[NEW PRODUCT] How to help keep your pet calm this summer

Summer is an exciting time for everyone. The weather is nicer, more time is spent outside, and it’s likely filled with trips and celebrations. For humans, summer is all fun and games. For pets, sometimes it can be a whole different story. If your pet suffers from anxiety or gets stressed out easily, a behavior and calming support supplement like Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid might be a great solution.

As summer approaches, many events that might seem harmless to you might be triggering for your pet. Thunderstorms and fireworks, which happen much more frequently in the summer, are two major events that can cause your pet to cower and hide, become aggressive or even run away. Boarding your pet while you travel or leaving your pet at home alone for long periods of time can also cause them to stress out. Other stress-inducing events can include new and unfamiliar people or animals, vet visits, car rides, old age, and more.

Keep in mind that some pets may develop negative behaviors when filled with anxiety. The following unwanted behaviors can be related to your pet’s heightened stress levels:

  • Pacing, tensed muscles
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Snapping, cowering, or hiding
  • Destructive chewing, scratching or digging
  • Teeth baring or panting
  • Excessive grooming

No matter the cause, you can safely help ease your pet’s anxiety with effective calming supplements, exercise, and other natural remedies. Regular exercise can naturally put your pet into a relaxed state. Generally, pets that get adequate exercise have fewer amounts of pent up energy that can turn into anxiety or stress. Calming supplements can be a great remedy to turn to if your pet has trouble relaxing or turns to destructive tendencies when stressed.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid promotes a sense of relaxation

The new Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is an effective supplement for both dogs and cats that helps keep your pet calm during events that might stress them out.  Containing a unique blend of organically grown hemp oil and wild krill oil, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid helps your pet cope with external stressors, supports your pet’s normal emotional balance, and even helps curb destructive behaviors due to anxiety or stress.

When summer strikes, no matter what is going on, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is perfect for keeping your pet cool, calm, and collected. Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid can be used during fireworks, thunderstorms, construction, vet visits, traveling, and for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The ingredients in Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid, such as phospholipids and phyto-cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil (CBD), act as a behavior and calming supplement that help promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without causing drowsiness.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is a liquid supplement and is available as a 2 oz dropper bottle and a 4 oz pump bottle.

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  1. Hi my Dog is Raider and he as a problem with noise. When I mow the yard he hates it and tries to hide even if he is in the house . Raider hates storms and does not like the noise on the 4th of July. I would love to try to keep him com He is getting older now and it is getting worse. thank you

  2. I am a great believer in animal shelters and supporting the great work they do. Much rather pay a donation than purchasing a dog. I rescued a shelter dog who had a terrible early life tied to a tree and abused. She is terrified over thunder, lightning, fireworks which seems to be continual for a week in July and guns, which makes hunting season in our rural area a nightmare for her and me. Now being an older dog the stiffness of her body and whites of her eyes frightens me that this will eventually cause a heart attack. In times of disaster I support our County as their volunteer coordinator for our Community Emergency Response team and Community Emergency Animal Response team which is another nightmare. Fortunately, my parents live locally and love Lady as it she was their own. I would be curious to see if this works as PetMeds have been great on their products so far.

  3. I definitely will try this on our Sparky Yorkie when I know we will be getting thunderstorms cause he doesn’t shake he VIBRATES during these storms here in Florida I will suggest it for our daughters dog who suffers with separation anxiety

  4. Thunder storms, fireworks, loud noises – you name it – and our dog will shake for the duration. I have not found a solution to this problem.

  5. Meliha MiljkovicMay 31, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    My poor baby has been having a lot of problems to the point he is shaking and i can’t get him to stop. Any loud bang or squeak (like the noise your shoes make on the basketball court) he freaks out. Storms and yelling also scare him. He never use to be like this but as he has gotten older it just came out of nowhere.

  6. Hi I have a nine year old shitzhu who is afraid of the thunderstorms and fireworks. She trembles and pants and drools every time. I’ve tried everything but nothing can relax her enough to get through it.

  7. My pit bull Maya is about 15 years old and has canine dementia. She is on gaba, xanax and melatonin. It took me a while to find the right cocktail. With that said, she still has an occasional incident but usually minor. I am dreading Fourth of July. I have tried hemp oil in the past and am considering integrating into what she currently takes to make her feel more calm but without adding more meds. I am very interested in giving this product a shot.

  8. Kristen StriegelMay 31, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    We have been looking for something to calm my frenchie. Every night she gets this burst of energy and just barks nonstop at her human dad relentlessly for 10 minutes or so. This is after having been played with and taken on walks everyday. I’m curious if something like this would help.

  9. I believe at the bottom of my heart” that my pups are like my little children” when there up set in any matter” storms, heavy rain” loud. Sounds” etc. Its my time to step up” and make them feel better” all ” nine of them. I love my Babies ” Chihuahuas. Thank you” I want to try this product””

  10. Our dogs, Max & Molly (Lab & German Shorthair Pointer Mix), get really upset during thunderstorms. The last thunderstorm we had, I was taking a nap and with the first thunder boom, I was awakened by 140 lbs of dogs laying on top of me (which, of course, turned into a hug fest : ). It’s got to the point if they hear thunder of in a distance, they come running to my wife or I for comfort!

  11. Leo is a sweet boy but when he goes out he get over excited. Sometimes I need to leave him home because he get overly excited and starts to whimper in a high pitch bark.

  12. Allie buckels the beagle is very frightened by thunderstorms and fireworks. She will hide and shake uncontrollably. I would love to find her some relief!!!

  13. My 2 an a half yr old Pit, Sienna, is very anxious & constantly biting @ HER rear tail area & her paws. She is extremely scared of thunder, fireworks, & THE vacuum cleaner, she also Paces back & forth, making me Stresssed out.
    Please HELP I would LOVE 2 try this product on her.

  14. My dog 🐶 is a boxer we rescued her with hardly any teeth. Vet thinks she was caged for long periods of time in which she tried to get out by biting metal cage. Such a sweet dog. I hate to leave her now but must sometimes. I need help so she can be relaxed while I am away.

  15. Our 4 year old English Red Bone Coon Hound has separation anxiety issues. You can be gone all day or ten minutes the reaction when you come home is the same. He starts to shake once he realizes he is staying home.

  16. My dog, Ninny, is terrified of storms and loud noises. I have bought and tried everything out there to help her, but no joy. I wonder if this would help her. I would like to try. Beth Parker

  17. I have 6 rescued dogs. One was in an abandoned house where shootings happen daily. She is absolutely terrified of loud noises like fireworks. I’m afraid she might have a heart attack. I would love this for her.

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