[New Product] Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy

Is your cat tired of playing with the same old ball of yarn and empty shipping boxes? To be fair, they never get tired of empty boxes but it may be time to step up your cat’s game. Add exciting, interactive play to your cat’s day with the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy, created by a cat expert who truly knows what cats crave.

Benefits of playing with your cat

In households with more than one pet, there’s usually a natural bit of back and forth wrestling that keeps them active and engaged. However, if your cat is a loner your assistance may be required to sustain a healthy level of exercise and interaction. Without daily playtime, many cats may become overweight and disinterested in activity. This can lead to health problems including joint stiffness and a general decrease in vitality. Below are a few of the many benefits of daily play with your cat.

  • Relieves stress
  • Helps avoid weight gain
  • Improves agility
  • Fights boredom & depression
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Sharpens hunting skills
  • Strengthens your bond

Eye-paw coordination is essential to a cat’s survival in the wild, as is the stealth to sneak up on potential prey. Playing is vital to keep those instinctual skills honed, especially for indoor cats. For housecats, it’s important to stimulate these natural instincts to keep them happy and healthy.

What are the best cat toys for indoor cats?

Cats have different interests when it comes to playing. While some have a need for speed, other cats enjoy a slower pace with a little suspense. Cat play can range from sneaky stalking to a full-on bunny kicking attack in the blink of an eye. Choosing a cat toy that appeals to your cat’s personal playing style will help keep him or her playing longer.

While your cat will likely enjoy any interaction with you on a regular basis, playing satisfies many feline physical, emotional, and psychological needs. When you are controlling the speed and intensity of the game, your cat will be more inclined to participate with enthusiasm. To further enhance your playtime, choose cat toys that appeal to your cat’s individual preferences. Find out if your cat is more responsive to dangling a toy in the air or dragging it across the ground. This will help you choose the best cat toy to appeal to your cat’s natural hunting tendencies.

Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy thrills the inner hunter

Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat ToysCelebrity cat expert Jackson Galaxy has created the cat toy that will take your kitty’s playtime to the next level. The Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy is designed to capture the attention of cats based on an interest in air prey or ground prey.

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand

If your cat loves chasing birds, moths, and butterflies, the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Air Prey Wand will inspire spirited leaping and swatting. The lightweight tether attached to the feather toy allows you to control the game with a gentle wave of your wrist. The simulated flight is lifelike and exciting to cats who love all things that swoop and flutter.

Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand with Caterpillar

If your cat is more interested in little creepy crawlies that skitter away, the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Ground Prey Wand with Caterpillar Toy might be the best choice. The jointed yellow and black striped caterpillar mimics the movement of insects across the floor, around corners, and under furniture.

Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand with Iguana

Is your cat the brave, King of the Jungle type? Try the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Ground Prey Wand with Iguana Toy for cats who like to take on larger prey. The chunky, jointed lizard toy will feel like a real trophy catch to your pint-sized panther.

Both Ground Prey toys have jointed bodies that wiggle and writhe to simulate scurrying. The Air Prey Wand has a retractable line for easy storage. Ground Prey Wands have a flexible, springy wire tether that helps move the attached toy with erratic, lifelike motion requiring minimal effort. All three Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toys have telescopic handles to let you stay far enough away from the action to truly ignite your cat’s imagination.

If your cat is the type who likes to chase everything and anything, get one of each!



Win a FREE Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy!

Would you and your cat enjoy some crazy playtime with a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

We decided to give away TWO toys! Congrats to the drawing winners, Amanda F. and Dawn. Look for an email from us about how to claim your prize. 



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  1. My cat would love this toy!!

  2. My Maine coons would love this!

  3. My cat would love this toy!

  4. yes our rescue cats would love a new toy

  5. our cat would have fun w this item

  6. My baby would LOVE a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy!! She would play and play!!

  7. My kitty would go nuts for this!

  8. We have 2 cats for twice the fun!

  9. This would be the best!

  10. Our cats would love this toy!

  11. Let’s play!!

  12. Would love one or two my cats would love it💕

  13. Would love one or two my cats would love it💕

  14. Looks great for my 17-year old cat!

  15. My cat, Cinnamon, loves to play and she would love this toy too!

  16. We have three cats. My old girl, Moko, has never cared for playing with toys. However, the other two – Arata (3 years old) and Kotoha (8 months yesterday) – are very energetic and playful, and they both especially love wand toys. They’ve finally destroyed the ones we have, so I could really use a new one!

  17. Sophie loves to watch My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy! Makes her feels like a well-behaved cat! She’d love one of his toys.

  18. This is so cute!! My four kitties love to play !! 🙂

  19. That’s a great prize.

  20. This should help my 17-year old, Calypso, get more exercise!

  21. My crazy Siamese, Belle, would love this!

  22. Our three cats would have a blast with this!

  23. I just got a kitten for my autistic granddaughter. His name is Prince. She spends hours playing with Prince. I know they both would love this toy!

