[NEW PRODUCT] How to help keep your pet calm this summer

Summer is an exciting time for everyone. The weather is nicer, more time is spent outside, and it’s likely filled with trips and celebrations. For humans, summer is all fun and games. For pets, sometimes it can be a whole different story. If your pet suffers from anxiety or gets stressed out easily, a behavior and calming support supplement like Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid might be a great solution.

As summer approaches, many events that might seem harmless to you might be triggering for your pet. Thunderstorms and fireworks, which happen much more frequently in the summer, are two major events that can cause your pet to cower and hide, become aggressive or even run away. Boarding your pet while you travel or leaving your pet at home alone for long periods of time can also cause them to stress out. Other stress-inducing events can include new and unfamiliar people or animals, vet visits, car rides, old age, and more.

Keep in mind that some pets may develop negative behaviors when filled with anxiety. The following unwanted behaviors can be related to your pet’s heightened stress levels:

  • Pacing, tensed muscles
  • Excessive barking or meowing
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Snapping, cowering, or hiding
  • Destructive chewing, scratching or digging
  • Teeth baring or panting
  • Excessive grooming

No matter the cause, you can safely help ease your pet’s anxiety with effective calming supplements, exercise, and other natural remedies. Regular exercise can naturally put your pet into a relaxed state. Generally, pets that get adequate exercise have fewer amounts of pent up energy that can turn into anxiety or stress. Calming supplements can be a great remedy to turn to if your pet has trouble relaxing or turns to destructive tendencies when stressed.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid promotes a sense of relaxation

The new Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is an effective supplement for both dogs and cats that helps keep your pet calm during events that might stress them out.  Containing a unique blend of organically grown hemp oil and wild krill oil, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid helps your pet cope with external stressors, supports your pet’s normal emotional balance, and even helps curb destructive behaviors due to anxiety or stress.

When summer strikes, no matter what is going on, Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is perfect for keeping your pet cool, calm, and collected. Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid can be used during fireworks, thunderstorms, construction, vet visits, traveling, and for pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

The ingredients in Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid, such as phospholipids and phyto-cannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil (CBD), act as a behavior and calming supplement that help promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without causing drowsiness.

Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid is a liquid supplement and is available as a 2 oz dropper bottle and a 4 oz pump bottle.

Win FREE Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid for your dog or cat!

Does your pet get stressed easily? Help relieve their anxieties with a calming aid supplement!  Just leave a comment below, and you could win  FREE Grizzly Hemp-Enhanced Calming Aid for your dog or cat from 1800PetMeds! Five winners will be chosen at random Monday, June 3, 2019, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of five (5) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck! 

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  1. I’m always interested in trying new/ safe things to help Denver relax! Hes a nervous guy

  2. This may be a great help for my 12 year old dog, Toby, especially this summer when we are having thunder/lightning storms.

  3. My mini dachshund is so high strung and anxious. I’d love to try a product that might help her to relax.

  4. Our dog Lucky has always hated thunderstorms or even heavy loud rain. Now that he is a senior it has become even worse. He pants and paces to the point that there is no way of calming him down. We have tried medication,music,and holding him. Nothing works. I really would like to try this product.

  5. My old Charlie is almost 16 years old now and does not like thunder and lightening. He just walks and tries to run almost constantly when we have bad weather. I surely would like to try something for him when we have bad weather. My Tiny (AKA Dixie) doesn’t like it when lightening strikes close to the house but does not get as upset as Charlie.

  6. My little dog chuchi had Parvovirus when she was a puppy. She could really use this because at times she gets very anxious over everyday ocurrences! Thank you, Jacci

  7. Kimberly MatlockMay 15, 2019 at 12:47 am

    I have 3 fur babies. All very scared of all that was listed. I too have tried so many different things as any loving parent would to keep them calm. All three of mine pace, shake, hide, and keep me up at night’s sometimes. I need help! If I win this, and it works I will be a regular customer for sure. Good luck to all, and God Bless you and your furbabies!

  8. I had a stroke and it’s been very hard to clip my dogs nails. He won’t let me take him to the vet. What can I do?

  9. Thanks for the information! I would love to try this new product for my dig Gidget. Poor girl, she is always crying and upset and very anxious when I leave the room . She was a rescue dog so we take it one day at a time. Thank you again. Sincerely, Roben and Gidget!🐶

  10. Would love to try this product. My 13 year old lab has extreme anxiety during storms.


  11. My 13yr. dog could use this for car rides and when it storms. in FL.

  12. My 13yr. dog could use this for car rides and when it storms. in FL. He is having trouble when he walks around other big dogs,

  13. This will be a great calming solution for My Toby he doesn’t dove elk with rain and thunderstorms and lightning. Uncontrollable pacing back and forth

  14. Hope this could be the answer to help Jax, our Aussie/Sheltie Mix, calm down. He has alot of anxiety with anything that is out of the norm. We also have a high strung Pit that maybe this would also help relax. Thank you.

  15. Tinkerbelle is 11 now and she still hates storms.

  16. Hi. I’d love to give this a try for my cockapoo. She licks and chews excessively and barks constantly. Plus, she’s getting older and can’t hear as well. Poor girl. I’m going to order some anyway. Thanks!

  17. I have an older black lab (Tyson) and he is terrified of any loud noises, maybe this would be of some relief for him..

  18. My Australian Shepard gets a lot of anxiety when left alone. I have tried a calming ointment that I put on his nose. It works a little, but I know there has GOT to be a better solution. I would hope this product will do a better job.

  19. I use hemp oil from another source. Would be interested in seeing how well this works on Bella. She “sundowns” so evenings are not great for either of us.

  20. Think this is a great product. Excited to try on my Gracie thanks Rebecca

  21. Storms, loud noises & feral cats in HER yard brings on anxiety for our 11 year old cat. We have not tried essential oil yet but would love to, thanks for this opportunity to win and try it for free. Our sweet girl does not need anxiety in her life!

  22. We adopted a dachshund, a mini, she was kept in a crate for the first 18 months of her life, then they bred her at 6 months, once the pups were born and wiened, they sold the pups and took her to a shelter. She is so very scared of everything, if I try to take her for a walk, she will go past 2 houses and then will not go any further than that. One day I pushed her to go further and she ran as fast as she could to get the walk over. She also has separation issues, if I leave her with husband, she will chew on chairs, woodwork, etc. He has not been able to catch her doing it. I have been working with her and the vet gave her a RX for valium but she acted so weird that I won’t give it to her again.

  23. I adopted an 8 yr old tuxedo cat from my local humane society. After bringing her home, she decided to go on a hunger strike. After a couple months of not eating and the vets running every test, we had to insert a feeding tube. After a couple months on the feeding tube she started to feel better and started eating on her own. Now I can’t get her to stop eating. She also has separation anxiety and she vocalizes that ALL THE TIME. She meows from the moment I get home and through the night. Unless I am constantly petting her, she meows about it. I have heard that CBD/hemp oil can help with anxiety and help take the edge off. We both need a little peace and quiet.

  24. Zeus is my 200 pound four-year-old English mastiff who absolutely hates going to the vet.Iwould love to try something that would keep him calm.

  25. My Pug is petrified of Thunder, and he always gets very overly anxious when I take him in the car. He whines and cries all the way to the car

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