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When you have pets, the battle of the bugs is non-stop. Protecting your dog from pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies can be tough, but it’s vital to your pet’s health. There’s a long list of dangerous diseases that are caused by insect bites, making them not only a nuisance but a serious threat to your dog’s health and longevity. With the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed, you and your dog can rest assured that biting bugs will keep their distance…or suffer the consequences!

One insect bite could transmit disease to your dog

Diseases carried by biting insects can take a serious toll on your pet’s health. A single bite could result in a lifetime of chronic health problems. Some insect-borne diseases are even deadly. The subsequent health care costs can also be difficult to keep up with. That’s why prevention is so much wiser than leaving your pet unprotected.

It’s not a matter of if an unprotected pet will get sick from biting insects, but when. Below are just a few diseases that are transmitted to pets through the bite of an infected insect.

5 pet diseases caused by insect bites

  1. Heartworms – Many people are shocked to learn that deadly heartworm disease is actually transmitted to pets by mosquitoes. Heartworm infection is difficult and expensive to treat. In some cases, there is no safe treatment option.
  2. Tapeworm – Tapeworms are transmitted through flea bites. A tapeworm infection robs your pet of vital nutrients needed to maintain good health.
  3. Lyme disease – Pets get Lyme disease from being bitten by an infected tick. It is more often seen in dogs than in cats and can result in symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, swelling of joints, and lameness.
  4. Flea allergy dermatitis – Flea saliva left on your pet’s skin following a bite could lead to itching, inflammation, and hot spots that can cause pain and misery.
  5. Canine Bartonellosis – Transmitted to dogs by infected fleas, lice, sand flies, and ticks, Bartonella infection results in an enlarged spleen and/or liver, cough, seizures, arthritis, vomiting, diarrhea, and possible nose bleed. It also causes inflammation of the brain, heart muscle, eyes, nose, and lymph nodes.

This is just a sample of the many maladies transmitted to pets by biting insects. Protecting your dog with a monthly oral or topical flea preventative is essential, but adding an extra measure of repellent is ideal to help keep pests off your pet.

Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed offers proven protection

Buy the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed at 1800PetMedsThe Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed is a perfect first line of protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies that could infect your precious pet with dangerous diseases. This comfortable dog bed offers proven insect killing and repellent technology to protect your dog from insects and the diseases they carry.

One of the places parasites love to hide is right in your pet’s own bed. The Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed kills and repels bugs, so your dog doesn’t have to share his or her comfort zone with unwanted bedfellows. The EPA-Approved, odorless, permethrin-infused fabric cover is machine washable and built to last. The Insect Shield technology is even used in military uniforms and gear to protect soldiers against biting insects.

This dual-purpose pet bed is ideally sized to fit in most pet crates and comes in sizes Small, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large. Use it in your dog’s crate, on the floor in your home, or outside on the patio. The ripstop polyester cover is scratchproof and the insect repellent properties remain effective for up to 25 washings.

Orange on one side and Slate color on the other side, this reversible pest-control pet bed will help keep your dog comfy and protected all night long and at nap time, too! It’s also great for camping trips and other outings so your dog can relax in the sun without the annoyance of crawling, flying, and biting pests. Use the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed as a trusted backup method of insect control so fleas, ticks, and other bugs have no place to hide.



Win a FREE Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed!

Would your pet benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed Size Small from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Jana B! We’ll send you an email about how to claim your prize. 



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  1. This sounds great! It would be awesome for our pups to use when we go camping.

  2. We have 3 dogs….and ALL love pet beds to lounge on. Don’t get me erong–I raise vouch potatoes…but when the humans need the room–the furbabies lay on beds. Some pets don’t like beds, as they never use them. Now, one of my babies is allergic to ANY type of insect bite and it’s a constant battle each Spring/Summer because we live in the South–bugs LOVE our area. 🙁 This bed would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T for her! ♡ I appreciate the chance and thrilled to have opened my email this morning to read such news! Thanks!!!

  3. My babies could use this my cat cuddles up with my male pit to sleep they have a nice dog bed to sleep on but my cat snuck out & needless to say she is pregnant this would be great for the babies so they don’t get bit.

  4. Perfect size for Hank .Will get him off the couch LOL

  5. My dogs bed is wore out! She could use a new one.

  6. My dog Holly would love this bed. And I would feel better knowing I am giving her added protection against pests.

  7. This is a great giveaway for our pet. Thanks so much!

  8. this would be fantastic.