  24. My cure for having more kitty playtime!!!!

  25. I just adopted a cat who is playful, but needs to lose some lbs! This would be perfect!

  26. My foster kittens would love to chase this toy.

  27. I have a young ragdoll cat that loves to play. And needs too. He would absolutely flip head over paws for a toy like this. Our older cat would probably get into the action too. Not to mention our little chorkie.

  28. My lazy cats could use a bit of exercise! LOL

  29. How fun, we’d like one!! Tip, Pip, and Seymour Plante

  30. Thank you! This would be so fun!

  31. These couch fishers are the only way I can get my senior guys to play!!! We love them!!

  32. Would love 1 of these for my cat since my dog destroyed the first one!

  33. My cat would absolutely love this toy!

  34. All three of my kitties are obsessed with wands. One even carries it in her mouth dragging it throughout the house. It is awesome!!

  35. My cat does need this. The dog has chewed up his catnip toys so he’s left with nothing.

  36. My 5 rescue kitties would LOVE this!! So would their bother Bailey, my doggie.

  37. Jesse, Pablo and Buck would go crazy for this!

  38. I do not have I cat, but I would give this to the shelter where I adopted my black lab…They would love it!

  39. One of my 7 kitties would love this

  40. I watch cat from hell all the time and I love the show. I love cats but I do not have one because I have allergy `s but if I win the cat toy I will donate it to a animal shelter so that a cat in need will have a cool toy to play with…

    I am a big animal lover and I love to help animals I use to volunteer at my local animal shelter and I saw what the animals were going throw.

    I have a dog.

  41. My kitty is crazy and would love to play with this toy!!!

  42. My cat would love this! He brings me his toys sometimes to play with him. I bet he would do the same thing if he had this!

  43. Oh my gosh! My cat would absolutely LOVE this!

  44. This would be so appreciated by my GrandCat!

  45. I don’t have a cat, but my boss has three. I know she would LOVE to have this toy to play with them. They are very active and I know she would love to have this. Her birthday is in July and this would make an excellent gift for her.

  46. My kitty is crazy wild and would love this toy!!!!

  47. Oh my, Sparky would love this toy!

  48. my cat Tom really needs this toy

  49. My two kitties; Captain & Morgan will be 2 this May. I KNOW they would love a new toy! Thanks for the chance to win 1 for them!

  50. I don’t have a cat, but my boss has three. I know they would absolutely love to play with this toy. My boss’s birthday is in July and this would make an excellent birthday gift for her. I know they would all have fun!!!

  51. My precious would be so Thankful Grateful and Blessed with this phenomenal toy! Tyvm appreciate God Bless!😇

  52. My cats would love this because anything with feathers gets attacked and must die immediately. LOL

  53. Our cat, Mr. Pepper, named for his fiery personality, needs this! Would keep him from attacking arms and legs, lol. Love Jackson’s show, watch it all the time, great advice and so cat wise.

  54. Pretty sure Piper would love this. She might rip the feathers to shreds, though.

  55. My new little kitty would have a blast. He has a lot of energy, maybe if he plays with that it would wear him out he won’t bite me

  56. I think my cat Wilbur would go nuts for this! His favorite toys are feather wands!

  57. Our misty would love it!😺

  58. OH! My lazy indoor boys would love this! Especially the younger one that’s getting a bit….squishy 😉 Putting it on my Wishlist….

  59. My cats would love to have this.

  60. My kitty Helvetica is crazy & would love to play with this, maybe it will calm her down a little 😊

  61. Looove my playtime……

  62. hours of kitty fun!

  63. My 2 cats, Sally Ashes & Bailey Ditty would love this!

  64. My kitty has several wand toys and I am always looking for one that really interests him. This looks like it could be it!

  65. My cats would so love this.

  66. My Litttle Bit would love it.

  67. My Maine coon kitty loves Jackson galaxy toys! They are the only toys that keep him entertained! I ♥️ Jackson Galaxy!

  68. My active Bengal cat loves to play and would love this toy!!! He loves anything with feathers.

  69. Yes this would really be welcomed by my 5 precious babies………if there is one thing they love it is playing and Jacksons play toy would be great…….fun fun fun fun do they hope they win……meow meow meow meow meew which means ” thank you much win please”

  70. Me and my sweet cat McScreamy would love to play with the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy from 1800PetMeds! She loves to play!!! 🙂

  71. I would love to win this for my sons cat.

  72. Granny’s kitties would love this!

  73. Well, 8 of my kitties (yes, that’s right, I have eight special kitties) would love to fight over it! I am sure the feathers won’t last long but we will have a lot of fun watching them play…

  74. My cats love feathers

  75. Hi,
    My two cats would love a new toy. They are not happy with their new 80 pound German Sheppard sister.

  76. My cat Dartangion would love to play with this!

  77. Always looking for a new toy to keep my cats having fun!

  78. This looks like a great toy to encourage activity and playful interaction.

  79. Our cat is always in some kind of trouble, she enjoys knocking things off our table, I need to wear her out.

  80. love your toys!

