, wonderful availability!

    The pet bed would be PERFECT for my 17-pound, rescue “mutt”. If I like it enough, I will definitely get the extra large version for my other rescue. (A 78 pound boxer, German Shepherd, Newfoundland, Bull Terrier mix.) It took a LOT of time to “undo” their past, but the rescue if you are a dog lover is definitely worth the effort they DESPERATELY and GRATEFULLY need.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Robert O’Brien

  558. This would be an excellent gift for my son’s new puppy that he recently rescued and bringing back to health. Hoping to win!

  559. We would love to have this for our dogs (well, one of them at a time can enjoy:))

  560. I truly love my dog. Any bed that will help keep him healthy would be wonderful!

  561. I truly love my dog. Any bed that would be beneficial to his health would be wonderful!

  562. I would love this as my pup enjoys laying out on the deck in summer

  563. We love going camping and this would be perfect! 🙂

  564. My daughter has three big dogs in florida and there are a lot of bugs around,all year long.If it works it would be great.

  565. My rescue husky will love
    this mat any time.
    With all the hair on her, is hard to check her for fleas or any insects bites. Will be great for camping since she loves to be outside. With this mat will be no worries. 800 pet meds, always doing something great for our babies.😍🐶🐩 thank you to the whole team.

  566. Would love this for our Addie girl! Thanks for the chance. (:

  567. I would love to have this for Charlie. He already has so many health issues. He certainly does not need more caused by bugs. Thanks for the chance!

  568. Looking forward to trying this out. I sure hope it works!

  569. This is an awesome prize. Had no idea that this was even available!

  570. This would be great for our new rescue!

  571. I would really appreciate this. It would give the puppy a place to go that is NOT in my bed! LOL

  572. I want one of these for our overnight hikes. My dog will not sleep in the tent and prefers to lay outside the tent.

  573. This product is genius!! This pet bed will be wonderful at backyard bar b ques, outdoor concerts, camping and more. Please let me know if this is suitable for cats.

  574. This would be great for my dog, we go camping a lot

  575. My fuzzballs would love this!

  576. This would be a perfect bed to have when we go to camp the bugs are bad

  577. Yes, my Aussies would love this.

  578. This would be amazing for one of our shelter pups.

  579. My Yorkie, Buster, is severely allergic to flea bites so we have to be very, very careful when taking him where other dogs have roamed, plus with the wild animals outside. This would be perfect for him and to help resolve the problem. Thanks to the person who invented it and everyone who decided to market it !!!

  580. Like so many others, we live in the country, and deal with numerous insects. Any help in deterring them would be a bonus. Good luck all!

  581. My boy Blue could sure use this. He rolls on his back constantly itching.

  582. My Buddy would love this. He is extremely allergic to fleas and this would just give him some added protection.

  583. My dog would like this!

  584. How nice to solve Kona’s “itch” problem!

  585. MAX says… stop it.. it’s bugging me… I see them buggers and they are mean little buggers.. get them..NOW

  586. This would be perfect for our boy Bailey when we go to the lakes would help his itch problem

  587. My Dog Diesel will love this!

  588. Our cats could use this great bed! Thanks and God Bless!

  589. My new puppy would love to have this mat and it is just the right size!

  590. My doggie brother Boone would like this. 💗

  591. I have a house of 7 pets, could definitely use!

  592. My little Angel would love one of these. She has been getting fleas a lot since we moved to a more wooded area. the fleas drive her nuts and she all ready has enough health problems in her older years.

  593. My 13 year old Sierra has been dealing with fleas for months (may- nov). We’ve bathed her, put medicine gone through at least 3 beds whatever we can do for her. She has been such a trooper! She needs to enjoy her last couple of months/years.

  594. Sounds wonderful when puppy is outside for a period of time.

  595. I’ve been hoping to get the girls a new dog bed since Nov….it’s always one thing or another, like the frig went out….so I have my fingers crossed! A bug repellent dog bed sounds great, I just hope it doesn’t repell dogs! lol

  596. I would feel safer with my two MINI dachshund who love the outdoors and exploring having a bed like this to rest upon

  597. I would feel better with my two mini dachshunds having abed like this to rest upon after their exploration outdoors

  598. Yes my pet would benefit greatly having a reversilble bug repellant bed.

  599. Yes my pet would benefit greatly having a reversilble bug repellant bed.

  600. Does this help with ear mites too? I’d love to try it out.

  601. Our dogs would love to try out this insect shield, It would be great to add more insect protection for them!

  602. Howdy! Our dogs have 5 acres to run and roll around on. Lots of bugs live here too, so they sure could use this bed. If it works, I will buy more for my other boys to sleep on. Thank ya kindly!

  603. My dog Koda would definitely benefit from this extra protection against biting insects. He is a 115 pound Black Lab/Newfoundland that is allergic to meat, flea saliva and different pollen’s. This great bed would keep him off of the ground and floor to help with any unwanted bugs and other dirt that would cause hives and itching.

  604. We live close to a lot of standing water. Even though we use a flea and tick med, my pup still gets harassed all summer long! She’d sure appreciate this.

  605. This would be perfect for my dog George!

  606. my dog NEEDS this

  607. This would be great for camping with my beagles! How perfect! <3

  608. My dog could really use this!

  609. Yes, my dog loves to lay outside on the porch and this would be fantastic to help keep the bugs off of her.

  610. This sounds like a great idea and my dog needs a new bed.

  611. Sounds like a great idea. Would be useful for my dog.

  612. My dog has a problem with bugs getting in her ears and irritating them. This could possibly help.

  613. I would love to donate this to my local shelter.

  614. Lots of insects in S. Florida, fleas and ticks especially. I have 4 dogs and could really use this!

  615. I would appreciate one of these very much. Thank you for the opportunity

  616. My kitty Izzy would LOVE this… always looking for a new place to sleep. And this would be a nice, safe one!

  617. How terrific this would be for our “itchy” poor dog.! And we could put his bed right on the porch which he likes! Thanks for the chance to win

  618. My dog would love this and so would I.

  619. Our dog would love this. The bed looks very comfortable, and no bugs. Great!

  620. wow! that sounds pretty cool raven would love that in her crate!

  621. My dogs have very itchy skin and we just got rid of fleas a couple of months ago so this would help keep it that way.

  622. Any one of my 5 could use a bed like this.

  623. Awesome, my Barley needs this!

  624. My dog would love this!

  625. Oh my!after seeing all the ailments my pet could get from being bitten by a single bug,I really want this bed for her.

  626. WOW…! BB and JT would fight over this Beautiful bed that i’m looking int o buying them even if we don’t win…

  627. My girl could use this…….she is getting too old to jump up on couch or bed and her own bed would be the very best…..thanks

  628. My little girl who is a King Charles Cocker sleeps on her back (so cute!) most of the time so it would be so comfy for her. I wish I could afford to get something like that for all the little ones in shelters but I am on a fixed income, a good idea for a fund raiser! Thank you for your time Donna

  629. My Bailey could really use this. She has allergic reactions to flea bites. This would be a life saver. ❤

  630. What a wonderful idea. My dog is forever getting red itchy rashes. The vet says it’s either environmental or insect bites. My poor baby can get so itchy, I’d love to give this a try!

  631. Wow! Love it!

  632. I have sirberian huskey he’s name is Buddy he is a resued dog. He SHEDS all the time he would love to have one of those beds, he derseves he is an awesome dog.

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