  9. My Maxine would love this!

  10. My lab loves to lay outside on our deck.This would be wonderful for her to have something soft to lay on and not have to be bothered by bugs especially mosquitos.We live in South Ga. And usually have them for the better part of the year and add the fact we have a large Pond across the street from us and a giant Lake 2 houses behind our house.We constantly have mosquitos.

  11. Really need this cam has flea allergies.

  12. Oh how I would love this my two little westies love being outside one of my little westies now sat in some ants bless her heart

  13. My toy maltese is always wanting to get into the woods when we walk. So I have to check her each time we come back into the house. Would love to have the new pet bed.

  14. I have a husky whom loves to stay outside most of day..This would be ideal for him to keep all the bugs from biting and the dangers of mosquitos away from him..Would love this bed for him 💙

  15. we live at lakeside in Orlando with lots of mosquito buzzing around and know my little Cappuccino would benefit in relaxing with us in the backyard without being bugged by these nasty mosquitos.

  16. Pablo would love this bed, he has skin issues that insect bites can make worse!

  17. We are becoming proud parents of an 11 week old Shih Tzu tomorrow (2/18/17) and this would be simply perfect. Thanks for the opportunity for me to win.

  18. What a cool idea

  19. My furbaby could really use one of these,,in summer we take her everywhere with us,,it’d be nice to throw on ground at park, or a family picnic tu

  20. This would be perfect for my boy Yoda! Especially during the buggy summer month.

  21. This would be perfect for camping.

  22. My dog Tonka could use this! She loves to lay outside!!!

  23. My dog always got this problem this might be the solution!

  24. This sounds to good to be true!!! A heaven sent answer to our prayers for sure!!!

  25. we all would benefit from insect protection

  26. Washable is a plus! Protection and comfort-dog heaven…

  27. I live in a small bungalow style house that is situated with it’s back door opening to a large wooded area. I have a 6 year old female husky mix and whichever foster dog I have at the time from Eleventh Hour Dog Rescue in Randolph, NJ. It seems as though all sorts of insects manage to find their way into my house. It is a constant battle keeping them away from my dogs and myself. This bed would be a real blessing in my efforts to keep the insect intruders away from my pets.

  28. My fur baby, Rusty, would love this!

  29. this would be great for our dog. We live in florida and constantly combating bugs

  30. Never heard of this one or saw it in our local pet stores, be wonderful to win this for Angle.

  31. It just goes to show the importance of preventive treatments. Grateful I can get them cheaper from 1800petmeds. =)

  32. It sounds great. our pet needs protecyion from insects.

  33. My shug loves to just lay in the yard and watch the cars go by. She would love this awesome bed because I have to wipe her down when I bring her in.

  34. This would be great for Bullwinkle at camp. Never to sure what insects are hiding out in the grass.

  35. This is a fantastic idea.

  36. My Zoey could sure you this when we are out on our deck

  37. Our pet dog would certainly benefit from an extra measure of protection against biting bugs with the Insect Shield Insect Repellent Reversible Pet Bed. We do a lot of camping and this product would be a dream come true and we wouldn’t have to worry about ticks or other biting insects anymore. Hmmmm, now I need one for myself! Ha Ha.

  38. My poor yorkie Jasmine, every time she goes out to potty. We have an acre and the yellow fly’s or yellow jacket’s attack her. and that bite really hurts. I know they have gotten me too…. I put skin so soft on her but doesn’t really help.
    Thank you

  39. Misty (brussels griffon) would love to have this, as she enjoys sitting outside, during the summer. She will be 13 on February 24……what a great b-day present for an old lady, who cant keep up with Bailey (pitbull) anymore!

  40. Live in heavy infested tick area, plus fleas get bad in summer months. This would be an awesome addition to my prevention products

  41. Would love to win an Insect Repellent dog bed as one more way I can help protect my dog from pesky insects. The bed looks good too. And the fact that I can wash the cover makes me really want one for my pet.

  42. This Pet Bed would be a great asset for my Corgi who has one terrible skin reaction to flea bites!

  43. Pretty fly!

  44. Our foster dogs could use one.

  45. Really need this. Our dog has fleas and it is causing my kids to have bad allergies. Thanks for the chance

  46. Pretty cool. I’m sure my dogs would enjoy this.

  47. nice, i didn’t know they made things like this

  48. This is awesome! My little Pepsi dog would love this! He lays in the tack room when I take him to the barn with me, which I do a lot! He tries to hide from the bugs in there but they end up finding him. He would love to lay by the riding ring on this while I ride and in the barn while I’m in the barn.

  49. my dog takes her super joint enhancer every morning and is pain free the rest of the day

  50. Would be great for camping!

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