  81. My 4 furrbabies go thru toys faster than I can replace them! I would love to win this

  82. My lazy cats could definitely use the exercise.

  83. i would love this Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy. it would give my girls so much joy, fun and give them some exercise as well. thank you.

  84. My Meuzza loves to bat at things, she would love this!

  85. El Super Beasto Von Meowzers would love to have a new toy!!! He spent 40 minutes playing with his toy mouse today.

  86. My Meuzza loves to bat at things, she would love this.

  87. My cat would love this.

  88. If this saves a few lizards lives then it will be worth it

  89. My cat Emily would really enjoy this

  90. Wow! My two fur babies would thins!

  91. Our kitties at the Good Luck Cat Cafe would love these!

  92. This was my cats favorite toy! Sadly it broke and nothing we have gotten him compares to this toy. It would be great to be get him another one!

  93. My Sugar is an anxious cat and playing really helps calm her down. She would love a new toy.

  94. I have 3playful cats this toy would be a WINNER!!

  95. I would love this for my 2 rescue kitties. They are getting fat and lazy and I need to get them up, start moving more so they stay healthy.

  96. My kitties Fizzgig and Sally would love to play with this since they broke their old one…grrr

  97. This wand looks very fun! We would love to get some jumps and fun with this toy…so the answer is yes! Thank you for the chance to win as well!

  98. Looks like lots of fun and playtime

  99. August would love this, he’s a big soft, long haired charcoal grey baby who loves to chase things. Thanks!

  100. My cat loves to fly through the air. She would love this.

  101. My boys – Golaith and Phieffer would have a blast – I would too!

  102. My furbaby kitty would have a ball with this!

  103. My “Get It” Kitty would Love it! Thank You!

  104. Our house would definitely love to have this toy. Playing with wands – Yo-Yo’s favorite is one with a dangling fish – is one of our favorite play activities.

  105. I have been using a rubber ball placed inside an old sock with a string attached to the open end and hung from an overhead rack. She has had a “ball” with this one, but now I think it would be nice to introduce a new toy and this one looks perfect.

  106. Nani, Shadow, and Raiden would love this, as well as my new outside kitty that sticks around. We love to play in this house, and my babies need more toys!

  107. My cat, Caesar, adores bees! He will follow them and play with them even if they sting him. When I saw the “ground prey caterpillar,” I immediately saw that it did resemble a segmented, thin bee. I purchased it right away for Caesar and he loved it! He loved it so much, that he has loved 4 of them! He carries it around the house and sleeps with it! Best of all, he no longer feels a need to be with the bees in our yard since his toy “bee” doesn’t sting him and now runs away from the real ones!

  108. Beau & Grey love their toys-would enjoy.

  109. Looks like a great cat toy! My four kitties would love to give it a try!

  110. What a great idea, an exercise & play toy all in one.

  111. Fatty Cat definitely could use this

  112. My two cats will love this

  113. Our 4 cats have been stuck inside because they hate the snow and ice………….this they would really enjoy and use up some of that stored up energy!

  114. My cat lives these.

  115. All of my kitties would love this toy especially my newest kitten that someone dumped in my driveway 3 months ago when he was only 4 weeks old, we kept him and him and my rescue kitty from a year ago who has a tube in his bladder because he can’t pee on his own due to damage from the cruel person who through him out of their car in the middle of the highway are really gonna love playing together with a toy like this.



  118. My kitty T.J. would have a blast! He loves to do jumps and twists in the air, so this looks perfect!

  119. awesome for cats!

  120. Would love to win this for my two cats!

  121. looks awesome!

  122. We would love this. Yayyyy 🎉🎊

  123. My hairless cat loves wands!

  124. This would reinvigorate my older cat while enticing my younger 2!

  125. I think this is great therapy for me as well as my two Abbys.

  126. This guy sure had good ideas for play time with cats. these are cute and imaginative I would love to win one for Stripes and Buddy. Thank you for the chance.

  127. My Cat would love this, he loves to play.

  128. My mother could really use this to keep them both entertained.

  129. My niece Mattie would love this toy!

  130. My grandcats would love this!

  131. My cats (and quite possibly my dog!) would love this! They could all play together!

  132. My cat would love this, he is bored inside cat, I have tried other cat toys so far he not interested in them even with cat nip sprayed on the toys, like mices, soft balls, even lazor bean does not work, I have looked in our local pet shops for feather stuff but it most do not carry feather stuff for cat’s not popular discontinue. Im running out of options this would be great to win this see if this would get my cat to be playful.

  133. My three indoor cats would get extra joy from playing with this toy and would get their
    needed exercise from their competition for this toy.

