[NEW PRODUCT] How to help keep your pet calm this summer

Summer is an exciting time for everyone. The weather is nicer, more time is spent outside, and it’s likely filled with trips and celebrations. For humans, summer is all fun and games. For pets, sometimes it can be a whole different story. If your pet suffers from anxiety or gets stressed out easily, a behavior and calming support supplement like Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid might be a great solution.

As summer approaches, many events that might seem harmless to you might be triggering for your pet. Thunderstorms and fireworks, which happen much more frequently in the summer, are two major events that can cause your pet to cower and hide, become aggressive or even run away. Boarding your pet while you travel or leaving your pet at home alone for long periods of time can also cause them to stress out. Other stress-inducing events can include new and unfamiliar people or animals, vet visits, car rides, old age, and more.

Keep in mind that some pets may develop negative behaviors when filled with anxiety. The following unwanted behaviors can be related to your pet’s heightened stress levels:

  • Pacing, tensed muscles
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Snapping, cowering, or hiding
  • Destructive chewing, scratching or digging
  • Teeth baring or panting
  • Excessive grooming

No matter the cause, you can safely help ease your pet’s anxiety with effective calming supplements, exercise, and other natural remedies. Regular exercise can naturally put your pet into a relaxed state. Generally, pets that get adequate exercise have fewer amounts of pent up energy that can turn into anxiety or stress. Calming supplements can be a great remedy to turn to if your pet has trouble relaxing or turns to destructive tendencies when stressed.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid promotes a sense of relaxation

The new Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is an effective supplement for both dogs and cats that helps keep your pet calm during events that might stress them out.  Containing a unique blend of organically grown hemp oil and wild krill oil, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid helps your pet cope with external stressors, supports your pet’s normal emotional balance, and even helps curb destructive behaviors due to anxiety or stress.

When summer strikes, no matter what is going on, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is perfect for keeping your pet cool, calm, and collected. Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid can be used during fireworks, thunderstorms, construction, vet visits, traveling, and for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The ingredients in Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid, such as phospholipids and phyto-cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil (CBD), act as a behavior and calming supplement that help promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without causing drowsiness.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is a liquid supplement and is available as a 2 oz dropper bottle and a 4 oz pump bottle.

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  1. Sherrie BurdetteMay 28, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    NEO MEO Is My “Service Dog” & 2 Year’s Ago, She Was Attacked By A Rogue DOG In Our Apt. Complex. (NO Leash, NO Tags, NO Vaccinations). WE Were Within 2′ Of Our Apt. Door, When He Bolted Out The Apt. Door, Next To Ours & Grabbed MEO By The Throat & Began Literally “Shaking The Life Out Of Her”. I Was Horrified & Although ALREADY Injured, I Jumped On The Big Dog To Get MEO Out Of His Mouth. My Screaming & Pummeling His Nose; Shocked Him Into Dropping Her, Into My Arms. She NEVER Made A Sound. ALL I Saw Was Terrified Fear; In Her Eyes. I AM BLESSED, She Is Still By My Side. I Can Still Feel The Scars From The Puncture Wounds. The TRAUMA Of The Incident Changed Her Temperment, FOREVER & She Is Frightened By EVERYTHING. The Vet Does NOT Expect Her To Recover. She Is A TRUE VELCRO DOG 🐕 & NEVER LEAVES MY SIDE. It Breaks My Heart To See How Fearful She Is From The Happy, Curious, Friendly, Care-Free Dog, I Trained To Assist Me. Separation Anxiety Is Paramount When She CANNOT Accompany Me; To The Hospital. Although Potty-Pad Tray Trained At 11 Month’s, She Will Use Her Bed To Potty Inorder To Be Waiting By The Door; When I Return. She Is Extremely Smart & Quick To Learn & Some Of My Disability Training Has Been Compromised By The TRAUMA. The Breeder Did ALL The Disability Training & I, For The 2 Year’s Since Have Had To Reinforce That Training As I Am Very High Risk For Falls. I WILL NOT Have Her Addicted To KLONIPINE. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A NICE ALTERNATIVE TO THE DAY BY DAY FEAR; SHE ENDURES. Thank You, For The Opportunity To Give Her A BETTER, DAILY QUALITY OF LIFE.