  134. My Kitty’s would love this great toy

  135. Looks so fun

  136. My cats love toys. They keep in shape, and it tires them out.

  137. I have 8 rescue cats although 3of them are 5 and 2 of them are 14 and 3 of them are 6 months and older I know they would love this. I too have tried the little mice the ball that spins around a laser they just seem to get bored with me and they often lose the mice

  138. My cat love to chase all things. So this toy would be perfect.

  139. My kitten loves her wand!!! It has to be replaced frequently because my dog likes to steal from her and chew it up. A new wand would be much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!! 🙂

  140. Wow, what a great opportunity to stimulate my cats. Thanks for the opportunity!

  141. I think my 3 cats would love this toy and would get good exercise playing with it.

  142. I love these toys for cats. I really enjoy watching your show too. I learn so much from you on my cats behavioral issues. Its always nice to have new toys to play with the cats with.

  143. Our cats would have SOOOO much fun with this.

  144. This really are great toys. The cats and kittens love them!

  145. My kitten I adopted a few months ago loves toys also my other feline friends. This would be great. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  146. I am entering for our rescue group who saves hundreds of cats each year from our high kill animal control facility. My friends and I would be grateful for the gift of this toy for our babies awaiting adoption.

  147. My cat Luca is….somewhat heavy. Okay….she’s a fatty. But she’s liveable. I think she would LOVE this toy and it would help her activity level.

  148. We need a nCew one! Our cats wore out the old one.

  149. We Need a one! Our cats wore out the old one.

  150. My kitty would have the best time with this toy!! 1-800pet meds is the best!!!

  151. My Meatball would absolutely LOVE one of these.. Thanks for the opportunity..

  152. bvgerman@hotmail.comFebruary 23, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Cool Toy!

  153. Our Siamese loves everything from mice to wand toys with feathers etc.if we don’t play with him when he wants,he will even take the toy and drag it with the wand to get our attention.We try to keep him occupied by playing with toys that we interact with him with.It would be wonderful to win one of the toys…..

  154. bvgerman@hotmail.comFebruary 23, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Our old one wore out!

  155. great toys!

  156. bvgerman@hotmail.comFebruary 23, 2017 at 4:22 pm


  157. Even though Oscar is older, he would still enjoy this. He gets pretty squirrelly sometimes, lol.

  158. Our cat loves toys,especially those we interact with him too.he has mice,balls etc and wand type toys.he enjoys them all and when we don’t play with him,he takes the wand toys and drags them til we play with him..it would be great to win one of Jackson Galaxy’s toys.we watch his show and enjoy all he does for people.

  159. My grandchildren would love this for their two cats!!

  160. My cat would love these toys

  161. My cat is pretty much confined to the bedroom because we just recently got a dog. Usually goes outside but it’s winter. My cat loves birds and mice.

  162. My Axel and Black Bettye would love to have the birdie air prey wand. They both love watching the birds eat off the patio as they watch through the patio door. Of course, they talk to the birdies with their chirp, chirps. They are also on patrol right now to stalk and catch any moth or May Fly that comes in our door ways at night when we enter or leave. I always tease them that they are trying to catch their daily protein fix! Both my kitties are telling me to enter this contest right away as they sure need a flying birdie prey to catch!

  163. I was going to leave a comment to try to win this, but honestly I hope that you win it instead. It’s amazing that you’ve taken in these cats and are giving them the love and the life they deserve. 🙂

  164. Our cats love playing with the wand toy, but ours is pretty worn out. Is a new one in the offing? (I hope so!)

  165. My cat would love this. we always feel guilty cause her sister (a dog) always gets all her toys. she is always left out

  166. My kitties would absolutely love this, but if I won I might see if my friend’s newly adopted and very overweight cat would play with it to help her lose some of her nearly 20 pounds on a petite frame.

  167. I think my Border Collie wold enjoy this as well as my cat, Tinsel 🙂

  168. My girl Marcella we just recently rescued her we had her for asof 2 months now she’s only 6 months old Nd she still very scared and shy I think she love this help her be less stressful

  169. Thiese would be perfect to get my “pleasantly plump” cats up and moving again!

  170. I had to put down my wonderful therapy dog in Sept…He was very ill. Since then I have adopted 2 wonderful kittens from the Humane Society and I also take care of a 1yr old cat of my sons’. All three are very active, seem to love each other and love playing with different toys together and with me.
    This would be a great toy to add to our daily fun.

  171. With three cats who all love different toys, I’m sure at least one of them will love it!

  172. Love watching his show and my cat who still plays like a kitten would love the exercise!

  173. My cat Emma would have a blast with this toy. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win.

  174. I have two cats and they would love this

  175. would love to win this thanks

  176. We just adopted a 2 yr old cat. I would Love to win this for her

  177. I have 6 cats so have many types of cat toys to keep them from “playing attack” with each other When I head toward the bathroom they come too One is on the sink another walking on the tub behind the shower curtain and at least 2 of them wanting me to toss and dangle a shoe string to grab jump and pounce on it Wouldn’t Jackson Galaxy’s toy be much better than the shoe string? I hope I win it and find out If Jackson Galaxy is reading this I want to thank him for his advice given on MY CAT FROM HELL All 6 of my cats are stray cats and come to me with various health and behavior problems They were abandoned mistreated hungry feral born outdoors One of my cats was obviously abused and would bite me when I reached to pet him would come across the room to bite me if I yelled at him and he’s got long legs running down my more docile cats traumatizing them I watched the show and learned the time out method placing him a good size comfortable room with a window for him to settle down He figured out he was in the room for misbehaviour and didn’t want to go there It’s been 3 years and he rarely misbehaves and I can also tell him to stop in a calm voice and he won’t come to bite and usually stops the bad behavior He is an extremely loving cat and has learned and now craves petting I can’t trust him completely because he sometimes turns his head slightly to bite He’s made so much improvement and no one should expect a perfect cat if it’s a stray The thing to remember is that a stray may require more patience and more money spent on health problems

  178. Our cat, Fritz would love to play with us with this!!!

  179. Both of my cats would love to play with this toy!

  180. mycats would love this ,they are always interested in new toys to play with.

  181. My kitties love these types of toys.

  182. My cats love playtime, and this would be great!

  183. AUDESSA SARA VAUGHTFebruary 23, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    My kitty cats would love this toy!

  184. My 4 babies would absolutely love Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Ground Prey Wand with Iguana Toy!!! I have a younger cat and three older cats but it would help each one of them with stress/anxiety, depression, weight gain and so much more! Thank you for the chance to win!

  185. Our 2 kitties would go bananas over one of these!

  186. We’d love to play with our Emmie using this cat wand. We watch Jackson Galaxy’s show on Animal Planet. He gives great advice on cat toys and how to catify the house for Emmie.

  187. Please for my Tinkerbelle!

  188. I have 4 rescues that would love this as their favorite toy

  189. My youngest crazy male kitty would love this!

  190. My youngest crazy male kitty would love this!

  191. My two cats would go crazy for this! They love wand toys and this one looks amazing!!

  192. I love watching Jackson make the cats and owners much happier. Great show. Great products.Pick me! Pick Me!

  193. My two kitties would love this

  194. Me-wow!

  195. Our 3 cats would love something new to play with.

  196. My three babies would adore this! Thank you!

  197. I have 5 cats! They need this!!! They would have a blast 😻

  198. My daughter’s kitten loves feathers!

  199. Looks like loads of fun. My cat would love this!

  200. This would be great for my daughter’s cat.

  201. My friend has 5 adopted shelter cats. This would be a great way to entertain them!

  202. My cat Mittens is 16 years old and still loves to play! I’m sure she would have fun with one of Jackson’s cat toys.

  203. My four kitties would love this toy. The youngest is 2 years old and she loves to play with these type of toys.

  204. I have 4 cats and they all love chasing various toys. I’d love to give them an exciting new toy from Jackson Galaxy’s toy line.

  205. I have 5 wonderful cats 🐱 and I’m always looking for new toys for them to play with thanks for the chance to win

  206. My cat Titan has so much fun playing with daddy when he gets home from work, he has now broken two wands in less than 3 months. We are hoping that Jackson’s will be made to withstand some major kitty playtime!

  207. My two cats would go crazy over this toy!

  208. My mothers cat would absolutely love this 🙂

  209. We love to play with our cat and we want her around for a long time so playing with her helps her stay active and keeps us active too. Yay for the whole family. This awesome galaxy telescoping wand is the cat’s meWOW! Thank you.

  210. My cat Desiree used to have a similar toy and was WILD for it! I’d be thrilled to win this for her knowing how much she’d enjoy it.

  211. We have 5 cats who love toplay with any kind of two they can toss into the air, the two youngest cats are more playful thatn the 3 older cats. They would love to have this toy for their enjoyment.

  212. Jackson Galaxy always has the best cat toys in his guitar case! All of my rescue babies would LOVE the feather wand!

  213. My kitty , TeBo, would jump for joy with this toy!!!

  214. I have several teen age kittens in foster care that would love to get their crazy on with these toys!

  215. My Bryzzo would love to play with this. She just turned 11 this month and is still so full of life.

  216. my little cat loves these toys

  217. My pretty girl is getting older, but she still loves to play and this wand toy would be awesome!

  218. I’m a big fan of Jackson and my cat Juicy

  219. We just got a rescue kitten and he has broken two of these types of feather wand toys (cheaply made). I’d would be nice to win a quality replacement for him.

  220. I have 3 senior cats and 2 younger cats. It would be great to win this for them to play with.

  221. OMG! My cats LOVED the air toy, one even used to do back flips when chasing it. That toy lasted longer than any feather style toy we’ve had over the years, but it eventually lost the feathers and the pole got a bit bent.

  222. would be perfect when I cat sit my grand kitties at my home. currently use a ball of yarn

  223. Mickie, Peanut and Izzy would love to play with a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy. 😺😺😺

  224. This would be a great toy for my 4 cats to share. I feel guilty not letting them outside to pursue their hunting instincts so this would be a good indoor substitute.