  2. Would really like to try.

  3. My puppy penny seems very anxious and stressed. Would love to try this calming aid for her. Thank you!😄

  4. My cat archie is constantly licking his fur off and pees in corners. He calms down sometimes but not always.

  5. My dog Mizou was given to us 7 years ago. She was afraid of newspapers, aluminum foil, and any loud noises! She wasn’t too bad at first but as time has gone by she’s become more anxious with almost anything different! Thunderstorms, company,and going in thecar. I have to take her into Grooming very early and she can’t have her face groomed. I have to take her to the vet to have her face shaved under anesthesia. Before she goes to the vet I have to give her two pills to calm her down.
    She starts panting heavily and coughs and chokes like she can’t breathe. The vet says there’s nothing physically wrong! She really is a sweet little dog and I hate that she gets so stressed.

  6. My black lab, Duke, has very bad anxiety. He is terrified of thunder, sound of wind, & any strange loud noise. He barks at everyone, even me until we get in the house.
    I’ve tried many anxiety remedies but none worked.
    I would LOVE to try this for Duke

  7. My dog Fido is terrified of thunder, fireworks and my neighbors target practicing. I would love to try this.

  8. Thank you for the give a way. I have not tried yet but I have been thinking about it.

  9. Both of our pups Cookie & Wilbur get
    Stressed over thunderstorms! We have tried similar products which do work but I wouldn’t mind giving yours a try since it’s free! 😉

  10. My Ellie Mae has horrible separation anxiety. Hope this could be a solution.


  12. Lulu really gets worked up when traveling. I would like to try this product to help her be more at ease in the car.

  13. Both of my girls are terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. I feel so bad for them! I live my babies and can’t stand it when they are afraid.

  14. This would be great for my puggle who is scared of storms, fireworks, and riding in the car.

  15. My dog Lucy just shakes non stop when in the car. She also has seperation anxiety. Would love to try for trips back and forth to see my son, a 2 hour drive each way.

  16. We have adopted a 4lb 1 year old Maltese who has terrible separation anxiety. Because I have no idea what in her 1st year of life caused this situation it is difficult to fix. I am hoping CBD oil will help her and us. She is too small for all this agitation. Her name is Mazie and we love her warts and all. 😢😂

  17. My Daisy would love to try it. She had two sisters I am sure they would all like to try it! They share everything

  18. Day to day anxiety causes over licking and this may help stop this. Would be interesting to see if this is what she needs to calm her.

  19. My Schnauzer Moe has a lot of anxiety. He has excessive barking for no reason, licks his paws and legs nonstop. This also causes upset stomach a lot. I would be very interested in trying the hemp. Thank you.

  20. My dog Laci is terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks, anything loud she starts panting,-and pacing the floors something horrible she is my emotional support animal , I’ve tried just about everything to calm her down but nothing has worked so far we would love to try this …. I just want her not to have panic attack’s thank you for reading our sweet babies story

  21. My Toy poodles are old and nervous. I would love to have this product for them. Life taking care of humans is a grueling job. Jo Jo has taken care of several humans that have passed on and he is highly scared of fiireworks . to the point that if he hears a car back fire he will shake and not want to go out at all.Let us give him a good summer. where I live we get all school fireworks different times of the year. Please help Ricky the other toy barks at everything.Please help


  23. Might be a solution for my daughters dog, really hyper and goes nuts when he hears a big truck or the garbage man.

  24. My “old man” cat has become less confident and more nervous since he has become weaker and his hearing has started decreasing with his age. I have thought about trying this on him.

  25. My 6-month-old puppy has separation anxiety. Hopefully this product would help with that!

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