  225. This would be a great toy for my 4 cats to share. I feel guilty not letting them outside to pursue their hunting instincts so this would be a good indoor substitute.

  226. Jamba would love this toy. He is going stir crazy inside when the weather is cold!

  227. Looie, our 1yr old rescue maine coon would just love this toy.

  228. Taja would love to play with a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy.

  229. AWESOME!!!!

  230. Love Jackson Galaxy, he knows cats, so I know this toy would be a total groove for my 2 cats, Ayla and Grisj.

  231. My Puff Ball would love this♡

  232. My cats would have a blast with this toy 💖

  233. Puff Ball would love this..

  234. My son’s 3 cats would love playing with this toy. Jackson Galaxy has such wonderful toys.

  235. I would Love to win this awesome toy for my Cats! They would have so much fun! (I Love Jackson’s show also…so I know my Cats would really like this toy.)

  236. I would love to have this for my kitty named Jackson!

  237. My 2 grand-cats are indoor cats, so we’re always looking for fun toys that encourage movement. These toys look perfect.

  238. My cat Stella would love to be able to play with this toy. She loves to chase and play with anything that comes within paw reach.

  239. Tiger Lily won’t go out in the snow–so she is very bored ! (live in Maine). She would love to play with this toy.

  240. Wow……my cats would go crazy over this awesome toy. I love that it telescopes too.

  241. My 9 cats would love a new toy! They were very good kitties and Santy Paws was very generous with them ALTHOUGH they didn’t get one of JACKSONS’ toys! Keeping our PAWS crossed xxoo

  242. I would love this for our new addition

  243. My 6 cats need help with exercising. I could use one of those for myself ! :).

  244. My indoor cats have benefited A LOT because of Jackson Galaxy’s “My Cat From Hell” show. I play with them as often as possible. They’re great jumpers, and would get lots of play time with these toys. We keep wearing our toys out. We could use new toys any time!

  245. I have a curious and playful Sphynx cat that would love a Jackson Galaxy wand!!! All his cat toys look wonderful!

  246. Our Starr Kitty would love this! Fun!

  247. This would be a fantastic toy to use when I play with my foster kittens! Once they are off their bottle I try to use stimulating toys to help develop their playfulness.! 🙂

  248. My babies would love this!

  249. Both of my cats love to chase things across the floor but they also go wild for feathers so I usually end up dragging the feathers across the floor then fling them up at the last minute for a big jump

  250. My cat would love this, and I’m a huge Jackson Galaxy fan!

  251. Katherine Barrett ZywanFebruary 24, 2017 at 12:15 am

    My young cat would love this!

  252. Sorry if this is a repost, but it doesn’t seem like my comment went through –

    I’m a big fan of Jackson’s and I’m sure my cat will be a fan of this toy!

  253. my kitties would love this . thank you

  254. Kitty Kellin would love this toy. He definitely needs more exercise.

  255. My 2 kitties would love to have this. Thanks for the chance.

  256. This toy would be perfect for my active senior black cat Spook

  257. My kitties would enjoy playing with this.

  258. Our two cats would love a new toy……………especially since they’re not happy with their new sister…………..an 80 pound German Sheppard.

  259. Our cat would love this. She has gained weight since she was spayed in August. This toy would be a great way to play with her.

  260. We have a new litter of very active kittens that really would enjoy that toy.

  261. I love 1-800 Pet Meds & Jackson Galaxy!!! Whooohooo!!!!!!!!:)

  262. I love 1-800 Pet Meds & Jackson Galaxy !!:)Whooohooo!!:)

  263. Our cat, Cassius, would LOVE this because he likes to box things with his paws, including us! Please, SAVE OUR ANKLES and send us the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand cat toy!!

  264. Our cat, Cassius, would love this because he likes to box everything, including us, with his front paws! Please, SAVE OUR ANKLES and send us the Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy! Thank you!!

  265. I have a friend that has 2 kitties and I know they would love playing with this toy.

  266. My cat Patches would love this toy.He is older but still very playful.

  267. I seriously dont know who finds a wand toy more entertaining……me…..or the cats! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  268. My 5, yes 5 babies would love this!!

  269. This looks like so much fun! My cats would have a blast with this!

  270. I hope my cats would enjoy playing with it

  271. My rescue cat Oliver would love to win a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy. With long winters here in Montana he doesn’t get outside to play & excercise as much as he would like. Thank you for the chance!!

  272. My kitty Sadie would love that to play with!!! We always have a playtime everyday and she really does look forward to it

  273. My cats would absolutely love this toy, they have already gone through at least 3 of them and its always so much fun to watch them stalk and attack it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  274. this would be so fun for MJ to play with

  275. This would be great for my previously feral shelter adopted cat.

  276. OMG! My 6 kitties would go wild for this! Love his show!!!

  277. I have 5 furry felines and am always looking for new ways to entertain them. This would be wonderful c

  278. We love 1 800 PetMeds! They always made sure my Ishie Blackcat got her insulin right on time. In honor of her passing away on Dec. 24th 2017 we went to our local shelter and adopted a wonderful kitten. I know he would love to play with the Jackson Galaxy toy. We also love watching Jackson Galaxy tv show.

  279. My boys (I have 3) love these toys. They know where they are kept and every time my husband or I go by the cabinet they are right there at our feet wanting to play and of course we oblige them.

  280. Axle and Black Betty would love a Jackson play toy….. they love watching the Doves eat sunflower seeds from our patio. They watch the squirrels and the birds both eat through our glass patio door and chirp and cheep the entire time they are viewing. Axle loves to stalk! He is now watching every time we open doors to outside at night now because the moths and May flies are out already in Texas. If one comes in he stalks and talks to it. Both the kitties love to play and would be delighted to have a new play-pretty….. especially a Jackson Galaxy toy!!!1

  281. My Sister’s rescue kitten Stormy that was found after Hurricane Mathew will absolutely love this toy. She is very playful and certainly a hand full. I don’t have cats myself I have three dogs which is why I love Pet Meds.

  282. Axle and Black Bettye are ready to play. They have their pawsies crossed in hopes of getting a great new Jackson Galaxy toy! They love to play and stalk! They would like a real birdie or squirrel baby to play with. They watch them eat daily and chirp, chirp, chirp to them. Axle’s and Bettye’s human mom will never let them go outside. They need a little critter toy to play with and pounce on inside the house. Right now they are saying, “Hurry Momma!!!! Enter us in that contest so we may get a new toy…… a Jackson Galaxy toy!!!!!!” Here they sit looking at me and telling me they have done their part to win this new toy! They sure are hoping their wishes will come true!

  283. Thanks for providing the medicine my cat needs.

  284. My parents adopted the cat that came to my house…we could not keep it as our dog thought she was a new “chew toy”! They would love to have this toy for the newest member of the family.

  285. My cats would LOVE This Toy, one Needs the exercise to lose some weight n my youngest has a lot of “pep” still & Certainly Could use it too!! It Looks Durable enough for my boys too! (usually once my big guy gets ahold of any toy its Broken Right off)… We would love to” Titan Test” it for you guys…

  286. My cats would have so much fun!

  287. My 3 cats all love wand toys! They have a few Jackson Galaxy products already. They especially love his cat carrier!

  288. Hello – Our 21 yrs old cat Sneakers recently passed away and it’s been extremely hard on our cat Gizmo. This would be the perfect toy for her as she love to jump and play. We adopted her 4 yrs. old from the MSPCA. Her previous owner who named her Davy had to go into a nursing home & her daughter only gave her 3 wks to get along with her cats. My husband and I believe that this cat choose us, instead of the other way around. She is a wonderful cat. I sure hope that I win.

  289. Yahoo! My 2 kitties would love this for fun & I’d love it to help them maintain their weight & activity!! They tear up peacock feathers I’ve found. Thank you, Jackson!

  290. My 2 kitties would love this! I’d love this to help them maintain their weight. They tear up peacock feathers I’ve found! Thanks, Jackson!!

  291. My 2 kitties would love this toy for play! I’d love them to be more active & maintain their weight. Thanks, Jackson!!

  292. So many touching cat stories here! Fun to just read them all. My best friend, Denny Malone, would love to have this new toy. His birthday #l6 next month would be more special if he were to win this new toy to play with me.

  293. My cat is my grandcat (he belongs to my son)! He sits in the kitchen right next to our dog every morning and evening waiting for his daily treats! He’s a fun loving, crazy, wild, lovable cat named Luke Skywalker. He loves, loves, loves to play and would really enjoy a new toy!!

  294. I love playing with cats using a pole toy.

  295. Both of my cats would really enjoy this toy.

  296. Cool!! My boy would love it!

  297. My cat Zippy would love all of them! He just loves to play with any kind of toy!

  298. My cats (all 4 of them) would go nuts this for this! They love any toy with a feather on it.

  299. Kitty would love this. She gets bored with her kitty toys quick. She’s always expecting new toys from us when we come back home. Thanks!

  300. Pickle would love to win one!

  301. Pickle would love to win one!

  302. My mother is 88 years old and has two rescue cats
    Mrs. Meow is one of the wobbly cats that was fighting for “his” life when my mother befriended him and took him under her care.
    It was clear that he had a very horrific outdoor life full of ticks, suffering from an infection in his paw, and healing from a hind quarter injury that prevents it from walking normal.
    No matter to my mother who before she retired was an RN and as she says “seen it all.”
    With loving care and gentle hands she nurtured Mrs meow to be a very sweet kitty.
    He loves to be very playful but tires easily.
    He loves to chase the feather as my mom sits on her chair interacting with both cats.
    My mother is going blind from The macular degeneration so the normal kitty toys, balls, and such that lay on the floor are a tripping hazard for her.
    I would love to tell her, “look what you won Mom!”
    It would be the perfect excersice toy for them both. Cats and my mom !!!
    Thank you.

  303. my kitties would love to have a Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy to play with.

  304. My cats would love this toy. I love Jackson Galaxy and his show. Thanks 1-800-PetMeds!

  305. Ooh, I think our cats would like this! They need more toys! Thanks and God Bless!

  306. My youngest cat is still very shy and I have been trying to use toys to help him get over his shyness.

  307. Penelope & Wanda would go nuts! My bengal, Wanda just loves to jump and play with her toys! She has a move, that is similar to MJ’s “Thriller”. My Penelope is such a hunter, which is why I love this type of toy. I slowly drag them away from her and she goes crazy! 🙂

  308. My 3 cats love watching Jackson on, “My Cat From Hell,” on Animal Planet. They’re transfixed by Jackson, the cats, and especially when he pulls out his telescoping cat wand. It’s so cute to watch them be so enthralled by the show, and what’s happening on the screen! It would be awesome to get to play with them, with the REAL cat wand!

  309. This looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  310. My cats could use this because they are fat and are always bored.

  311. I am a big fan of Jackson Galaxy, would love to win the FREE Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy! This will keep my cats, Sam and Dean (named after the Supernatural TV show characters), busy. Learned a lot of tips from Jackson Galaxy on how to deal with my cats.

  312. My 6 month old kitten would love to play with this. She’s a ball of energy and needs more toys that will keep her on the move and away from her older brother.

  313. my cats love these kinds of toys,would love to win it for them

  314. We have a loving 13 year old male named Buck, who lost his sister last month. They were inseparable. Now he seems overly quiet and still looks for her. This toy just might be the distraction to perk him up and give him back some of the energy he used to have.

  315. I think my cat would enjoy this, he doesn’t play with his toys like he use to. Stays outside most of the day.

  316. My cat doesn’t move around as much any more when she plays, but I think she’d chase this.

  317. My gizmo would love this

  318. I have one high energy, easily bored, always looking for trouble, tempermental cat. We’re always looking for things to keep her engaged

  319. Elliot will love this!! 🙂

  320. With 5 cats, this would come in handy to keep them active.

  321. Al 3 of our cats would absolutely love playing with this.

  322. Gotta love pet meds and Jackson Galaxy 😉

  323. My cat loves to play and would love this toy!

  324. This is so cute! Hope I’m lucky!

  325. My cats would love this and since they are overweight this will help them get more active and shed those pounds.

  326. Hope my kitty is a lucky winner. She would love this! She is a loner in a house with 4 dogs. yikes! Thanks for the chance. And congrats in advance to the lucky winner!

  327. Oh yes both of my cats would absolutely love this. At 3 years old they are still very playful and enjoy chasing things. One of my kitties gets bored very easily and i have been thinking of trying this type of toy out.

  328. I live in the country and my cat is kept active chasing live critters. I would love to see his reaction to chasing a real cat toy.

  329. Looks like fun.

  330. Sophia would love to play with this toy!! She loves the outdoors but it’s not safe for her to be outside as much anymore…she would be so happy!!!!

  331. SQUEEKS would love this! She’s a kitten at heart🐱🐈

  332. My son and his girlfriend have a couple cats… i think they would love to play with this…

  333. I actually made a makeshift toy like this to play with my cat. It would be awesome to have an actual Jackson Galaxy Telescoping Wand Cat Toy

  334. My two cats would love this!

  335. I have 3 cats that insist on playing at night and keeping me up…. this will surley wear one of them down and maybe we can all get a sound 3 hours sleep… lol

  336. fun thing to donate to a shelter

  337. My chubby cat could really use this!

  338. My cat loves playing with the wand toys, we make a race track out of the couch!

  339. our cats would love it!

  340. our cats would love it!

  341. My Scaredee Cat would love to play with one of these!

  342. got new kitties – need new toys


  344. It looks well planned and (hopefully) well made. Our 6 month old rescue would live to play more with us, but so far, I look like a pin-cushion! This would distance claws from my skin.

  345. This would really help slim down my chubby cat. She likes to play but is easily bored. I think she might stick with this.

  346. My kitty family would really enjoy having a new toy. My tight budget only allows wet,dry food and kitty litter. So,new toy would cause excitement for my girls.

  347. My cats would love to win this awesome toy.

  348. My babies Peaches and Frank Sinatra would love these toys. They love to hunt, jump and chase things!!!!

  349. We have 5 cats, we need all the help we can get when it comes to cat toys!

  350. Would love this for my cats.


  352. My cat loves playing with my homemade cat toy on a stick. This looks like he would have a lot of fun with it!

  353. My cat, Cinnamon, loves to play with strings and other toys. I know she would love this!

  354. Diane E EckstineMarch 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    My nine cats would love this toy Hope we win it

  355. Lil Buddy would love one of these! He’s a feral kitten that decided to move indoors. My older cat isn’t interested in running and jumping. So, this toy looks like fun.

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